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Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in the UK With Placements

Many writers and copywriters understand technical writing, but a few understand the intricacies. Because you don’t know where to begin, technical writing might be a scary path to take in your profession. But because a few writers focus on technical writing, it could be a very rewarding path. However, technical writing courses in the UK can open Pandora’s box for you. 


Many technical centers have developed various Information Technology (IT) courses. Because IT experts are in high demand, the number of technical colleges in the UK is growing. However, besides the IT profession, digital Content Writing is the world’s most in-demand sector today. It’s simply the process of generating content for the digital realm.

Blog writing, article writing, technical writing, medical writing, and other forms of content creation are all examples of content creation. No matter what your goal is, there is a technical writing course that can help you learn basic and advanced information. In this post, we list and discuss the most well-known technical writing courses in the UK.


Why Learn Technical Writing?

Technical writers are active learners. You need to know a lot about the subject because part of the job is to explain complicated things in simple language. Alternatively, be willing to learn about it. Technical writing improves your sense of user empathy. It lets you concentrate on how readers or customers feel about a product rather than what you believe. 

Contributing to organizations might help you earn money as a technical writer. Smashing Magazine, Twilio, AuthO, and Stack Overflow are just some companies that will pay you to write for them. In addition, technical writing courses in the UK will open the doors of opportunity. 

You may also contribute to open-source communities and engage in compensated open-source initiatives such as Google’s Season of Docs and Outreach. You can also do technical writing full-time; many companies need people with those skills. A technical writer’s average income in 2020 was $74,650. In that year, the top 25% earned $95,690, while the bottom 25% earned $57,960.


Skills Required for Technical Writers

  • Understand how to use good English: Before writing in English, you need to know its tenses, spellings, and basic sentence structure. Your readers do not want to read an article that is filled with grammatical errors and crappy word choices.
  • Understand how to express things simply and clearly: Knowing how to create a feature does not always imply that you can explain the process to others. To be a successful instructor, you must be sympathetic and can explain or define words in ways that are appropriate for your target audience.
  • Have some writing abilities: writers are created rather than born. You may not realize you can write until you put pen to paper or fingers to keypad. And the only way to find out whether you have some writing ability is to write.


Who Should Enroll in the Technical Writing Courses in the UK

Technical writing courses in the UK are well-rounded and appropriate for both novices and seasoned writers who have dabbled in professional business writing. Even though the courses cover the basics, they only spend a little time on theory before moving on to teaching how things work in real life.

It’s also a good starting point for authors who aren’t sure if technical writing is their path. Aside from teaching valuable skills, the courses debunk many common misconceptions about technical writers.

Numerous terminology and words are difficult for laymen to grasp in a certain subject. Thus, this technical writer does their magic to make it simple and easy to understand. Many excellent courses are available to help you become a professional technical writer.


Other Best Courses Available in the UK:


Below is a List of the Five Best Technical Writing Courses in the Uk That Can Help You Advance Your Profession


1. Technical Writing Courses in the UK – IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS  is a popular institute for Technical Writing courses in the UK. It is a live classroom course with a one-month internship following the course’s completion. The lectures are interactive, where participants are able to ask questions while still in the session.

The Technical Writing Course best suits information technology experts. However, anyone who wants to change careers is welcome, and they will get the right kind of help and supervision so they can study well. IIM SKILLS includes numerous tools that are necessary for technical writing.

The course lasts 5 weeks and is taught Live online. There are 20 hours of lectures and more than 60 hours of practical projects. They will provide you with industry-standard software tools as well as internship opportunities. They also have a specialized placement cell, and the content of their courses matches that of Google and other major MNC recruiters.


So, what do you get?

  • Internship for one month guaranteed.
  • Lifetime Assistance (Consulting & Technical).
  • Job/Freelance Portfolio Development
  • Creating Your First White Paper.
  • Scholarly Paper or Book Chapter Publication
  • Create Your First Technical Blog on the Times of India Blog.


To make TWMC one of the best Technical Writing courses in the UK, the premium-quality, one-of-a-kind courseware is articulately crafted by mentors with substantial expertise in technical writing. Moreover, the course is curated per industry standards, ensuring that those who complete it are job ready. Technical writing, DITA, XML, Markdown, Github, Robohelp, FrameMaker, creative design, technical documentation, DDLC, versioning, and referencing are among the skills you will acquire.


