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Top 8 Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra With Placements

Digital marketing is the next big thing in the world of marketing. It’s no more a fancy buzzword but a way of life. The online presence is evolving to fuel businesses and has led them to search for digital marketing professionals who can skyrocket their growth with effective marketing strategies. If online marketing calls you, you can sit back, relax, and read on. We’ve compiled a list of the best 8 digital marketing courses in Canberra in this article. Australia offers some of the top digital marketing courses, and the capital city of Canberra hosts the nation’s best globally ranked institutes.


If you’re wondering why Canberra, Australia, was our choice, let us explain the plethora of options available for a digital marketer there. More than 4700 digital marketing job opportunities are available in Australia, according to, the top-performing job portal in the country.

According to the Australian government’s 2021 audit report, there would be an increase in marketing positions of 11.4% during the following five years. It highlights the mismatch between the demand for and supply of qualified digital marketing experts in Australia.

This is a fantastic chance for enthusiastic marketers to gain new skills and stake their position in Australia’s competitive digital marketing environment. To help you take your decision with ease, we’ve compiled a list of the top digital marketing courses in Canberra.

Marketing initiatives that are distributed through electronic devices like computers, smartphones, and other display devices are referred to as “digital marketing.” Various formats, including emails, videos, display advertisements, sponsored social ads, and more, can be used for the campaigns.

Digital marketing entails studying the behavior and interaction of customers on online platforms. This study helps you scale your marketing efforts on the right online platforms and increase your customers and sales. You can learn it all in the digital marketing courses in Canberra.


ROI of Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra

The placement opportunities and lucrative jobs that the course offers are the intended return on investment for every program. After completing the courses, you can opt for the following career paths:


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The field of digital marketing has witnessed a significant uptick in search engine optimization. Ranking content on search engines has grown crucial since more businesses have moved online. An organic technique to increase website traffic and produce long-lasting results is to rank the content higher on search engines.

SEO professionals receive enormous payment for the expertise they have to offer. Therefore, learning SEO through digital marketing courses in Canberra will position you as a highly competent expert.


Social Media Marketing

While social media may be a place for some people to have fun, it’s the most convenient way to make money for many others. Businesses use social media marketing methods to convert their leads into sales. Social media managers utilize the power of promotional posts to build trust and create awareness.



Pay-Per-Click is a digital marketing type requiring the marketer to pay only if their ad is clicked on. Whenever a visitor clicks on the advertisement, the advertiser (marketer) is required to pay a charge. It is used to buy clicks for your website.


Video Marketing

Visuals speak louder than words. At least for the crowd who is more amenable to videos. Video Marketing uses video instead of text to market your business and product and reach more audiences.  Video nourishes bonds between the product and consumers. Videos are a better medium for businesses to connect with customers’ emotions than text, mainly when actual people are featured in the videos.


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization are frequently used interchangeably. But the fundamentals of these two methods are different. In contrast to SEM, which uses paid advertisements for the same purpose, SEO increases website traffic through organic means.

When using SEM, the company is charged a certain amount for each click and impression. SEM produces immediate results in exchange for the money spent. However, SEO may take two to six months to show results. Although profitable and quick, the results don’t generate traffic that grows over time.

Even so, there is a great demand for a digital marketing specialist who can use both digital marketing techniques to provide quick and enduring results.


Content Marketing

A purposeful strategy to develop, market, and share material that draws in, engages, and keeps audiences is known as content marketing. By analyzing the interests and awareness of the target audience, content marketers design marketing strategies to deliver relevant content like articles, podcasts, e-books, videos, and adverts to satisfy the desires and demands of the audience.

When it comes time for customers to make a purchasing choice, content marketing helps establish authority, raise brand awareness, and engage the audience at several touchpoints.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the practice of using emails to promote your business’ products and services. It might help to tell your customers about your most recent items or offers if you use them in your marketing automation operations. As part of your marketing plan, several marketing emails can be crucial for lead generation, brand awareness, relationship building, and customer involvement between transactions.


