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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Germany With Placements

In the internet-driven world, digital marketing continues to prosper and secure its place as a lucrative field. Digital Marketing as the name suggests is the marketing tactics used to promote a firm, product, or service to future customers through electronic media. Germany offers top-notch education with a primary focus on training aspects in addition to theoretical knowledge. Today, students are trying to pursue digital marketing courses in Germany so that they acquire a globally recognized certification with a high-paying job. Let this article act as a guide to point you in the right direction before you make the final call.


What is Digital Marketing?

The last decade has introduced a new technological revolution, Digital Marketing. In simple words, digital marketing is nothing but endorsing businesses, information, and goods through campaigns led on any or every kind of online media or knowledge-based platforms.

The main purpose is to drive more traffic, high engagement of clientele, generate sales and build a brand name. Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs both benefit from this approach.

The use of smartphones has accelerated online marketing. The behavior patterns and internet consumption of the customers support the marketing strategies of companies to display promotions related to a client’s search. Be it an advert showing up at the timeline or an auto-playing video ad, marketing has become a crucial part of a business to entice audiences.

In this contemporary world, organizations have started to keep a separate budget for endorsements for the reason that it is highly fruitful in the long run as it attracts potential consumers. Moreover, it also assists in brand recognition in the market and amongst its competitors. Strategic marketing is what differentiates a digitally successful marketed brand from a foiled organization.

Digital Marketing is an area that can make anything possible if done right. That is why, the requirement for Digital Marketers has skyrocketed in recent times. The industry needs professionals with brilliant marketing skills to gain an edge over other companies. As a result, digital marketing is a profitable occupation that leads to a secure future.

Thus, it is advantageous to develop a skill set throughout your course study to showcase the right information to the right customers at the right time.


Why Do You Need to Do a Digital Marketing Course?

Digital technology has completely transformed the world. Online as well as offline. The way we interact today has drastically altered, the matter of discussions has changed, the usage of pen and paper has decreased, the curriculum of courses is upgrading and the types of rewarding careers have been remodeled.

Due to the modification of trends and lifestyles, the number of users of digital platforms has crossed billions. The web has become full of data hence, it is the need of the hour to plan, categorize, and customize the data according to the profitable results an establishment desires. The Internet-driven applications that are helpful and engaging such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc. are accessible to all mainly because they are free of charge.

As a result of this, it has become necessary for all businesses whether small or big to have an internet presence. Furthermore, they need to advertise their organization and its beliefs on such platforms to generate customers. Consequently, it is vital for the content of a company to reach the target audience at the right time. Here, digital marketing comes into play.

In layman’s terms, in an era of advertisement, no one can ignore them, especially the ones that are related to a person’s interests and needs. If an ad pops up at a time when the person is looking for the service or goods then there are high chances that you have just reached a future client. This is one example of digital marketing.

The other tools and techniques that the digital marketing courses teach steer to research and disclose patterns & statistics that ultimately lead to decision-making, cost-effectiveness, and overall rewarding results. In addition, to beat a competitor in any field, a Digital Marketer must be proficient enough to implement their skills and knowledge to put forth better ways to market for the firm they are working for so that it ranks on top compared to their competitor.

This is a rapidly growing field. The demand for a Digital Marketer is high and that is why the job title accompanies a great salary package. Therefore, it is a smart choice to select the Digital Marketing Course now before the competition in this area escalates.


Why Do a Digital Marketing Course From Germany?

Pursuing digital marketing courses in Germany is rewarding in a multitude of ways. The main point to ponder upon is that Germany offers high-quality education with a globally recognized certification. This helps learners secure their career prospects for the future. The cost of living for international students is low compared to other countries. In addition to this, the tuition fee is also affordable.

Most of the academic courses in Germany have either no tuition fees or minimal course fees. This is beneficial for the students as they save themselves from the circle of high debts and can choose to study from top universities and top courses without the stress of overall course fees.

The top universities in Germany offer a wide range of certified degree courses hence, there are plenty of options available for students to select academic courses as per their capabilities and interests. These universities have set a record internationally for excellent learner experience with well-qualified academicians. Moreover, the curriculum is constantly upgraded to keep up with the current times.

Foreign students even have opportunities to work while they study. This not only creates a sense of responsibility and independence but also provides a fresher with a working discipline. Students with any kind of working experience get an edge over a student who is inexperienced, especially, while applying for a job.

While moving overseas, an important and the biggest question in mind is the safety of the student. Luckily, Germany is considered one of the safest countries in Europe. Also, the Germans are welcoming and quite friendly which makes a move to Germany an exciting one.


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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Germany


#1 Digital Marketing Courses in Germany are offered by IIM SKILLS.


IIM SKILLS is a virtual learning platform that successfully laid its foundation in 2015 after reaching a million people via its education blog. IIM SKILLS conducts exceptional online training with doubt-clearing sessions, internship, and job assistance. They keep up with the current demand that the industry values.

Therefore, accordingly, they introduce academic courses that fulfill that demand. The target is to bring a well-rounded course with core and special modules with homework assignments on a budget. The instructors at the academy have over a decade of experience. Globally, they have trained around 35,000 candidates. Their Digital Marketing Course was introduced in 2015.

