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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane With Placements

In today’s Internet world, the number of people going online every day is still increasing. Would you believe there are 5.16 billion global internet users as of 2023? It will still increase when years go on. The way of shopping and buying by the audience has improved a lot. Therefore, every business needs Digital Marketing to connect with their customers. If you are in Brisbane and want to upskill your Digital career then you are reading the right article. This article will help you with the top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane. 


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing helps you to engage with a larger audience than you could do with the older methods of reaching an audience through the door. Most new Businesses will find it difficult to reach their target audience. A Business with the right content will always reach good heights. With the help of Digital Marketing services, it’s just a matter of time for new businesses to offer their products and services to their customers. 

If you want to upskill your Digital Marketing Knowledge and you are staying in Brisbane, here is the list of Digital Marketing Courses you need to know before you get into one. This article will guide you through all the possible information about the best course offered in Brisbane. 


Key Benefits Of Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is where you can promote your products or services to your customer at the right place. The world has now entered into the digital market era where people are spending most of their time on the internet in search of their needs. Therefore, online marketing plays a key role in the modern business world to promote their brand service to new audiences. Here we will see the list of things how the Digital market plays a vital role in your Business.


  • Wider Reach: 

Marketing helps small businesses to widely reach their new audience. Small businesses can use organic traffic or paid traffic to get more audience. The more number of visitors will give high sales to the company. 


  • Cost Effective:

Digital marketing is more suitable than traditional marketing. It is a low-cost method for businesses to reach their audience. The cost of marketing traditionally like newspaper advertisements, Commercial ads, production costs, manpower, etc will involve more money. On the other hand, digital marketing through social media and email marketing is more affordable because you don’t have to pay anything to the market.   


  • Build your Online Presence: 

In today’s busy world people like everything to be handy. Businesses must also have a trending idea according to their customer’s requirements. For this, every business needs to build its online presence without which no one will find you. You will get lost in the crowd if you don’t show a presence online. 


  • Increase Business Revenue:

In contrast with traditional marketing, digital marketing techniques will help you to increase your business revenue. According to Google data, Business that uses online marketing tools will have better revenue growth than others.


  • Content Marketing:

The key ingredient of online marketing is content. Content marketing plays a crucial role in online marketing as it promotes the business to the right audience. Kindly make sure the content given should be innovative and original so that it will attract more customers and yield traffic. The content can be in the form of infographics, blogs, Social media posts, videos, etc.


Types of Digital Marketing You Must Know:

The digital market is the universe for modern business success. It is important for every small business to show its virtual presence in order to be competitive, or else people won’t recognize their service. It is hard for a newly minted business to spend more money on the marketing types available. They have to plan which strategies will best fit their business. 8 different digital marketing types suit the business. 


1. Search Engine Optimization: 

SEO is one of the strongest forms of digital marketing techniques. SEO is a cost-effective way to increase visibility and reach more potential customers. It also allows you to target specific customers with specific keywords, giving you an edge over your competitors who may need to be using SEO. By improving your ranking, your company can appear closer to the top of the first page of search engine results, increasing your chance of being seen. The ultimate aim of SEO is to generate organic traffic to the website.


2. Pay-per-click:

PPC are the ads that appear on the search page results. It is a promotional tactic that is found everywhere on the internet. It is a short video or image that appears on the webpage for customers to click on. The content should be innovative and make the customers view by clicking on it which takes them to your website. You will get paid only if someone clicks on your ad. You can use Google Adwords to run your PPC Campaign. Also, you get paid for clicks for other PPC advertising platforms like Amazon,, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, and more. 


3. Content Marketing: 

Without high-quality content, it is impossible to ensure success in Digital Marketing. It is a form of marketing to produce and distribute useful, relevant, and yet engaging content to the targeted audience via channels such as blog posts, e-books, social media posts, websites, podcasts, and more. It will make your leads understand the services you offer and also build a good relationship between your customers and your business. 


4. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel that promotes your business. Today people use email but are not as active as Instagram or Twitter. But still, people are using email for their professional and official work. Likewise, Businesses and Multinationals are using email on a regular basis to keep updated with their employees. This marketing is a cost-effective way for business promotions.


