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Best 9 GST Certification Courses in Raipur With Placements

With the upcoming of a new method of taxation, it has created an atmosphere to acknowledge the basics of accounting. It also created a surge to appoint accountants who understand and function according to the basis of GST. Thus the employment opportunities among accountants and tax experts rise.

But to become professional in such a field a person must acquire immense knowledge in it. The following GST certification courses in Raipur will help you learn and earn a salaried job in this field as a GST practitioner.


List of the best GST certification courses in Raipur


The execution of GST is said to be the biggest tax reform in the history of India. Though its adoption proved to be troublesome. India is a country with a majority of uneducated business owners and traders. But eventually, it was a fruitful occurrence for the betterment of our country. Also, the analytics behind its implementation of GST showcased effective outcomes.


Raipur is a city with suitable capabilities and immense opportunities. But to bring those capable people to earn from an opportunity, they should be imparted with immense knowledge. The emergence of GST in India brought many job opportunities.


Many e-commerce, retail, automobiles, service sectors, and others are the primary recruiters of GST professionals. The following GST certification courses in Raipur will help you learn and grab those opportunities in your chosen field. But before moving forward to look at these courses, let’s understand what GST means.


What is GST?


GST is short for Goods and Services Tax. It is the indirect tax assessed on the supply of goods and services. It superseded the other value-added tax, service tax, purchase tax, excise duty, and other taxes. In India, it was proposed in 2000 when a committee was set up to improve the tax structure in the country. Eventually, GST came into force on 1st July 2017.


In India, to measure a tax on goods and services certain GST rates are fixed. These rates are directed by the council bodies and are applied according to the product specifications. Therefore these GST rates are 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. But, the question arises of why our country needs GST and also the basic objectives for it.


Need of GST-


Loss in Revenue– As though before GST, there were many indirect taxes levied on the purchase and sale of goods and services. The rates and rules of those indirect taxes were different for different states.

And thus it leads the sellers to benefit themselves from the loopholes of the tax system. This led to tax evasion for the central and state government. Subsequently, with the GST, the tax collection increased as it abolished the loopholes in the system.


Uniformity in Tax– Prior to GST, every state had a different indirect tax system with some other indirect taxes. Thus it created complicity in doing business and also increased the burden on consumers. GST allowed a uniform system of collecting taxes that prevails the same in every state.


Reduce the Customer’s Burden– When the goods are transported from one state to another for sale, it carries itself with many indirect taxes. It increases the prices of goods and creates the burden of payment on the consumers. Hence, with the GST such practices stopped as no extra tax is levied on the exchange of goods among states.


GST Return- GST return is a document that has all the details of sales, purchase, tax collected on sales, tax paid on purchase. The businessmen and dealers whose turnover exceeds the threshold limit are liable to pay GST returns to the Central as well as State Governments.


Types of GST-


CGST– It is imposed on intra-state goods and service transactions by the central government.

SGST– It is imposed on intra-state goods and service transactions by the state government.

IGST– It is imposed on inter-state goods and service transactions.

UTGST– It is imposed on the transactions undertaken by the union territories of India.


Benefits of GST-


●     It served as an instrument in reducing corruption and the sale of goods without receipts in our country.

●     It has simplified the taxation process for the companies with a turnover of 75 lakhs and above.

●     It has brought accountability and regulation in unorganized sectors, like so converting them into organized sectors.

●     GST has reduced the burden of paying heavy taxes imposed on consumers.

●     GST was implemented to increase the GDP rate of our country.

●     GST has brought uniformity in tax policies among states.

●     It reduces the logistics costs that were imposed on transactions held between other states.

●     The tax evasion by companies is minimized with the coming of GST.


Eligibility of GST Practitioners


The Basic Requirements of Being GST Practitioners are as Follows-

●     The person should be an Indian citizen.

●     He should have a sound mind.

●     The person shouldn’t be insolvent.

●     He/she should not be convicted of an offense with imprisonment of two or more years.

Also, The Other Qualifications to Perform as GST Practitioners are as Follows-


●     They can be a Tax Return Preparer or a Sales Tax Practitioner registered for not less than 5 years.

●     Or, a graduate or postgraduate in commerce, law, banking including higher auditing, or business administration, or business management from any Indian university or a recognized foreign university.

