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Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in The World With Placements

Creative writing is a blessing indeed. It is a natural skill, though if you have a slight interest in writing, you can learn from other established writers to hone your skills with techniques that help to become a professional writer. Creative writing courses in the world upskill budding writers to develop a career in writing. These courses create awareness about various writing styles and provide opportunities to experiment with your ideas. Further, creative writing courses in the world help you to build an impressive portfolio with diverse content.


The article provides a list of institutes that offer creative writing courses in the world. If you are an emerging writer, then it’s your time to enroll in a creative writing course and launch your career.


What is Creative Writing?

Creative Writing is a form of art where you can express your imagination and creative thoughts without any boundaries and makes your work stand beyond the professional, journalistic, academic, and technical forms of writing. It is a reflection of your thoughts that invoke the emotions of readers. Creative writing is a unique and contemporary form of literature as it originates from your personal space of ideas and lands on paper through your words. Thus, it is the ability to express your imagination, views, and conceptions via simple and appealing text.


Elements of Creative Writing

Creative Writing involves many stages and components. It is mandatory to know about all the elements of it, to write a successful piece of work. Creative writing courses in the world give you exposure to the below-mentioned elements of creative writing.


  • The theme represents the message or lesson conveyed through your writing.
  • Style denotes the type of language you use and depends on your vocabulary, syntax, rhythm, and mood.
  • The plot is the storyline that forms the backbone of your work. It is the plot upon which the events are framed to make a story.
  • Characters are the building block of every event in the story. Readers connect with characters to get attached to the storyline.
  • POV (point of view) is the viewpoint chosen to narrate events. It can be first, second, or third person.
  • The setting is the time and location of the occurrence of the events in a story.
  • Narration represents your storytelling ability that makes readers draw an image of events in the story.
  • Dialogues are conversations between characters to explain an event. They are written to show the emotions of the characters.


Types of Creative Writing

Creative writing includes fictional stories, poetry, biographies, personal essays, speeches, and so on. However, all come under any one of the following types. Top creative writing courses in the world are the best way to hone and master the art of writing.


  • Expository Form – This type of writing is information oriented. Articles in newspapers and journals, and essays in the form of comparisons, how-to, problem-solution, and cause-effects fall under the expository form of writing.
  • Descriptive Form – You can explain the environment, an experience, a place or a person, or a collection of all in his form of writing. It includes biographies, travel diaries, and nature writing.
  • Narrative Form – This form narrates your imaginative story through characters and events.
  • Persuasive Form – In this form of writing, you can present your opinion and persuade the readers to accept it.


Creative writing courses in the world enlighten you about the different writing forms and offers an opportunity to experiment with the skills learned through regular workshops and assignments.


Can Creative Writing Be Taught?

Creative Writing, like any other skill, can be taught via workshop-oriented classes. The basic elements, types, and structure of creative writing can be taught. You can experiment with the various forms, styles, and genres of writing via the workshop. Writers can learn from one another and also identify their strengths and weakness in writing.


Benefits of Creative Writing Courses

Creative Writing courses in the world motivate you to try out different forms of writing and analyze your work with others. The courses teach you the different techniques followed by successful writers in history and also provide the following benefits


  • Enrich your Vocabulary – As you progress through the creative writing course, you will look into new ways of expressing yourself, and this will encourage you to develop your vocabulary and standard of language.
  • Expand your Imagination – The creative writing courses will make you think out of your comfort zone and create new characters and situations to improve your work.
  • Critical Review – The courses teach you to accept negative feedback and convert them into constructive actions.
  • Better Career options – During the course, you get hands-on experience in different forms of writing through assignments and projects. This qualifies you to kickstart a career in content writing, copywriting, content creation, web content management, and content editing.


Top 10 Institutes to Learn Creative Writing Courses in the World



IIM SKILLS is a leading online education platform. In addition to writing, IIM SKILLS provides short-term certification courses in Marketing, Finance, and Analytics. The certifications of these courses are recognized by the Indian Government. The classes are designed to enlighten the student community, and working professionals to grow in their professional life.


