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Top 7 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Pune

All organizations are required to keep track of their financial dealings through accounting and taxation. Through this, the organizations can identify the sections that provide profits, cut back on the losses, and other important financial decisions. As someone working in this field, you need to be well informed about these subjects and able to ensure that the organization or employer follows the required rules. Joining a course like this will make you an expert. This article provides a list of some of the business accounting and taxation courses in Pune that covers all important aspects of these subjects.




The terms accounting and taxation go hand in hand, whether in an individual or an organizational capacity. The government has laid down a set of rules and standards that helps different bodies to arrange their income, expenses, and other forms of monetary exchanges in order. This will help entities, proprietors, businesses, etc. in making decisions that are economical and cost-saving in the long run.




In India, taxation is divided into two types:

  • Direct Tax – includes Corporate tax, Income tax, Capital Gains tax
  • Indirect Tax – includes Good and Services tax


The Income Tax Act, of 1961 segregates a person into different categories for simplification, these are:

  • Individuals
  • Partnership Firms
  • Hindu United Family (HUF)
  • Company
  • Local Authorities
  • Firm
  • Or any artificial juridical person not falling in any of the sub-clauses


Each section of the Income Tax Act specifies the range of amounts that are to be assigned under different heads and the tax is calculated accordingly. When filing taxes, you need to understand which category applies to you or your organization, and as a person holding a certificate in Business accounting and taxation courses in Pune, you are seen as someone knowledgeable about these subjects and authorized for handling taxation.




During earlier times, the Indians generally accepted accounting principles that were followed before the creation and adaptation of the Indian Accounting Standards (IND-AS). The GAAP is an essential part of the beginning of theoretical concepts and it is vital to go through them before learning the IND-AS.


Individuals and organizations must keep themselves updated regarding these to avoid complications when interacting with the governmental body. Currently, there are forty standards of these that organizations need to follow. The above are the general accounting standards followed in India which are in line with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


There are different types of accounting that are facets of general accounting, and business accounting is one of them. It is a type of accounting that keeps a record of the monetary exchanges in businesses as they are made and also creates data on the possible spending. Following these standards by tabulating the accounting data into different sections lets the organization understand where it stands and the general public can decide if it’s worth investing in that organization.


In addition to this, the Financial Statements are prepared and published by the organization for the consumption of various stakeholders such as the concerned regulators (Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Securities Exchange Board of India, Reserve Bank of India, based on the type of entity/organization), investors, etc.


Through Business Accounting, You Will Be Able to:

  • Create a Balance Sheet, Income & Expenditure Account, Profit & loss account
  • Identify problems in the business through MIS reporting
  • Income tax, GST return filing for individuals or organizations
  • Use different software for all kinds of business accounting, etc.


Opportunities Available


Pune, currently booming in the manufacturing, education, and industrial sector is also known as the most liveable city in India. Being nearer to Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, it has drawn several businesses that have set up their headquarters in this city, thus attracting more employment.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Serum Institute of India, located in Pune, produced a large volume of vaccines that have helped people as preventive care for this disease. With several more businesses preparing to launch or expand, there is a need for experts in accountancy and taxation. By pursuing Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Pune, your chances of being employed in one of these corporations will be increased.


Businesses run on the basis of the profits and losses incurred. Organizations that want to record their daily monetary exchanges and forecast the upcoming exchanges need a reliable expert who understands the needs of the organization and is capable of utilizing the available resources to make simplified data for better understanding.


Through the institutes listed below that offer Business accounting and taxation courses in Pune, you will learn how businesses tabulate their vouchers, journal entries, Profit and loss statements, etc. The software and methods taught in this course will help you apply your learning in a real working environment.


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After completing this course there is a scope of being employed as a :

  • Tax consultant
  • Accounting manager
  • Senior/Junior Accountant
  • Finance and Accounts Executive
  • Senior/Junior Associate
  • Auditing Assistant, etc.


