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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Zaria With Placements

Whether it is about the digital transformation or the COVID-19 deadly virus outbreak, we have seen it happen and endured the hardest time altogether. With all the aggravation during the Covid pandemic, people preferred to work remotely and ended up with unlimited internet access and the opportunities it provides. Digital marketing is one of those enablers that has provided a new window of opportunities that people could adopt and easily seek out. There are multiple options available in terms of digital marketing courses in Zaria. A brief overview of the digital marketing course is outlined below.


What is a Digital Marketing-

After the digitalization and the surge in the Covid-19 outbreak, the traditional market has come down substantially and people have entered the online market thereon. It was not very long ago that people were accustomed to traditional commercialization wherein the business of promoting and exchanging goods was fully offline such as printing ads, newspaper ads, billboards, Radio and TV advertisements, etc.

After the conventional ways of marketing radically changed, the digital market became prominent and came into the spotlight. The digital marketplace came to the fore with new and strategic understandings, where individuals could easily advertise their products through online media.

Digital media is essentially a reference to the vast array of online options available to operate and grow the business, examples include email promotions, marketing professionals delivering marketing and advertising messages through electronic devices, and gauging its effect on client trajectory is referred to as digital marketing.


Types of Digital Marketing-


1. Content Marketing-

This is a method that can help people understand the detailed descriptions of the product and services delivered through the creation of articles, bulletins, newsletters, social media posts, blogs, emails, and more. It is a marketing approach used to appeal to, mobilize, retain, and build audience loyalty. It boosts online visibility and produces more leads through above mentioned strategies.


2. Email Marketing

Marketing through emails is about sending emails to advertise, request business deals, promote brands, recent updates, and product descriptions, or canvassing for sales and contributions. It involves the process of transmitting emails to a prospective or current client and could be regarded as email marketing. It enables companies to keep their customers updated and also makes it possible to remind their audience of new offers and ideas.


3. Influencer Marketing-

The title itself signifies that any commercialization or promotion made through the assistance of people who have large no. of followers and are very familiar to the public because the public usually looks up to them is referred to as Influencer Marketing.

With the evolving phase and revolution of the online internet during the covid outbreak, almost every other person took a dump on social media, as it has become an excellent source of revenue and a great entertainment stream for many. It helps people to interact with large no. of audiences and promote their business through social media influencers.


4. Optimizing the fact-finding Engine-

This is one way to get your page on the front row of Google and other search platforms. It enhances the visibility of your website when people seek information, product, and services. Since research is one of the primary ways for people to learn about the required information, a higher ranking within the search engines may result in a rise in traffic to your website while searching for the product and services.


5. Pay per click (PPC) – It simply refers to the sponsored search engine results and paid commercials. It is an online web advertising template used to generate traffic to websites.

in this method, business owners/ advertisers run their product ads and the advertiser pays an agreed amount to the search engine results page’s possessor, whenever the advertisement is clicked by people searching to buy something.


What is a Digital Marketing Course-

With increasing internet requirements and the growth of e-business operations, there is a very strong demand for Digital marketing courses. Digital Marketing courses in Zaria are generally designed to allow people to learn in-depth knowledge about the strategies, techniques, procedures, and rules related to online business and marketing and its real-world implementation.

The educational program includes various forms of Digital marketing and involves tactics to reach clients through a variety of online channels such as social media platforms, emails, etc. It ensures that after the completion, you are proficient enough in the online marketing fields by attaining set goals and reaching the targeted audiences across multiple online channels.

One can find a full-time offline course as well as online short-term certification courses and diploma courses.  Following completion, students obtain DMCA (Digital Marketing Certified Associate) certification. There are several other certificates that candidates may get depending on the academic program and the institute.



