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Top 3 Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri With Placements

Ever since a decade, internet availability has become abundant. People started utilizing this opportunity to digitalize every possible thing to reach out to a larger section of the audience. Digital marketing has a majority share in this category. The Digital Marketing field especially in India is raising and continue to rise in the future also. Having a Good understanding of Digital Marketing Courses will enable you to stand out from others in the market. Going forward you will learn a lot about Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri in an easy and simple way. 


Let’s Talk About What is Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is promoting your product in such a way that it will display on electronic devices such as phones, tablets, computers/laptops other devices, etc. It can take any form of video, infographic, brochure, or email marketing and other strategies. The most renowned common platforms used for digital marketing are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Email/Gmail, and other social media platforms.

Digital Marketing is effective and more efficient compared to Traditional Marketing. In Traditional marketing, companies invest a lot of money in marketing their product by giving advertisements in newspapers, TV, radio, and other platforms.

Whereas Digital Marketing involves digitalizing the content and publishes in social media platforms so that the audience will consume the content from their comfort. The end goal of both Traditional and Digital Marketing is the same to bring awareness about the brand but the way it reaches the audience/public is different. Simply put, Traditional marketing uses print media whereas Digital marketing uses digital media to reach an audience.

Before we go into the Main topic which is Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri, Let’s look at some of the Digital Marketing success stories and also will see how they leveraged technology to create brand value among customers which ultimately helped them to succeed in this competitive world.


1. IKEA:

Some of you might have experience with this brand. If you are not aware of it, that’s okay, I will introduce you. It is a famous furniture-selling company. It has branches all over the world. It has leveraged digital media marketing to bring awareness to its brand. Digital media marketing has the potential to reach customers across the globe.

It has chosen some traditional platforms like Facebook, and Twitter apart from these platforms it has also chosen YouTube and Pinterest. YouTube and Pinterest hold major marketing share among all other platforms It uses. As we all know It sells self-assembled products.

Assembling these products is a nightmare for customers as they find difficulty in assembling because of unclear assembly instructions. It targeted this issue and come up with a resolution that resolve customer issues. It planned to launch a playlist on YouTube that will explain how to assemble the products by professional experts. Along with these videos, It has also launched how one can better redesign their existing interior designs.


2. Rolex:

It does not need any introduction part as everyone is aware of this brand. If you are not aware of this, Rolex is a popular watch-making brand founded by Hans Wilsdorf.  Rolex welcomed a website that is Audiences who landed on this website found some amazing handcraft designs involved in Rolex watchmaking.

From long articles to short videos, Rolex has done everything to catch customer attention and leave a deep mark on customers’ opinions of Rolex watches. People started exploring more and more about watches and finally, their attention was completely handled by the Rolex. This strategy has brought significant changes to their sales and the work “Rolex Watches” spread like anything.

To summarize, digital marketing has brought a new phase to renowned brands not only Rolex, and IKEA but also to the Lays (Potato Chips Company), Dabur (Hair oil company), and many other companies also. One thing is common among these companies they have revamped their marketing strategy according to the latest trends and leveraged its advantages for their own benefit.


How Can I Learn Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri? What Are the Prerequisites Necessary to Master Digital Marketing?

To learn digital marketing there are a few prerequisites that can help you to get started in digital marketing. Please note that It is not mandatory to have these skills. With these skills, one can start a career in digital marketing. However, it is good to have knowledge of these.


  1. Basic Computer Skills: One should have an idea of basic internet browsing, Excel spreadsheets, and Ms. Word and it is good to have typing knowledge. Computer knowledge is common nowadays. If you don’t have any of these you can learn them from YouTube there are millions of videos on touch typing, handling Excel Spreadsheets, and Ms. Word.


  1. Analytical Mindset: Digital Marketing deals with data analysis which means how much sales percentage we have in the current market, how much marketing should be done, and how it should be done because A national survey on people’s behavior while purchasing a product revealed that almost 86% of people will see online reviews and a person average consume 10 reviews before purchasing a product. Having an analytical mindset will help you in taking or suggesting data-driven decisions.


  1. Knowledge of social media: Social media is the platform for most digital marketers to promote their products. 90% of businesses use social media as a platform for marketing. So having good hands-on social media platforms and their algorithm makes your marketing strategy stand out from other competitors.


  1. Good communication skills: If you ask me what is one fundamental skill to have necessary in any field, I would say it is Communication skills. Communication skills are inherent to every living thing. If I am hungry, I will communicate the same with my family so that they will understand and feed me with some food. Similarly, if you communicate properly to your targeted audience it will create trust in your product and purchase your products or services in large volumes. Communication skills play a key role in digital marketing.


What Are the Different Types of Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri Available and Which One to Choose?

