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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur With Placements

The time has come when everything runs on data. Whatever you do in today’s world, most things are influenced by the data that you have been provided online. In this way, many complex things need to be analyzed and predictions are to be made from the numerical patterns to influence effective decision-making in businesses. You might have got a glimpse of data analytics in the above lines. We will learn more about what is data analytics and provide you with a list of data analytics courses in Udaipur.


What is Data Analytics?

You see firms or businesses run with data. Whether they make good use of data or just keep a record of the data, one thing is for sure, businesses can’t run without data. What is the purpose of storing data? The purpose of storing data is to extract meaning from it and deliver useful insights into improving business efficiencies.

If the amazon app on your mobile device is sending suggestions to buy a product of a specific brand or a credit card company is offering you a new credit card with raised limits, it is due to data available to them and they have analyzed that data to make you do shopping.


The Core of Data Analytics

The core of Data Analytics includes examining, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data. Once the data is collected, it is examined to understand what can be done. Once the data is examined, it is then cleaned. Cleaning is correcting the errors and inconsistencies in the data.

After cleaning, the transformation of data is done by identifying patterns and relationships and the data are explored thoroughly. After transformation, modeling is done. Modeling involves the use of statistics and machine learning techniques to make conclusions from the data.

The data analyzed is then represented in the form of graphs to understand and communicate better. This process of putting data in graphical form is called Data Visualisation.


Various Applications of Data Analytics

Data Analytics has its application almost everywhere. The various application areas can be seen below:


  • Retail Markets: Data analytics is used to predict what the end customer requires and analyze sales. This helps in managing their inventory and reducing losses.


  • Healthcare Industries: The data collected from patients is used to analyze and predict the best possible outcomes for patients and also to reduce operational costs.


  • Insurance: Insurance industries are very much dependent on data. Data analytics is used to analyze important risk-associated decisions.


  • Transportation: These companies use data analytics to find the best possible routes and schedules for their vehicles by analyzing traffic, weather conditions, and demand patterns.


  • Weather Forecasting: This is dependent on iteration. Weather forecasting requires data analytics to extract insights on forecasting better and analyze the data collected from iterations.


  • Social media: Data analytics is used to analyze data collected from social media to understand user behavior, user preferences, opinions, demographics, etc.


Besides the above areas, there are many other areas where Data Analytics is important to understand the data and make something useful out of it.


The Different Institutes Providing Digital Analytics Courses in Udaipur Are Below:


# Rank 1 Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur

1. Simplilearn


Simplilearn is ranked as one of the top online boot camps and certification training providers. They have trained more than 500000 professionals with the help of more than 2000 well-qualified trainers. Their journey was started in 2009 through a blog. Now it has become one of the world’s best training providers.

They are providing online data analytics courses in Udaipur. It also provides courses in other various areas like Data Science and Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Project Management, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Business and Leadership, Quality Management, Software Development, Digital Marketing, Big Data, etc.


Course Name: Data Analyst


This course makes you a Data Analytics expert. Live masterclasses, ask-me-anything sessions, and hackathons are conducted by IBM. Industry experts conduct live online classes. It’s an 11-month course. They give more than 20 industry-relevant projects to ensure practical and comprehensive learning. Projects are covered by industries such as banking, e-commerce, technology, and manufacturing.


Modules of Data Analysis Courses in Udaipur

  • Introduction to Data Analytics

This includes course introduction, Data Analytics Overview, Dealing with different types of Data, Data Visualisation for decision making, Data Science, Data Analytics and Machine Learning, and Data Science Methodology.


  • Business Analytics with excel

This includes Introduction, Introduction to Business Analytics, Data Cleaning and Preparation, Formatting, conditional formatting, and important functions, spotlight, analyzing data with pivot tables, dashboarding, Business Analytics with excel, spotlight, Data Analytics using statistics, using macros for analytics and spotlight.


  • Programming basics and Data Analytics with Python.

This includes 3 sections. The first one is Programming basics and Data Analytics with Python(self-learning). The second one is programming basics and data analytics with Python (Live classes). The third one is practice projects


  • Tableau Training

This includes Introduction, Introduction to Data Visualisations and Tableau, Connecting to various data sources and preparing data, working with Metadata, spotlight one, Filters in Tableau, Structuring data in Tableau, Creating charts and Graphs, spotlight two, calculations in tableau, advanced visual analytics, dashboards, and stories, and spotlight three.