If you are interested in taking the Digital Marketing courses in Zaria, you must meet the following criteria-


  1. A minimum of 50% of the marks in 10+2 are required from a recognized board.
  2. Any candidate with a basic knowledge of the internet and computer can pursue the course.
  3. Marketing and sales practitioners, entrepreneurs, and retailers can pursue the course to speed up their businesses and careers.
  4. Candidates with a good understanding of Social media, who are familiar with it, and who participate in social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, etc.
  5. MBA programs in Digital Marketing require graduation in a relevant stream from a recognized board.


Digital Marketing Courses in Zaria Duration and Fee-

The cost of the Digital Marketing Courses in Zaria is determined by the kind of curriculum or course you are choosing. There are various courses available related to Digital media. If someone wishes to learn Digital marketing after the completion of 10+2 can pursue Graduation courses or Diploma level courses. Other than that if someone is willing to gain knowledge simultaneously while working may opt for online courses.


If you are already occupied with the existing work responsibilities, you may also opt for online programs as you see fit. The following are the top online platforms that are offering Digital Marketing courses in Zaria which are readily accessible and with reasonable prices. Courses details are mentioned along with the syllabus, duration, and fee details-



IIM SKILLS is a well-established and reputable organization that offers numerous professional online courses. It aims to offer excellent concepts and a well-designed course of study. People who are keenly interested in learning new concepts can count on IIM SKILLS that provide quality education to all aspirants.

Teachers are highly skilled and accommodating to the students, they do everything possible to assist the student in understanding the concepts, and every effort is made to stimulate candidates to achieve the desired goals. There are several courses available that are designed in such a way that students gain extensive knowledge on the topic. The Digital Marketing Course provided by IIM SKILLS is featured below with all the required information-


Digital Marketing Course Syllabus –

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Web Development at WordPress (Modules-2)
  3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (Modules-4)
  4. Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads) (Modules-4)
  5. Email Marketing (Modules-4)
  6. Inbound Marketing (Modules-3)
  7. Social Media Marketing (Modules-6)
  8. Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy (Modules-1)
  9. Web Analytics (Google Analytics) (Modules-4)
  10. Online Reputation Management (ORM) (Modules-3)
  11. Content Writing & Advanced Blogging (Modules-3)
  12. Media Buying & Planning (Modules-1)
  13. Affiliate Marketing– YouTube (Module-1)
  14. Marketing Automation (Module-1)
  15. Digital Infographics Resume Creation (Module-1)


The aforementioned program is covered by using the tools such as Mail chimp, WordPress, Google Ads, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn Ads, etc. The course takes 5 Months with comprehensive Live Training that consists of 40 Digital Marketing modules mentioned above. This includes two Months paid Internship with Flexible Hours and also offers you a fixed stipend. You need to pay 1,66,487.67 Nigerian Naira
+18% GST to get yourself enrolled in the course.



  • 60+ Hours of Live Online Training
  • 120+ Hours of assignments and industry case studies
  • Master Certification from IIM Skills Government Recognized Institutes
  • Preparation for Google, Facebook & Hubspot Examination
  • Various Internet Marketing Tools available to get real-time hands-on learning
  • Lifetime access to Training Material, Course Recordings, Class Presentation


For further details and queries, you can also visit the website and make the next move.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


2. Chartered Institute of Social Media and Digital Marketing

It is one of the most versatile and renowned ed-tech platforms available in Nigeria. It provides numerous options related to Digital Marketing and MBA Programs. Since the institute is an International Management Certification Company i.e. IMCC, it offers quality education to students all over the world and helps students achieve their goals with fast-paced knowledge and authorized training providers.

There are no defined criteria for entrance into the Institute, for which candidates need not appear for any examination to take admissions online. The detailed online Digital Marketing Courses in Zaria are accessible at the Chartered Institute of Social Media and Digital Marketing

Candidates are given an opportunity to learn Advanced Digital Marketing and communication. Details related to the Digital Marketing Courses in Zaria are mentioned below-



  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing.
  2. Lead Generation and Email Marketing.
  3. Social Media Marketing and Management.
  4. Search Engine Marketing.
  5. Google Display Marketing.
  6. Video Marketing.
  7. Mobile Marketing.
  8. YouTube Management.
  9. Content Marketing.
  10. Sales and Funnel & Customer Behaviour.
  11. Stream of Income.
  12. Search Engine Optimization.
  13. Business Graphics.
  14. 14. Mini-Importation.
  15. Blogging.


