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How to Become a Data Scientist in India in 2022

Data Science has become one of the trendy career choices, and many students are looking for answers to How to Become a Data Scientist in India. Well, before you try for a career in Data Science, you must know about the very details of the course.

The details like eligibility criteria, course details, fees, topics involved, and more will help the students to make more informed decisions.

What is Data Science?

Data science can be defined as a rebellious field that uses methods, algorithms, systems in a scientific way to take out data and insight knowledge from data that can be either structured or non-structured. The data and insight knowledge derived from these methods and techniques are used broadly for different domains of applications that everyone uses. Data science can also be related to the learning of machines, data mining, and also related to huge data. 

Data science can also be defined as a concept to bring together data related to statistics, data analysis, and other related information methods to understand and analyze the actual occurrence of data. It also involves the uses of different techniques and methods that are theoretical from many other fields such as statistics, mathematics, computer science, information science, and information related to the domain. However, data science is completely different from computer science and information science as well. 

Who is a data scientist?

A data scientist can be defined as a person who gathers and analyzes data in larger volumes, either structured or unstructured. Their role also involves a combination of mathematics, statistics, and computer science. Their job is also to analyze and exercise the data and interpret the results to create useful plans for companies and other organizations. 

Data scientists can also be defined as analytical experts who utilize their talent both in the field of technology and science to discover new trends and manage the data in their own way. They also use knowledge related to industries, understanding the content, analyzing the existing results taken out in the data they are working on to display the solutions to challenges appearing to run the business. 

Usually, the role of a data scientist typically includes creating meaning out of data that is not in proper order and unstructured too for others to understand. For example, data coming from sources such as smartphone devices, data are given in the fields of the social media platform or even mails or even short message services that people use more often does not fit into the database on which data scientist works on. 

Creating technical data more simply is not the only quality or skill that is important to become a data scientist. Data scientists are also involved in setting the business and presenting the data, which is complex, and also present ideas that involve complex data that helps to make organizational decisions for the future growth of the company. Therefore, it is essential to have good communication skills, the quality of a team leader, and thinking in high-level analytical ways and means. 

Data scientists and data managers who are experiences are given a job to clean, process, and store the data, keeping in mind the company’s best practices. They also work jointly with other teams of the organization, such as the marketing team, customer services team, the team dealing with operations, etc. Their profile is usually considered to be very reputed as their demand is also more in the organization, which is depicted from their role in the company and their salary structure.  

Roles and responsibilities of a Data scientist-

The role of a data scientist involves working closely with the business stakeholders to have a clear understanding of their goals and decide how this data can be used in a way to achieve their goals. Creating the data involves creating algorithms to generate data for the organization’s need, helping to analyze the data, and sharing it with the higher officials of an organization. While each client needs to be treated differently, the process of gathering and analyzing the data involves the following roles and responsibilities of a data scientist, which they need to fulfill. Let us study them in detail-

  1. Asking the right set of questions to begin with analyzing process. 
  2. Acquiring data
  3. Processing and cleaning the data
  4. Integrating and storing the data
  5. Investing and exploring data in the initial stage
  6. Choosing more than one model and algorithm which is also potential. 
  7. Applying different techniques such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistical modeling. 
  8. Measuring and improving data in such a way so that creative data can be easily modified into simple ways.
  9. Presenting final reports in front of the stakeholders
  10. After presenting the reports making adjustments as per the requirement is also a key role of a data scientist.
  11. Repeating the process and solving a new problem with different techniques altogether. 

Advantages and Disadvantages to chooses a data scientist as a career?

Data Science has become a very new technology about which everyone seems to talk about a lot nowadays. It is declared as one of the best jobs in the 21st century as well. This is something wherein people do talk about having less knowledge about it. 