  • Data Analyst Capstone

This includes an opportunity to implement the skills you learned through Capstone Project.


Course Fees: 54000/-

A flexible EMI option is available.


# Rank 2 Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur

2. Upgrad

Upgrad is one of the largest Edtech companies in South Asia. They have an online Data Analytics Course. It was founded in March 2015 and became a Unicorn with a valuation of $1.2B.

It has touched more than 2 Million registered online learners across 100 countries. It was also ranked 1 as a startup in India as per Linkedin Top Startups, 2020.


Course Name: Executive Post Graduate Programme in Data Science


This course is equivalent to a 1-year postgraduate diploma in Canada. It’s a 12-month course with recommendations of 12-15 hours per week. You learn 14+ Programming Tools and Languages. You work on more than 60 industry projects. They provide one on one career mentorship sessions and high-performance coaching. They also provide a complimentary python programming boot camp. There is the availability of more than 400 content hours.


Modules of Data Analysis Courses in Udaipur

Common Curriculum includes

  • Pre-program preparatory content

This includes Data Analytics in Excel and Analytics Problem solving


  • Data Tool Kit

This includes Introduction to Python, Programming in Python, Python for Data Science, Data Visualisation in Python, Exploratory Data Analysis, Credit EDA case study, Inferential statistics, Hypothesis testing Data analysis using SQL, Advanced SQL & best practices and SQL Assignment


  • Machine Learning 1

This includes Linear Regression, Linear Regression Assignment, Logistic Regression, Classification using decision trees, Unsupervised Learning, Basics of NLP and Text Mining, Business Problem Solving, and Case study


After the above common curriculum, the students are made to choose their specialization course from below 5 specializations:

  1. Natural Language Processing
  2. Deep Learning
  3. Business Analytics
  4. Business Intelligence/ Data Analytics
  5. Data Engineering

This specialization course is of 22 weeks duration with 4 weeks of capstone project included.


Course Fees: 299000/-

EMI option available


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# Rank 3 Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur

3. Intellipaat

Intellipaat is a very renowned Institute in the education sector. Its vision is the democratization of the education sector through high-quality content, training pedagogy, 24×7 support, and job assistance. It was started in the year 2011. Since then it has grown to heights one can ever imagine.


Intellipaat has trained more than 600000 learners rendering more than 150 technical training courses including Big Data, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Salesforce, etc. It can be considered one of the preferred institutes for data analytics courses in Udaipur.


Course Name: Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI


The format of this course is Online Bootcamp. You get certification from CCE, IIT Madras. You learn from IIT Madras faculty and industry practitioners. You will have to complete more than 50 industry projects and case studies. You can get placed by applying to the requirements of more than 400 hiring partners.


Modules of Data Analysis Courses in Udaipur

  • Preparatory Session- Linux and Python

This includes Introduction to Python and IDEs, Python Basics, Object Oriented Programming, Introduction to Linux, Linux Basics, and Hands-on Sessions and Assignments for practice.


  • Data Analysis with MS-Excel

This includes Excel Fundamentals, Excel for Data Analytics, Data Visualisation with Excel, Excel power tools, classification problems using Excel, Information measuring in Excel, Regression problems using Excel, and hands-on exercises.


  • Data Wrangling with SQL

This includes SQL basics, Advanced SQL, Deep dive into user-defined functions, SQL optimization and performance, and Hands-on exercise.


  • Python with Data Science

This includes extract transform load, data handling with Numpy, Data manipulation using Pandas, Data preprocessing, and Data visualization.


  • Linear Algebra and Advanced Statistics

This includes Descriptive statistics, probability, and Inferential statistics.


  • Machine Learning

This includes an introduction to Machine Learning, Regression, Classification, Clustering, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, and performance metrics.


  • Deep Learning Using TensorFlow

This includes AI basics, Neural networks, and Deep learning


  • Power BI

This includes Power BI basics, DAX, Data visualization with Analytics, and Hands-on exercises.


