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IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Course Review – A Complete Guide

Since 2000, the demand for data analytics has grown by leaps and bounds, as has the deluge of data analytics courses. In India, there are more than 267 institutes, along with other colleges of repute, like IIMs, IITs, Indian Institute of Science, and others offering the course. IIM Skills Data Analytics Course is one of the frontrunners and ensures a comprehensive course that covers all the aspects required to gain an edge in this competitive world. Here is a brief review of the IIM Skills course, to help you kickstart your journey in Data Analytics.


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Introduction to IIM Skills

IIM Skills started in 2015 by publishing an educational blog. The blog garnered great success and amassed a strong following of more than 1 million viewers looking for apt career counseling. In the same year, the institute started its first course, “ Content Writing Master Course”. Based on the success of the course, further courses were introduced in the areas of finance, marketing, data science, digital marketing course, artificial intelligence, and coaching for Competitive Exams.

IIM Skills has to date conducted more than 9500 training programs online and has successfully trained more than 35000 students locally and globally. They have a strong team of trainers, who are veterans and experts in different domains, with work experience of more than 12 years.


IIM Skills Data Analytics Course along with other courses has been ranked at the no. 1 position by well-known education blogs like Career360, CourseReport, AdvisorUncle, and CourseDekho.The institute was featured in NDTV, Education Times, DigitalFirst, India Today, The Statesman, and Financial Express, to name a few reputed news channels.

The institute also has corporate partnerships with companies from all domains like travel and auto, banking and finance, consumer goods, e-commerce, digital marketing, education, government agencies, IT and ITES, media, and other domains. Company giants like Yahoo, Google, Times of India, NDTV, ESPN, National Geographic, Tata Consultancy Services, Michelin, Radisson Hotel, Yatra, Godrej, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Reliance, and Godrej are few names among the list for corporate customers with IIM Skills.


Introduction to IIM Skills Data Analytics Course

The IIM Skills Data Analytics Course is designed in a manner such, that it gives learners hailing from any background, holistic training in all the prerequisite areas. In this section, you will get an idea in brief, about the course in general:

Eligibility Prerequisites

The eligibility criteria for admission in the data analytics course at IIM Skills is set by the institute, to ensure that any individual from any field, but with a penchant for learning data analytics can join the course. In the field of education, the following conditions should be met:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  • Basic knowledge of computers and technology
  • Knowledge of statistics and mathematics is an added advantage, although not mandatory.

The course is designed to take into consideration individuals from different educational backgrounds. Thus, whether it’s a newcomer looking to enter the world of data analytics, or an experienced professional planning to switch careers the course can be followed by everyone.


Course Curriculum

IIM Skills Data Analytics Course has been designed keeping in mind the tools and technology required in the current industry practice. Here is a brief view of the course subjects:


Module SubjectsTime
Data Analytics using Advanced Excel➢    Data Handling

➢    Data Visualization

➢    Data Analysis and Reporting

➢    Dashboards in Excel with Pivot Controls

Data Analytics using VBA➢    Key components

➢    Programming Constructs

➢    Functions and Procedures

➢    Objects and Memory Management

➢    Communication with users

 15 hrs
Data Analytics using SQL➢    Basic RDBMS concepts

➢    Utilizing the Objects Explorer

➢    Data based Object creation

➢    DML Commands

➢    SQL Server reporting services

➢    SQL Server integration services

 39 hrs
Data Analytics using Power BI➢    Data preparation and modeling

➢    Addition deletion of rows and columns

➢    Data Analysis Expression (DAX)

➢    Reports development

 24 hrs
Data Analytics using Python I➢    Basic Statistics

➢    Mathematical foundation

➢    Analytics and Data Science

➢    Python essentials

➢    Operations with NumPy

➢    Pandas

➢    Data cleansing with Python

 10 hrs
Data Analytics using Python 2➢    Data Analytics using Python

➢    Basic Visualization tools

➢    Visualizing Geospatial data

➢    Advanced Visualization tools

➢    Statistical methods and hypothetical testing

 10 hrs
Data Analytics using Tableau➢    Data Handling and Summaries

➢    Building advanced reports and maps

➢    Table calculations

➢    Calculated fields

 15 hrs
R for Data Science➢    Data Importing/Exporting

➢    Data manipulation

➢    Data analysis

➢    Data Visualization with R

➢    Using R with Databases

➢    Linear Regression

➢    Testing

 20 hrs
Data Analytics using Alteryx➢    Data Analytics using Alteryx 18 hrs


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Tools Learnt

Every industry gives preference to aspiring candidates with knowledge about the current tools and technologies worked on in the industry. Thus, being mindful of the skills required to give the students an edge in the job industry, the following tools are taught in the course:


Course Delivery

The course duration is 160 hours, which is divided into 3-hour classes on weekends. The lectures are delivered live on Zoom and are recorded. These lectures then are available on the IIM Skills Data Analytics Course Learning Management System.

