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Top 5 GST Certification Courses in Jaipur With Placement

Introduced in 2017, the goods and services taxes have summed up almost all the indirect taxes imposed by the Indian government. Till now, More than 160 countries have executed GST in some form, with France being the frontier to implement this in 1954. Other significant names are the  UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Spain, and more. To keep up with the adaptations and to ensure that awareness is increasing with each passing day, the Certification has offered a walk to employment. Individuals who want to earn satisfaction with good earnings can opt for this. The following piece of article will let you know about the chief GST Certification courses in Jaipur.


Classification of GST:


  • State Goods and Services Tax
  • Central Goods and Services Tax
  • Integrated Goods and Services Tax
  • Union Territory and Services Tax


There Are Several Advantages of GST Implementation Mentioned Below:


  • As we all know, the production and allocation of goods and services are rapidly utilized and devoured, it facilitates the taxation services and production of commodities 
  • Small retailers and businesses don’t need to pay any extra taxes or registration fees. Therefore, the taxation burden has come down to the business firms.
  • The taxation process becomes easier as GDP becomes gratis of complexness with all-out digital observance. 
  • Because the older taxation system has been eliminated, the collection has become easier as various taxes came under one standard method in India. 
  • It improves the GDP rate because the system has been improved through the lowering of taxes




  • Graduates or aspirants from any field of study can get admission in GST certification courses in Jaipur.
  • Professionals who want to advance their skills from finance to taxation.
  • For career opportunities after schooling or as extracurricular for a resume, a diploma would be great as it’s the need of the hour


Basic Syllabus Covered Under GST Course


 The Following Fundamental Concepts Under the Goods and Services Tax Course Will Be Covered:

  • Essential Notions of GST 
  • GST Enrollment
  • GST Composition system
  • Returns Filing 
  • Audit 
  • Annual Returns 
  • static surcharge Credit 
  • Refunds of GST
  • Penalties and Legal Proceeding
  • TDS and TCS 
  • E-Way in
  • Cross Border Transactions

Benefits of the Course  


Below Are the Following Benefits of the GST Certification Courses in Jaipur:-

  • Environment-friendly education with industry experts helps them grow as an individual.
  • Unlock the career opportunities with a 25% growth in salary. 
  • Opportunity to begin their consultancy.
  • It helps them to develop multiple skills like financing, taxation, and accounting experts.


Find here the other best courses in Jaipur


Opportunities After GST Certification Courses in Jaipur?


This is to convey to all the alumni and bright candidates that the area has opened the whole universe in terms of skilled portals. Whether it is a full-time job or an enterprise, every small or big organization requires to book up every record. There is a huge demand for Accounts officials, Accounts directors, or even chartered Preparer accountants, with sound knowledge and information.


Therefore, there is an incredible appeal for Certified specialists in this particular domain. Few GST Leading businesses include  EY, Capgemini, Times Group Publications, etc. Have a look at the most alluring jobs in this niche.


1. GST Manager 


Job Description-

  • Legal replies to notices, attending hearings, providing justifications to higher commands
  • Preparation & Coordination for filing of Appeals before Commissioner.
  • Handling litigation like Court and Tribunal affairs
  • Taxation planning for cost reduction
  • Prepare & store Statutory Returns 
  • Finding Credit Eligibility & Tariff position on the latest transactions.
  • Prepare PPTs on Taxation matters and proposals
  • Salary up to 7,74,394 per year.


2. Chartered Accountant


Job Description –

  • Chartered Accountants with 1 to 5  Years of knowledge in basic, Accounting,  Auditing  Income Tax, etc.
  • Salary starts from  6-7 lakh and can reach up to  30 lakhs.


3. Indirect Taxation Executive  


Job Description –

  • Preparation of  Return, according to Industry practices and legal/compliance requirements. 
  • Working for its payment and forging the challan.
  •  Working on ITC and taking credit.
  • Handling department queries                                                                                             
  • Knowledge of Waybills and rates is a must.
  • A short term course [ check out the above list of top GST certification courses in jaipur]
  • Salary up to 5-8 lakhs per annum.


4. Practitioner 


Job Description –

  • Experienced in a post not lower in rank than that of a Group-B gazetted officer, for a period not less than two years, OR 
  • A UG/PG degree or its comparative examination, having a degree in Commerce, Law, Business Administration, or Business Management from any Indian University or a recognized foreign University, OR 4.
  • One has passed any other examination of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
  • Salary up to  4 lakhs onwards. 


