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Top 10 Creative Writing Courses Online With Placements

Whether you have recently started gaining an interest in the craft of words or have been writing for a long time. It is helpful to sharpen your skillset, whenever and however you can. With this thought in mind, here we have come up with the idea of this article. Online courses have made learning so easy, and that is the reason you are here searching for online training. So here is the list of top 10 creative writing courses Online. If you are a writing fanatic, this list is your go-to list for choosing a course that suits your needs. Before jumping straight to the list, let’s understand what creative writing is.


What is Creative Writing?


There are a lot of ways to explain what creative writing is. Creative writing is any type of writing which involves creative thoughts. Fiction, romance, poetry, story writing, script writing, or anything that sets the bar off from the plain old text. In this era of content creation and content marketing, creative writing is often used to drive more engagement.


To catch people’s eyes and make your content stand out from the swarm of text available online.  In simpler words, creative writing is the most expressive form of writing that you can find. Creative writing can come in all forms and lengths. From short, crisp, and clear, to long and tardy text. Rhythmic, or non-rhythmic, freestyle, or traditional, to even one-liners, puns, and comic style.


Anything is an example of creative writing as long as it moves and appeals to something deeper in you than your eyes alone. That is why people love watching movies. Movies are nothing but beautifully written stories, and story writing is nothing but creative writing.


All your favorite fantasy novels, fictional stories, and even the haikus you keep scrolling through on your Instagram feed are examples of creative writing. And we are here to help you search for creative writing courses online that appeal the most to the writer in you.


Why is Creative Writing Important?


Creativity is an important pillar of a happy life. If not for his creativity, then for what a man will be remembered? On a much lighter note, creative writing is an important part of our day-to-day life. Think about it – How would you feel if your partner stops sending those tacky but creative puns that make you smile?


It is that simple to understand. All human relations are maintained with the help of emotions. You love those texts because your partner invests their time and energy into making you smile. Many of us work at a desk job all day. Reading and going through hundreds of files packed with thousands of words. Files that are so painfully plain to read.


That’s why we find comfort in our favorite novel before bedtime. Human brains are fueled by creativity. Whether it’s related to work, creative solutions, or your daily morning run. Who runs or works out without listening to their favorite podcasts or music anymore? And what are those made of? – Yes. creative words. 


Each one of us can write creatively with some effort and practice. We are here to break down your learning needs into the simplest points. So that you can pick the best creative writing courses online to start your creative journey.


Future of Creative Writers


Creative writing is a never dying career because humans will never really get bored of seeing creativity. Building a career in creative writing does not tie you down to a particular field. Everyone needs content, every website, every blog, and every business. Creative writers can be great copywriters, and content writers, and even try their hands in other fields of writing such as technical writing, and legal writing. 


The best way to explain this is by taking a look at the media industry today. Each form of media depends on content. Whether it’s news reports, social media posts, podcasts, or any other piece of media. There is a great deal of growth promised in the future of creative writing due to the field’s expansion in various highly growing fields such as the mega movie industries around the world, the songwriting industry, youtube, storytelling, digital marketing, and many more.


With proper training and learning, anyone can become an effective creative writer, and if that is something you want to pursue, we believe one of these creative writing courses online would help you greatly. Overall, creative writers have a future in countless careers including becoming authors, bloggers, cartoonists, children’s writers, communications consultants, critics, event planners, and many more.


Several active industries have surpassed traditional forms of marketing with the use of digital platforms, channels, and podiums. It is no longer a luxury to own a smartphone but a necessity now. This has greatly boosted the development of useful content for readers in the digital industry. In turn, this has opened up the gates of countless opportunities for creative writers. 


Scope for Creative Writers


This is an excellent career route for you if you are enthusiastic about sales and marketing. Being able to take on a variety of academic writing professions is one of the benefits of having a degree in creative writing. The financial benefits of a profession in creative writing are excellent.


Please keep in mind, though, that not everyone is suited for a career in creative writing. Since creative writing is an inventive profession, anyone who wishes to pursue it must possess both creative and language abilities. It takes a lot of effort and research to succeed in a creative writing course.


With that being said, we believe that proper learning can help you get better at anything you do. Writing, like any other skill, needs practice, practice, and practice. Once you have practiced enough, you need to find your inspiration, whether it’s an author, a teacher, a book, or even your peers.


Must check out the other most rewarding online courses


With these creative writing courses online, you get to meet like-minded people, great and helpful mentors, personalized training, intense practice assignments, live lectures, knowledge about editing and proofreading, knowledge about helpful tools, and so on.


Along with practice, some of the best traits that you can have as a creative writer are diligence, innovation, language proficiency, reading proficiency, quick thinking, proper use of figures of speech, grammatical proficiency, quick learning, and so on. If you are enjoying this article so far, you will love our top picks for the most helpful and descriptive creative writing courses online!


So Without Further Ado, Let’s Jump Into The Top 10 picks for the Best Creative Writing Courses Online!