The career counselors at IIM SKILLS assist you in selecting a course according to your skills and interests. The batches are mindfully kept compact to give personal attention to each participant. The academic sessions and group discussions make the learning process engaging. Due to classes and training being conducted online, a student can choose the date and time at his/her convenience.

The Government of India has accredited the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course. It is a 3 months program with 2 months of paid internship. The complete live training is of 5 months. There are more than 15 live projects, 10 case studies, and tools worth 79,000. The entire course encompasses 40 Digital Marketing Modules.

The lifetime access to all the class recordings and training material gets IIM SKILLS a high spot in the education sector. To a potential Digital Marketer, not only is Digital Marketing taught but in addition Marketing Automation and Performance Marketing are also included.


The eminent tools that are covered following the theory or/and along with it are :

  1. WordPress
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

iii. Social Media

  1. Search Engine Marketing
  2. Inbound Marketing
  3. Video Marketing (YouTube)

vii. Analytics


After every online class, the trainers will assign tasks to students which they are required to submit before the next live session. The instructors will assess the homework and provide constructive reviews so that the learners can accomplish mastery through evaluation.


IIM SKILLS pitch in for placement support.


The professional certifications that a student will attain after the completion of the course are :

  1. IIM SKILLS Master Certificate
  2. b) 8 Certifications from Google
  3. C) 3 Digital Marketing Certifications from HubSpot


The course specifications :

  • Certification Name: Master Digital Marketing Course
  • Course Duration : 3 months + 2 months of paid internship
  • Course Fees : €318.86 + GST
  • Contact Number: +91 9580 740 740
  • Email ID: [email protected]


#2 Digital Marketing Courses in Germany are offered by CBS International Business School.

2. CBS International Business School

For almost three decades, the CBS International Business School has successfully taught over 3,000 students with part-time, full-time, and dual basis degree programs, certified in German and English. It is a private learning institution. Focus-Money, the business and finance magazine named CBS International Business School as one of the top business schools with the best education program in Germany.

This recognition adds to making CBS the best provider of digital education in Germany. The professionals at CBS believe that it is not only the prime authority of a university to impart education among the youngsters but also take the responsibility to develop a generation that is encouraged to empower each other and the society as a whole. This is the vision of the school for its disciples.

Digital marketing has become an eminent part of today’s world. From small businesses to big organizations, every company needs marketing strategies to come to the forefront on the web. The virtual marketing course will include digital storytelling along with strategy development, both of which are must-have skills. The other tools that students will get accustomed to are Search Engine Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Website, and Conversion Optimization.

The course additionally includes an internship for each student. The internship period is at least eight weeks and the mode is full-time. In the last semester, students will gain practical experience through writing a master’s thesis within 19 weeks. All these highlighted techniques and training rank CBS International Business School in the top 5 digital marketing courses in Germany.


The course also includes fundamental performance indicators :

  1. Social Media Planning and Monitoring
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Big Data and Cloud Management


The course specifications :

  • Certification Name: Master of Arts Digital Marketing Master Course

Certificate Program in Digital Marketing

  • Course Duration: 2 Years
  • Course Fees: €1255
  • Contact Number: + 49(0)221931809-31
  • Email ID: [email protected]


#3 Digital Marketing Courses in Germany are offered by the Berlin School of Business and Innovation.

3. Berlin School of Business and Innovation

The Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) has partnered with the University of the Creative Arts (UCA) which is an acclaimed institution of creativity in the United Kingdom to bring its students one of the top digital marketing courses in Germany. BSBI focuses on academic brilliance to build the mindset of each student so that they become independent and have the skills to become successful solopreneurs.

This educational institution works on the formula of creating leaders of tomorrow rather than following them. The courses at BSBI are structured to foster the unique talents of the students and to develop innovation and techniques to succeed in the business industry. This means that practical training is a major part of the academic course.

All the courses include classroom discussions, case studies, guest speakers, and visits to businesses for industry exposure. The academic faculty has expertise in their subjects with ample experience. They plan, execute, and customize each learning experience to maintain a high standard of education among the students.

MSc Digital Marketing comprises four terms. The course is offered on campus from Monday to Saturday. The basics of digital marketing are covered in the first three terms.


The course module includes :

  1. Digital Marketing Communications
  2. Consumer Behaviour and Research

iii. Leadership and Project Management

  1. Global and Strategic Marketing Management
  2. Study and Research Methods
  3. German Language Studies


In the fourth term, the students need to select a topic for their dissertation. Furthermore, there are four sessions in a digital series conducted by the instructors of BSBI which include topics related to digital campaigns, photo and video production, and a lot more. BSBI has a Careers Service to provide assistance and support to students after the completion of the course.


The course specifications:

  • Certification Name: MSc. in Digital Marketing
  • Course Duration: 18 months
  • Course Fees: €12,600 for international students and €8,000 for EU students
  • Contact Number: +49 3058 584 0959
  • Email ID: [email protected]


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#4 Digital Marketing Courses in Germany are offered by HMKW University.