Name of the Course: Content Writing Course

Duration: 4 Months (including three months of Internship)

Mode: Online



  • Introduction to content writing
  • Word Press Web Development
  • Digital Content
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Email writing
  • Social media writing and Video scripts
  • Creative Writing
  • SOP & Business Listing
  • Legal Writing
  • Technical Writing 101
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing & Ad sense
  • Freelance Content Writing
  • Resume Writing



  • Anytime, Anywhere Access to course materials through Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Experienced Faculty from the industry
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Guidance for placement
  • Lifetime Access to LMS
  • Free Demo Class
  • Money back guarantee if not satisfied with the course (after the first session)


The course curriculum covers different forms of writing and offers an internship of 3 months which guides you to build your portfolio. During the internship, you get guidance to publish your article in the Times of India reader’s blog as well as to write and publish an ebook on Amazon Kindle.


2. The University of Cambridge

The Centre for creative writing comes under the institute of continuing education at the University of Cambridge. Their mission is to provide research-oriented, world-leading short-term courses in a wide range of disciplines and prioritize learning throughout life. They offer affordable creative writing courses in the world with flexible modes of delivery and supportive education with a commitment to peer learning.


Name of the Course: Masters in Creative Writing

Duration: 2 Years

Mode: Offline



  • Poetry and criticism
  • Writing fiction: imagined worlds
  • Writing for performance: monologue and polyphonic scripts
  • Writing life: creative non-fiction
  • Specialization in a genre under an expert



  • Frequent Assignments and Tutorials
  • Formal Written feedback for every assignment
  • Portfolio of 15,000 words
  • Performance report was given by tutors at the end of every year.
  • VLE- Virtual learning environment


IELTS Score: Above 7.5


The course is suitable for writers who wish to develop high-level writing skills in fiction and non-fiction literature. The modules are designed to promote students’ creative practice and develop writing skills in the fiction and non-fiction genre. The course acts as a gateway into a Ph.D. in creative writing or English literature at other universities. After the course, the university provides opportunities for students to meet publishers and agents to promote their work.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


3. UWE Bristol

School of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of West England, Bristol has a teaching community of producers, performers, writers, scholars, and storytellers to inspire students. The university has partnerships with the cultural and media organizations of England and offers a real-world learning environment and professional placements.


Name of the Course: BA (Hons) – Creative and Professional Writing

Duration: Three Years

Mode: Full-time, Offline



  • Fundamentals of Writing: Fiction
  • Fundamentals of Writing: Script
  • Fundamentals of Writing: Non-fiction and Copy
  • Creative Practice and Writing Mechanics.
  • Reading for Writing: Developing a Novel
  • Writing for Stage
  • Writing for Screen
  • Commercial Writing and Content Marketing.



  • Career and employability service
  • Blackboard virtual learning environment
  • Build your portfolio
  • Writing project in the final year
  • Cultural events


The course helps you to evolve your innovative ideas for writing. The university provides opportunities to write for UWE Bristol student media like Hub Radio and Hub Voice student magazine. The course gear you up for a job in writing, publishing, creative media, marketing, advertising, and communications. The careers service of the university will guide you through career coaching sessions to spring up your employability skills.


4. University of Gloucestershire

The University of Gloucestershire works with a vision of changing student’s life into a force for good and making the world a better place. The university has academic partnerships with other colleges in the UK as well as overseas to offer quality education to students from different backgrounds. 95% of the students go into a job or higher education within six months of graduation.


Name of the Course: Creative Writing BA (Hons)

Duration: 3 Years

Mode: Full-time, Offline



  • Digital Humanities
  • Creative Writing Skills
  • Poetry: Foundations and Legacies
  • Prose Fundamentals
  • Dramatic Writing Fundamentals
  • Research and Enquiry
  • Engaging Humanities
  • The Writing Business and The Professional Writer



  • Regular writing workshops
  • Opportunity to meet established authors and agents
  • Mentorship of professional authors


The course curriculum trains the students to write in a variety of genres including transgressive writing, confessional poetry, sci-fi, horror, and speculative fiction. Parabola Arts Centre, the Everyman Theatre, and Johnson & Alcock are the few organizations that offer internship opportunities for skilled writer students.