Listed Below Are Some of the Best Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Pune That Can Help You Acquire the Information and Expertise You Need in These Subjects:


Rank #1. BAT Courses in Pune




IIM Skills is a reputed institute that covers all the in-demand skills required in the current financial environment. It recognizes the need for candidates to have specific skill sets that can instantly make them hireable and the business accounting and taxation courses in Pune tick all the boxes. This BAT Course starts with the basics of accounting principles moving on to the importance of taxation and its usage in businesses.


The practical usage of these topics can help nail down the theoretical aspects through the use of organizational-friendly tools. What’s more? They provide support by giving access to resources and mentoring facilities that will clear your doubts whenever required. Anyone looking to expand their knowledge of accounting and build up their resume can join this course.


Duration: 4 months

Fees: ₹ 9,900 + GST

Material: Assignments and lectures available on LMS (Learning management system) 24/7 + access to tools


Skills Acquired:

  • In-depth knowledge of accounting standards
  • Ability to easily make tax and account calculations using Tally
  • Polished book-keeping skills


Other Courses

GST Certification Course

Financial Modeling Course


Rank #2. BAT Courses in Pune


2. EduPristine


It is a finance training provider that offers a diploma program in the most favored subjects in commerce. Every module highlights the need for accounting and taxation and explains the use of these concepts in Tally along with separate modules for other currently used software in organizations. With this, they also provide training in strengthening your CV and routinely update prospects for interviews.


The Business accounting and taxation courses in Pune will begin with online sessions and then practical training that will give you a chance for face-to-face interactions with the teachers and your classmates. At the end of the course, you will receive four separate certificates, one from the institute, and the other three indicating you have mastered the software required for accounting.


Duration: Minimum 5 months

Fees: On inquiry

Material: Free downloadable documents available on the website + access to case-studies


Skills Acquired:

  • A better understanding of the flow of transactions in businesses
  • Ability to compute tax liability
  • Ability to extract GST reports and trial balance


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Rank #3. BAT Courses in Pune




Also known as a center for financial expertise, it provides business accounting and taxation courses in Pune. Their curriculum includes auditing along with topics such as shares and debentures, GST registration, rates and deductions under TDS, etc. all of which are relevant and applied in organizations. Their weekly workshops will solidify what you have learned and help you utilize them in your field of study or employment.


They provide assistance in improving your soft skills as well as getting set up as an independent practitioner. Their main mode of conducting classes for this course is offline and you can access free course videos to know more about other financial topics. You can also explore diplomas in Taxation, financial accounting, and business taxation.


Duration: 6 months

Fees: ₹ 45,000 + GST

Material: Regular home assignments + practical training through software


Skills Acquired:

  • Improvement in analyzing the balance sheets and making decisions
  • Strengthening of knowledge in auditing
  • Ability to create accounting and taxation entries from scratch


Rank #4. BAT Courses in Pune


4. Udemy


This complete accounting and taxation course by Urs Ravi of Vedanta Educational Academy focuses more on the taxation part of these subjects. However, the basics of accounting are touched upon as well. The detailed point-to-point coverage of GST, income tax, and direct tax with the usage of software for these topics is a crucial benefit if you want to become an expert in these subjects.


The trainer also takes case studies to explain the concepts in GST and other taxations. The quizzes after every chapter will keep you engaged and the downloadable course materials can be accessed even before buying this course. You can view the syllabus of their Business accounting and taxation courses in Pune and decide if it is worth your time.


Duration: Total length 31 hours 54 minutes

Fees: ₹ 1,499

Material: 5 downloadable resources


Skills Acquired:

  • Understanding all levels of accounting software
  • Ability to calculate taxes and file returns
  • Improvement in maintaining records of business dealings

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Rank #5. BAT Courses in Pune


5. FinProv


An institute founded by Chartered Accountants that teaches the fundamentals of accounting and taxation. You can enroll in the Business Accounting and taxation courses in Pune called a PG diploma course or the certification course according to your requirements. Through the diploma, you will be given an internship while through the certification you will get to know the importance of professional skills.


Both courses cover the same topics but there are slight variations, such as the topic of business law is included in the certificate course, and corporate law, SAP FICO, and auditing are covered in the diploma, etc. The classes are conducted in hybrid mode and you can request a demo class, speak with someone from the support team and understand further details about the course before enrolling.