There are different levels of Digital Marketing courses in Andheri available. In this section, each and every section will be detailed so that readers will get some idea about the course. The course one should select depends upon their goal in the future. Without wasting your moment let’s get into details.


  1. Digital Marketing Foundation Course: In this course, fundamental elements of digital marketing will be introduced. Concepts like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) both on-page and off-page, email marketing, content marketing, and, more. This course is the stepping stone to enter into the world of Digital Marketing.


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is all about improving the visibility of your webpage on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. This course is specialized only in SEO it is helpful not only for digital marketers but also for content creators. This course syllabus will teach you about what is the process one should follow while generating website content, and what are the algorithms behind every search engineer to improve website visibility rankings.


  1. Social Media Marketing:  Social media marketing is one form of Digital marketing where you use Social Media as a medium to reach your targeted audience with the help of your posts, videos, lines, and comments on other posts. It involves creating a brand for yourself and adding value to your followers. LinkedIn, Facebook,  and TikTok, Instagram are some of the famous Social Media Platforms where you can create your own brand for yourself with continuous engagement.


  1. Content Marketing: Content Marketing is the process of generating content on any media such as articles, blogs, videos, infographics, and many more, etc to boost your organization’s presence among customers as value-driven rather than sales oriented. Consistent engaging content Marketing makes customers know your brand value and how your product brings value to them. This entire process will create choices for your brands in the customer’s minds and trusted service and loyalty.


  1. Email Marketing: Email Marketing is the process of letting customers know about your business’s product and services through emails. Once Email marketing has been integrated with your workflow it will make sure your customer knows about your latest products, offers, and discounts between purchases. It reminds the customer about the brand consistently. Email Marketing is one of the most powerful mediums used to market products. Because email will sit in your inbox until a user takes any action either it could be deleted or archived. The downside of Email Marketing is people usually push these kinds of emails to span or simply they will block the emails further. Avoiding unnecessary emails and targeting particular individuals through email marketing will save you from your email being pushed into spam.


  1. PPC Advertising Course: PPC is a kind of advertising model where businesses pay the user whenever he/she clicks on one of their brands. This is the reason why it is named PPC (Pay-Per-Click). Since your ad has to be displayed on the search engine results page this cannot be done simply by paying a high amount to Google or any other search engine. There is one algorithm called ad auction. Whenever any user enters a keyword in the search box and hits enter then in the background complex operations will be performed by the respective search engines to make sure relevant data will be displayed as per the keyword.


To summarize, the above-listed courses are just a few examples. One can select the required course based on the user’s choice. The most important thing to keep in mind is all the institutes cannot after these courses some of the institutes of specialized in one or two courses. Digital marketing courses in Andheri were very generic they were held either online with live or recorded classes or offline.


Must Read:


Top 3 Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri:



IIM SKILLS is an online training institute that offers various courses to individuals at the student and professional levels to bring momentum to their carrier in terms of professional capabilities. It provides a wide range of courses in Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Business analytics, etc. Industry experts drive IIM SKILLS as a team who have tremendous real-time experience in their fields.

Mode of Training: IIM SKILLS offers online training. Students will be given lifetime access to the recording sessions. Individuals who are part of the IIM SKILLS journey were placed in top companies with a handsome package.


Some of the Key & Unique features that IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course Offers to Students:


  1. Lifetime access to the session recordings:

Students have the benefit of attending live classes and clearing their doubts. However, if any students miss attending live class, he/she will have a chance to access the recorded session. Access is not limited to any period; it will be lifetime access.


  1. 100% Money back guarantee:

IIM SKILLS introduces a Money-back policy that implies, If the students fail to reach their goals by following the instructor’s guidelines, students will be refunded 100% money. I believe this is the only institute that publicly announced the money-back policy for students.

This feature indirectly reflects the institute’s trust in its teaching values. This feature also acts as a catalyst to motivate students and believe in IIM SKILL’s work.  For more information on this, you can contact IIM Skills.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


  1. Portfolio building:

The portfolio is a kind of work sample that you have created on your own. These work samples give an idea to recruiters about your working capabilities and real-time knowledge of the course. Portfolio building is part of their curriculum and it has a lot of benefits in the current job market.

Having a portfolio for an individual stands out from the rest of the team who does not have any work assignments to showcase. If you ask me personally, educational institutes must consider portfolio building for learners as it brings weight to your resume.


2. Digital Marketing School:

Digital Marketing School was one of the best training institutes that offer Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri. Digital Marketing School (DMS) was established in 2008 with the aim of providing Digital Marketing Courses to learners. DMS expanded its branches across India apart from Andheri in Mumbai.