The university offers plenty of chances to showcase students’ work. The annual novel contest, open mic nights, and plays performed by professional actors are the road to exhibiting your work on campus. The course assures the publication of every student’s work in the annual student paperwork anthology or in the new writing series.


5. Western Washington University

The English department under the college of humanities and social science in the university offers one of the best creative writing courses in the world to hone the writing skills of students in fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and drama. The courses probe into multiple ways of life and boost critical thinking, close reading, influential writing, and powerful speaking.

The college works with a mission to communicate responsibly in public and professional endeavors by solely accepting the ethical implications of their actions.


Name of the Course: English Creative Writing majors

Duration: 3 Years

Mode: Offline/Fulltime



  • Intro to Creative Writing
  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Non Fiction
  • Dramatic Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Screen Writing



  • Student-centered classes
  • Innovative educational methods
  • Close faculty-student interaction
  • Recognized faculty members
  • Attractive placement record


The course expects students to complete the prerequisite modules before enrolling in the creative writing course. Students can take up a job as a professional writer in any well-known organization after the course. The university offers career guidance services and placement opportunities with the partner organization.


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6. Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool University is an excellent place to pursue a course in literature and writing. They offer first-class creative writing courses in the world of literature with scholarships for deserving candidates and focus on educating the mind, body, and spirit. The university emphasizes creativity with employability, guiding the students to produce innovative and marketable work.


Name of the Course: Creative Writing

Duration: 3 Years

Mode: Full time



  • The Creative Process
  • Writing Practice
  • Writing Techniques: Poetry, Prose, and Creative non-fiction
  • Critical and ethical concepts in writing
  • The writing and reading interface
  • Writing workshops are organized in Poetry, Prose, and Creative Non-fiction
  • The Research Project
  • The Vocational Seminar
  • Advanced studies (Poetry, Prose, and Creative Non-fiction)



  • Work placement opportunities
  • Scholarships
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Weekly writing workshop
  • Detailed feedback on your work
  • Research project


It is evident from the modules that the course aims to establish the students as poets, fiction writers, critics, bloggers, or writers for magazines. The Service and Leadership Award (SALA), is a value-added service program to hone the communication and leadership skills that shape the students ready for a career in the highly competitive world of literature. This creative writing course is offered in combination with English literature, drama, or digital creativity.


7. RMIT University

RMIT University of Australia renders updated creative writing courses in the world of arts and humanities to enable their students to meet the challenges of the 21st century. RMIT ensures its global presence through partnerships with institutions in Asia and Europe. They also have a strong industrial partnership with organizations worldwide.


Name of the Course: Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing)

Duration: 3 Years

Mode: On Campus



  • Creative Writing Studio: Foundations
  • Creative Writing Studio: Craft
  • Creative Writing Studio: Specialization
  • Creative Writing Studio: Collaboration
  • Creative Writing Studio: Horizons
  • Creative Writing: Approaches to Theories and Ideas
  • Essay Project
  • Creative Writing Studio: Project



  • Blended learning environment
  • Industry connected classes
  • Global opportunities
  • Renowned authors as faculties
  • Feedback from industry practitioners


The course concentrates on developing the creative and professional writing skills of students through workshops, seminars, intensives, and face-to-face studios. Meticulous writing practice is the motto of the course. In addition to an individual research project, the student also gets a chance to work with other students from other disciplines like advertising, film, design, and photography. Internships and work placements are the additional benefits offered as a part of the course.


8. Sheridan College

Sheridan College, Ontario is a leading institution in Canada offering first-class experiential learning to its students. The College imparts an environment of innovation that encourages new ways of thinking in the students. Research centers in various disciplines and the entrepreneurship hub of the college guide students in their career growth.