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is an online learning platform that provides “Content Writing Course,” one of the greatest online creative writing courses in India. In this course, students can master more than 30 different kinds of writing techniques and gain a thorough understanding of the formats and writing styles used in the writing profession.


The course offers 20 hours of live online lectures spread over 4 weeks, simulating a classroom setting. The 16 modules that make up the course curriculum cover a range of subjects. To put the lessons learned into practice and apply them to the assigned assignments, a three-month internship is promised as part of the course.


To help you become properly trained and write as per the industry standards, it gives 110 hours of practical projects and 10 hours of internship lectures. Once the course is over, a certification with international recognition will be available. IIM Skills enables you to explore various writing genres, foster creativity, and realize your full writing ability.


You can publish e-books, articles, and press releases on well-known websites like “The Times of India” and online news portals with its assistance. You might use it to create a strong portfolio for upcoming professional ventures. As an added benefit of this course, you receive lifetime access to the lessons, resources, tools, lifetime consultations, and technical support. You can join a passionate group of experts that are all gifted.


Course Fees: ₹14,900

Course Duration: 4 weeks


Course Benefits:

  • 20 hours of live tutorials
  • A three-month internship
  • 10 hours f lessons for the internship
  • 110 hours of hands-on assignments
  • Classes and resources are accessible for life.
  • Technical assistance and consultation for life.
  • Nationally and internationally accredited certification recognized by MSME and Hubspot.
  • Publish your ebook, articles, and press releases on numerous platforms.
  • Helps you develop a portfolio usable to build a freelancing career


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


2. British Council India


The British Council is a global provider of educational opportunities based in the United Kingdom with learning centers spread out over the globe. The reputable section of the British Council UK that oversees the courses offered in India is the British Council of India. The British Council’s creative writing courses online cost near about INR 10,000 and generally include 36 hours of live online live classes.


A digital certificate is awarded following the successful completion of the British Council’s online creative writing course. Anyone with English language proficiency at or above upper-intermediate level (Level B2) is eligible to enroll in this 9-week course, which provides weekend online lessons.


Course Fees: ₹10,000

Course Duration: 9 weeks



  • 14 hours of interactive learning.
  • Weekend Online classes.
  • A digital certificate once you complete the course.


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3. Udemy


A low-cost online learning and teaching platform called Udemy offers a variety of courses to assist people to improve their skills. On Udemy, there are numerous creative writing courses with prices ranging from INR 450 to 3,500, taught by professionals in the field. Based on the course curriculum, each course provides an agreed-upon number of hours of pre-recorded video lectures in addition to on-demand video.


A digital certificate is available by Udemy upon the completion of premium courses. The courses include lifetime access and support files. Udemy is known for its wide range of creative writing courses online with its affordability and comfortable pace of learning. 


Course Fees: 450–3,500

Course Duration: The number of hours depends on the content of each course



  • Digital certification
  • Lifetime access
  • Digital Notes

4. Coursera


A few online creative writing courses from Coursera will help you improve your writing abilities. One of the most important courses offered by Wesleyan University is the Creative Writing Specialization. The hands-on project in this specialty course will offer you a taste of the working world and prepare you to join a professional network and community. Coursera provides a digital certificate after the project and course are completed. Coursera has a variety of creative writing courses online that you can choose from.


Course Fees: Based on Subscription

Course Duration: 3 to 6 months for the program



  • The enrollment fee is eligible for a scholarship.
  • Online lessons may be taken at your speed and on any schedule.
  • peer-reviewed assignments that were graded.
  • After the course is finished, a digital certificate is made available.


You may also find Content Writing Courses in Delhi helpful


5. Skillshare


On the community-based online learning platform Skillshare, qualified instructors provide specialized courses on a range of subjects. On this site, there are numerous creative writing classes. The exceptional creative writing course “Creative Writing For All: A 10-Day Journaling Challenge” on Skillshare is instructed by internationally renowned author Emily Gould.


This 10-day course is ideal for you to get into the habit of writing with helpful advice if you have a passion for writing and need to sharpen your skills or reignite your inner spark for creative writing. This course assists you in honing your writing abilities while boosting your capacity for close observation of minute details, which is crucial for creative writing.


Course Fees: Subscription-based enrollment

Course Duration: 10 days

Benefits: Free access to all courses with a premium subscription


6. Gotham Writers Workshop


Gotham Writers Workshop offers courses ranging from zoom lectures, and online courses, to one-on-one lectures and assistance. In the spirit of exploration and companionship, writers can gather at Gotham Writers Workshop to hone their skills. Since 1993, they’ve been instructing students in both creative and professional writing. So check out their selection of creative writing courses online to know more about their work.


Each Gotham course introduces you to a writing community and provides opportunities for you to continue participating in it after the program. They claim that although writing is a solitary endeavor, interacting with other authors can be beneficial or even essential in becoming a great writer. Gotham Writers Workshop provides you with a range of online courses that involve fiction writing, article writing, screenwriting, and creative writing.


