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Top 6 Investment Banking Courses In The UK With Placements

A highly demanding and prestigious career anywhere in the world is of an “Investment Banker”. The investment banking courses in the UK are a gateway to learning what is required for this crucial high-paying role, which is challenging and highly competitive. Investment Bankers advise and assist large companies in complicated financial transactions.


Have you ever heard of investment banking? Well, it was something totally new for me too. Then I thought there would be many students like me who would be anxious to know what is this all about and how I can be an investment banker. This article would help you to get a clearer picture of it.


Why Pursue Investment Banking Courses in the UK? Key Aspects to Study in the UK

  • High Salary Bracket: The UK has top-notch universities to study like Oxford, Cambridge, imperial college of London, etc. Pursuing Graduation or PG from there gives you an added advantage of getting placed within a few months of graduation with a high-scale salary bracket.
  • Global Investment Hub: Pursuing Investment banking courses in the UK can be a smart move as the UK has a huge economy, the 6th Largest in the world with home to 490 investment banks. Its fondly called the Global investment hub for the ample opportunities it presents.
  • Abundant Networking Opportunities: Investment banking is a platform where you get the chance to work on complex financial models and exposure to work on high-profile transactions. This will give you a chance to network and connect with people from different industries.


What is Investment Banking?

A special segment of Banking that provides financial consultancy to corporate organizations by advising them on various large transactions for future growth. In banking the IBD (Investment banking division) plays a crucial role in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), raising financial capital, dealing in bonds, and many more. It’s all about analysis and working as a middleman between investors and corporations.


How to Become an Investment Banker? Educational Qualification for Pursuing Investment Banking Courses in the UK.

  • A bachelor’s degree in finance or a banking-related stream like a B.Com, or Bachelor of Economics would provide a solid educational base for this career path. With Bachelor’s degree, you can score an entry-level position in investment banking that could be the role of financial analyst. However, to advance in your career you need to pursue Masters.
  • Professionals with MBA (Finance) are highly recognized and looked after by major Investment Bankers around the world.
  • You can also consider taking an MSFA (Master of Science in financial analysis) program. It’s a 2-year program which can be completed on a part-time basis too. Many universities are offering it around the world. This program is specifically tailored to investment management with a clear objective of CFA certification. CFA is a globally recognized 3-level certification program in the field of finance and investment.

Key Skills to Excel as an Investment Banker

Every job requires a different set of skills to excel in that field. While playing a lead role as an investment banker you need to possess the following skill sets:

  • Being an investment banker, you must play with numbers requiring strong financial analysis power.
  • Working on Mergers and acquisitions, bonds, etc requires good negotiation skills and amazing interpersonal communication.
  • You need to be detail-oriented even when working under a lot of pressure.
  • Having sound knowledge of financial products like stocks, IPOs, commodities, foreign exchange, etc can be a blessing.
  • Collecting and analyzing market data with on-time decision-making power plays a major role.
  • Strong Technical skill sets like, advanced Excel, Constantly Researching investment opportunities, and Powerpoint presentations are a must for professionals.


Career Growth as an Investment Banker/Future Prospects after Investment Banking Courses in the UK.

The career path of an investment banker is highly demanding and stressful but at the same time, it is one of the highest rewarding too both financially and professionally. At many firms, there is a clear structure of progression starting with entry-level jobs as IB analysts.

  • IB analyst: This entry-level position requires you to have a degree from a reputed institution. They play a major role in compiling reports, collating data, researching companies, and preparing presentations that banks utilize to advise their prospective clients. The average salary of an analyst in India is around 14L/A while in the UK it is around £61,157 per year.
  • IB Associate: This role requires you to work in coordination and lead a team of junior analysts. Associates are recruited from A-grade MBA colleges. They have even been termed “Better trained monkeys” in the industry. Associates are supposed to allocate work to the analyst and have more client meetings. They also work along with analysts while working on various financial models. The average salary of an Associate in the UK is £97,689 per year while in India it is an average of 29L/A.
  • Vice Presidents: A VP role is more of a project management type, where they constantly communicate with Directors, manage Directors, process their requirements, and then implement their requests with the help of Analysts and Associate team members. They have quite a tedious job of pitching ad execution along with relationship development with potential buyers or clients. The average annual salary of a VP in India is 43L/A while in the UK it is £153,973 per year.
  • Director: Directors play a major role in developing relationships and winning clients. Based on their performance they can be promoted to Managing Director of the company who is said to perform the major role of winning deals.


Be it any level the major benefit is that professionals have high salaries along with other perks. But every coin has the other side, you need to dedicate long working hours and a lot of grunt work.


Other best courses in the UK:


Top 6 Universities and Institutes for Pursuing Investment Banking Courses in the UK.

With 6th largest economy in the world, pursuing investment banking courses in the UK is a natural choice for a maximum youngster looking for a lucrative high-paying career. Not only this, the UK is home to top universities providing investment courses in Finance. This list will guide and take you through the best institutes you can choose from.


1. London Institute of Banking and Finance:

This Professional institute was established in 1879 for Banking and finance-related services. It was incorporated by Royal Charters and has a global presence in providing training services to students, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Also known as the Institute of Financial Services, works in partnership with Banks and institutes around the world.