It has branches across Mumbai and India. In Mumbai alone, DMS has branches in Thane, Dadar, and Vashi. Apart from Mumbai, it has branches in Pune, Hyderabad, and Bangalore cities. It has a strong presence and reputation across India due to its industry-oriented curriculum which transformed most of the student’s careers into Digital Marketers.


Course Fee:  The Course fee varies from time to time and it also depends upon the type of Course whether it is offline classes or online Classes. The Andheri branch will be roughly around 25,000 to 30,000 INR. Online courses are offered at a cheaper price compared to Offline. The online price for the same course will be around 12000 to 15000 for a 3-4 months program. They also have an EMI facility and scholarship facility for eligible candidates.


Placement Assistance: DMS has dedicated placement assistance programs. DMS has tied up with organizations and businesses to help their student to be selected for the top company with a good package. They help students in creating good resumes and conduct mock interviews to evaluate candidates’ strengths and weaknesses and help them out with their weakness part and make them ready for the industry level.


Mode of Training: Operating Media will offer both online and offline courses to its students. In offline classes, students have to regularly attend the class and can interact with their trainers and peer for doubts. Whereas in online mode students have to attend live classrooms virtually at their own pace and convenience. Compared to offline mode online mode has greater flexibility in terms of attending classes.


Course Fee:  The course fee depends upon the mode of training whether students choose classroom training or online training. The estimated price for Digital Marketing classroom training is 40,000/- and the online training price is 22,000/-. (Declared prices are at the time of article writing i.e., 30-04-2023)


Placement Assistance: Digital Media holds a strong record in the IT industry in terms of placement records. Every year on above average 75-80% of students will be placed in Top organizations with a handsome package. Digital Media tied up with Digital Marketing agencies and some organizations to get access to job offers in the IT industry. After the course duration, All the students will be given access to a particular portal where job updates will be posted regularly throughout India.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


3. Digital Vidya:

Digital Vidya is established in 2009. Ever since its birth it has had a good track record in Digital Marketing course. They trained more than 95,000 students/professionals till now with 6000+ batches across 10+ countries.


Mode of Training:  Digital Vidya offers digital marketing courses in a wide variety of formats as per students’ requirements. It offers Instructor oriented classes in which a faculty member will guide you throughout the course duration where he/she will take live classes and students can participate in the discussion in the live. Materials and assignments will be provided at the end of each class for students to test their knowledge.


Self-paced learning: In Self-paced learning, students will be given access to pre-recorded classes. Students have lifetime access to these videos and they can grab the knowledge from these recorded classes at their own pace and convenience.


Course Fee:  Always remember course fee is decided by Digital Vidya Institute. It varies from the type, of course, you have chosen and the mode of training. The course fee details provided in this article are approximate values the price may or may not change around these figures.


Certified Digital Marketing Master Course: The fee for this course is around 49,999+12% GST. It is available in Instructor-led online, and self-paced modes. Upon completion of this course, you will receive 12 different certificates which will make you a certified Digital Marketer.


Certified Digital Marketing Profession Course: The course fee will be around 29,000+18% GST. It will be available in instructor-led, self-paced modes only. Placement assistance will be provided. After completion of this course, you will receive 9 certificates that will tell you about the qualification you hold in Digital Marketing.


Placement Assistance: Digital Vidya holds a strong placements record. Their students are placed in different companies and this data is open on their official website.


To summarize, there are many other popular institutes that offer Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri, above listed institutes offer premium knowledge to their students. Students can select the institute based on their choice and own research.


Benefits of taking digital marketing courses in Andheri:  There are a lot of benefits to taking Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri. Some of them are listed below.


  1. Networking Opportunities: Andheri is a hub for Digital Marketing professionals. Once you have taken Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri you will be included in the list of professionals where you have the opportunity to connect with them and you have a great chance of receiving industry experts suggestions.


  1. Local Case Studies: By Taking Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri one can get hands-on experience with local case studies so that students will get practical knowledge on where to apply skills and concepts that they are learned in the classroom.


Frequently Asked Questions: Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri


1. Which digital marketing course is best?

There is a lot of depth in digital marketing subject. One must choose a course depending upon the expert level he/she possesses. If you are new to digital marketing courses and want to know to learn fundamentals, you can choose the course which offers the same.


2. How much do digital marketing courses in Andheri cost?

The cost for digital marketing courses in Andheri cannot be estimated since the price tag for the course depends upon various factors such as the mode of training online or offline, the institute you are choosing, current digital market jobs in the market, etc.


3. What is the qualification required for an individual to get a digital marketer job?

Digital marketing job is skills-based. One can start exploring and learning digital marketing as soon as you have completed your 10th. However, most companies nowadays look for employees who are graduated from any recognized college/University.

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