Top 6 GST Certification Courses in Coimbatore With Placements

The Goods and Services Tax or GST is an indirect tax extracted from Goods and Services across India. It has replaced many indirect taxes such as the excise tax, VAT, service tax, etc. GST was innovated in 2000 to unite the Indian nation under “One Nation One Tax” and it took 17 years to make this law a reality. GST was sanctioned by the Parliament on 29th March 2017 and came into effect on 1st July 2017. The Goods and Services Tax has become important as it manages to bring India under one tax umbrella and leads to international confidence in Indian goods and services. It also made business extremely easy to do within India as enterprises now have a common taxation scheme under which they operate. Coimbatore is one of India’s rapidly expanding industrial areas with increasing job or business opportunities. This article has brought to you the top 6 GST certification courses in Coimbatore.


Why is GST Important?


If you are an aspiring graduate, CA company secretary, financial and tax professional, and an individual who wants career opportunities in these fields then the GST certification course is crucial for you. Being certified in GST will help you upgrade your knowledge and skills regarding the Goods and Services Tax.


It will improve your practical aspects of goods and services tax including registration, accounting, and recording of GST transactions. It will be beneficial for any individual because it will help in raising the salary range by 15% to 25% on average. The course will help in increasing the number of job opportunities for the aspirant.


You can also start your business or do freelancing. The course could be done in online or offline modes and it is provided by both government and private institutions. The following top 6 GST certification courses in Coimbatore will help you in bring great opportunities for you in your career and will enhance your efficiency in the domain.


Top 6 GST Certification Courses in Coimbatore


1.      IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the world’s leading educational services institutes that provides skill developmental courses to students, professionals, and entrepreneurs to help them achieve their career goals. The main aim of IIM skills is to provide world-class education at an affordable price through their online and self-paced learning programs. IIM skills simplify the learning of the skill-based courses. Their Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Coimbatore are the best to get more advanced training in Tally accounting.


They break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand actionable tips for every student to help them understand every concept with clarity. With a small batch size, IIM Skill institute cares for and supports its students throughout their journey and ensures personal attention to every participant.


Their programs are ranked 1 by top educational blogs such as Career360, CourseReport, AdvisorUncle, and CoursDekho. They also provide career counseling to help you decide on the right career path. IIM Skills helps you with resume preparation, and interview preparation and also offers job placement assistance.


IIM Skills institute has various skill development courses like Content Writing, Technical Writing, Digital Marketing, and Advanced SEO course. GST certification courses in Coimbatore are also one of the various courses they provide.


Their GST Course is one of the most intensive courses. The distinctive curriculum meets the industry standards and provides 100% practical training and 24*7 online support making this course India’s best GST certification course in Coimbatore. The curriculum covers all the basics as well as the advanced concepts with practical application of GST.


The focus of their GST Course is on the practical aspects of GST with the overall understanding of the Goods and Services Tax, its inception, compliance, implementation, and enforcement. You will acquire practical knowledge of all processes under GST such as registration, TDS compliance, and filing of returns or refunds.


You will understand the impact of GST on businesses or organizations, especially in the finance industry which will help in recontextualizing and restructuring pricing strategies by GST.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


Salient Features:

Their GST certification courses in Coimbatore at IIM Skills follow a 360-degree approach to all aspects of GST and it is a job-oriented course. The GST Course offers:

  • In-depth pre-recorded online sessions with hands-on training on GST.
  • In sync with the latest developments in the GST domain, the teaching methodology and curriculum are well-researched.
  • The training is given by leading industry experts. To give you an immersive learning experience, they also provide case studies.
  • By the end of the course, you will have in-depth knowledge about the new GST returns, how to perform GST health checks on businesses/organizations, and understand the areas of impact to prepare for contingencies.
  • Through the discussion forum, you will be able to clear all your doubts.
  • Once the GST course is completed, you will receive the certification to validate your skills.