●     Or an advocate.

●     Or a chartered accountant, cost accountant, or a company secretary holding a Certificate of Practice (COP).


Roles of GST Practitioners-

●     Check on the outward and inward supplies and file the GSTR 1 and GSTR 3.

●     File the monthly, quarterly, annual, and final returns.

●     Deposit the credit into the electronic cash ledger.

●     File a claim for a refund.

●     Apply for amendment and cancellation of registration.

●     Also, appear as an authorized representative.


GST Certification Courses in Raipur

The following courses have been considered among the finest GST certification courses in Raipur. It’s advisable to go through every course detail before choosing anyone to select for learning.


1. IIM Skills-


IIM Skills is the leading institute providing GST certification courses in Raipur. They have designed the program systematically and comprehensively. It guides the students with the most updated insights and information. Further, they focused on the practical aspect of GST which will empower students from basic to advanced levels. All over India, it is considered to be the best among the online GST courses




CourseOnline GST Certification Course


●     100% practical training for students.

●     Learn from passionate trainers who are subject matter experts with years of experience in this industry.

●     The course curriculum is updated with the latest amendments, implications, and developments.

●     The course is presented as live lectures, which help in resolving queries at an instant.

●     The course grants you lifetime access to its curriculum and other materials.

●     It provides placement and freelancing opportunities.

●     They grant free ebooks, invoicing tools, and other related software.

●     The course has been recognized by the Government of India.

●     24*7 online support to students.


Course Curriculum-

●     Concept of GST and its impact on businesses

●     The framework and structure of GST

●     Registration Process

●     GST invoicing

●     GST returns filing

●     Composition scheme under GST

●     Reverse Charge Mechanism

●     E-way bill under GST

●     Input Tax Credit and Payments in GST



The course comprises 16 hours of live lectures in 4 weeks, including practical assignments and hands-on learning.


Course Fees-

The fee for this course at IIM Skills is INR 2900.


Other Courses offered by IIM Skills:

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IIM Skills Brand Partners

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Reviews and Testimonials

IIM Skills GST course review by alumna


For more clarity, here is the detailed version of the IIM Skills GST Certification course Review



IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


2. Alpha Global Institute


Among all the GST certification courses in Raipur, Alpha Global Institute has set up itself as the premier institution. They promise to empower students with experiences from accomplished faculties.


They make sure the students are well-acquainted with the curriculum and subsequently put an implementation. They help the students to work on their skill sets with the specialized course.



●     Helps you to excel in accounting and Tally ERP 9.

●     Teaches you basic and advanced GST.

●     The course will add value to your resume and give you an upper hand.

●     Grants free video backups and study material.

●     Credits you with certificates and placements.


Course Curriculum-


●     Fundamentals of Accounting

●     Accounting in Tally

●     Grouping of Accounts

●     Inventory Transaction and Invoicing

●     Bill wise Reports

●     Interest Calculation & Reports

●     Bank Reconciliation

●     Foreign Exchange Transactions

●     Additional Cost of Purchase

●     Integrate Accounts & Inventory



●     Order Processing

●     Goods Receipt Note & Delivery Note

●     Debit Note / Credit Note

●     Reorder Level

●     Classification of stock

●     Multiple Godown

●     Cost Centers

●     Job Costing

●     Manufacturing Voucher

●     Point of Sales

●     Multiple Mailing Details & Logo Printing

●     Budget & Control- Setting Credit Limits

●     Optional Vouchers & Scenario Management

●     Yearly End Routine – Split of the Company’s Data

●     Tax Deduction Source (TDS)

●     Payroll

●     Printing Reports and Documents

●     Emailing Reports and Documents

●     Exporting & Importing Data

●     Remote Edit

●     Backup & Restore Data


Book- III

●     GST Law

●     GST Registration

●     GST Return



●     GST billing & accounting in Tally ERP.9



The course is covered under the duration of 6 hours 40 min.


Explore more options with the Best GST Certification Courses in India


3. Tally Brain


Tally Brain calls itself not only an institute but a chain of skills centers. The primary focus is made on students who cannot afford expensive certified courses. Accordingly, they provide economical GST certification courses in Raipur intending to place students in recognized companies.