In the event a participant is unable to attend a particular session or wants to again revisit the session, the recordings are available on the LMS to access anytime. All the sessions are accompanied by practical assignments. Thus, of the total 160 hours of session 100 hours are dedicated to carrying out practical assignments. The assignments ensure higher retention of the theoretical portion taught.


Faculty Experience

The faculty that teaches the data analytics course at IIM Skills are leading practitioners in well-known industries. They are all alumni of IITs and ensure that they are well-versed with the latest trends and best practices in the industry. The faculty conducts live sessions and offers expert guidance in all assignments and case studies.


Course Flexibility

The IIM Skills Data Analytics Course is held only during weekends assuring working participants can participate without compromising their busy schedule. The course being online can be accessed by participants from any location. The recorded sessions help busy or traveling participants to access the missed sessions anytime. The recorded sessions also help candidates to revisit and learn at their own comfortable pace. The Learning Management System(LMS) is a repository of learning resources, reading material, and pre-recorded sessions, that can be accessed by the participants anytime their whole lifetime for no additional cost.


Cost and Affordability

IIM Skills Data Analytics Course costs Rs. 49,000 + 18% GST one time. They offer an easy EMI-based payment mode, where the student can pay the fees in 7 monthly installments of Rs. 8411 without any additional interest cost. Even after enrolling and paying the complete fees, a participant for any unavoidable reasons or due to dissatisfaction wants to opt out after the first class may do so, with the assurance of a complete refund of the paid amount. The institute offers a lucrative discount of 10% for companies wishing to enroll its employees in a batch, or a group of participants wishing to enroll together.


Hands-on Learning

In the IIM Skills Data Analytics Course participants get the opportunity to partake in more than 10 case studies, that are picked up from real life. These studies are an excellent way to inspire problem-solving and creative thinking in complex situations among the students, and actively engage them in the learning process. Another masterstroke for students participating in the course is the chance to work on more than 7 live projects.

The projects help the participants not only to get a deeper understanding of the theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios but also to improve their retention power. After the completion of the course, the institute offers a 2-month internship to all students. The internship helps the students tackle challenges, invent solutions, and gain practical knowledge of the tools and technologies used in current business practices. In addition, the internship helps in building a strong portfolio for the students.


Industry Recognition and Certification

The IIM Skills Data Analytics Course has been accredited by the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). The certificate awarded to the students post-completion of the course and after clearing the exam bears the MSME insignia. This increases the employability chances for the students’ manifolds, as the validation of their skills and expertise in the field is done by a globally recognized government organization. IIM Skills trainers also help the students prepare for certification exams of Google and Microsoft.


Job Placements and Career Opportunities

The industry for data analytics is booming and almost every domain in the industry like healthcare, finance, marketing, and IT has a high demand for people adept in the required expertise. After the completion of the IIM Skills Data Analytics Course,  the students gain expertise in the relevant analytical tools and programming languages. Students can successfully apply for the position of data analyst, business intelligence engineer, business intelligence analyst, and business analyst.

IIM Skills has corporate partnerships with well-known companies in almost every sector. Well-renowned companies like  Google, Yahoo,, IBM, HSBC, Zee TV, Toyota, Wipro, and Lowe Lintas are just a few examples of corporate partners. IIM Skills helps the students with their portfolio and resume building. They offer full assistance in placement support to the students.


 Comparative Analysis

Data Analytics is a coveted field, and there are many institutes offering online and classroom training for the same. Institutes of good repute like Simplilearn, Udacity, IMS Preschool, Edvancer, Imarticus Learning, Ivy Professional School, and many others offer data analytics courses. In this section, an attempt to list the pros and cons of the IIM Skills Data Analytics Course vis- a -vie the other courses collectively has been made, to give you a brief idea before you decide to zero in on any institute:


Pros of IIM Skills

  • The trainers cover Alteryx, R, Power BI, VBA, and all the other tools and languages required in one course.
  • Each module is precisely divided into hours required for training
  • There are more than 100 hours of practical training with the aid of projects and assignments.
  • There are more than 7 live projects, for students to participate in and obtain hands-on learning in addition to solid portfolio building.
  • The students have the opportunity to work as interns with IIM Skills before stepping into the real world.
  • The Learning Management System access to the students is lifelong. It has many learning resources, reading materials, and access to the pre-recorded sessions of the course.
  • The eligibility criteria for admission are simple enabling a fresher with an interest in data analytics to join the course.
  • The certificate awarded post-completion of the course is recognized by the Indian government.
  • Fees are affordable and the facility of payment in EMI is also offered.
  • An impressive list of corporate partners that also prove beneficial during placements.


