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Top 11 Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland With Placements

Today, digital marketing is the Lifeline. Every business goes online as electronic promotion is a good fortune to businesses. More prominent companies utilize data-driven distribution in a competitive situation for business growth. Ireland is one of the utmost countries in the world in terms of quality of living, serenity, safety, and improvement. It is a growing country in the IT sector. If you are looking for the best digital marketing courses in Ireland, it is the right place because this article will help you find the highly recommended institutes. 


Digital Marketing Course Description: 

The bright pace of internet presentations has created a huge demand for online marketers in this era. Online distributing is one form of electronic exchange done by electronic devices, which is the substance of brands to reach and link with the target audience using the internet and other forms of electronic communication.

This considers email, social media, web-based advertising, and text and transmission messages as selling channels. If we look at history we came to know that, retailing is an ancient process of trading. Research shows that around 1500 BCE this concept arrived in Mesopotamian societies.

At that time businessmen would stamp their production and then sell it, now it is known as the logo of the company. Trading started to take means and business relations for the most fantastic. In history retailing was influenced by religion and they were using a traditional exchange. 

But not today, we are in the web of the technical world. Now merchandising is done by electronic devices. Computerized exchange is done everywhere. Data-driven retailing is the backbone of the company. With the help of the internet, producers can understand customers’ minds and become aware of customers’ needs, requirements, and new trends. 

This information becomes helpful for businesses.  Internet promotion makes it easy for businesses. It supports businesses to reach a big audience quickly and cheaply, which is why it’s so essential for you to learn how to utilize online dealing for your enterprises or get a high-paying occupation. It encompasses several components; 

  • SEO( Search Engine Optimization)
  • Email Marketing 
  • PPC (pay-per-click) 
  • Content marketing, 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Mobile Marketing 


SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is merchandising tool that is used to check business rank on the website. The SEO experts help to sort targeted audiences and support promoting their products. His job is to continue to refine the web pages of business enterprises. If you desire to acquire the tactics used in search engine optimization, then an SEO training course might help you to attain your goal.  


Email Marketing:

One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways of online selling is email marketing. It has to be carried out to retain customers. It makes used to bring awareness and give constant upgrades about products. An email has always provided new releases products and services to their customers but if the emails are irrelevant then there are chances of customers unsubscribing. Customized and captivating email designs attract more users and help grow business. 


PPC (Pay per click)

PPC ( Pay Per Click) is a promoting technique where people pay to make their advertisements rank on the first page of the search result. It is purely founded on organic search results. The announcer offers keywords based on their search volumes and pays the amount to the internet promoter to receive their site ranked. 


Content Marketing

Any information operated by media like the internet, radio, books, magazines, video, etc., Content creators make essays and relevant tent to give competition with other websites. Content always creates an attractive article using the right keywords. It’s essential in online selling. 


Social media marketing 

Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are some of the common social media platforms. Today everyone is available on these social media. It is a big platform to make over your business brand and market. Social media promotion is convenient for the majority of people.


Mobile Marketing 

If you want to gain recognization and popularity for your enterprise in the online world then mobile marketing is the perfect strategy. Many companies have a mobile-friendly website that supports people to approach their utilization of their smartphones. With mobile merchandising, you can have a location-based distributing strategy in which you mention point a section of the audience based on their geographical position.  


Benefits of Digital Marketing Course:

With the support of data-driven merchandising, many companies extended their product information and built customer relationships. It can help businesses find out to potential customers more efficiently and effectively than traditional buying methods.

 Electronic retailing is an indispensable tool for businesses to stay competitive in today’s Internet world. It is not only creating social media or posts but it should create curiosity among the customers.

According to Global World Index, every day more than 3.2 billion people are active on social media, every individual spends their time approximately 2 hours and 22 minutes on the internet and 98% of sales representatives achieve their target using social media online retailing has become one of the greatest fields to work in this era.

If you enroll yourself in digital marketing courses in Ireland, you will get the benefit and perfect future in this course.


Scope of Digital Marketing Courses:

The electronic distribution industry has grown rapidly and a million jobs are generated every year in this area. This retailing has huge scope in every field, not only for marketers but also for content creators, SEO analysts, coders, social media, YouTubers, and affiliate promoting everywhere, it is in huge demand. Ireland is one the most varied country in the world, with cultures and languages, changing every 100 kilometers so here electronic buying is flourishing with lots of possibilities. 

Due to the same fact, it becomes necessary to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Occupation and business opportunities are increasing in this field and Ireland will start to apply social media as a key strategy to publicize. 


Salary Options: 

If you are fresher in this field then the average salary is in Ireland 30,000 Euro per year, then after a few years of experience you will get 40,000 Euro, and if when you will become a skilled and experienced person, you can earn above 60,000 Euro per year. 


Career Opportunities:

Online merchandising covers an ample set of skills, including social media, email, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), content writing, video content creation, etc. Hence, there is a superfluity of options when it comes to occupation in internet retailing. Here are a few examples of entry-level positions which you will grab after completing Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland.