Course Curriculum

  • The Genesis and Concepts of GST and its Impact on Businesses.
  • The Framework and Structure of GST.
  • Criteria and Processes are explained in Registration Under GST.
  • Invoicing Rules and Regulations of GST.
  • GST Return Filing.
  • Composition Scheme Under GST
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism.
  • E-Way Bill Under GST.
  • GST Input Tax Credit and Payment.


Course Name: GST Certification Course

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Course Fees: INR 2900

Contact No.: +(91) 99 11 839503

Email: [email protected]


Other Courses


2.      Genesis Tally Academy


Genesis Tally Academy is also one of the top institutes that provides high-quality computer education with excellence at a cheap price. Its mission is to create a pool of exceptional software professionals who can fulfill the demanding needs of multinational organizations for tomorrow’s challenges.


With various other courses, they also provide GST certification courses in Coimbatore. GST Certification course is designed in a way that the learners can master the concepts of GST and its implementation on Tally.ERP9. Their program is a combination of simple-to-understand concepts, powerful illustrations, real-time business scenarios, and application-based activities.


It offers a detailed perspective on the basics of GST, new indirect taxation structure, registration process under GST, how to maintain books of accounts, how to make business GST ready, and understanding of diverse scenarios of GST implementation.


Salient Features:

  • It provides 100% placement assistance to all its students.
  • They evaluate and enhance the skills with Pre-Employability Test.
  • They help you build video and a visual resume for better placement.
  • The courses are designed by industrial standards.
  • You will be provided with a verifiable digital certificate from Tally once the completion of course.
  • industry expert trainers
  • It is a 45 hours comprehensive program.
  • You will get access to updated e-learning content for 6 months.


Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to GST
  • Getting started with GST of Goods
  • Recording advanced Entries of Goods
  • GST adjustment and return filing
  • Getting started with GST of Services
  • Recording advanced entries of Services
  • Migration to Tally.ERP9 Release 6.0


Contact Details: +(91) 97 86 664231, +(91) 82 20 972921

Address: #266, Gowtham Complex, 2nd Street, 1st Floor, Gandipuram, Coimbatore-641006


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3.        ACTE


ACTE is a live instructor lead training institute that provides various courses including GST certification courses in Coimbatore. Their training is conducted by certified experts on the online platform. It has branches all over India. The program has over 3 live projects with hands-on training. You will get 25+ practical assignments and 24*7 lifetime access to the course materials.


The online training program can be attended from anywhere with the flexibility of time.  You can also customize your training program. The course will help students with a Commerce background understand the basics of GST with its implementation and impact on the taxation system.


Salient Features:

  • They have more than 27+ branches with expert trainers.
  • The program is 100% job-oriented.
  • The faculties are industry experts with years of experience in the domain.
  • You can also attend a free demo class to get knowledge of the program.
  • They have completed more than 500 batches.
  • Once you the completed the course, you will be provided with certification.
  • You will get lifetime access to the student’s portal for study materials, videos, session recordings, and top MNC interview questions.
  • You will get 100% placement assistance from the faculty.


Course Curriculum:

  • Accounting Using Tally
  • Features of GST
  • Banking Matters
  • Why GST
  • GST Components
  • GST-Tax Structure
  • Benefits of GST
  • GST Registration
  • Filing GST Returns
  • How to receive input tax credits for provided GST services
  • Create GST Invoices for a tax that is collected
  • MIS Report


Course Name: GST Training

Course Duration: 4 weeks (40+ hours)

Contact Details: (+91) 91 50 910602/ (+91) 93 80 099996

Address: 1st floor, SVS tower, 17/1A, Sathy Road, Saravanampatty, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – 641035


4.      AXN Infotech


AXN Infotech is again one of the best Tally Prime and Tally ERP Service Providers. They also provide Business Management software solutions to companies. AXN Infotech provides tally products, services, and solutions to growing companies, including installation, training, support, migration, customization, integration, and a complete enterprise solution on TallyPrime.