While many students wish to become data scientists, they need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a data scientist. Let us know about the pros and cons in detail- 

Advantages of a Data science-

Let us study the various advantages of data science first-

  1. It is in very high demand- Data science is something which is in very high demand. Candidates who are job seekers have many options. It is one of the highest growing profiles in LinkedIn, and it is also predicted to provide approximately 11.5 million jobs by the end of the year 2026. This also makes data science a highly employable sector.
  2. Plenty of positions- Only a few people possess the right skill set to become a data scientist. Therefore, the competition in this field is less than compared to other profiles in the IT sectors. This also results in less saturated positions, giving lots of opportunities for candidates who are willing to become data scientists.
  3. A tremendous paid career- Data science is considered to be one of the highest-paid jobs amongst other jobs in the IT sector. As per the research data, scientists usually earn an average of $1,16,000 per year. This makes data science one of the most profitable career options for anyone.
  4. Data science is a flexible job- Being a data scientist is considered a very flexible job. Demand for them is in every sector, whether in the health care sector, banking sector, consultancy services, or even in e-commerce industries. So, it is considered to be very versatile too. Therefore, one can have lots of opportunities to work in and field they choose.
  5. Data scientists present data in a better way- Companies require data scientists who are highly skilled as the role of a data scientist is to present complex data in such a manner so that it can be presented simply in front of the clients. They not just analyze the data but also improve the quality of the data for the company’s betterment.
  6. Data scientists are considered to be a very reputed job profile- The role of a data scientist is not just to analyze the data but also to make business decisions for the company. Organizations usually depend on data scientists so that their expertise can be used to present complex data in such a way so that it can be used further for the betterment of the company. Therefore, data scientists are considered to be very important for any company they work for.
  7. The job profile is not boring- Data scientists are the people who have hugely helped many industries. Companies generally use historical data to work upon to plan accordingly for the betterment of the company. They also use machines in a great way to perform repetitive jobs, which also reduces the burden on humans in a great way.
  8. Data science makes use of products brilliant and easy- The job of a data scientist involves machine learning, which has also made it easy for industries to produce better-tailored products for customer usage.
  9. Data science can also help save lives- Concerning the field of data science, it has helped in many ways to improve the health care sector in a big way. With the invention of machine learning, it has become straightforward to detect early errors. Also, many health care sectors use data science to help their clients.
  10. Data science also helps make you a better person- Becoming a data scientist helps a person become a better person and gives you a problem-solving attitude. Since data scientists can be defined as a bridge between IT and management, one can enjoy both fields’ experiences together.

As we know that every field has disadvantages too along with advantages. Let us now know about some of the disadvantages too of choosing data scientist as a career as well-


  1. Data science can be defined as a fuzzy team- In general, data science does not have a defined explanation of what it is about. That is why it is defined as blurry and fuzzy. It isn’t easy to give an exact definition of the term data science. Its role depends on the industry or company they work in.
  2. Clearing data science is next to impossible- Data science is a mixture of many fields such as computer science, mathematics, statistics. It is almost next to impossible for any candidate to be a master in each field and be an equivalent master in each of the fields. Nowadays, as the use of technology increases day by day, many online courses are trying to fill up the gap to cover the skills required to become a data scientist. Still, it becomes tough to be proficient enough in each field in an equal manner. An individual with a background in computer science will not be able to master statistics in a shorter period and vice versa. Therefore, it is an ever-changing field that requires a person to keep on updated with the necessary changes of data science from time to time.
  3. A huge amount of knowledge regarding the domain is required- One of the major disadvantages of data science is the whole dependency on the domain knowledge. Any person with a background in computer science or statistics will have a lot of problems working with data that is already complex without having thorough knowledge about the domain along with its basics. For example, any person working in the health care sector will have complete knowledge about molecular biology, and they will appoint an employee having complete about the same domain only. Any person from any other background will have a problem working on the data. Appointing employees with the same domain knowledge also helps data scientists to make calculative decisions. Therefore, it becomes difficult for any data scientist to shift from one industry to another very easily.
  4. Random data may result in unexpected results- As specified earlier role of a data scientist involves analyzing complex data in simple terms but picking up random data may not generate expected data. This can also lead to poor management and improper use of the resources provided to the data scientists.
  5. Facing problems while maintaining data privacy- For some organizations, data is the root of the company’s growth. As it also helps them to make data-driven decisions. However, data used in the process for the company’s growth may also not secure the privacy of the data of the customers we are using. The data used is personal, and it is sometimes disclosed to the parent company, which also leads to the leakage of the customer’s personal information. Different laws related to the privacy data and usage of the customer’s information may also lead to a problem for any organization willing to grow in the future.