The whole course lasts 4 weeks. Candidates must fill in an application form and the shortlisted candidates will be called and will be admitted into the course. Digital Marketing Courses in Zaria in Chartered Institute of Social Media and Digital Marketing do not require any entrance exam.


Fee Structure-

Without Mini- MBA from Newton Hills Business School the total Fee is USD 200

If you are planning to buy this course including Mini- MBA from Newton Hills Business School the total Fee comes out to be USD 250.


Other Inclusions-

  1. Lifetime Support.
  2. Lifetime access to training content.
  3. WhatsApp Group Support 24*7
  4. Digital Marketing Strategy Handbook
  5. Other tools like Google ads, Facebook, Insta, etc.
  6. Direct access to the Tutor.


Also, Check Out 



Indian Institute of Digital Education is a global Ed-tech organization that delivers exceptional and scalable education to students all over the world. It was founded on 13th March 2016 with the purpose of raising awareness about Digital Marketing and promotion of its ideas.

It is one of Asia’s greatest Digital Marketing providers that also offer scholarships to deserving candidates. It offers well-designed professional courses pertaining to Digital Marketing concepts with highly experienced digital marketing experts.

Indian Institute of Digital Education is also associated with the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC), an initiative by the Government of India as the courses are recognized by the NSDC as inculcating the best ideas to the aspirants.


Take a look at the course details provided by IIDE.

Although there are three different programs available for Digital Marketing courses in Zaria by IIDE, we are going to review a comprehensive Certification course which will be done in 04 months.



  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing.
  2. Search Engine Optimisation.
  3. Key Performance Marketing Jargon.
  4. Search Engine Marketing.
  5. Campaign Planning.
  6. Presentation Making,
  7. E-commerce.
  8. Content Strategy.
  9. Copywriting.
  10. Canva.
  11. Social Media Marketing Organic.
  12. ORM
  13. Influencer Marketing.
  14. Resume Making.
  15. Interview Skills.
  16. Social Media Marketing Paid.
  17. Social Analytics.
  18. Google Analytics.


The above-mentioned syllabus is covered by using various tools such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. Amazon Seller Central, Shopify, Google Analytics, Twitter Ads, WordPress Basics, App Annie, Mail Chimp, Hootsuite, and many more.


Other Inclusions-

  1. 100+ Hours of Live Class.
  2. 50+ Hours of Videos.
  3. 1-on-1Mentoring Sessions
  4. 20+ Industry Tools Mastery
  5. In-Class Live Presentations
  6. 7+ Live Projects & Practice Assignments
  7. 100% Placement Assistance
  8. Resume and Interview Training


Students are required to spend INR 98,250/- in order to purchase the course and avail of the benefits and learn the comprehensive course. Two other programs are also available on IIDE for MBA and short-term certification. Candidates may choose the course they wish according to their eligibility and prior educational qualification.


4. Simplilearn

A well-developed online forum offering a wide array of courses that will help refine skills and expand options in the Digital Marketplace. It is one of the largest certifying education platforms in the world. Digital Marketing Courses in Zaria give you the ability to excel in the area of Digital Marketing and implement campaigns for top companies. Refer below to the detailed program for Digital Marketing Specialist Course provided by Simplilearn-



  1. Mastering SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, and Digital Analytics.
  2. Mastering Social Media, Mobile Marketing, and Digital Strategy.
  3. Advanced Web Analytics.
  4. Advanced Search Engine Optimization.
  5. Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification Program.
  6. Advanced Social Media.
  7. Digital Marketing Capstone.