AXN Infotech is an Authorized tally Education Provider where they conduct courses like Tally Guru, Tally Pro, and Tally Ace Certifications in the state of Tamil Nadu. These Tally Certifications can be used for professionals and students. They also provide GST certification Courses in Coimbatore. They have divided these courses into Basics and Advanced courses.


These programs are designed to give you all the required knowledge of GST and implement it in the business environment. The GST Course Basic gives you the idea of basic knowledge of GST whereas the GST course Advanced has detailed advanced features of the course. After completion of both the courses, you will receive the verified digital Tally certification.


Salient Features:

  • You will get to learn from industry experts who have years of experience in the domain.
  • 45 hours of comprehensive training for the GST Advanced course.
  • 20 hours of learning content for the GST Basics course.
  • You will get access to online content for 6 months for the GST Advanced course.
  • The Basic GST course is designed by Tax Experts.
  • You will get real-time business scenarios to work on.
  • It is an Authorized Tally Institute maintaining the quality of products and services.



Course Curriculum of GST Course Basic:

  • Introduction
  • What is GST?
  • Registration
  • Supply of Goods and Services
  • Place of Supply
  • Time of Supply
  • Value of Supply
  • Invoicing
  • Input Credit Mechanism
  • E-way Bills
  • Returns
  • Payment of Tax
  • Consequences of Non-Compliance
  • Accounts and Other Records
  • Tax Rate Structure
  • Refund of Tax
  • Transition to GST
  • Input Service Distributor
  • Job Work
  • Non-Resident Tax Payer
  • E-Commerce
  • Compliance Rating
  • GST Practitioner
  • GSTN and GSP
  • Audit
  • Demands and Recovery
  • Liability to Pa


Course Curriculum of GST Course Advanced:

  • Introduction to GST
  • Getting Started with GST (Goods)
  • Recording Advanced Entries (Goods)
  • GST Adjustment and Return filing
  • Getting Started with GST (Services)
  • Recording Advanced Entries (Services)
  • Migration to Tally.ERP9 to Release 6.0


Course Name: GST Course Basic and GST Course Advanced

Address: DS Complex 2nd Floor,347, Nehru Street, Ram Nagar, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – 641009


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5.     Master Mind Tally Academy


Master Mind Tally Academy is also one of the top 10 education services providers that offer GST certification courses in Coimbatore which is designed for Tally Training Academy and the Tally certification program. The programs are made to fulfill the needs of the Tally learners.


The curriculum includes working on Tally accounting systems and it covers GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principle) and Double Entry Systems. Their Course is sub-categorized into 3 different courses which are Tally Primes Standard Course, Tally Prime Advanced Level 1, and Tally Prime Advanced Level 2. All three courses consist of GST based state of art syllabus.


The standard course is structured for small and medium scale sectors, the advanced level 1 is structured for small, medium, and large scale sectors, and the advanced level 2 is structured for small, medium, large scale, and corporate sectors. If you complete any one of the courses from MMTA, you will be able to handle Tally in the business place with courage and confidence.


Salient Features:

  • All three courses consist of different topics of GST in their curriculum.
  • The Standard Course consists of GST tax based purchase invoice, Sales invoice comprising of Financial Accounts, Inventory, and GST Taxation, Funds Receivable and Payable, Banking Transactions, Bank Reconciliation, GST based Debit Note and Credit Note, Expenditure and Income, Inventory Analysis, Aging with Payable and Receivable, GST Taxes Cross Utilization between GST Taxes with IGST and GSTIN E-Filing procedure.
  • The Advanced Level 1 course consists of regular business and industrialist entities. The topics included in this course are Forex Management in Import in Forex Currency and Export in Forex Currency as well as Dollar and Euro Currency, Tally BOM (Bill of Materials) Accounting Transactions suitable to manufacturing, assembling, processing industry, TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) Income Tax and Job Work outward with GST with TDS, etc.
  • The Advanced Level 2 course consists of Capital Goods involved in GST, Job Work outward with GST and TDS, TACP (Track Additional Cost of Purchase), GST Transactions with TDS, Credit Card swipe accounting, GST Capital Goods Input with ITC, etc.