SEO Specialist:

An SEO specialist must examine the company website, company weblog, and basically any content that the company puts on the internet. After analyzing it, they must determine how to modify or reconstitute this content to drive as much traffic as possible to this content. 

This can affect making changes to the website code, ensuring that definite specific keywords are features on the website, assure that page loading times on the website are low, etc. 


Social Media Specialist:

A social media specialist is in charge of creating and executing an effective strategy to use on social media platforms to get the company’s message across. This can involve identifying whether various customer sections use different social media platforms and adapting the content for all platforms accordingly.


Job Description of Digital Marketer: 

The aim of data-driven promoting is to create strong and advanced strategies to advance the business trade name, merchandise, and employment. A data-driven promoting prediction of business and use of all retailing tools and techniques for better business presentation. Some techniques are PPC, SEO, social media, display advertising, and email. The data-driven promoting job description will cover the following aspects: 

  • Understand new trends.
  • Distributed marketing investment 
  • Planning and  promoting 
  • Maintain an organization’s website 
  • Analyze the performance metrics
  • Present  internal reports on a regular basis
  • Execute new and creative collaboration among technologies and platforms
  • Device experiments 
  • Conversion tests 


Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland: 

However, there are numberless internet promoting courses but it is hard to select the perfect courses which are fitting your postulate. So here we are trying to make your work easier by addressing these courses in Ireland. We will discuss here the basics of electronic retailing, how it can help businesses, and introduce the best online data-driven course in Ireland. 


Top Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland



IIM SKILLS is one of the top Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland. It is a famous Ed-Tech company, established in the year 2015 and its headquarter is in Delhi, India. Vaibhav Kakar started it, and now this organization has crossed a milepost.


The Course Covers These Topics;

  1. Introduction to D.M. 
  2. Web development at WordPress
  3. Search engine optimization
  4. Email Promoting 
  5. Inbound Marketing 
  6. Social media 
  7. Web Analysts
  8. Affiliate marketing
  9. Video Marketing


Key Highlights

  1. 2 months of guaranteed paid internship
  2. Letter of recommendation certification
  3. Launching your first digital marketing agency
  4. 300 + placement partners.
  5. Get to write your first blog for the Times of India.
  6. 15 + live projects
  7. 10 + case studies
  8. Tools worth 79000


Course Duration: 5 months of live training ( 3 months program + 2 months paid internship)



Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


2. Digital School of Marketing ( DSM)

Next, the Digital School of Marketing (DSM), is very popular among digital marketing courses in Ireland. It is a recognized digital school of marketing. It is the major supplier of authorized online merchandising education in Ireland. DSM provided UK’s CPD certification service to the participant. Their courses are recognized and transportable deliberately.



Digital School of Marketing has many types of online courses that focus on the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. This course is covered the following topics: 

Module 1: Introduction to D.M.

Module 2: Introduction to WordPress

Module 3: SEO and Web Analytics

Module 4: Social Media 

Module 5: Content Marketing and digital copywriting

Module 6: Paid advertising and marketing

Module 7: Advertising on social media platforms

Module 8: Email Promoting 

Module 9: mobile digital promoting 


This course duration is 2 months.


3. Cork Institute of Technology ( Digital Marketing Certificate Course) 

Cork Insititute of Technology is also one of the best institutes for Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland. Institute provides a certificate program in online merchandising gets formulated to include an intensive one-semester part-time program entailing live casework, and seminar lab work.

The course design aims to achieve a robust outcome of the required skills, knowledge, and confidence to be digitally ready post-course competition. The imparting modes involve a potent mix of real-world situations and problems to provoke and innovate solutions in a fast-evolving electronic scenario intellectually.


Course Content:

  • Digital marketing environment
  • Digital advertising and social media
  • Website optimization and analytics
  • Applied digital marketing strategy


Your Gains:

  1. To have excellent command over online merchandising tools, instinctively inclined to
  2. Strategize right in a business context.
  3. To align traditional promoting principles with online retailing activities in online settings. 


4. Irish Times Training ( DDM)  

Irish Times Traning has been instrumental in professional development for 40+ years. A subsidiary of the Irish Times, they engage with a broad spectrum of Irish society to deliver the highest in management, online merchandising, and personal development programs to organizations.


Course Content: 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Creating D.M. Strategy
  • Developing an effective website 
  • Creating a high-impact content marketing strategy 
  •  Email marketing & Lead generation design
  • Google Ads & Search Engine promoting 
  • Social media  
  • Creating online display advertising 
  • Data-driven marketing & website analytics 
  • Creating an integrated digital marketing plan
  • Creating live-action marketing videos


5. Fitzwilliam Institute ( DDM&SM)    

In 1985, Fitzwilliam Institute was established in Dublin, Ireland. It is a well-known institute for Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland where thousands of students completed diplomas in online merchandising and social media with rich academic experience. They cover almost every topic of electronic promotion, each module is based on case studies.

