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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In The UAE With Placements

In this fast-paced and constantly growing society, Digital Marketing which is also known as Online marketing, has become an effective and easy king of marketing to reach a large number audiences. Digital marketing is a stream of marketing that mainly uses digital platforms such as social media, sms, web-based advertising, and multimedia to promote brands and products. There are various types and kinds of digital marketing courses in the UAE available nowadays.


It is a known fact that the Internet has gained a lot of importance and its usage has increased rapidly in the past decade. We are using it for all our daily activities such as shopping, being in touch with our friends or relatives, and conducting meetings and the internet has become a part of our lives.

Hence using the internet to advertise and also to reach content to a larger audience has become easy and effective. Digital Marketing has paved the way to achieve this. UAE  now has become a home to a number of technology companies and businesses which makes Dubai an ideal market for digital marketing entrepreneurs with its rapid growth in businesses. 

Also, Dubai has a very high internet penetration rate which means that there are large potential audiences for online businesses and services. For someone to pursue a career in Digital marketing, there are a few Digital Marketing courses in the UAE that help to achieve this goal.


Importance of Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing has become the most commonly used type of marketing nowadays as it allows vendors to connect effectively with their customers to promote their brand, increase their brand coverage and reach a large audience. Digital media platforms such as emails and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, have a large number of users, and marketing on these platforms is the most cost-effective way for huge companies to market themselves.


  • Better Reach

Nowadays many people are spending most of their time online. They are browsing the internet, shopping online, and being active on various social media platforms. Hence to attract all these audiences one must have an engaging online store with easy navigation which allows the audience to find the right kind of content for them.


  • Increase in Brand awareness for small businesses

Digital Marketing is a great boon to businesses. Large companies use online marketing so that they can expand their business and thrive in this competitive market. Small businesses use digital marketing to grow their product, make them known to various audiences, and mold their product according to their target audience’s liking so they also can become large companies.


  • Cost-effective

Digital marketing is where we use resources online to publicize our product in order to increase its brand value and overall reach. In this whole process, we invest our money only to design and run our ad but there is no need to print these ads and publish them. This saves us a lot of time, resources, and environment too.


  • Increase in sales

One of the main aspects of digital marketing is that by using it one can measure their conversion rate optimization in real time i.e. to increase the percentage of conversions. The data collected can help in understanding various statistics about the product which further helps to increase 


  • Competition monitoring

By using digital marketing supervisors can be able to monitor their potential competitors, their plans, type of strategies they are using and can consider all these aspects and design plans or make designs that might work for the benefit of their own business.


  • Can target ideal audiences

With the help of digital marketing, brands can reach out to the right audience for their business niche. It helps in analyzing the audience’s behavior, and their area of interest which in turn helps the brands to cater according to audience liking. When a brand reaches its rightful audience group, it helps create more traffic which ultimately results in profits for the brand.  


Top 10 Online Digital Marketing Courses in the UAE:

Online has become the most convenient and easy way of learning nowadays through which anyone can learn a new skill in the comfort of their home. Similarly, there are also Digital marketing courses in the UAE available online. Here are the top 10 Digital marketing courses in the UAE which are available online and effectively.



IIM SKILLS is an online learning platform which is based in India and has become one of the top online training-providing platforms across the globe. Since its inception in 2015, this platform has trained more than 35000+ students from over 35+ countries. The course is covered in 2 modules which cover most of the topics and are categorized into two groups.


Digital Marketing Course Modules


              Core Modules

Content writing and blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analysis
      Special ModulesWordPress web development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online reputation management
Content writing and blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing automation
Digital infographic resume preparation


The whole course is of 180 hours which consists of 60 hours of live training and 120 hours of practical assignments through which the students implement the subject learned in the live classes. This course costs around 1695 UAED. With the enrollment in Digital marketing courses in the UAE, IIM SKILLS is providing tools such as keyword planners, Facebook ads, LinkedIn Ads, Ubersuggest, Twitter Ads, etc. Tools are also being given along with this course.