Course Curriculum:

  • The standard course consists of a total of 25 modules.
  • The advanced level 1 course consists of the 25 modules from the standard course plus 5 modules which are a total of 30 modules.
  • The advanced level 2 course consists of the modules from standard and advanced level 1 plus 5 other modules which are a total of 35 modules.


Course Fees:

  • The standard course – INR 5000
  • The advanced level 1 – INR 7000
  • The advanced level 2 – INR 9000


Contact Details: (+91) 96 55 579551 / (+91) 97 91 819551

Email: [email protected]

Address: No. 11, Edayar Street, Oppanakara Street Junction, Coimbatore – 641001


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6.      Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a Global Edtech company situated in US and India with a Customer base in 97+ Countries. They are ranked amongst the top 500 Edtech companies globally and the top 100 in India. They have almost 200+ programs for Upskilling and Reskilling. The GST certification courses in Coimbatore are one of the best Courses provided by Henry Harvin.


Their GST Practitioner Course includes trending topics like GSTR3B, GSTR1, and GSTR2A with 100% practical training. The course also gives you free membership for 1 year worth INR4000.


Salient Features:

  • work on live projects
  • The program includes a guaranteed internship
  • They provide weekly job support.
  • You can also brush up your knowledge with session recordings.
  • There is a monthly brush-up session to keep your knowledge updated.
  • It also has a skill enhancement session.
  • The trainers have years of experience in the domain and have worked in Aaj Tak, NDTV, and Hindustan Times.
  • It is a Government of India-recognized institute.
  • You will also receive a completion certificate from the institute.


Course Curriculum:

  • Supply of levy, Place of Supply, Value of Supply, Export and Import, E-way bills.
  • Registration, Input Tax Credit and ITC04, Transitional Provisions, Job Work
  • Account and Records, Invoice, Tax Payments, Time of Supply, Returns, and Refunds.
  • Complimentary Modules: Soft Skill Development and Resume Writing


Course Name: GST Practitioner Course

Course Duration: 32 hours

Course Fees: INR 12500

Contact Details: +(91) 98 91 953953




1. What is meant by GST Certification Courses?

The GST Certification Course is a complete guide to the Goods and Services Tax regulations. It covers all the aspects of GST including registration, returns, and in-depth accounting and recording of GST transactions. These courses help you upgrade your skills and knowledge about GST and will give you a competitive advantage in your career.


2. What are the best online institutes that provide GST certification courses in Coimbatore?

IIM Skills, TaxGuru, ICAI, etc. are among the top institutes that provide online GST certification courses in Coimbatore. They offer a high-quality exhaustive curriculum at a very cheap price. You will get in-depth knowledge of GST with a completion certificate.


3. What is an average salary of a GST practitioner after the completion of the GST certification courses in Coimbatore?

The average salary of a GST practitioner is INR 2.3 LPA for less than 1 year of experienced employees. The salary is dependent on the skill set of the candidate and the years of experience in the domain.


4. What are the benefits of GST practitioners who have done GST certification courses in Coimbatore?

Every opportunity comes with different benefits. A couple of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • You will earn a competitive advantage.
  • It enhances efficiency.
  • Increase your earning potential.
  • The certification also helps in upgrading knowledge and skills.
  • Helps in establishing professional credibility.


5. How do I do free GST certification?

Udemy has free GST certification courses in Coimbatore, an easy-to-understand language for beginners by CA Piyush Gupta. Although in this free version of the GST Course the completion certificate is not provided. You will be able to learn the basics of GST such as its calculation and how to use it in daily life.




The institutes mentioned in this article provide a complete guide on GST and offer both online and offline training. As the market is growing, every industry is in search of GST practitioners with GST certification. it has become essential to get GST certification for GST practitioners to get a job or their careers growth. Investing your time and money in the Goods and Services course is more valuable and beneficial for your career.


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