Content Strategy

A content strategy is a necessary component of any marketing campaign. A content strategy is a plan for using materials – such as videos, blogs, e-books, webinars, and more—to attract customers and generate leads for a company. An effective content strategy enables the company to demonstrate its expertise in the field and position itself as the authority.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing involves advertising other people’s products in exchange for a modest commission on each transaction. The content produced for affiliate marketing is presented as sponsored content, including posts and links.


Average Income Earned by a Certified Digital Marketing Specialist

In Australia, a digital marketer gets an average annual pay of USD 85,000. As you gain expertise, your income will rise to USD 105,000 from a starting wage of USD 75,000 for beginners. These figures are approximations, and the pay may change.


How to Project Yourself as a Digital Marketing Specialist

Before we enlist the best digital marketing courses in Canberra, let’s dive deep into the process that helps you launch yourself as a digital marketer.


Build a skill

You need to arm yourself with technical abilities, such as an understanding of social media, online advertising tools, SEO tools, and more, to be qualified as an expert digital marketer.


Build a social media presence

It is evident that you need to have a great social media presence as a digital marketing specialist whose career involves using the advantages of social media. A robust social media presence verifies your abilities and platform knowledge and elevates you in the eyes of your potential customers.


Take a certification course

Certification courses offer an overview of the sector, direction on the best course of action, and internships with practical experience in the real world. The digital marketing courses in Canberra will equip you with a value-adding certificate and job opportunities.


Follow big names in the industry

Big creators and industry influencers frequently have a wealth of resources, experiences, and information to contribute. Engaging with their work and online posts can accelerate your learning like no other medium.



Continuing from the previous point, networking with others in the industry who share your interests should be one of your key priorities. The networking route advances your business and industry expertise while presenting you as a valuable member of the community.


Gain experience

Experience provides knowledge that cannot be replaced. Working with businesses deepens and broadens understanding of the topics. It aids in building your reputation as a competent professional.


Top 8 Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra

After the pandemic, most institutes have started to offer courses online as well as offline. If you don’t stay in Australia and are worrying if these courses are for you, you can now opt for the online mode. Here’s a list of the top online digital marketing courses in Canberra which also offer job opportunities and guidance during job hunting.



By providing a broad palette of quality courses on content writing, SEO, business accounting, and more, IIM SKILLS has bagged the number one rank among the providers of digital marketing courses in Canberra. The institute is one of the top providers of highly-ranked courses in India and worldwide. The Digital Marketing Master Course is among many courses provided by IIM SKILLS.


Digital Marketing Course Highlights:

  • 3 months-long course
  • 2 months paid internship
  • Industry experts as the faculty
  • Lifetime access to the latest lessons
  • Guaranteed Internship
  • Certification recognized globally
  • Personal mentoring
  • 24×7 job support
  • Aligned certifications with Google, Meta, HubSpot, and MSME.


Students of IIM SKILLS are placed in big companies like Zomato, Swiggy, Accenture, Amazon, Zoho, Infosys, Emirates, and more. You can attend a free demo class before enrolling for the course.

The course fee is 520.06 Australian Dollars.


Contact Details:

Phone: +919580740740

Email ID: [email protected]


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


2. Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE)

IIDE offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Canberra. Having spread their network across the world, they have trained 2,35,000 students worldwide, including in the USA, India, Australia, and Canada. What makes IIDE the most sought-after course in digital marketing is that they have received the “Best Digital Marketing Institute” award from the World Education Congress and the Indian Education Congress.

Holistic teaching is conducted in a total of three terms. At the end of each term, the learners are asked to work on a live project. This approach allows them to put the concepts into practice. The modules are taught by industry experts having experience in the field. Learners learn the core subjects from these experts and also take away valuable insights about the corporate world.