Duration: 6 months

Fees: ₹ 40,000

Material: E-books available on the website + language English and Malayalam + 10 plus case studies + platform with global access


Skills Acquired:

  • A better understanding of corporate laws, PF computations
  • Ability to prepare cash budgets and MIS reports
  • Improvement in understanding the role of accounting in businesses


Rank #6. BAT Courses in Pune


6. APG Learning


It initially began as an offline institute and progressed towards online training, now it provides courses in technology and commerce-related subjects. It recognized the gap that began between employers and employees during the pandemic and has created a training platform to help solve these problems.


The business accounting and taxation courses in Pune is an online course that covers industrial accounting with old and new accounting processes. Through this, you will know how it has evolved over the years into the accounts and taxes that we know today.


They provide formats for each of the seven modules with examples for you to practice and master. Those who would like to register for this course will have to clear an entrance test post which they will be guided towards an appropriate camp that suits their aptitude.


Duration: 3 months

Fees: ₹ 33,900 + GST

Material: Latest industry tools + case studies


Skills Acquired:

  • A better understanding of old and new rules in accounting
  • Ability to apply accounting concepts through computer applications
  • Improvement in using software shortcuts for faster calculation


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Rank #7. BAT Courses in Pune


7. Henry Harvin


The Accounts Academy, a part of this well-known institute covers the business accounting and taxation courses in Pune among many others. They cover seven important topics that give a wholesome view of the taxation and accounting specifics used in India. Each module is broken down into sub-modules for easy tracking and understanding.


The applications used for calculations can simplify your life as an employee when you join a company or an organization that deals with accounting standards and principles on a daily basis. The experts can help throw light on aspects that will improve your dexterity and you will have the confidence to apply for a job of your choice.


Duration: 8 months

Fees: ₹ 34,500 Live virtual classroom and ₹ 31,050 self-paced

Material: recorded videos of lessons + project guides/workbooks + every month boot camp sessions


Skills Acquired:

  • A better understanding of financial business operations
  • Strengthening of knowledge in concepts
  • Ability to make better presentations


There are courses that concentrate on separate topics related to accounting however, these online and offline institutes providing Business Accounting and taxation courses enunciate the fundamentals of accounting and taxation. Some of the most used applications taught here come in handy even when you change jobs or join different institutions.


The modules are engaging when the theoretical learnings are used for making relevant reports, sheets, tables, etc. This course is presented as a stamp of approval to organizations looking to hire candidates and choosing the correct program will gain you a growing career.




1. What is Business Accounting and Taxation?

Every country has a governmental body that charges a certain amount of money from individuals and entities, which is called taxation. These charges increase the revenue of that governmental body which is used for public expenditures or other expenses concerning the country. Business Accounting is a type of accounting where businesses record their previous, current, and upcoming assets, liabilities, income, expenses, etc. into prescribed formats for making better decisions.


2. Who can apply for Business Accounting and taxation courses?

Anyone who has a basic understanding of finance, accounting, taxation, and commerce can apply for this course. Those who are pursuing Chartered Accountancy, Cost Accountancy, Bachelor/Master of Commerce, or any other courses. Also, those who want to set up independent consulting firms, or businesses, or join a company/organization with a position in a department need a grasp on these subjects and their practical applications.


3. How will joining this course help my career?

As it was mentioned above Accountancy and Taxation are concepts that are applicable in almost every organization/business/company, etc. There are various sectors in the economy and each of them has departments pertaining to these subjects. Mastery in this course can not only your employer but yourself as well. Business accounting and taxation courses in Pune like this will also help increase your salary and become an add-on to your CV when applying for a job.


4. What kind of jobs will I be eligible for if I do this course?

A certificate in this course can help you secure jobs in accounting and taxation departments in corporations, businesses, entities, and firms, or even strengthen your skills for independent jobs.

You can apply for jobs such as:

  • Finance and accounting manager
  • Accounting Specialist
  • Financial controller
  • Junior executive – accounting and taxation
  • Tax analyst
  • Auditing and taxation manager, etc

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