5. Affiliate Marketing:

Have you ever come across the concept of Digital product gatherings? A host invites several individuals to a virtual get-together to advertise commodities. This host operates as an affiliate to produce curiosity about the product. Acting as an intermediary, they take care of the marketing and sales process. Meanwhile, the business can simply sit back and enjoy the profit. The company gains a lot of free promotions through affiliates’ efforts, even though they have to share some of their profits with them. The affiliate will post an article, advertisements, organize events and sell products of the said company.  


6. Social Media Marketing: 

The use of social media can prove highly beneficial in promoting your business. Facebook to Linkedin is an indispensable tool for communication in today’s society. Advertising through social media can yield great results. Moreover, the platform offers a unique opportunity to establish a deeper connection with the customers. 


7. Website Design:

Website design is very important in your promotional campaigns. To make your website more attractive your website should be a mix of audio, video, and written elements. You can have an appealing promotional video on your website to attract users. The website should be easy to navigate. The accessibility of your website should be user-friendly and inviting. To keep the users interested the content should be equally good. 


8. Mobile Marketing:

Customers will spend more of their time on mobile than on laptops/desktops to search for something they want. So mobile marketing will help the business to reach every look and corner of the world. Having a mobile-friendly website and content is essential. One could consider developing an application, instant messenger advertising, and providing location-based services to enhance their digital presence. 


Scope of Digital Marketing in Brisbane: 

Digital Marketing is powerful in Brisbane. They are very high in demand. As there are not enough market experts locally, businesses are therefore increasingly looking for Digital marketing experts from overseas. Therefore ex-pats will create and manage effective marketing strategies that reach customers and build relationships. 

Brisbane is a booming city with a growing economy, which makes the business to keep it as an ideal location to invest in digital marketing. With a population of over 2.5 million people in Brisbane, there is a lot more possibility for businesses to reach potential customers through digital marketing. 

Over the past few years, there has been a considerable rise in the number of businesses investing their money in online marketing strategies. This has caused a rise in demand for digital marketing professionals such as social media managers, SEO specialists, content marketers, and digital advertising experts in Brisbane.

Overall the scope of digital marketing in Brisbane is huge. There are lots of opportunities for professionals and businesses to be successful in this industry. 


Various Job Titles with Salary Range of Digital Marketing Jobs in Brisbane:

Below is the list of the most popular digital marketing job titles and information about them.


Digital Marketing Manager:

  • Job Hierarchy: A Mid to senior-level role
  • Average Annual Salary: AU$50,000/year to AU$1,30,000/year


  • Job Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the Digital marketing managers to oversee a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This includes working with different teams to design and execute campaigns, often over multiple channels simultaneously. Digital marketing managers require a deep understanding of approaches conducted throughout the marketing campaigns. They should also have the capability to understand and track the performance of the company and how to develop it with innovative techniques. 


Pay-Per-Click Specialist: 

  • Job Hierarchy: An entry to the mid-level role
  • Annual Salary Range: AU$46,613/year to AU$63,426/year


  • Job Responsibility: The job of a PPC expert requires developing and overseeing paid advertising initiatives, wherein sponsors pay out a nominal amount every time when their ad is clicked. The key responsibilities of a PPC specialist include keyword research, campaign setup, and monitoring progress to achieve the best expenditure utilization. Proficiency in research and basic data analysis are prerequisites for individuals aspiring to become PPC specialists.


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Search Engine Optimization Analyst:

  • Job Hierarchy: An intermediate or mid-level role
  • Annual Salary Range: AU$77,500/year to AU$145,109/year


  • Job Responsibility: The SEO Analyst is responsible for analyzing the website’s SEO performance. Their objective is to impact crucial areas such as link-building strategies, keyword research, monitoring website traffic, and coming up with new ideas to make a better experience for the users. SEO Analysts should consistently improve their knowledge to be successful in the industry. 


Search Engine Optimization Manager:

  • Job Hierarchy: Senior-level role
  • Annual Salary Range: AU$61k/year to AU$108k/year


  • Job Responsibility: An SEO manager is responsible for designing, supervising, and implementing a company’s search engine marketing plan. Their primary objective is to enhance the content across various platforms such as the company’s website, blog, and social media channels among others. Their ultimate aim is to achieve higher rankings on search engine results pages. A thorough understanding of Google Analytics is essential for this position.