TWMC Curriculum:

  • Shed additional light on technical writing: It is a common fallacy that it is restricted to producing user manuals. This course will teach you to be an expert in various technical writing styles.
  • Technical Reports: Learn to produce formal reports summarizing a project’s method, outcome, or progress. Technical papers are frequently classified as grey literature.
  • White Papers and Journals: White papers, like eBooks, are in-depth studies and guides on certain topics. Learn how to scan a topic’s length and breadth to help readers understand and solve problems. When creating long-form material for commercial objectives, learn to create white papers in a way that influences customer decision-making.
  • Scientific Research: This is self-explanatory; how to create peer-reviewed, correct scientific research articles while adhering to all of the strict requirements. These are frequently carried out in partnership with specialists from the fields of medicine, science, engineering, and so on.
  • Conversational Writing: With all of the heavy-duty computer jargon, learning how to utilize a conversational tone in technical writing is beneficial. It is engaging in otherwise serious subjects.
  • API documentation: API is an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. Learn the best practices for API documentation, which aids developers in understanding its functioning.
  • Medical Writing: All healthcare portals, organizations, periodicals, and journals require medical writers that can create well-structured materials based on clinical research.


The course is one of the top technical writing courses in the UK. It will give you the foundation you need to reduce complicated topics and transform them into user-friendly, easy-to-understand documents. The teachers are extremely qualified and knowledgeable about the subject. Students get unrestricted access to the class, and the lectures are simple to follow. When you’re done with the course, you’ll get a certificate that lets you apply for jobs.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


2. Technical Writing Courses in the UK – University of Limerick

This online course is designed to provide students with little to no background in technical communication with a flexible path to formal recognition of their skills. Students will not only learn how to write but also how important visuals, cultural awareness, layout, and design are in the field of technical writing.


The Precise Goals Are:

  • The course gives students learning technical communication online a solid foundation in theory and practice.
  • The goal is to prepare students for careers as technical writers in various fields.
  • Those who may not now have the necessary credentials in technical communication will have the opportunity to get their credentials while working from home.


Graduates Will Be Able to Do the Following After Completing the Course:

  • Conceive and disseminate courseware.
  • Try out a few other multimedia programs.
  • Take charge of challenging design and writing tasks.
  • Ensure your writing is error-free and exact.


Admission Requirements:

Standard entry requirements for the course include a bachelor’s degree in any field. You’ll stand out from the crowd if you have experience in technical writing or instructional design. Applicants without a degree can apply for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) consideration by filling out the standard application form and showing proof of relevant past learning and experience.


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3. Technical Writing Courses in the UK – Reed Courses

Studybooth is giving you a discount to boost your qualifications without breaking the bank. This package is for you if you’ve been struggling to get the information and skills you need to succeed in freelance technical writing. This Freelance Technical Writers Bundle, put together by Reed Courses, is packed with cutting-edge strategies and information that will boost your reputation in every way.

  • The need for freelance technical writers has increased significantly in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue soon.
  • As the need for freelance technical writers continues to rise, more and more people are drawn to the field.
  • This attractive package will help you to naturally adopt all the characteristics of a seasoned pro in this field.
  • To aid you in your studies, their website has compiled an extensive digital library of study aids.
  • Our qualified instructors can break down complex topics into manageable chunks that even a beginner can easily digest.
  • Your present position will be highlighted, and you will receive reliable information and updates to take you where you want to be.


Who is the Target Audience for This Class:

This Freelance Technical Writers package is ideal if you’re looking for a niche in the market or want to learn everything there is to know about this field from the ground up. Anyone may benefit from taking part and adding to their resume. Taking this class does not require any prior knowledge or experience.


Results of Study:

All students who complete the instructive programs will-

  • Realize their place as Freelancers.
  • Acquire strong verbal and social abilities to impress potential employers.
  • Learn to prioritize their tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Look at the progress they’ve made in technology here.
  • Improve their results by manipulating the appropriate software.
  • Improve their leadership abilities to motivate their team to do better.
  • Get the training needed to give their career a boost.
  • Respect their responsibilities under the law and the code of ethics in this field.


Formal Evaluation:

Reed courses have an automated assessment system that makes it simple for students to get grades and credentials. After completing your online course, you will get immediate access to a custom-made MCQ test or assignment. A quick evaluation will be performed, and the results will be shown for your inspection. A score of 60% or higher is required to pass each exam.


Professional Development:

This package is designed to assist freelance Technical Writers in advancing their careers by providing in-depth knowledge of the UK labor market. In addition, you may expect substantial growth in your present field.


4. Technical Writing Courses in the UK – ACS Distance Education

Enrolling in ACS’s Technical Writing program is a great way to hone your writing abilities in various contexts, including formal reports, technical documents, and academic and professional papers.

Anyone serious about a career in technical writing or who wants to improve their writing abilities should take this course.

  • Study the many approaches to writing.
  • Develop skills in issues solving, such as technical jargon, attention, and concise writing.
  • Learn the distinctions between teamwork, in-house, and outsourcing.
  • Beneficial for career development, continuing professional education, or general curiosity.
  • Become proficient in writing for a variety of platforms.
  • This course may be completed in 100 hours at your leisure.
  • You may jump in whenever you want and learn anywhere you like.


Students in this course will learn to write clearly and concisely on technical topics for both academic and lay audiences. Writing for various print media (magazines, newspapers, technical journals), proposals, instructional manuals, marketing materials, and more are all within the scope of technical writing courses in the UK.