Course Highlights:

  • Blended learning model with video lectures, live classes, and one-on-one mentoring.
  • Three-teacher methods to teach each subject.
  • 13 certificates – one after the completion of each module and one after the final submission.
  • 7 assignments, one project after each term, and a final project.
  • Trained to appear for Google’s certification.
  • Job assistance.


The students of IIDE are placed in prestigious companies like Amazon, Philips, Make My Trip, Van Heysen, Lenskart, and more. The course duration is 4-5 months, divided into approximately 12 hours every week. The course fee is 1,360 USD. Before enrolling in the course, you can attend a free masterclass with Karan Shah, the founder, and CEO of IIDE.


Contact Details:

Phone: +91 96199 58615

Email ID: [email protected]


Also Check:


3. Monash University

Monash University is one of Australia’s leading universities and is ranked among the top 100 universities globally. The university offers “The Master of Marketing and Digital Communications” program, which aids in developing digital marketing skills and other related skill sets along with exposure to real-world cases.

The course is conducted entirely online with a duration of 1-2 years. It requires the students to dedicate approximately 20-24 hours per week. The university also offers a Master’s course in Digital Marketing with a duration of 18 weeks.


The Course Syllabus Includes:

  • Global communications principles
  • Digital-era strategic communication
  • Communications using data analytics
  • Crisis communications
  • Digital marketing principles
  • Digital marketing principles
  • Social media marketing
  • Integrated communications in marketing
  • Expertise in advanced digital marketing


Course Highlights:

  • Completely online
  • Job assistance

To know more about the course and the fee structure, kindly contact the university at the contact number given below:


Contact Details:

Phone:  1300 272 509


4. Australian Academy of Digital Marketing

Offering courses to hone digital marketing skills, the Australian Academy of Digital Marketing is one of Australia’s leading digital marketing course provider institutes. Their courses are curated to help learners build the basics of all areas of digital marketing. The Academy has earned accreditation from The Continuing Professional Development Standards Office. The course offers practical assignments based on the industry.


The course covers the following syllabus:

  • Evolution of Digital Marketing
  • Inbound & Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Marketing Channels
  • Website Design & User Experience (UX)
  • Analytics and Performance Management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Digital Strategy and Practice


The Academy offers three courses:

  • The certification course is 3 months long. Its fee varies from 895 USD to 1,795 USD based on the home study and classroom-based model.
  • For 6 months, the Advanced certification charges a fee of 1,545 USD and 3,895 USD for the home study and classroom-based models, respectively.
  • The Postgraduate certification for 9 months charges 2,845 USD and 4,945 USD for the home study and classroom-based models, respectively.


With the three course categories, Australian Academy provides a unique offer among all digital marketing courses in Canberra.


Course Highlights:

  • Home study and classroom-based models
  • Opportunity for students to meet, interact, and network right after the program starts.
  • Three plans for three different course duration.


Contact Details

Phone: 0386583955

Email ID: [email protected]


5. The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy provides an online Digital Marketing Masterclass which covers 9 modules. The modules cover the topics – Digital marketing, planning, strategy, and testing, customer experience and usability, mobile and email marketing, content strategy, SEO, and SEM.


Course Highlights:

  • Masterclasses for SEO, Social media, Google Analytics, and Google Ads are included in the course.
  • Covers important topics of Digital marketing like Permission marketing, Multi-channel marketing, Sitemaps, and wireframes, and How to drive customer acquisition and acquire emails.
  • Includes packages including notes, exercises, and manuals.


The course fee is 24,995 INR.


Contact Details:

Phone: +91 8037244591

Email ID: [email protected]


6. Simplilearn

The Digital Marketing Specialist course by Simplilearn is ranked the number 1 digital marketing course by Search Engine Journal. The course develops learners’ skills in digital marketing, like social media management, pay-per-click, SEO, digital analytics, mobile, and email marketing, content marketing, and conversion optimization.


Course Highlights:

  • More than 45 projects and case studies are taught.
  • Expert sessions from the team of Facebook.
  • Job assistance and access to the job portal.