Skills required to become a data scientist-

There is a huge shortage of highly skilled data scientists. Even though the demand and growth of this field are tremendous, there is always a scarcity of the right set of highly skilled data scientists. Let us know about some of the skills required to become a data scientist-

  1. Having basic knowledge about the fundamentals of science
  2. Proper information about statistics as well.
  3. Knowing to program
  4. I should be able to do data manipulation and analyzing as well. 
  5. Visualization of data
  6. Learning about machines
  7. Deep learning
  8. Should be able to handle a large amount of data
  9. Can be a software engineer as well
  10. Deployment of the model structure
  11. Good communication skills
  12. Having storytelling skills
  13. Should pursue a structured level of thinking
  14. Should have the curiosity to learn and gain more knowledge as well. 

After studying the in-depth knowledge about what exactly is data science and what do data scientists do, let us know how can we pursue this and choose data scientist as our career option-

How to become a data scientist in India?

Let us know about the job outlook of being a data scientist in India-

Data scientist in India

Recent research has shown that approximately 95,000 jobs as a data scientist in India as an opportunity have been opened up for any candidate who wants to pursue this as a career. As we all know, the demand for data scientists is increasing day by in every field and sector, especially in the field of technology and the industrial domain. Therefore, it becomes tough for them to catch up with the supply of skilled data scientists in India. 

However, it will not surprise any one of us reading this that more than 40% of the students have got the job as a data scientist in less than 24hours, which can be considered a great number.

So, choosing to become a data scientist is truly a golden opportunity for anyone to pursue this.

Salary Structure of a data scientist in India?

As per the research, data scientists can be considered one of India’s highest-paying jobs. The average salary of a data scientist is approximately 10 lacs per year which can also go to 20 lacs per year for an experienced person. Companies situated in the metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore offer a higher salaries. But that will change in the future depending on the situation as well. Many of the international companies also tend to open their center in Hyderabad because it is considered one of the most affordable cities amongst all the cities mentioned. Big companies like amazon, google, Facebook, Microsoft considers Hyderabad their hometown. And that increases more opportunities to get a job in this field. 

Education required to become a data scientist-

To become a data scientist, one should pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science, social science, physical science, and statistics. The most common field of studies includes different percentages such as Mathematics and science, which includes 32%, followed by computer science, which comprises 19%, and engineering, which includes 16%. 

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Where to find jobs for data scientists in India?

It is not easy to find jobs in any field. Since the opportunity under this field also increases day by day. Some of the big players of the company and the locations wherein they are hiring are as follows-

  1. Amazon- hiring in Hyderabad and Bangalore
  2. Walmart- Hiring in Bangalore
  3. P&G- Hiring in Hyderabad
  4. Oracle- Hiring in Bangalore and Hyderabad
  5. IBM- Hiring in Bangalore. 


Q. Is a data scientist a well-paying job?

Ans- Yes, many surveys have suggested that data scientist is one of the highest paying jobs at present and the scope seems to continue to increase.

Q. What are some good placement opportunities I can find as a data scientist?

Ans- Some of the biggest companies of all time do require data scientists, and thus you may expect job openings at Amazon, Flipkart, P&G, etc.

Q. Is there a future in data science?

Ans- Well, data scientists are also called as decision scientists, meaning they gather and analyze data that helps a business make informed and smart decisions.


After knowing so much in detail about Data science, its role, advantages, and disadvantages it can be summarized that choosing a career option as a data scientist has more Pros than cons with fewer disadvantages. Being a very competitive field, it has also one of the highest-paid jobs in India. With its disciplinary way, it is also not easy to pursue a career in this field. Therefore, it is very important to take a decision wisely to choose your career with the right set of skills an individual pursues. 


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