Course Fees: Depends on the course you choose. Starting around $300

Course Duration: 6 weeks



  • Free introductory tours are available
  • Get a chance to connect with like-minded people
  • One-on-one assistance


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7. The Novelty


For those of you who need a bit of assistance in writing your first book, or those of you who are already seasoned writers and want to polish your skills more, this is one of the best creative writing courses online. The Classic Storytelling Course will guarantee that your story contains all the necessary components for a plot that readers will find enthralling, including an attention-grabbing opening line, emotional connection to the story’s complex main characters, clever plot development, and writing that will capture the reader’s imagination page after page. You’ll be eager to start devoting time to writing the book you’ve always wanted to. You won’t go back in time.


Course Fees: There are three variants of the course ranging from $325 to $1465

Course Duration: Self-paced with 12 months of access



  • 55 pre-recorded lectures
  • Self-paced progress
  • Weekly online classes
  • 12 months of access

8. Writer’s Digest University


Writer’s Digest University workshops can assist you in starting your writing profession, regardless of whether you want to write for publications or to share personal stories. Their knowledgeable instructors will offer guidance, detailed training, practical knowledge, competence, motivation, and passion to assist you in achieving your objectives.


Writer’s Digest University is constantly arranging workshops and creative writing courses online to provide writers like you with a platform and a community to express their art. Their courses are especially known for providing a secure place to polish up your writing skills and interact and get feedback from your peers while starting your writing journey.


Course Fees: Various courses available starting from $249

Course Duration: 12 Online Sessions



  • Online, interactive sessions
  • Community workshops
  • Learn from qualified and credible instructors


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


9. Reedsy – Creative Writing Programs Online


Emmanuel Nataf, Ricardo Fayet, Vincent Durand, and Matt Cobb founded Reedsy in the summer of 2014 to revolutionize book publishing around the globe. The network of over 1 million authors and 2,500 freelancing experts has been developed by Reedsy by giving publishers and authors access to knowledgeable specialists and free instructional content.


Reedsy offers a variety of courses that follow the path from the creation of the storyline through the actual act of publishing and promoting it, all are taught by highly experienced authors and publishing professionals. Intricately crafted quick-start guides for mastering the craft of creative writing may be found on Reedsy.


The candidate who has registered for a certain course is sent a 10-day page-by-page tutorial to help them better understand the fundamental ideas. There are presently over 19 courses accessible.


Course Fees: Free

Course Duration:  Self-paced



  • Anyone interested in writing can enroll in this course
  • Free course access
  • Suitable for beginners


10. Masterclass – Creative Writing Courses Online


The masterclass is a streaming service that provides video tutorials on a variety of subjects, including business and leadership, photography, food, acting, brand building, music, sports, and creative writing. Perhaps the most well-known online learning site is The Masterclass, where 150+ well-known people from around the world provide all fantastic courses.


Some of the most well-known authors, like Salman Rushdie, Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, David Mamet, R.L. Stine, and others, serve as instructors for the online creative writing program to impart the proper techniques for writing. Through the course, students learn to identify their writing styles, create fresh storylines, and create memorable characters.


Course Fees: Based on Subscription

Course Duration: Depending on the chosen program



  • Online lessons may be taken at your speed and on any schedule.
  • Community-based learning is available
  • Prerecorded lessons available
  • Online notes can be generated


So this sums up our picks for the top 10 creative writing courses online. Let us know what are your thoughts and if you have completed any of the courses mentioned above. If yes, how did you find them?




Q1. Which categories best describe creative writing?

Poetry, Plays, Movie and television scripts, Fiction (novels, novellas, and short stories), Songs, Speeches, Memoirs, and Personal essays.


Q2. What exactly is the skill of creative writing?

A variety of genres and writing styles outside of the more formal parameters of technical writing or academic writing are included in the category of creative writing. To infuse its structure with creativity and a compelling narrative, creative writing works on themes like character development, narrative, storyline, and storytelling.


Q3. How difficult is creative writing?

It varies from person to person because creative writing is a field that calls for creative thinking to go above and beyond for examining and evaluating various shades of a character’s personality in the story. It also tests your capacity for critical thought on various occasions when the plotline becomes complicated. However, as the proverb goes, “Practice makes a man perfect,” people gain experience with time, and these early challenges greatly aid them in becoming excellent writers.


Q4. Are online creative writing programs worthwhile?

Despite the abundance of resources available online and in libraries, creative writing courses can provide the opportunity to learn something entirely new.


In conclusion


There are a huge variety of creative writing courses online, but before selecting one, a student should carefully assess their degree of comfort and understanding. If one is just starting, one should enroll in a creative writing online course through a website like IIM Skills, Coursera, etc. One could choose some difficult classes to further polish their creative skills after being proficient in the discipline.

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