It’s one of the best professional bodies giving you a chance to study and work along with them after completing investment banking courses in the UK.


Degree Offered: BSc (Hons) Banking and Finance

Duration: 3 to 4 years full-time with industry placement

Fees Structure: For UK Students £9,250 per year and £13,000 a year for international students


Phone: +44 (0)20 7337 6293/4

Email: [email protected]


Course Outline:

  • Various Principles of Finance
  • Quantitative Techniques for Finance and Business
  • Emerging Markets
  • Corporate Banking and valuation
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Derivatives
  • Introduction to various laws, ethics, and regulations related to the finance industry and many such important learning modules are being added which are taught in the course of 3 years.


2. Global Banking School (London):

Leading institute providing Business management courses in their 7 campuses around 4 major cities of the UK. The course offered by this institute is industry focused helping you in your career progression. Intake starts in September/January/June which you can opt for as per your requirement.


Degree Awarded:

BSc (Hons) Accounting & Financial Management with Foundation Year

Duration: 4 Years (Full Time)

Fees:  £9,250 per year



Course Outline:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate Governance and Strategy
  • Research Methods and Projects
  • Taxation methods in the UK
  • Audit and management accounting methods
  • Corporate Law and Business marketing management
  • Skill Building and Leadership development
  • Many such crucial topics are related to the Business and Finance world.


3. DataTrained:

It’s one of the few institutes that provide an Exhaustive PG program in investment banking that is recognized internationally. They make you industry ready by providing a practical approach to your theoretical concepts taught academically. Case studies, the best career assistance, along with a 100% job guarantee with guidance from domain experts are the highlights of the program. You can select the study batches at your convenience for example weekend batches or weekdays etc.


Course Name: Investment Banking and Financial Modelling. (Online + Offline)


Duration: 200+ hours of a learning program

Fees: £ 3,800 per year i.e Indian Rs 335030.80


4. IB Institutes:

After the Pandemic, the world has shrunk more. Now we have various online platforms providing online courses at your doorstep. IB Institute provides online courses which are highly effective covering core finance-related modules. The Key Highlights of this program are highly interactive sessions with experienced trainers and flexible learning mode with 400+ video backup support.

You can also access the course through your mobile app. It’s a Delhi-based autonomous institute providing industry-focused skill-building courses for many years.


Course Name: Financial Modelling and investment banking

Mode: Online + Classroom as per learners’ choice.

Fees: Around Rs 22900 (online mode)


Contact: 9312222566


Course Outline:

  • Introduction to financial models and statements
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Real Estate Model
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Excel Study (Advance + Basic)
  • MS Macro Study
  • Merger and Acquisition along with Company profiling
  • Trading and Transaction valuation methods and other such crucial topics


5. IMARTICUS Learning:

It’s an online Training and Development Institute providing industry-driven skill-building courses across the world. They help you achieve industry-recognized certifications in finance, technology, Marketing, and management domain.

Their flagship program (CIBOP) Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional is one of the most recognized courses to pursue in this sector. They provide you with Job Guarantee Assurance and extensive career support.


Fees: Rs 1,40,000

Duration: 150 Hours of Training

Mode: Both classroom and Live online training is available


Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Financial Models and Terms
  • Understanding of Financial Markets
  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Law and Regulations and many such important modules.


6. Udemy

Udemy is one of the best online platforms to equip you with much-desired investment banking courses in the UK. Their fee structure is quite budget friendly and can help you start your journey in Finance sector. Also, no pre-requirements to pursue this course as they start from the basics and gradually help you build knowledge in this industry. They will teach you important modules like:

  • Investment banking strategies and activities
  • Capital Market (Equity and Debt)
  • Advisory services related to M&A
  • Trading
  • IPO
  • Financial and Business Acumen
  • Risk Management and Restructuring and other such crucial topics.


Fees: Rs 3399

Duration: 13.5Hrs of on-demand videos


Course Name: Financial Modelling and Analysis


Cracking the Job Interview After Completing Investment Banking Courses in the UK

Once you have the required qualifications to reach the door of your dream organization, you need to take extra efforts to grab that opportunity by cracking the interview. Every organization needs candidates who are smart working, quick decision makers, team players, and above all doers who never quit.

The employer expects you to project these qualities in your interviews. We all know “First Impressions are your last impressions” and it aptly goes when it comes to interviews.


Grooming and Dressing Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Don’t overdress, Keep it simple
  • Polished shoes and properly cleaned, ironed attire are a must
  • No funky socks and high-end jewelry
  • Keep subtle and natural makeup with properly trimmed hair.


“Your humble confidence, a little smile, and positive attitude” are a must to carry.

  • An opening question may start with “Walk me through your resume” or “Introduce yourself”

In short 90 sec take your interviewer through your school to college and college to job transition. Just remember not to be negative. Try to highlight your positive points. Don’t indulge in unnecessary personal details if not relevant.

  • Very often employers ask this question “Why did you choose investment Banking?

Well, Patrick Dixon a futuristic Business consultant has rightly said “In Banking or Finance Trust is the only thing you have to sell”. You need to gain the trust of your employer that you are the best option they have for this role.