Cons of IIM Skills Data Analytics Course

  • No Capstone Projects are available.


Pros of Other Institutes

  • Graduate, Postgraduate, and diploma certificate courses available in Data Analytics, Business Analytics, and Big Data Analytics
  • Capstone projects are integrated into all the courses
  • A classroom training option is available.
  • Some institutes may have live projects but mostly have case studies and practical assignments with the modules.
  • Recorded sessions are available to the participants post the class.
  • Top-notch institutes like IIM’s MICA and others offer a chance to be a part of their alumni.


Cons of Other Institutes

  • The certificate awarded by the institute post-completion of the course is recognized by the industry but mostly not by the government.
  • Few institutes offer low fees, mostly charge a high fee and a longer duration.
  • A few institutes offer the data analytics course with different tools as different programs, which turns out more expensive than receiving training on all the necessary tools and technology under one umbrella course.
  • Few institutes require a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and statistics to qualify for the course.


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Future Trends in Data Analytics

Data Analytics has revolutionized the way business is done. Gone are the days when important decision-making was based on experience or human predictions. There have been cutting-edge technological development, that has made it possible to extract and analyze data and predictions that could not have been fathomed earlier.

Data Analytics has brought a huge positive impact on all industries. What started as fraud detection in the financial sector, has now grown to predicting, analyzing, and discovering complex human genomes. The future of Data Analytics is brimming with great possibilities and the following are a few trends that will hugely impact the world:

  • Automation and Development Operations: New age advanced technologies are making it possible to streamline and automate several processes, thus, reducing human intervention to a very high degree. The chances of fatal errors occurring are reduced with higher automation adoption.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been a great assistance to researchers and developers. With the help of both technologies, vast amounts of complex datasets have been analyzed minutely and trends and patterns that had not even the remotest possibilities of being discovered through human intervention were made. Artificial Intelligence has increased the accuracy of predictions and soon lots of areas, that require human intervention will be able to be carried out with higher efficiency.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): It is expected that by 2025 there will be more than 41.6 billion IoT devices, as per Dell Technologies. This will help in collecting data from various sources and in vast quantities. This will open up tremendous possibilities for gaining valuable insights.




Q. What are the eligibility criteria for getting admission to the IIM Skills course on data analytics?

IIM Skills courses are designed such that any candidate from any field or even a fresher can apply for the courses. For the Data Analytics course, a participant must have a minimum bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Freshers, students, and working professionals who have an idea of computers and technology can easily apply. Students who have studied mathematics and statistics will certainly find the course easier, although any degree in either of the subjects is not required.


Q. How does the IIM Skills course on Data Analytics identify itself as compared to the Data Analytics course offered by other institutes?

IIM Skills course is held on the weekends which is convenient for working professionals. The Learning Management System, access to which is given for life to the students, has recorded sessions of all the classes for the participants to access at their convenience. The entire course has many practicals, live projects, and case studies to improve the retention of the theoretical part by the students. The internship opportunity for 2 months helps students prepare well before stepping into the role of a data analyst. The institute offers easy payment modes of fees to all the students.


Q. Post completing a data analytics course from IIM Skills what are the job prospects available?

After completing a data analytics course an aspiring candidate can apply for the post of a Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Engineer, or Business Intelligence Analyst in IT, ITES, Banking Finance Securities and Insurance (BFSI),  finance, healthcare, media and entertainment, oil and gas industries, retail, and apply logistics.



In conclusion, the IIM Skills Data Analytics Course is a comprehensive course that covers all the required tools and technologies a student requires to excel in his/her field. The online course delivery on weekends was done keeping in mind the availability and convenience of the participants who are from all walks of life. The faculty who are alumni of top-notch institutes are actively employed, thus ensuring that the subject delivery is done with the alignment of the current industry practices.

The plethora of case studies, assignments, and projects ensure higher retention and understanding of the theoretical part taught. Lifetime access to the Learning Management System and support of the institute ensures access to learning material, sessions, and reading material always at hand. The internship offer helps the students be prepared for the obstacles they would face in the real world scenario.  With befitting guidance, students get to build a strong portfolio, a solid resume, and full support for placements. Keeping these points in mind one can make a wise decision whether or not to pursue the course by investing their valuable time and money.

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