  • Deploying Machine Learning Models with Cloud

This includes an introduction to MLOps and Deploying ML models


  • Git

This includes Version Control and GIT


  • Data Science Capstone Project

This includes capstone projects.


  • Business Case Studies

This includes various Business Case Studies


  • Natural Language processing

This includes Text Mining, Cleaning and Pre-processing, Text classification, NLTK, sentiment analysis, etc., sentence structure, sequence tagging sequence tasks, Language modeling and AI chatbots, and a Recommendation engine.


  • Computer Vision

This includes RBM and DBNs and Variational AutoEncoder, Object Detection using Convolutional Neural Net, generating images with Neural style and working with deep generative models, Distributed and parallel computing for deep learning models, reinforcement learning, and Deploying deep learning models and beyond.


  • Data Science at Scale with Pyspark

This includes an introduction to Big data and spark, RDDs, and Advanced concepts and Spark-Hive.


Course Fees: 85044/-

EMI options Available


# Rank 4 Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur

4. 360 DigiTMG

360 DigiTMG is the Institute providing training in Data Science and Deep Learning, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, MLOps, Data Engineering, ML on Cloud, Cloud Computing, Domain Analytics, and Emerging Technologies for Corporate and Management Courses. It has Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur as one of its many courses.

Established in 2013, this institute has grown to make its presence in and out of India. It has made its presence in countries like Malaysia, the USA, East Asia, Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, and the Middle East.


Course Name: Data Analytics Certification Course Training with Placements


You are provided with more than 132 hours of classroom sessions, more than 80 hours of assignments, and more than 80 hours of projects. You will use Tools like AWS, Excel, Tableau, Power BI, SQL, Google Data Studio, Python, Pyspark, etc. Live online classes are conducted with the access for 365 days to it. They prepare you with unlimited mock interviews and quiz sessions. They also provide you Lifetime LMS access.


Modules of Data Analysis Courses in Udaipur

  • Python

This includes Python introduction, Python Data structures, Dictionaries and sets, Python packages for analyzing the data, Advance Python programming, and web extraction and serialization.


  • Tableau

This includes Data visualization introduction and concepts, Tableau introduction, and Tableau architecture, Exploring data using Tableau, Working with Data using Tableau including Data extraction and blending, Various charts in Tableau (Basic to Advanced), Hierarchies- Tableau drill down and roll-up features, Sorting – quick sort, sort from headers, axis, toolbar, sort by fields, nested sort, Filtering- Dimension filters, Date filters, Measure filters, Tableau context filters, Groups, sets and combined sets, Reference lines, bands and distribution, Parameters- Dynamic parameters, Parameter Actions, Forecasting- exponential smoothing technique, Data mining unsupervised learning- Clustering, Calculated fields in Tableau, Quick table calculations, LOD expressions, Tableau Mapping Features, Tableau – R integration, Tableau interactive Dashboards, Dashboard actions, and Tableau Certification Orientation.


  • Power BI

This includes what is Power BI, Transforming Data using Power BI Desktop, Data cardinality, and Data modeling in Power BI Desktop, Introduction to DAX, Visualizing your Data, Advance Visualisations, Power BI Dashboards, Organization packs, security – working with others.


  • Excel

This includes Statistical analysis using Excel, Business Moments, Graphical Techniques using Excel, Inferential Statistics, Hypothesis testing using Excel, Entering and Editing Text and formulas, working with basic Excel functions, Formatting Data in an Excel worksheet, Creating Basic Charts in Excel, Excel Functions, Working with an Excel List, List functions, Data Validation, Pivot Tables, Conditional Functions, Lookup functions, Text-based Functions, What-IF tools, Understanding why and how behind Excel macros, VBA variables, and operators, Automate Excel formulas and working with VBA Forms.


  • SQL

This includes what is Database, Types of Databases, DBMS vs RDBMS, DBMS Architecture, Normalization, and Denormalization, Install PostgreSQL, Install MySQL, Data Models, DBMS Language, ACID properties in DBMS, What is SQL, SQL data types, SQL commands, SQL operators, SQL keys, SQL joins, Group By, Having, Order By, Views in SQL, SQL set Operations and Types, SQL functions, SQL triggers, Introduction to NoSQL concepts, SQL vs NoSQL and Database connection SQL to Python.