5. Accountant 

Job Description –

  • Time management skills are a must, to assure the company meets deadlines. The duties also include managing and maintaining archives of revenues.
  • Past work experience 
  • Knowledge of basic topics like  calculation and bookkeeping
  • Understanding analysis software 
  • Literacy in computer ep
  • analytical skillfulness
  • Strong numeracy aptitude
  • A BSc degree in a relevant subject or diploma in  CMA or CPA is preferred.
  • Salary starts from 2 lakh onwards 


Best 5 GST Certification Courses in Jaipur 


Do you know that there are various GST Certification Courses to pursue compelling employment in the domain? The need for professional administrators in this area of work has developed fundamentally over the most contemporary few years because of the implementation scenario across India.


1. IIM Skills


One of the best institutes recognized by the government of India is IIM Skills which was founded in 2015 by the entrepreneur Vaibhav Kakkar. The institution provides skilled lectures for a highly rewarding career in more than 10 cities. For those who already know about this topic and want to become an expert, IIM Skills is the best choice. It is one of the leading educational institutions to offer GST Certification Courses in Jaipur. More so, it is a top-level educator of Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Jaipur


The students will get 100% job-oriented training with weekly assignments throughout the training to assure quality. The crux of this online GST credential course in Jaipur covers right from the basics of this indirect taxation to higher tiers. Sixteen plus hours of online classes, along with a lifetime membership to access [LMS], the recorded classes, and devoted managers for placement are the best part of the institute.


Industry-oriented cutting-edge syllabus, free Ebooks, software, tools, case studies, and insights into the subject for hands-on experience are also covered. The MSME Government of India acknowledged the Master’s certificate. Their students are working at BMW, IBM, KPMG, Genpact Dell, HTC, and Amazon. 


They have a set of nine modules, which contains the concept and impact of GST, framework, and structure, invoicing, returns filing, composition scheme under GST, Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM), Input Credit, payment, and more. The Duration is one month with the choice of weekday or weekend batches depending on their comfort. You can also take a free weekly-based demo class just to clarify if the program favors you or not. 


Rating– 5/5

 Fees Rs. 9900.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


Other Courses


2. CAClubindia


CAClubindia is an interactive medium for Tax, Accounting, and finance Professionals, Taxpayers, and Students with a fellowship base of more than 3 million. Bimal Jain, who is the mentor of CAClubIndia has 19 years of experience in this field. The course covers 61 hours of video classes and E-Books in the English Language. You will also relieve the E-Certificate after the completion of the course.


Topics like the latest Union Budget 2021 updates and  Content with the latest 45th Council updates will be covered.


The Module Includes:

  • Levy & Supply,
  • Taxable Person & Registration,
  • Threshold limits,
  • Time and Value of SupplyInput Credit Inspection,
  • Search, Seizure, and Arrest
  • Clause by Clause filing of Audit Report,
  • Existing Return and New Return System under & E- Way Bill,
  • Invoice,
  • Introduction of E-Invoicing, 
  • Zero-rated Supply,
  • Place of Supply for Goods or Services,
  • Advance Ruling under,
  • Appeal, Revision,
  • Offense & Penalty


Questions Related to the Following Topics:

Invoice, Introduction of E-Invoicing, Intricacies in Supply, Deemed Supply, Cross Charge vs. ISD, Valuation, etc, Intricacies in Time of Supply and ITC with Q&A, overview & Intricacies of in Place of Supply for Goods and Services with Q&A. And  Budget 2021.



Price–  6599.00/-


3. Technoglobe


This Tally training program by Technoglobe is open to providing training in GST certification courses in Jaipur. They are one of the finest institutions that offer 100% practical and relevant training. Technoglobe is an official partner of MSME, situated in Jaipur. Excellent training and placement assistance for 20+ years, with over 5000 students positioned successfully. They Have collaborated with 50 plus national and international Academies.


They are partnered with the biggest companies like HP and Microsoft that prepare students and help to get global credentials too. Their 20-plus years of background and twelve honors in the domain of teaching by Government and Non-Government associations laud his distinction. 


Under the GST certification courses in Jaipur, the institution offers different modules, the first and second include manual calculation, trading, fund flow, cash flow, oriented with internet technology, MS office, excel, etc. The third and the fourth sections include Tally ERP, taxation, voucher access, advance computation, basics, registration, return of, advance tax, etc.



Fees–  3499/-


4. Tax Professional Academy


If you are looking for promising career opportunities in the GST line, Tax Professional Academy’s GST certification courses in Jaipur are the best option to advance your knowledge. They provide 100% practical training in the latest Accounting & Taxation knowledge. The period of this program is 12 weeks which is 3 months.