●     Free demo classes for 3 days.

●     Guaranteed placement to students.

●     Online live classes to access from anywhere around the globe.

●     The student must have completed 10th with a recognized board to register for this course.


Course Curriculum-

Tally Prime Basic with Accounting:


●     Basic Accounting (especially for non Accounting Students)

●     Download And Installation Of Tally

●     Masters

●     Inventory

●     Daily Entries – Contra, Payment, Receipt, Purchase, Sales, etc.

●     Printing And Backup etc

●     The report, Advance Report

●     Banking And Related Terms

●     Assignment, Projects


Tally Prime GST:

●     Introduction to GST

●     GST Law

●     HSN, SAC, Registration, Supply, E-Way Bill Etc.

●     Practical and Invoicing Of GST Using Tally

●     Setup And Automation Entry

●     Reports- GST R1, GST R2, GST R3B Etc.

●     GST Returns

●     GST For Service



The course will be completed in a period of 40 hours.


4. Paramount Academy Raipur


In Raipur, Paramount Academy has set up its roots in 2018. It is a leading academy providing GST certification courses in Raipur. Its GST certification course has an appreciation from the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.



●     Classroom training with a limited number of students in a batch.

●     Learn from the proficient and expert faculties.

●     Separate batches for Hindi and English medium students for their better understanding.

●     Regular tests to check your knowledge and learnings.

●     Grants printed study material to students.


5. Institute of Cost Accountants of India


The institute was established in 1944 with the motive of monitoring and promoting cost accounting in India. It is a well-recognized statutory body under the act of parliament. It focuses on enduring the students with the basics of accounting and taxation policies. Thus, delivering the best among the GST certification courses in Raipur.



●     Classes are conducted in online and offline modes.

●     Live doubt clearing sessions will be held.


Course Curriculum-

●     Constitutional Background of GST

●     Concepts of GST & Definitions in GST

●     Classification, HSN, SAC

●     Input Tax Credit, Refund of ITC

●     Records and Returns

●     Payment and Refunds

●     Demands

●     Penalties and Prosecutions

●     Job Work

●     Zero Rated Supplies, Imports and

●     Exports

●     Applicability of TDS and TCS under

●     GST and Filing of Return

●     The taxable event, Time of Supply and

●     Place of Supply, Composite & Mixed

●     supply, Works Contract, Exempted

●     supply

●     Valuation under GST, Valuation rule

●     Basic Procedures- Registration

●     Invoice, Bill of supply, E-way Bills, etc.

●     Annual Return and Assessment

●     Adjudication and appeal

●     Advance Ruling and Anti-profiteering

●     Miscellaneous Provisions and Case

●     studies on specific Chapters involving

●     real-life scenarios



The duration of this GST certification course by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India is 72 hours.


Course Fees-

Rs. 10,000 + 18% GST (20% discount for members & CMA final pursuing candidates.)


6. Learnet Institute of Skills


Learnet Institute is a provider of employability training to professionals. Its GST course is considered as a pre-eminent among the GST certification courses in Raipur. As set up in 2011, it has gained much popularity in training and became one of India’s largest vocational training institutes. It has developed its network among 180+ institutes of skills.



●     Helps you to increase your job opportunities.

●     Helps the students to start their consultancy or become an authorized GST Practitioner (NACIN.)

●     The students are made to specialize in the fields of taxation, finance, and accounting professionals.

●     The professionals can gain a rise in salary up to 15% to 20%.


Course Curriculum-

Provides practical knowledge of different procedures under the GST act and rules such as registration, filing of returns, availing input tax credit, TDS compliance & other documentation requirements.



The length of this course is 100 hours of online training with practical and theory sessions.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


7. Udemy


Udemy is the most chosen online platform for specializing students with the skills and knowledge to grow. They are taught in various areas by their expert professionals in those fields.


Udemy has built its network worldwide and helped many students to learn and grab opportunities. Its GST-certified course is one of the best among the GST certification courses in Raipur that will benefit the students to gain immense knowledge about GST and especially for CA practitioners.




Full-time access to the content and lectures.

Can have access on a mobile, laptop, or TV.

Certificate at the end of completion of the course.