Their alumni are spread over various MNCs in various types of job roles. For those who are unable to attend their live classes online, IIM SKILLS is also providing recorded classes for them to continue their learning journey without any interruptions. They are known for their student-friendly teaching faculty and student-convenient curriculum. They have two types of batches for those who can attend on weekdays and for those who can attend on weekends. 


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


2. Knowledge Hut

Knowledge Hut online teaching center is one of the most popular digital marketing courses in the UAE. Already working people such as Marketing professionals, business owners, or professionals interested in learning marketing can opt for this course. Learning about marketing campaigns, marketing techniques, analyzing audiences, marketing strategy, social media marketing, and brand promotion are the main topics that are covered and explained in detail in this course. 

This course mainly concentrates on teaching how to understand and apply the latest digital marketing tools and techniques, they build a strong understanding of the subject through various case studies and projects, and how to identify and engage the target audience for a campaign from industry veterans. Their whole course is divided into three different modules, each module is dedicated to a different topic, and teaching it in depth is their USP.


  Introduction to Digital Marketing Business strategy and marketing 
Brand strategy 
  Marketing AnalysisIntroduction to marketing analysis 
Excel, statistics, and data visualization 
Metrics, sources, and statistics 
Segmentation, targeting, and tracking
Testing and experimentation 
Budgeting and planning 
Presenting and storytelling
Mid-course lab
Acquiring and engaging usersUX fundamentals & trends
Developing a content strategy 
Activation and Retention 
Email marketing 
Search Marketing 
Social media marketing 
Influencer Marketing 
Facebook Advertising 
Twitter, Linkedin & Display Advertising 
Final presentation 


3. Time Training Center

Time Training Center is a fascinating institute to learn Digital Marketing courses in the UAE with the basics of effective online marketing. One who joins this course will be provided with all the knowledge about how to use digital marketing tools, and how to attract an audience with the content being created. They offer two types of training options to choose from. Each type of training has its own silent features. 


Training options Features
  Classroom training Instructor-led classes
Case study presentation
Lecture-based presentation 
Video and audio inserts
Simulated exams and exam practice 
    Customized corporate training Customized learning (digital / instructor-led)
Flexible pricing options 
Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
Learners’ assistance and after support


This course in Time Training Center is developed by experienced professionals and certified specialists along with learning materials and equipment which are up to date with international standards. 


4. Simplilearn

This digital marketing course will give a thorough and sophisticated knowledge and expertise of the eight most significant sub-domains of digital marketing such as search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile and email marketing.

Each subdomain is created as a different module and is taught by experts from industry professionals and gives hands-on experience with the help of internships and industry visits.

This course is a unique program with one of its kind cutting edge curriculum designed in guidance with industry and academia to develop job-ready skills which makes it one of the top 10 digital marketing courses in the UAE. By the end of this course, one can gain knowledge through key topics such as content marketing, Paid marketing, and social management. 

You can learn to establish your own brand and distinguish it from the competition in the market. The duration of this course is 12 months and you can get access to digital marketing programs and get a grasp of industrial tools by working on real-world projects there are also guest lectures from the Facebook team.


5. Delphi Training Centre

This is the perfect training center for any candidate who wants to develop a career in Digital marketing and wants to learn the course from scratch. This course starts with a basic introduction to channels of digital marketing and then moves to advanced traffic generation tools, lead generation campaigns, and much more.

Get detailed and in-depth knowledge of the most advanced conversion optimization, email marketing, video marketing, and mobile marketing techniques through this course  The course is divided into 12 different modules with 30+ hours of recorded classes with 365 days of access to an e-learning portal and a 24*7  online support is always available.