You will learn from a Chartered Accountant with 10 plus years of experience with sound knowledge of mathematics for 250+ firms in Jaipur. It guarantees that you get 100% Job Placement. They will teach you about Tally ERP9 which is a Complete Business Accounting Software that is widely used and very prevalent in different enterprises. Over 10,00,000 Companies worldwide employ Tally.ERP9.


Their lessons cover modules i.e, Tally training, compliance with TDS, return filing, and a comprehensive understanding of related law, knowledge of exporting merchandise law, repayment of taxes, enrollment, invoice making, debit note, payment coupon, filing retrievals, claiming an input tax credit, etc.


Keep in mind that during the session, recruiters all around will concentrate on the level of knowledge and certificate. In this manner, it is advised that a decent decision to go to a program online will unquestionably expand your chances of acknowledgment by companies.


They provide Free modifications classes in the future to cover changes. The institute is providing two more programs related to GST certification courses in Jaipur. Other than an advanced skills practice in mathematics, there are taxation and training, professional training, and an advanced telly practice.


Rating– 4.9/5 


5. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a reputed educational institute that offers the new dawn in the market, the GST  certification course in Jaipur. The educational institute was begun by Kunal Gupta at the age of 19 in 2003. It is a global technology company providing both online and offline classes recognized by multiple organizations viz EFL, MSME, UKAF, UKCert PMI, and ISO certified. They also deliver consultancy favors from adults to students. It is acknowledged for its quality and individualism. 


Who Can Opt :

  •       CA aspirants
  •       CA
  •       CS
  •       practitioners
  •       ICWA
  •       professionals


It is a 32-hour schedule. They provide practical training using Excel to prepare returns and include V -lookup.


  • 100% internship in Delhi.
  • Bootcamps,
  • Hackathons,
  • and complimentary one-year membership of finance Academy worth Rs 4000/-



The institute is trusted by Tyres, HDFC, ICICI, Apollo, L&T, Honda, Whirlpool, and Tata which offer their students recognition in the lot, and support them to stay connected with the community with an alumni web of nearly 18,000 + experts in nearly 23 cities.


The module consists of Supply or Levy, Place or Value of Supply, Import, E-Way Bills or Export, Input Credit, Registrations, Transitional Provisions, ITC04, Job Work, Invoice, management Records, Payments, Returns, Time of Supply, and Refunds, Audit & Assessments, Litigation Management, Demand & Recovery, Offenses & Penalties.


Other than this, with seven years of background in the field, Henry Harvin institute held one of the top positions in online educational academies. copywriting, digital marketing, content writing, industry analytics, SAP writing, TEFL, lean six sigma, and many more benefits are open. In upsurge, it is the leading practicum in India.


Rating –  4.6/5 

Fees–  Rs 12500/-


Frequently Asked Questions 


Q1. What is the maximum duration of the training?

Maximum a period of a two-month program, delivered by industry experts like CAs and tax experts. This will help you to convert your interest into an expert. 


Q2. What is the highest salary profession in this field?

It is emerging as the jack of all among the other jobs. The demand and need for it make it the uppermost thing in any business or work. The salary varies for each position with no lesser difference but  Practitioner and CA  are one of the highest-paying job positions in this field.


Q3. What are the top skills of an accountant?

The ultimate skills that these position  needs are telly, numbers handling, auditing, tally ERP, etc


Q4. Is GST occupations a good career option?                                                                                           

From its initial articulation, businesses, organizations, and firms have been preparing themselves for the new GST ordinance and all further taxation changes that come with it. Hence, the employment market needs individuals who are certified and acquainted with its taxation. For those who want to get into the finance sector and want a step up from their current status, jobs are the top paid and respected in this competitive era.


Q5. What’s the process of becoming a practitioner?

The method is straightforward, if you are from the commerce field, you can simply go for CA which is a quite tough and time taking also but if you are a non-commerce student and interested and want to try a hand in this domain, you can simply opt above given GST certification courses in Jaipur, offline and online both as per your convenience. After fulfillment, you would comprehend the practical applications of GST and obtain a certificate that would help you to get a job in a corresponding area.




We would like to conclude from the above discussion that by introducing the GST system, the government has not just smoothened the taxation procedure but also open the path for the youth that are struggling from unemployment even after the best education they can have. It becomes the jack of all trades and that’s why across the world institutions have started training the students in this field with 2-3 months classes that will help to hike your salary and provide you with a proficient position with 100% placement promise. The above-documented GST certification courses in Jaipur will let you determine diverse alternatives in the market and therefore add solid credentials to your resume and portfolio.


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