Simplilearn not only facilitates users with a unique set of learning but other extremely useful tools and additional inclusions along with the course. Here are some useful tools that will help you understand the curriculum with the existing information-


  1. Expert sessions and AMAs by Facebook trainers.
  2. Free Facebook Blueprint voucher worth $99.
  3. Industry-aligned capstone project in 5 domains.
  4. Harvard case studies based on Yahoo and Accor data sets.
  5. Aligned to Top Digital Marketing certifications.
  6. Industry- Recommended learning path.
  7. Simplilearn JobAsssist helps you get noticed by Top Hiring Companies.
  8. 45+ Projects and Case Studies.
  9. Live Interactive Learning.


The total expenditure for the course is USD 962. The master course lasts for 1 year and candidates will also be certified when the training is completed.



5. Haptics

Haptics is a training and Technology Solutions Organisation dedicated to the growth and expansion of the digital world. Its purpose is to help students comprehend the depth of knowledge related to Digital Marketing and acquire expertise in this field. An intensive outreach program focuses on shaping and transforming the lives of many people. A well-managed organization run by a number of Digital marketing experts to count on.


The following is a step-by-step overview of the Digital Marketing course-


  1. Introduction to Marketing.
  2. Digital Marketing Strategy.
  3. Content Marketing & Social Media.
  4. Social Media Management.
  5. Web UX for Marketing Acquisition & Conversion.
  6. Search Engine Optimisation.
  7. Media Buying.
  8. Email Marketing.
  9. Data Analytics & Reporting.
  10. Roll-out and Take-to-Market Strategy.


Haptics got everything you seek for Digital Marketing courses in Zaria. The total duration of this course is for about 3 Weeks. Certified Digital Specialist Courses start from USD 543 to USD 608. There are a few other benefits that the Institute provides which are mentioned below-


Other Inclusions-

  1. Opportunity to learn from Seasoned Digital Marketing Experts.
  2. 03 Months Paid Internship.
  3. Practical Training.
  4. Haptics Certification and Google AdWords.
  5. Specialisation Certification Prep.
  6. Interactive and Practical Training.
  7. Lifetime access to our Community.
  8. One can learn Online or In-Person.


FAQs About Digital Marketing Courses in Zaria


1. Which degree is best for a Digital Marketing specialist?

Working as a Digital Marketing Specialist hardly requires a specific degree. There are no set guidelines to learn and become a digital marketer. People may gain basic information related to Digital Marketing after pursuing BBA and MBA in Digital Marketing and further opt for the specialized courses as per the desired job role.


2. Is Digital Marketing easy?

Learning the basics of Digital Marketing is not at all difficult, but putting these skills and learnings in the real world is pretty hard at times. Although Digital Marketing can be practiced by anyone but with the constant evolution of online market trends and their mechanism. It is one of those areas that requires a deep knowledge and skill set to keep up with the customer’s requirements and to be at the top of the list. Organizations need to have maximum reach in the market and client feedback.


3. What is the course of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing courses in Zaria help an individual/company to practice the necessary tools and techniques to promote their product and services through Digital Devices i.e. through Social Media, Emails, Advertisements, etc. The courses are designed to address the profound concepts of various approaches to reach the targeted audience like Search Engine Optimization, Web analytics, and many more learnings.


4. How to learn Digital Marketing?

There are various options available online and offline as well, students may pursue Digital Marketing courses as per their comfort. Many renowned Institutes are providing a well-structured course to offer the best facts and information regarding Digital Marketing. The courses and fees differ as per the level and duration of the curriculum, Students can choose a Diploma, Graduate, or short-term certification courses which are easily available in both modes.


5. What Skills do Digital Marketers need?

Anyone seeking a Digital Marketing job must have marketing skills. Apart from having a great understanding of marketing, candidates should have social media Marketing, SEO, Data analytics, and Good Communication Skills for the best business approach.

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