Social Media Coordinator: 

  • Job Hierarchy: An Entry-level role
  • Annual Salary Range: AU$60,000/year to AU$75,000/year


  • Job Responsibility: The social media coordinator is typically an introductory position responsible for the social media coordinator’s plans, executing, and reporting on a company’s social media strategy. The purpose of this role is to enhance the company’s reputation, establish customer confidence, tap into new markets, attract more website traffic, and transform users into potential clients.


Social Media Manager:

  • Job Hierarchy: An Entry-level role
  • Annual Salary Range: AU$75,000/year to AU$1,20,000/year


  • Job Responsibility: The primary responsibility of social media managers is to take daily care of the social media accounts of a company or client. Developing a strategy is not typically their primary focus. They are accountable for selecting content, interacting with followers, and answering customer concerns. A social media manager must have good communication skills and expertise in social media to reach the desired audience. 



  • Job Hierarchy: A junior or entry-level role
  • Annual Salary Range: AU$50,000/year – AU$79,000/year


  • Job Responsibility: Copywriting is a perfect career for those who just begin their social media career. Copywriters are responsible for writing explicit content for various mediums such as blog posts, product descriptions, web pages, newsletters, and social media posts. Copywriters should work with various professionals to make creative content for marketing campaigns. They should have excellent writing skills, be good at conducting research, and be able to implement SEO principles into their work.


Content Manager:

  • Job Hierarchy: A Senior or Director-level role
  • Annual Salary Range: AU$90,000/year – AU$1,10,000/year


  • Job Responsibility: A content manager is a skilled individual who can supervise a team of content writers, editors, and creators. Brainstorm with team members to produce creative content. A Content manager should also work on developing and establishing the company’s brand name online. A content manager must have strong management and leadership skills, as well as the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.


SEM Specialist: 

  • Job Hierarchy: A Senior level role
  • Annual Salary Range: AU$90,000/year – AU$1,10,000/year


  • Job Responsibility: The SEM expert has the responsibility of handling all paid search promotions across different search and display marketing engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  A successful SEM professional will manage the budget for paid search and collaborate with the SEO and Marketing team, with the aim of optimizing ROI, increasing traffic, and obtaining new customers.


Email Marketing Manager:

  • Job Hierarchy: A Senior or Director-level role
  • Annual Salary Range: AU$90,000/year – AU$1,10,000/year


  • Job Responsibility: Email marketing managers are responsible for leading the teams. They need to take care of budget planning, manage resources and monitor the implementation of the campaign. The Email Marketing Manager’s function has been an ever more important role in the achievement of business goals.


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Who Can Do Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane? 

  • This Course doesn’t need any programming skills, basic knowledge of the internet is sufficient to do this course.
  • The completion of a diploma or a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Business will be an added advantage. 
  • A working professional from any field can do this course. 
  • A college dropout or a housewife who wants to resume their career can apply for this course. 
  • A Sales / Marketing Professional in the field of Digital Marketing can obtain a relevant certification to upskill their knowledge in the competitive field.
  • An aspiring business owner or entrepreneur can enroll in this course. So that they don’t need to rely on any digital marketers for help. 


5 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane: 


Rank #1. Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane


IIM SKILLS is a fast-growing Ed-Tech Company with its headquarters located in New Delhi, India. IIM SKILLS operates across 23 cities in Asia which includes Dubai & Singapore. IIM SKILLS is renowned for its Finance, Marketing, Data & multiple educational domains. Their mission is to provide quality training programs at affordable prices.


  • Course Name: Digital Marketing Course
  • Course Duration: 5 Months(3 Months Program+2 Months Paid Internship)
  • Course Fees: AU$737.55 (Includes Exam Fee)


About the Course:

  • You will get 60+ hours of live online training and after that, there will be a paid internship for 2 months.
  • After completing the course you will get a Master Certification from IIM SKILLS & 13 Other Certifications from Google, Facebook (Meta) & HubSpot.
  • You will get lifetime access to the training material, class recordings, and class presentations.
  • There will be 24*7 placement support for the students. 
  • After completion of the course, you are eligible to do a full-time marketing job, freelancing, and can start your marketing agency.