Course Fees: 31000/-


# Rank 5 Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur

5. ExcelR

ExcelR is one of the trusted names in the field of training. Now, more than a decade of its presence in this field, it has trained more than 150000 students and professionals in various courses in more than 40 countries. It is a known institute providing data analytics courses in Udaipur.

They aim to prepare students for future advancements in technology, strategic thinking, and planning. Their vision is to be globally regarded as a leading organization working towards fulfilling the educational needs of working professionals and students with a touch of excellence. It was established in 2014. It is now a business partner with Tata Consulting Services (TCS)- a global giant.


Course Name: Data Analyst Training Course


They provide you with well-qualified trainers from various MNCs. They conduct more than 60 case studies/assignments to ensure hands-on experience. For placements, they have a network of more than 350 corporate companies. You can attend an unlimited number of live online batches for 1 year.

This facility provided by ExcelR is known as a jumbo pass. This is the latest initiative taken by this institute. They provide post-training support to master the concepts or secure a job. You can choose projects of your choice to gain real-world experience and understand the challenges better.


Modules of Data Analysis Courses in Udaipur

  • Business Statistics

This includes Descriptive Statistics, Probability and Normal Distribution, Inferential Statistics, and Data Cleaning and insights.


  • Advanced Excel

This includes an introduction to Excel, an Introduction to Functions, Anchoring Data: Referencing, named ranges and their uses, Referring Data from different tables, Data Handling, Data Summarization, power query, Intro to Automation Macros, and VBA.


  • MySQL

This includes Introduction to Databases, Software installation, Types of SQL commands, Data types in SQL, DDL, DML, and TCL commands, Database Constraints, Operators in SQL, Grouping operations, Ranking Functions, Analytical functions, joining tables, Views, Triggers, introduction to subqueries, indexing sequence, objects, and stored procedures.


  • Tableau

This includes an introduction to Tableau Tool, Data Pane window, Groups, sets, parameters, filters in Tableau, Calculated fields, Data Blending and Joins, Charts in Tableau, reference lines, bands, distributions, creating a dashboard, and Tableau public server.


  • Basics of R

This includes an introduction to R, decision-making statements, Loops, Functions, and Built-in Functions in R, Joins, dplyr, and ggplot2.


  • Basics of Python

This includes Anaconda installation, introduction to Python, Data Types, operators, Inbuilt functions in Python, Loops, Functions, Lambda Functions, Modules and Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, and seaborn.


  • Power BI

This includes Power BI introduction, modeling with Power BI, Power BI desktop visualizations, DAX expressions, and publishing and sharing.


Course Fees: 44999/-




1. What is the difference between Data Science and Data Analytics?

Data Science is a broader field while Data Analytics is a part of Data Science. Data Science includes mathematical problems, statistical analysis, Machine Learning, AI, algorithms, etc. while Data Analytics includes mathematical problems, statistical analysis, etc. The data is primarily unstructured for a Data Scientist while the Data Analyst deals with structured data.


2. What are the criteria for doing Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur?

A person with good Analysing Skills can do the Data Analytics Course. He needs to have basic knowledge of computers. An individual from many different backgrounds can become a Data Analyst. These different fields include HR, marketing, Sales, etc. Also, IT professionals like software developers, project managers, Information architects, etc can upgrade their careers by doing Data Analytics Courses. Lastly, even freshers and undergraduates who are aspirational to join this field can do the course and secure a job.


3. What are an individual’s career opportunities after completing a Data Analytics Course?

The career opportunities are in the form of Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Quantitative Analyst, Data Analyst Consultant, Operations Analyst,  etc. There is a huge demand for such a job profile in the market you just need to focus on skills and you are good to explore the market’s demands after completing Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur.



Many opportunities are coming in this decade and Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur are one such opportunity to grow in your career as Data Analyst. You can say, Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur fill you with those skills which are in great demand in every Industry today. Many Engineers have upgraded their careers and have reached their desired levels of job doing Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur. Courses offered by different institutes have different syllabi, different experience levels of teaching faculty, various formats of teaching classes, and different fees structure. It is important to decide which factors you are more focused on according to your situation while joining the institute.

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