Writing issues (such as technical jargon, attention, and writing simply) and methods of operation are among ACS’s primary areas of study (collaborative, in-house, contract). When students finish this course, they should be better equipped to produce commercial products and adapt to a wider range of settings.

Participants in the course can be current authors, aspiring writers, and employees interested in incorporating technical writing into their work duties.


Course Outline:

It doesn’t matter when you start the course. Remote learning allows you to study at your own convenience and speed from the convenience of your own home. While this may be true, it doesn’t imply you must study in isolation. If you need assistance, just ask one of their knowledgeable instructors. They help you clear all your doubts and queries.

The student is expected to complete a series of activities and hand in an assignment at the end of each class. The tutor will grade the work and provide it back to the student with feedback and recommendations.

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


5. Technical Writing Courses in the UK – Cherryleaf

Cherryleaf’s online Technical Author/technical writing course is well regarded for its thorough coverage of the topic and low tuition fee. You’ll have more faith in your writing abilities and in your ability to produce work that adheres to standards.

Using their reviewed evaluations feature, you may acquire critiques of your work from professionals. You will learn the areas in which you are succeeding and the areas in which you may improve.


Who Should Take This Class

If any of the following describes your current situation, then this course is for you:

  • Make it simple to generate guides and manuals for end users.
  • Learn the basics of drafting technical documents.
  • Learn the ins and outs of becoming a Technical Author.

This course is designed for novice technical writers and those with some expertise in the field who have never received formal training. Also helpful for anyone considering a career change into Technical Writing.


What Exactly Are You Going to Study:

The creation of technical documentation is the focus of this training. You will study and apply:

  • Meaning and significance of technical writing.
  • All of the paperwork involved. Let’s go through the process step by step. We go through everything from brainstorming to editing to indexing to final printing.
  • Competencies are necessary for a career in technical writing.
  • A guide on maximizing productivity. With this structure in place, you can better manage your time.
  • Methods for improving productivity in the workplace. We’ll teach you to write and design in a style that is clear, concise, informative, and easy to use.


There are 15 lessons in the course that you can take in any order and at your leisure. The course materials are presented online in bite-sized video presentations. The videos may be stopped at any moment, and the course can be resumed whenever convenient. These are packed with real-world examples and actionable advice. All course materials are available for download as either Word or PDFs.

Throughout the course, you’ll be assigned a project to complete. The opportunity to apply what you’ve learned is invaluable. A teacher will be available to provide feedback on your practice sessions if you choose.




Q1. How can I learn Technical Writing?

The ability to communicate effectively via written work is the first and foremost talent required of every technical writer. To become a better writer, taking a course in technical writing is extremely undervalued yet vital. Reading is crucial because it allows you to expand your vocabulary, learn about new developments in the literary field, and keep the love of literature alive. You may study technical writing at universities and libraries until you’re blue in the face, but it won’t make you a writer. The only way to become a writer is to write.


Q2. How much money does a typical technical writer in India make?

Across India, technical writers earn a median annual pay of INR 4.97 lakh. The base salary for this position is INR 2.29 lakh per year, potentially increasing to INR 10 lakh per year via profit sharing and incentive structures. Due to the explosion of new technology businesses over the last several years, the need for skilled technical writers has been overgrown. The fact that The Economic Times ranked it as one of 2017’s top-paid occupations indicates the sector’s financial attractiveness.


Q3. Can I become a technical writer without a college education?

To join the field, most technical writers require a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, it helps to be familiar with technical subjects like science or engineering.


Q4. Do I need any prior experience to enter the field of technical writing?

You can become a technical writer even if you don’t have any prior experience, but you’ll need to get some training first. Classes, whether in person or online, are essential for anybody hoping to further their knowledge and skills.



Back in the day, technical writing just included the documentation of software manuals and other forms of instructional material like user manuals. However, the original concept has been refined due to recent developments in science and technology. As a result, modern technical writers deal with various topics and ideas. No matter what area you work in, you’ll need to report your findings in writing following a project’s completion, periodically or yearly. The bottom line might take a hit if data is misrepresented or presented incorrectly. On the other hand, you can stay ahead of the pack if you take the time to hone your clear and concise writing abilities.

The more skills you have, the better. Even if you have some experience as a content writer, becoming a technical writer requires learning and using additional tools for processing and documentation. This may propel your career and elevate your standing inside a company. Moreover, those who come to the United Kingdom to further their education will be among some of the world’s most brilliant brains. Technical writing courses in the UK will pave your way to a prosperous lifestyle. 

You’ll have the unique opportunity to mingle with more than 200,000 students worldwide, exposing you to new perspectives and cultures in a diverse setting. The United Kingdom’s urban centers and rural communities provide a broad range of attractions, from museums and galleries to food and music festivals, to ensure that you never run out of activities while you’re here for your studies.

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