Rank #2. Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane

2. Griffith University:

Griffith provides training on recognizing and understanding the consumer market, behavioral patterns, and communication methods, and devising blueprints to remain ahead of competitors. Moreover, learners here are placed with the skills to think creatively and be future-smart to succeed in their careers. 


  • Course Name: Online Training – Digital Marketing
  • Course Fees: AU$ 548.90


About the Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane: 

  • This course is a five-step approach to your digital efforts with a comprehensive digital marketing framework for a more strategic approach.
  • This course aims to equip you with the knowledge of effectively expanding and tapping into your target audience, establishing genuine connections with them, and ultimately driving more sales or positive behavioral changes via your online platforms.


Rank #3. Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane

3. IIDE – The Digital School

Indian Institute of Digital Education(IIDE) is ranked #1 in Digital Marketing Institute in India. IIDE has earned the reputation of being the most reliable digital marketing institute in Asia. This institute provides exclusive digital marketing training, guided by skilled digital marketers who have mastered the craft.


  • Course Name: Online Digital Marketing Course with Certification
  • Course Duration: 4-5 Months
  • Course Fees: AU$ 1,000


About the Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane: 

  • You will get 100+ Hours of Live classes and 1:1 Mentoring Sessions with Trainers.
  • Each subject is taught by professionals who is an expert working in the relevant industry. 
  • After the completion of each module, you will be provided with the certification. 
  • They are providing 100% placement assistance and Interview preparation with Hiring experts.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Rank #4. Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane

4. Australian Academy of Digital Marketing

The International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC) has acknowledged the excellence of education provided by the Australian Academy of Digital Marketing. They aim to impart exceptional education to everyone and maintain its quality standard.


  • Course Name: Australian Academy of Digital Marketing course


  • Course Duration & Fees:  

   Home Study Courses are as follows: 

  1. Certificate Courses – 3 months- $ 995
  2. Advanced Certificate Course – 6 months- $ 1,545
  3. Postgraduate Certificate – 9 months- $ 2,845

   Classroom-based Courses are as follows:

  1. Certificate Courses – 3 months- $1,895
  2. Advanced Certificate Course – 6 months- $ 3,895
  3. Postgraduate Certificate – 9 months- $ 4,945


About the Course: 

  • These courses are thoroughly crafted to equip learners with fundamental knowledge across significant digital marketing domains.
  • The institution allows students to connect, receive assistance if required, and begin creating professional connections right away. 
  • The best possible knowledge is given by highly skilled tutors to excel in your field.


Rank #5. Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane

5. The Knowledge Academy

As a leading global training course provider, they offer various educational opportunities over many years. Quality is their top priority, and they proudly offer over 30,000 courses across 1000 different locations worldwide, available in 190 countries.


  • Course Name: Digital Marketing Masterclass
  • Course Duration & Fees: To know more about the course duration and fee structure, kindly contact the institute using the details below.



About the Course: 

  • This online training program is designed to be user-friendly and accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time.
  • They offer a standard 90-day course access, which can be extended upon request. Their team of expert trainers is always available to address any queries.
  • Upon completion of the course certificate will be provided to the candidates.


Frequently Asked Questions: Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane


1. Are there any prerequisites to do digital marketing courses in Brisbane?

Ans: There are no prerequisites for enrolling in Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane.


2. Is Digital marketing a good course to study?

Ans: Yes. In the upcoming years, there will be numerous opportunities for creative expression, as well as prospects for advancement and a host of other benefits.


3. What is the Fee for Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane?

Ans: In Brisbane, the cost of digital marketing courses in Brisbane usually falls within the range of USD 200 to USD 7000.


4. Does the field of digital marketing have significant demand in Australia?

Ans: In Australia, there is currently a great demand for candidates in the fields of marketing, communications, and advertising. Employers are planning to increase their headcount in these areas by 37% over the next year, leading to a significant rebound in job opportunities.


The Conclusion: Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane

If you are someone who is looking to develop and refine your knowledge about digital marketing courses in Brisbane, we hope this article will help you with those details.  Wishing you all the best for those who want to pursue Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane. 

Joyful Learning!!

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