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Top 3 Data Analytics Courses in Pune With Placements

Ther are a number of professional courses that promises rewarding career.  One of them is data analytics. You can take data analytics courses in Pune on experts’ suggestions, get knowledge of analytics tools and techniques, and how to work with SQL databases, Python, and R programming languages. How to create, use, and visualize the data, and how to perform data in the plan and predictive analysis in business work and decisions.


Table of Contents

What is Data Analysis?

Scope of Data Analysis

How does Data Analysis work?

Why Data Analysis Is Important?

Process of Data Analysis

How to Choose the Best Data Analysis Courses in Pune?

Why data analytics courses in Pune?

Top Data Analytics Courses



Today’s career path is very challenging to lead. Thanks to obstacles from changing markets, uncertain economic, and political structures, and customers’ needs to be working in edge margins to give unexpected career challenges.

We face more issues in our personal lives, and careers due to the pandemic situation. Beyond that individual life, the world has been challenging many more things. One of the most challenging things is to manage social media platforms and careers in our life. Learning data analytics courses in Pune can make things easy for you.


What is Data Analysis?

Data is essential for all works and firms. Everyone has one simple question, which is “What is data analysis?” and how it’s used in a career? Data analysts collect information as much as possible for their business and then use it to make better decisions and reach their goals.

Many organizations and experts have different approaches to dealing the data analysis. Data analysis is the process of maintaining and collecting the data, cleaning the data, extracting the data, and using extracted data into actionable one and collected information that helps to make business decisions.

Data analysis techniques are used to extract insights of data from the original raw data. For example, whenever we make a decision in our lives by calculating what has happened in the past or what will happen in the future if make that decision, right!!! Similarly, the way we analyze the data for business.


Scope of Data Analysis

Now, the DATA concept is at a peak high. Nowadays, every word and action is data, especially on social media platforms. This DATA concept is in very high demand in career placements, social media, and many more places. Hopefully, this word will be a high-value word in the future.

On such as per recent research, data analysis is a very high demand and upskill job in the upcoming days. Data analysts earn big salaries and good career opportunities and growth. Demand is so high even at the entry-level and the number of people who can greatly execute this work very well.

Data analyst positions have been found in a wide range of industries like retail, healthcare, IT, logistics, manufacturing, banking, and many others. We will know the value from all dimensions below.


How Does Data Analysis Work?

This process is common for all people, and it applies to personal life as well as career and business. All of them make decisions based on analyzed information, such as the pros and cons. About their decision, future goals, future market, the impact of existing life, business, career, money, possible outcomes, and all.

No one takes decisions without first finding information. Similarly, no organization wants to make a decision based on bad data or no data. Organizations need data, they need detailed information, and they need possible matches of information. So, that they make decisions confidently. This is the way the data analysis or data process enters into the world…

The work of understanding data is currently one of the major concerns in growing industries in today’s world. Now data is considered the fuel of a growing market. Data Analysis courses in Pune can help you learn how to make use of data and how will grow from them.


Why Data Analysis is Important?

Here are the important reasons for data analysis.

Find the goal: Based on collected data, we will find the goal of career and business. We will know the possibilities of goals to achieve. So we will find the goal after a thorough analysis.

Set target: After finding the goal, then set a target for your business to reach the next level. Without target without growth. Set targets based on data and needs and possibilities effort.

Find the customer target: For business, customers play the main role. Always find and prefer the customer needs and targets. Customer data leads the main role in your business. Find the correct customer target and expectations for your business growth.

Find solutions for problems: After finding the customer target, you will get a solution and plan for this. And execute the plan for reach to your customers. Used all their created data to derive the value of the business and make important business decisions.

Reduce the risk of operation management: Keen analysis to get the correct data, correct data helps to achieve correct goals and achieve faster. For manufacturing companies, i.e., daily record the runtime, downtime, time machine, and work queue for various types of machines and then analyze the data to get the scheduled workloads for maintenance. That’s why we get closer note the capacity performance.


Process of Data Analysis

Collect data: By requirements and needs, first, collect the data and compiled datasets. Collected data match the requirements and targets of business and career or any decision. We will collect the data from any sources, like social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Blogs, Websites, any videos, posters, lectures, books, or research papers, research data from magazines, and from any others.

Data collection is a very important and basic step. Each and every company maintains a log file of data for each and individual action. This data may be the type of servers’ info, transactional info, and various customer-related info.

Cleaning data: After collecting the data, filter the data to match your content and goals. Remove unwanted data from your database. Remove incorrect, mismatch, error data, and duplicate data. Duplicate removal is very important in data analysis.

Data prediction: Based on corrected data, you will predict the future target and goal for work.