Can check the ratings by other students and thus have a second-person view of the course.

Learn from the experts in required fields.

Become GST experts in just 12 hours.

The lectures are complemented with quizzes, study material, and other references, etc.


Course Curriculum-


●     Basic of GST

●     Composition Scheme

●     Input Tax Credit

●     GST Registration

●     Returns

●     Transitional Provisions

●     Webinars

●     Place of SUpply

●     Time of Supply

●     Value of Supply

●     GST by Ashok Batra

●     Offenses and Penalties

●     New Council meeting: GST Rates

●     Payments

●     Impact on the trading sector



The duration of this course is 42 hours of on-demand video.


Course Fees-

The fee for this course is INR 4800.


8. Caps Tally


Caps Tally is one of the best GST certification courses in Raipur. Being established in the year 2007, it is considered as a top player in the category of training institutes. It also provides a wide range of programs in computer training and language classes.



●     Practical-based teaching.

●     Get expert advice and also placement opportunities.


Course Curriculum-

●     Basic and Advanced Accounting Concepts. -Complete Accounting and Inventory Management.

●     Voucher Generation Process in Tally.  -Report and Finalization of Accounts in Tally.ERP9. and more.


Course Fees-

The fee for this course is INR 9999.


9. Henry Harvin Education


Henry Harvin is a recognized institute that provides GST certification courses in Raipur. It has established itself over 7+ years and is trusted by 160+ corporations.


Moreover, it earned media recognition as it is featured on top television channels. Also, it has been ranked no. 1 GST Training Institute by Tribune India. Further, the Institute has built itself over 23+ cities across India with an alumni network of 18,000+ professionals.



●     The certification by this course is recognized by the Government of India.

●     Grant you 100% internship and job support.

●     Allow monthly boot camp sessions for one year.

●     Provide you with free study material worth ₹500.

●     Provides you with 1-year access to GST Practitioner LMS and e-Learning portal.

●     The trainers are experts with 20+ years of experience.

●     Also, get access to the recordings of previous sessions.


Course Curriculum-

●     The Supply or Levy, Value of Supply, Place of Supply, Import and Export, E-Way Bills

●     Registrations, Input Tax Credit & ITC04, Job Work, Transitional Provisions

●     Account and Records, Invoice, Time of Supply, Tax Payments, Returns, Refunds

●     Litigation Management, Penalties and Offenses, Audit & Assessments, Demand and Recovery


Complimentary Topics-

●     Soft Skills Development

●     Resume Writing



The program consists of 32 hours of live online classroom training.


Frequently Asked Questions about GST Certification Courses in Raipur


  1. How much does a GST practitioner earn in India?


On average, it is assumed that a GST practitioner earns a salary of 4.5 to 6.2 lakhs per annum. But it depends on the skills of the individual and the company a person works in. However with the experience and knowledge the salary increases.


2. Is the GST practitioner exam hard?


The exam for becoming a GST practitioner is not difficult. All you need to know, include the eligibility criteria, other terms and conditions, and the registration process on the GSTN portal. Further, if you have gone through the study material and attended the lectures properly, then clearing the exam will not be hard for you.


3. What is a GST certification?


GST certification is a valid document that is proof of getting oneself registered under GST in India. Any business prevailing in India whose turnover exceeds the threshold limit should register themselves under GST. Also, some businesses are mandatory to get themselves registered under GST.


4. How is GST calculated in India?


A simple formula to calculate GST is –

GST Amount = (Original Cost*GST Rate Percentage)/100.

Net Price = Original Price + GST.

For example- If the total amount of goods is 5000 and GST at 18% will be calculated as 5000*18%= 900.

Net Price of Goods = 5000+900= 5900.



With the introduction of GST in our country, many businesses faced problems relating to accounting. As a result, they required the guidance and support of experts. For such, the demand for accounting professionals gradually increased and is still high. So choosing a field of accounting has a great career scope nowadays and also in the future.

But the companies hire professionals with expertise and knowledge, also who could be trusted. So, you need to gain immense knowledge to fulfill those criteria. I hope the above-mentioned article would have benefited you to find a suitable course among the GST certification courses in Raipur.

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  • I have gone through the article, it’s very helpful to me. Thanks for sharing.”

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