Digital Marketing Courses in the UAE Modules

Module 1Introduction to Digital Marketing 
Module 2WordPress website designing and planning
Module 3Mastering SEO
Module 4Email marketing 
Module 5 Affiliate Marketing & Influencer Marketing 
Module 6Mobile Marketing 
Module 7Video Marketing 
Module 8Mastering social media & Marketing 
Module 9 Search engine marketing 
Module 10Content marketing 
Module 11Online reputation marketing 
Module 12Google Analytics/ web analytics 


6. Centre for Executive Development

This course teaches about Digital Marketing and its importance in the industry at present and you will gain knowledge about digital channels such as Social Media, PPC, SEO, Display, and Email, and how to use them effectively and create an impactful strategy. The main outcome of this course is to teach how to create a website. 

And to give you hands-on experience with digital analytics and explore the future of digital. There are 9 different modules that are conducted through a span of 10 weeks in which the course content is taught effectively.


Digital Marketing Courses in the UAE Modules

Module 1Digital Description and Future
Module 2Social media marketing
Module 3Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Module 4Search engine marketing (SEM), 

Display marketing & paid social 

Module 5Web & Mobile design and development fundamentals
Module 6Email marketing, CRM & Loyalty
Module 7E-commerce and online shopping
Module 8Analytics Reporting, defining KPIs, and measuring performance
Module 9Project feedback and discussion


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7. Atton Institute of Sales and Marketing

Atton Institute is one of the top institutes offering digital marketing courses in the UAE along with an internship program where you will be able to:


  • Understand the entire landscape of digital marketing
  • Defining and attracting digital marketing audience
  • Basics of social media marketing
  • Utilizing advanced tools to reach the audience for effective digital marketing
  • Assessing business reputation, products, and services
  • Understanding how to develop a digital marketing strategy


The course content is divided into 9 different modules

Module 1Digital marketing landscape
Module 2Search engine optimization (SEO)
Module 3Content marketing
Module 4Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Module 5Online advertising
Module 6Email marketing
Module 7Lead marketing
Module 8Brand management and Business Reputation Management
Module 9Analytics 


Each module is taught in-depth with practical examples and real-life scenarios. After the completion of the course, there will be an internship through which you get to test the theories learned in the class and learn through hands-on experience under the supervision of experienced professionals.


8. Morgan International

Morgan is a renowned institute worldwide and it offers a variety of courses. Digital Marketing is one of those courses offered by them. They offer an interactive and comprehensive study experience combining powerful practice tools along with expert instructions from various locations.

They offer a 6 months program after which also the student can have access to the materials and resources provided. At the end of the course, an exam is conducted through which the performance is tested and a certificate is given accordingly.

This course is divided into 5 modules in which each topic surrounding that module is covered thoroughly and they often conduct workshops by which a candidate can be up to date with the growing technology.


Digital Marketing Courses in the UAE Modules

Module 1Data and analytics fundamentals
Module 2Data collection and data privacy
Module 3Data security and compliance
Module 4Data and marketing
Module 5Visualizing and presenting data



9. IIDE – The Digital School

IIDE is one of the leading Digital marketing courses in the UAE and the platform is one of the world’s leading teaching platforms. Since its inception in 2016, IIDE has trained more than 2 lakh learners globally in various courses and Digital Marketing is leading the race with at least half of them being trained in it. 

IIDE has earned many awards from well-recognized institutions for the “Best Digital Marketing Institute” course. Apart from a student-centric curriculum and excellent placement record, IIDE stands out for its unique teaching approach.

They use a kind of blended training method to make sure that each student learns the right skills with the required application methods. A unique 3 teacher method is adopted by them to personalize the learning process according to the caliber of the student.


3-Step method via 4-step methodology:

Step 1: Start with video lectures

Step 2: Attend live online sessions

Step 3: Book a mentor

Step 4: In-class presentations


This unique method begins with a series of online video courses, followed by weekly live training sessions, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, and in-class presentations. They refer to this learning method as a hybrid learning method. Their course syllabus is divided into 3 different modules.