Analysis of the data: Analyse and test the data for your work to reach your goal. You will analyze the data with tools Excel, Python, R, Looker, Metabase, Rapid Miner, and Redash.

Data interpretation: Now you have data, then interpret and get a good decision and manipulate it.

Data Visualization: It will describe the target, goals, and solution for issues visually. Visual via solution get good impact from customers. You can use any visual format, like charts, graphs, videos, images, and GIFs. But it needs to be clear and concise content.


Other best courses in Pune


How To Choose The Best Data Analysis Course in Pune?

Before you start the course, you must have to analyze all the details of this course. Here is the list of elements you have to check. Especially in data analytics courses in Pune. You have to search and find information about coaching institutions.

Institution location, year of establishment, institution achievements, number of applicants, placed applicants count, where have been placed, placed firms details, fees structure, EMIs, course time, no. of. Courses, certificate of university or firm, Tutors details, the experience of tutors, course duration, and certificate validation.

After your keen analysis of the above details, you can start the course. Compare the all details among all institutions. We choose online courses as well as offline courses. Many best-offered data analytics courses in Pune for data analyst professionals with guaranteed internships and placement are listed below. Choose the best one for your career development and best future.


Why Data Analytics Courses in Pune?

Pune is the main industrial hub of India. Pune city has more industries, universities, institutes, and training academies. We are all known we are in Digital India. Digital India’s main thing is most of the work is done on the internet. So, all the transactions and works are stored as data.

Pune city provides more technological sources to and outside of India. So if we prefer Pune then the placement process is not in risk factor. The Data analytics courses in Pune are the right decision for the best career and future. There are many institutions that offer data analytics courses in Pune. They give guaranteed placement for freshers.


Top 3 Data Analysis Courses in Pune


1. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning institution gives high-quality education from international universities and offers programs that are experiential and progressive. They have an industry-level approach to learning, connecting the gap between studies and industries. The institute offers Post Graduate Program in Data Analysis and Machine Learning. Hence it is considered one of the best data analysis courses in Pune.


Covered Languages and Tools

You will learn the most advanced data science tools which are Python, Tableau, NumPy, SQL, and Pandas. They will give training from base to advanced methods.


Job Roles

85% placement record and 54% average salary hike they have given over the years. After completing this program, you will become a data analyst, data scientist, and data manager in various fields.


Course Highlights

  • For graduates who successfully finish the program, there are guaranteed interview chances. Over the years, more than 400 placement partners conduct recruitment drives and hired students. They give high-quality education programs from world-class universities and develop programs that are experiential and valuable.
  • They are focusing on hands-on experiential knowledge classes and projects.
  • They have 150+ academic mentors and 350+ industry mentors. They have done over 4200 assignments.
  • The student achievements are consistently achieved through live sessions. Learning is made simpler and more efficient to understand. Participate in the course discussion and get answers to all your questions in live sessions.
  • For graduates and working professionals, the program offers two learning pathways. The 6-month program and 9-month program are offered on weekends to working professionals.


Eligibility Criteria

Graduates and professionals who have interested to learn data analysis in businesses across various domains like retail, healthcare, supply chain, technology, etc.


Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning

You will receive a Post Graduate Program certificate in Data Analysis and Machine Learning from iHUB DivyaSampark @ IIT Roorkee, Department of Science & Technology (DST), and Imarticus Learning after successfully completing this program. Your professional credentials will level up from this Certified Post Graduate Program.



E-mail: [email protected]


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2. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is the world’s number one online boot camp which provides certification which is of extreme value. They provide training and coaching which helps working professionals and beginners achieve their career goals. They provide the best data analytics courses in Pune. They offer a Data Analyst Certification Course in collaboration with IBM. The course duration is 6 months.


Why Join This Program

  • Earn a certificate from IIT Roorkee, the best technical institution in India.
  • They provide the best curriculum designs.
  • No coding experience is needed.


Tools Covered

Microsoft Excel, NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, PowerBI, Python, R Programming, Tableau, and MySQL.


Course Highlights

  • Deal with real-world data analysis applications. This program covers the demand concepts around data analytics such as data analysis, data visualization, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, machine learning, and much more.
  • Experts in the field teach live classes in data analytics.


Contents Path

  • Introduction to Data Analytics Course
  • Business Analytics with Excel
  • Programming Basics and Data Analytics with Python
  • Tableau Training
  • Data Analyst Capstone



Simplilearn provides course completion certificates in collaboration with IBM with guaranteed placement. They will provide internship certificates and programs. This certificate proves that you have upskilled knowledge of mastering the domain. The knowledge skills you gain from working on live projects, and case studies will set you the level up of competition among others.