4. HMKW University

HMKW University is an innovative and modern educational space created to establish practical assistance through the state-approved university. The private institution also has the seal of approval from FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation). It is accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities. This means the digital marketing program offered by the university meets global academic excellence.

Today, the professional environment demands different skills than before. HMKW University prepares its students to grow and explore various types of communication media in this era of internet-led businesses. The course provided by the university is Master of Arts in Public Relations and Digital Marketing. It is an online course of 24 months. The basic modules include the study of Media Law and Asset Management, Media Psychology, Media Production, and Intercultural Management.

There are specific modules. First,  Methodology subjects such as Modern Market Research, Behaviour Finance, Customer Behaviour, and Decision Making. Second, Public Relations, for example, New Trends and Research in PR, PR Theories and PR Labs, and Strategic and Viral Communication. Third, Digital Marketing subjects, for instance, Classical Marketing Communication, Social Media Marketing, and Online Marketing Communication. Lastly, writing a thesis in the fourth term is a must.


The course specifications :

  • Certification Name: M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing
  • Course Duration: 2 years
  • Course Fees: €8040
  • Contact Number: +49(0)69/50 50 253-93 (Frankfurt – Main)
  • Email ID: [email protected]


#5 Digital Marketing Courses in Germany are offered by GISMA Business School.

5. GISMA Business School

GISMA Business School was established in September 1999. It is a privately owned institution with an urban setting. Gisma is part of an education system that brings together a global network of universities to provide the best quality of education. The Global University Systems (GUS) is the name of the entity making qualifications attainable since 2013.

The German federal state of Brandenburg recognized GISMA Business School as Gisma University of Applied Sciences and permitted the university to award degrees. A variety of professional undergraduate and postgraduate courses are taught by skillful instructors at the university. German Lessons are also taught in the universal language i.e. English which too free of charge.

The classes for MSc. Digital Marketing is conducted on campus. Besides, Gisma has a devoted Career Centre to help and support students during their internship and job placement. Therefore, it is an added advantage for students to do digital marketing courses in Germany from GISMA Business School.

The MSc. Digital Marketing Course is constructed to equip students with the fundamentals of digital marketing along with its specialization. The education institute keeps up with the virtual world of today’s time and recognizes the importance of online marketing thus, the course is structured suitably. The theory of the modules is supported by hands-on experience for learners to dive deep into the practicality of the wor

The course requires handmade notes but the university also provides access to a ton of online facilities. The course will lay the groundwork for students with knowledge of marketing schemes and decision-making based on the data. They will also come across the first principles of the digital business environment. The candidates can expect to learn futuristic skills regularly.

Gisma Digital Marketing Masters Program amalgamates Salesforce Trailhead Course which will lead to career opportunities related to Sales Management and Technology. Moreover, students are given access to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop techniques related to cloud learning. These attributes secure GISMA Business School in the top 5 digital marketing courses in Germany.


The course contents that are widely covered are :

  1. a) Data-driven Decision Making
  2. b) Digital Marketing Technology
  3. c) Digital Consumer Behaviour
  4. d) Business Project
  5. e) Professional Development


The course specifications :

  • Certification Name: Master of Science in Digital Marketing
  • Course Duration: 12 months
  • Course Fees: €16000
  • Contact Number: +49(0) 30 58 58 409-50
  • Email ID: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions: Digital Marketing Courses in Germany


Q1. What will I learn in the Digital Marketing Course?

Ans. The range of curriculum differs according to different universities. Having said that, the modules roughly consist of Digital Marketing Technology, Modern Market Research, Online Marketing Communication, Digital Consumer Behaviour, Social Media Planning and Monitoring, Social Media Management, Inbound Marketing, Photo and Video Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and  Search Engine Marketing.


Q2. Can I get a job in Germany after completing the Digital Marketing Courses in Germany?

Ans. Absolutely! After completion of the digital marketing courses in Germany, there are career prospects for the students. As Germany is considered a hub of job opportunities, digital marketing careers have various positions such as Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Analyst, Web Developer, Web Designer, etc.


Q3. What is the starting pay for Digital Marketing in Germany?

Ans. The average salary of a digital marketing professional starts from approximately €3000 per month. The base salary of a Digital Marketing Manager with experience from 1 to 4 years is around €43,329 annually. The remuneration increases with experience.



The society has modernized so has the global market. It is not just about what is available in the market but more about the multimedia advertising a company does of its services and products. The internet has become a source of information so it is easier to advertise on social networking platforms to gather a following of potential clients and to reach a wider audience through breaking the cultural barriers. Digital Marketing has created a place for itself, especially in the last 5 years. It is interactive and personalized therefore, the consumers feel a connection to the advertising and move forward with the purchase.

The playing field comprises of social media sites, search engines, email marketing, and question-answer-based platforms like Quora. A well-executed strategy can bring a small business to compete with a larger firm. The best institutions for Digital Marketing Courses in Germany have been detailed above with the on-campus or off-campus facilities. The article will help you to select the most suitable educational academy that accommodates your proficiency and budget. Once you complete the course in Digital Marketing, you will have expertise in your stream which will assist you in establishing a secure and successful career.

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