Name of the Course: Sheridan College Introduction to Creative Writing

Duration: 42 hours

Mode: In-Class



  • Getting Started
  • Telling a Story
  • Showing a Story
  • Character Part #1
  • Character Part #2
  • Point of View
  • Dialogue
  • Setting
  • Crafting a Short Story
  • Research
  • Short Story Workshop
  • The Business Side



  • Financial aids available
  • Career advising service
  • Centre of Excellence
  • Classes for Marketing the manuscript
  • Feedback from instructors


The course prioritizes personal creativity in different genres of creative writing and develops your voice, style, and writing techniques. Students can combine this course with crafting a novel approach under the creative writing recognition of achievement program. The program is also available in hybrid mode with 4 sessions in-person and the remaining sessions online.


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9. University of Exeter

The University of Exeter works towards student satisfaction by offering high-level teaching excellence and changing lives since 1851. The University has collaborated with different academic institutions and industries for research and developed simple, innovative solutions for global challenges. The department of English at the University proposes realistic creative writing courses in the world of literature.


Name of the Course: English and Creative Writing BA

Duration: 3 Years

Mode: In-Campus



  • Beginnings: English Literature before 1800
  • Write after reading
  • The Essay: Form and Content
  • Imagine This: Prompts for Creative Writing
  • Creative Writing: Building a Story or Making a Poem
  • Chaucer and His Contemporaries
  • Romanticism
  • Creative Industries: Their Past, Our Future
  • Humanities in the Workspace



  • Self-guided research and study
  • Discussion-based seminars
  • Blended learning
  • One-to-one consultation with tutors


Best-selling authors handle the course via the computer-based approach of teaching and also facilitate students to participate in events attended by international writers and filmmakers. The Virtual learning environment with discussion forums enables the students to share their creativity and clear their doubts.  The university assists the students financially by providing scholarships to students from low-income family backgrounds.


10. Columbia University

Columbia College of Columbia University provides an active learning platform for creative writing courses in the world of crafting words. The University thrives to establish a creative environment for students to hone their writing skills. Columbia university organizes numerous public programs and assignments like symposia, exhibitions, film screenings, site visits, and more to make a gateway for students to reveal their writing skills.


Name of the Course: Major in Creative Writing

Duration: 3 Years

Mode: Offline



  • Five Workshops (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced – The students have to submit their original work of fiction to the instructor)
  • Four Seminars (Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry)
  • Three related courses



  • Financial aid
  • Career and Pre-professional Advising services
  • Diverse education and training
  • Jobs and Internship support
  • Research Opportunities
  • Study Abroad Advising services


The modules of the course explicitly show that it is a practical-oriented course with a self-study mode of learning. Students are exposed to a variety of writing styles and techniques via discussions and assignments. Students with prior experience in creative writing can directly attend the intermediate or advanced level of workshops.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which country is best to study creative writing?

The United Kingdom, The United States of America, Australia, Canada, and Ireland are the best countries for creative writing courses in the world. However, in today’s digital world creative writing can be studied from the comfort of your home through renowned online learning platforms like IIM SKILLS.


2. Is there a career in creative writing?

Yes. Creative writing is a promising career with different job roles and opportunities for budding writers. You can write a best-selling novel, be a well-paid copywriter, a blogger in a niche that impresses you, a social media specialist, or an email marketing specialist. You can also work as a freelance writer from your home.


3. Are Creative writers born or trained?

Some people may have creative writing as an inborn skill, but it’s not always necessary to be. Like any other skill creative writing can also be learned if you are interested in reading and writing. As long as you practice writing with dedication and give yourself enough time to nurture your creativity, you can be a successful writer.



Creative Writing is a profitable career if you have a passion for the art of converting thoughts to words and train yourself in the various genres and styles of writing. The above-listed creative writing courses in the world nurture your creativity and boost your confidence level by putting you through different hands-on workshops and seminars. Practice, practice, and practice is the motto of all the courses which is inevitable to become a productive writer. If you are an aspiring writer, enroll yourself in any one of the mentioned courses and upskill yourself to reach the road to success. All the best.

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