Case studies are an improbably powerful education tool as they allow the learner to easily refer the knowledge to real-world scenarios, which is exactly what you will demand when you begin building your career. Your execution in this course will be assessed based on assignments, projects, and practical exercises.


 The Modules Covered the topics: 

  • Planning and strategy building 
  • Introduction to digital marketing 
  • Digital marketing communications 
  • Targeting and segmentation 
  • Website Analytics 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Google ads 
  • Social media 
  • Content marketing 
  • Video creation 
  • Writing content 
  • Web design principles
  • E-commerce 
  • Online public relations 
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Traditional Marketing


6. Certificate Course in Online Marketing and Digital Strategy by Griffith College 

Griffith college is the biggest college in Ireland which was established in 1974. It is best known for Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland. It stipulates high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as short-term professional online training courses.

This is one of Ireland’s foremost electronic retailing courses, which purposefully teaches all about the basics of electronic retailing, electronic media, and web design. The course duration is 12 weeks and it requires the dedication of one evening per week.


The Modules Cover These Topics:  

  • Digital Strategy and Planning
  • Online Marketing
  • Measuring Digital Campaigns and Engagement
  • Social Media 
  • Analyzing Sales Funnel and
  •  Understanding Key Metrics
  • Web Design and Technologies


 This course is validated by the (ICM) Institute of Commercial Management. 


7. Professional Diploma in digital marketing ( DMI)

DMI (Digital Marketing Institute) is one of the top institutes for Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland. DMI has partnerships with some of the world’s leading companies and universities like the University of Westminster,  SAP, Accenture, Vodafone, and more. It is a 30-hours online course and it is completely self-paced.


The Modules Covered in this Course Are 

  • Introduction to D.M.
  • Social media 
  • Content 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Search (PPC) with Google Ads 
  • YouTube and Display Advertising 
  • Digital Marketing Strategy 
  • Analytics Using Google Analytics


Recommended Reads:


8. Diploma in Digital Marketing and Strategy (DBS) 

DBS (Dublin Business School) provides career-centric learning to professionals across several industry sectors. Their diploma in electronic merchandising and strategy will teach you how to effectively make and bring off successful data-driven dealing campaigns.

At the end of the course, students acquired practical data-driven commerce skills. They are put to use in online retailing agencies, client-facing promoting teams, public relations organizations, e-commerce businesses, etc. This course duration is 12 weeks and will be conducted on the DBS campus. 


The Topics Covers in this Course: 

    • Introduction to D.M.
  • Digital strategy and planning 
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media platforms
  • Email marketing 
  • Online sales optimization
  • Digital media production 
  • Understanding mobile 
  • Executing digital plans 
  • Digital measurement and tracking programs


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


9. Digital Marketing Course (DCU) 

DCU (Dublin City University) is one of the notable flourishing institutes for Digital Marketing Courses in  Ireland. The university is endlessly graded for enhancing its student’s skills and experience and producing the highest employable graduates in the nation.


This Course Covers These Topics: 

  • Fundamentals of D.M.  
  • Content marketing 
  • Display advertising 
  • Social media
  • Digital marketing plans 
  • Search engine management 
  • Viral marketing
  • New marketing technologies 
  • Trends and privacy in digital 


10. CMIT  College of Management and IT:

College of Management and IT (CMIT) is famous with the title of “Best Further Education Provider” in the UK and Ireland. CMIT provides a data-driven promoting course with QQI certification in Dublin. They provide an online course and the duration of this course is 12 weeks. CMIT is also one of the best options to learn Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland.


11. IBAT College Dublin: 

IBAT is a well-known institute in Dublin. The institute provides several courses in various academic domains. The institute runs MBA, Financial trading, and diploma. They provide DMI certification with the course and it is a professional diploma program. The course duration is 10 weeks with 10 plus modules. 


FAQs About Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland


1. What is digital marketing? 

Ans: Digital marketing is one form of retailing done by electronic devices, which is the substance of brands to reach and link with the target audience using the internet and other forms of digital communication. This considers email, social media, web-based advertising, and text and transmission messages as marketing channels. 


2. How much does a digital marketer earn in Ireland? 

Ans: Digital Marketing Professionals in Ireland can make €35,493 to €57,500 per year. Salary may vary based on experience in this field. 


3. Is there job opportunities in Ireland? 

Ans: Ireland is the most progressive country and their unemployment rate is less than 5% so it is easy to find out a job in Ireland. 


4. What are the key responsibilities of a digital marketer? 

Ans: There are several roles and responsibilities of a digital marketer. Some key responsibilities of a digital marketer, are as followed; 

  • SEO and SEM 
  • Content Strategy 
  • Social Networking 
  • e-commerce 


Conclusion About Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland

Today online retailing is a booming field that is only continuing to increase at over the world. It has becomes progressively with technology and the internet. If you are fascinated by carving out an almighty career in electronic marketing, signing up for an extensive digital marketing course is a great way to start. There are many applicable data-driven promoting courses in Ireland and across the globe that will teach about the fundamentals of app store optimization and electronic retailing. So gestural up for this course and make your career as a professional digital marketer.  

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