                       Module  1

Search Engine Optimisation
Key performance marketing
Search engine marketing
Campaign marketing
Presentation marketing
Live project: Search Marketing


                       Module 2Content strategy
Social Media Marketing Organic
Influencer Marketing
Resume Making
Interview skills
Live Project: Social Media Content Strategy


                       Module 3Social Media Marketing (Paid )
Social Analytics
Google Analytics
Live project: Social Media Advertising
Final project


Digital Marketing Courses in the UAE Details:

The learner receives a certificate after completing each module. After completing all modules, there are 7 assignments that need to be submitted and a final project should be submitted. On completion of all the above modules, assignments, and projects a course completion certificate in Advanced Digital Marketing will be awarded. 

The duration of this course is 4 – 5 months which makes it approximately 12 hours per week. The fee for the course is AED 7000. A scholarship of AED 1700 is available for eligible candidates.


10. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a global Edtech company based in India and the US with a global customer base. It is one of the most trusted online learning portals for Digital Marketing courses in the UAE. This course duration is 12 months and also provides virtual training sessions for learners to apply the skills they have learned. 

Henry Harvin is a large firm that has many ties with over 200+ different firms. So, for the internship program, the students get a chance to do an internship in any one of these firms. The tutors who train the students are all candidates who have real-time working experience and are well-trained. 


Henry Harvin’s program is a unique 9 – in – 1 program which provides

  • Training 
  • Projects 
  • Internship
  • Certification
  • Placement
  • E-Learning
  • Master class
  • Hackathons
  • Membership


This unique program helps students to have hands-on experience in each aspect which in turn develops the overall skill set and knowledge about the subject. Their course curriculum is further divided into 24 different modules which provide detailed information about each concept.


Module 1Initialization of Digital Marketing
Module 2Facebook Marketing
Module  3Google AdSense
Module 4Bing Webmaster
Module 5Email Marketing
Module 6Earn as freelancer
Module 7Search Marketing
Module 8Lead  generation for business
Module 9Pinterest Marketing
Module 10Website planning
Module 11Brand communication
Module 12Search engine optimization
Module  13Online Reputation Management
Module  14E-Commerce Marketing
Module 15Instagram Marketing
Module 16Advanced Excel
Module 17Website creation
Module 18Marketing communication
Module 19Marketing Analytics
Module 20Twitter Marketing
Module 21Google Webmaster
Module 22Digital content writing
Module 23Creative Designing
Module 24Affiliate Marketing
Module 25Linkedin Marketing


This curriculum is designed such that each module can be learned in detail and gain hands-on experience. To get a certificate from Henry Harvin initially one must register for the course and then attend online classes on Digital Marketing to earn credit points and become eligible for certification. Complete and submit the projects and tasks on time to get a certificate from Henry Harvin.


FAQs: Digital Marketing Courses in the UAE


1. Can anyone become a digital marketer without a degree?

Even without a degree anyone with some skills such as diagonal thinking, creativity and an interest to learn all the other required skills can become a digital marketer by taking some good courses available online.


2. What is the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing? Which type of marketing is better?

The main difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is the medium through which marketers convey their brand. Traditional marketing usually involves traditional channels such as newspaper ads, billboards, magazines, and pamphlets. Digital Marketing is advertising about the brand through digital channels such as by using social media tools, and websites. Until the development of the internet, traditional marketing was the only way of marketing. Now digital marketing has become the new normal of marketing in today’s digital world.


3. Which is better, Data Analytics or Digital Marketing?

Data analytics is a tool that can help analyze and understand the data and identify the patterns from that data. Digital Marketing on the other hand is about using technology and different techniques to market the product and reach the target audience. So, with the help of data analysis one can collect the data and observe different patterns from it, and by using digital marketing we can create different types of marketing strategies with the help of the strategies to reach the right type of audience. 

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