Simply you can project them how working on this profile, excites you and motivates you to do something that’s your area of keen interest. It will give you exposure to great learning at the early stage of your career.

Throughout the interview remember to listen carefully, be brief, and complete sentences without rambling and little pauses here and there can go well. Many technical questions will come along as the interview proceeds, so prepare well and keep your flow of statements logically correct.


General Highlights for Students Planning to Study Investment Banking Courses in the UK


Master of Finance in the UK: Program Details
Course NameMaster’s Degree in Finance
Number of UniversitiesAround 120
Course Duration9 months to 1 year
Average Tuition Fees (depends on the university)24,000 GBP – 45,000 GBP
Intake Month (Probably)July
Job PositionsFinancial Analysts, Commercial or Investment Bankers, Stock, Insurance or Real Estate Broker, Economist, etc.
Top recruiting companiesGoldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Google, Morgan Stanley, BlackRock, HSBC, UBS, Barclays, Citi, Bank of America, etc
Average Salaries112,000 GBP


Before applying for Masters’s in the UK we need to check the eligibility criteria. The cost of PG will vary based on what subject you choose for. Also, there are a few scholarships that can help you chase your dream career. Let’s check them in detail.


Eligibility Criteria for Post-Graduate Investment Banking Courses in the UK

  • You need to have a bachelor’s degree in a finance-related discipline from a reputed college for pursuing PG in investment banking.
  • Candidate has to appear for an English proficiency test and score a minimum of 6.5 to 7.5 in IELTS
  • A minimum of 60% and the above score is required in under graduation to fit in eligibility criteria.
  • Also, some top universities may require work experience of a minimum of 12 to 15 months however, not every university asks for it.
  • A scorecard of standard exams like the GMAT and GRE is a must. In GRE minimum score required is 325 and in GMAT you need to have an average of 680.
  • Well-drafted SOP is a must in stating your purpose for applying. It’s like an article reflecting your academic excellence, your professional goals, and aspirations.


Average Cost of Study in the UK:

  • When you are studying in international institutes you have several expenses to take care of like Tuition fees, Housing, visas, daily expenses, academic supplies, and many more. Therefore, it’s essential to plan and estimate the overall cost they need to bear for it.
  • For example, if you are applying for the University of Glasgow their total program fee is around 2900 GBP which is approximately 27Lakh + 60K rent + 19K food + 23K (miscellaneous). This will give you an overall cost of 28.3L around. So accordingly for every university, it will vary based on city and tuition fees.


Different Scholarships Available as Financial Aid for Pursuing Investment Banking Courses in the UK:

The UK government offers scholarships to international students based on their merit. Also, various universities offer scholarships which are of great help to students applying for them. Even the home country of the applicant provides limited scholarships to students applying to study in the UK. Apart from that various non-government organizations also provide financial aid to meritorious students applying internationally. This list can give you a brief idea.


  • Charles Wallace India Trust ScholarshipsStudents pursuing doctoral or research programs are eligible for these It covers full tuition fees, accommodation, and international fare.
  • The Felix ScholarshipThis scholarship provides full-financial support to underprivileged students in the UK from 21 developing countries including India.
  • Dr. Manmohan Singh ScholarshipsThis is a fully funded scholarship given to meritorious Indian students below the age of 35 years.
  • Rhodes Scholarships: It is one of the oldest international scholarships which is awarded to 5 meritorious students every year who want to pursue a 1 to 2-year-long PG program.


Frequently Asked Questions: Investment Banking Courses in the UK


What are the different types of investment Banks?

There are majorly 4 types of investment banks which are

  1. Bulge Bracket (available in all major countries) and size are huge.
  2. Regional boutique (smallest) present in a particular region.
  3. Middle market (present in more than 1 state) but not multinational and size is in between the above two.
  4. Elite Boutique (parallel to bulge bracket) is present in many regions and provide all type of services.


Which are the top 5 investment banks around the world?

Following are the famous top 5 investment banks 1) Goldman Sachs 2) JP Morgan Chase 3) Barclays 4) Bank of America Corporation 5) Morgan Stanley.


What is a Pitchbook?

Pitchbooks are helpful sales documents created by investment banks that will provide in-depth details of the main attributes of a firm so that their sales force can utilize them for pitching to new prospective clients.


What is an IPO?

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering and as the name suggests, it’s a way through which a private firm goes public for raising capital for their various business operation. The company issues shares of stocks or equity in the public market.


What is the difference between commercial banking and investment banking?

Commercial banks accept deposits from customers, and provide commercial loans and other such activities for the general public eg: HDFC bank, SBI bank, etc. While Investment banks act as the middleman between investors and firms. They do not accept deposits but provide advice on Mergers and acquisitions, selling investments, and many such financial activities.


Conclusions: Investment Banking Courses in the UK

Investment banking courses in the UK are the most lucrative option that can help you build your career in this Banking and Finance. We have already summarized above the best institutes that you can opt for online or offline as per your requirement. So make up your mind, Buckle up your seat, and take a ride in the big world of Learning where a bright future awaits you!

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