Contact Details

For more information:

Phone: 1800-212-7688


3. ExcelR

ExcelR trains and assists students and professionals all over the world by providing world-class classrooms and online classes. Your search for a career without coding is right here. They provide Data analytics courses in Pune and other locations also. It is a global leader in delivering training in over 40 countries.

They have 400+ delivery partners of corporate clients and universities with 150,000+ trained professionals across global. They build careers and shape your professional goals. They have 10+ years of experience in that field. They offer different levels of courses from beginner to professional, which will ensure that we meet the talent requirements always.

The courses aim to prepare students for future technology, analytical thinking, and best planning so that they are future-ready for their careers ahead. We find here the data analytics courses in Pune with low fees. They offer a scholarship facility also.

Course features help you to get an overview of this course and guide you in comparison between the institutes offering data analytics courses in Pune.


Tools Covered

Skills and tools – Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, R Studio, Tableau, Spark, Hadoop, and Programming languages like R programming, and Python are covered as part of this training.


Why Choose ExcelR for the Data Science Course?

If you are confidently taking the decision about career growth and choice to Data science, then you are at the right place. ExcelR is one of the best Data Science training institutes. They have built careers of thousands of Data Science professionals in various MNCs in India and other countries. Their expert instructors will help you to teach the concepts, complete the tasks, and for live project completion.

ExcelR’s certification is considered to be the best Data Science certification offered in this field. ExcelR offers a learning model where participants can avail themselves of offline sessions, online sessions, or e-learning (recorded sessions) with a single enrolment.


Course Highlights

  • ExcelR offers a Data Science course which is in the current market, covering the complete Data Science Lifecycle Concepts from Data Collection, Extraction, Cleansing, Exploration, Interpretation, Feature Engineering, Integration, Data Mining, Building Prediction models, Data Visualization
  • ExcelR is the best Data Science training institute that offers services from training to guaranteed placement.
  • 400+ participants placed in various MNCs including Panasonic, Accenture, E&Y, VMWare, IBM, Infosys, etc.
  • As part of this program, participants will go through a thorough interview preparation process. A huge repository of Data Science Interview questions with answers will be provided for the participants to prepare and mock the interview. A Data Science Subject Matter Expert (SME) will help you with resume building, interview preparation, and evaluate each participant’s knowledge, expertise, and provide feedback.
  • The data analytics courses in Pune are used to connect with industry experts 24*7. They guide you from scratch of course.


Who Will Do the Data Science Course?

  • Graduates and professionals from any domain who has logical, mathematical, and analytical skills, Business intelligence, Data Warehousing, and reporting tools.
  • Software programmers
  • Business analysts



Start your career with Data Science certification from Steinbeis University Germany (SGIT), one of the largest private universities in Germany. The course study has been designed by Steinbeis University. Get noted by recruiters across the globe with international certification.


Contact Details

Phone: +91 98809 13504




1. What is the role of a data analyst?

Data analyst performs collect the data, clean, and visualize the data to help solve problems for business and work. Depth understanding of data can improve customer needs, and targeting, and reduce the risk of operational management, and problem-solving methods.


2. Is the data analyst course difficult to understand?

This data analyst course is about fully analytical thinking. Specialists in this course are who have a lot of experience in this field. They make all classes more comfortable to understand and explain each concept with several examples. Industry experts will guide you for every step of the learning course.


3. Can I get a data analyst job with no experience?

Yes, you will get a job without experience. These courses will provide internships and live projects. You will have strong analytical thinking and this course helps you to get a job with high salaries.


4. Can freshers apply for a data analyst course?

Yes, the course is suited for freshers and software engineers. This course will help them to upskill their knowledge.


5. How the live sessions are conducted for data analytics courses in Pune?

The instructors will explain to you step-wise on installing the software to learn the course. They will check the installation once completed. You will start a LIVE Data analyst online class. If you get any issues, the instructors will guide you to resolve them. You have to solve all the assignments, project work, and homework tasks on time. This constant communication will help to observe your performance and will provide you feedback for improvement. All Data analysis classes will be 75% practical tasks and case studies and 25% of theory alone.



This article explains the best institute for data analytics courses in Pune with guaranteed placement, and what is eligibility for data analysis. The listed data analysis courses in Pune in this article have been chosen based on a range of factors, such as course highlights, course duration, internship opportunities after graduation, placement practices, practical approach to course study and live projects, and more.

Based on the analyzing factors, you can choose any institute to start your course. Pune is one of the preferred locations for the data analysis course. Demo classes and live sessions are available on the institute’s website. Watch and enroll in the course. Hope the article has provided enough information and answered most of your questions. Before enrolling in the course, make sure you will invest your time for research and money wisely.

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