The course fee is INR 64,200, which can be paid in installments at no-cost EMI starting at INR 5350 per month. After enrolling for the course, the learner gets access for 12 months. You can download the course syllabus on Simplilearn’s website.



7. Coursera

With over 5000 courses, certifications, and degrees from global universities and companies, Courses is one of the pioneers in offering the best digital marketing courses in Canberra. Coursera offers the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate.


Course Highlights:

  • 6 months of self-paced learning.
  • Beginner level
  • Building job-ready skills.
  • Fundamentals of digital marketing and e-commerce taught
  • Working on hands-on projects
  • Career credential certificate
  • 7 courses under one umbrella
  • Course offered by Google and taught by Google Career Certificates


The course fee is 243 USD. You can access the course with a subscription of 39 USD per month for 6 months. You can get more details on the course website.


8. Udacity

Among the many courses provided by Udacity, the Digital Marketing course is one. The course comes with compulsory and elective modules. The course teaches marketing fundamentals, using data for marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, Digital advertising, and email marketing.


Course Highlights:

  • Technical mentor support
  • Real-world projects
  • Career Guidance
  • Self-paced learning
  • 3 months-long course.
  • Course content co-created with Facebook.


The course fee is 58,257 INR for 3-month-long access and 22,849 INR for monthly access.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Is Canberra good for studying digital marketing?

There are not enough local digital marketers in Australia. Australia has experienced a boom in the worldwide digital marketing sector. The number of jobs in digital marketing is expected to rise by 11.4% in Australia over the next five years. Therefore, now is a prime time for talented individuals from overseas to enroll in digital marketing courses in Canberra.


Q2. How much can I get paid as a digital marketer in Australia?

An average digital marketer in Australia earns USD 85,000 a year. A beginner’s pay usually starts at 75,000 USD. An experienced specialist’s annual salary can go up to 105,000 USD.


Q3. Do I need any prior qualifications before enrolling for a digital marketing course?

Anyone enrolling for digital marketing courses in Canberra needs to have completed graduation. As digital marketing doesn’t restrict the fields of education one pursues, a graduate from any field or working professional can enroll in the course. A graduate from any discipline or a working professional can enroll in the course because digital marketing has no restrictions on the types of education one can pursue. Anybody can begin a career in digital marketing, whether they are an IT professional, a person with a history in business, or a student. All that is required is a basic understanding of technology and familiarity with social networking networks.


Q4. Do I need to learn coding to become a digital marketer?

A digital marketer doesn’t need to learn to code. But being equipped with coding can come as a bonus.


Q5. What challenges do a digital marketer face?

  1. Finding quality leads is one of the greatest difficulties a digital marketer faces, particularly for a small firm. Quality leads are not one-time customers that never return. To qualify as quality leads, the leads must become regular clients.
  2. Keeping up with the constantly evolving marketing trends is another major issue for a digital marketer. Social media is the lifeline of digital marketing, and these platforms are constantly changing and gaining new capabilities. To name a few, privacy laws and technical advancements. To make the most of these platforms without defying any standards, a digital marketer must stay current on these changes.
  3. Despite widespread usage, omnichannel and multichannel marketing are not the same thing. The term “omnichannel marketing” is a marketing strategy in which a brand’s message is spread across a variety of channels using the same branding, messaging, and images. When messages need to reach many audiences through several means, multichannel marketing is used. The effectiveness of a particular campaign usually determines whether to use one or the other.


Concluding Thoughts

With more businesses adopting the online mode of promotions to implement marketing strategies and position themselves as an expert in the digital market, the demand for digital marketers in Australia has increased tremendously. Looking at the lack of digital marketing specialists in Australia, pursuers of digital marketing have a huge market to capture in the country.

If you are one amongst them and are looking for the best digital marketing courses in Canberra, we hope you now have clarity after reading this blog. You can now make an informed decision to build a scaling career in the digital marketing sector.

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