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Top 3 Technical Writing Courses in Vietnam With Certificates

Writing has always been loved by the people who are fond of it. There are many different styles of writing that a writer uses. From poetry and story writing to blogging, every style is unique from each other. But when it comes to technical writing, it is a little bit different than other styles of writing. Technical writing is mainly used in technical and occupational fields such as hardware and software, architecture, engineering, finance, medical, etc. As this writing is different from others, you need to have detailed information and knowledge about it. If you want to be a professional writer then stay tuned. There are top 3 technical writing courses in Vietnam listed below.

As well as after the completion of the technical writing courses in Vietnam, you can get an approved certificate. Besides this, you may also get a chance to get a job as they offer assured placement opportunities. Let’s talk about the technical writing courses in Vietnam, what technical writing types are, the job roles for a technical writer, how and where it is used, and the importance and benefits of it.


What is Technical Writing?


If it is to be said in simple words, technical writing is making complex topics simpler to guide the end users of the product. In technical writing, the knowledge of a product is given by the writer in easy words instead of the jargon that may confuse them.


” A technical writer is like a ladder between developers and the customers.”


Technical writing is tough, but as it is a growing field, technical writers are high in demand. So as discussed above, a writer can shape his future if he sticks to it and does genuine efforts. Because developers’ products would not be of any use if consumers are not acknowledged of how to operate them properly, this needs a powerful eye to analyze each detail and word that create high-quality content.


The best technical writing courses in Vietnam will help you to improve your skill and to channelize your growth as a technical writer. Let’s discuss the types of technical writing.


Types of Technical Writing:


Technical writing deals with the technical language which means it simplifies complex topics and provides end users with valuable how-to guides. There are main 3 most common types of technical writing which are as under:


  1. Traditional
  2. End-User Documentation
  3. Technical Marketing Content


1. Traditional Technical Writing:

In traditional technical writing, the content is written specifically for professional audiences. The experts of traditional technical writing rely on repair manuals and research papers.


Types of Traditional Technical Writing Are as Follows:


  • Science and Medical Papers:

Scientists who do research and get results to collaborate with technical writers. With the help of technical writing, it is easy to make it understandable to the practitioners. The results get published in medical journals. As it gets published in medical journals, every detail in the presentation of material should be accurate.


2. Professional Reports And Reviews:

Technical writers’ work is not just limited to writing science and medical papers, but they also assist in creating reports for business growth and educational institutes. Examples of it include business reports, legal case reviews, and personal activity reports.


2. End-User Documentation:

Whenever we purchase any product, we look for a written explanation of it. This “how-to “information is written to help us understand and operate products correctly. A technical writer uses his skill and breaks down technological terms and makes them easy to understand. After all, a good product is useless if you just don’t know how to properly use it. Examples of end-user documents are as follows:


  • Assembly Guidelines:

Assembly guidelines are useful when a new product is purchased. As you are not acknowledged of how to physically set up the product, technical writers write clear and user-friendly step-to-step guides for the users. Assembly guidelines that come with any product we purchased halves the job.


  • Technical Books:

Technical books are mainly written for software products. The instruction written by the technical writer is helpful to understand ins and outs of a product.


3. Technical Marketing Content:

Technical writing can be the most useful category to choose for a job if you have enough knowledge about this. Because operating any machinery developed by developers will not be of any use if consumers don’t know how to operate it. So technical writers are like a bridge for products among consumers and businesses.


White Papers:

At which level a company is successful with a certain product or service is highlighted in the white papers of a company. Technical writers provide solutions by investigating the problems of a specific audience and integrating a company’s product.


Case Studies:

Case studies help know how a business has met its goals with the help of a product. Case studies are experience reports.



Brochures give a detailed and deep level of information to their readers about products on functions, descriptions, and uses.


Job Roles For Technical Writers:


  1. Brainstorming
  2. Conducting Research
  3. Communicating Technical Information
  4. Analyzing Target Audience
  5. Designing
  6. Proofreading And Editing
  7. Communicating With Technical Staff
  8. Gathering Feedback


1. Brainstorming:

A technical writer has to follow the company’s content standards and the objective of the technical documents. For these, he has to brainstorm ideas to produce error-free documents. After the approval of the writer’s concept, they can further work on planning, drafting, and easy-to-read content.


2. Conducting Research:

As we know, conducting research is the primary job of a technical writer. For this, he has to acknowledge the consumers, manufacturers, and designers of a product or service during the process of research. He analyses the data that can be a valuable resource for readers after the completion of research and simplifies the complex terms.


3. Communicating Technical Information:

A technical writer has to create content keeping in mind that technical information should be aligned with the organization’s aim of conveying to users. With the growth of e-learning, technical writers have begun to write brief abstracts, reports, etc. They have started to write content for Finance, Aerospace Firms Manufacturing, and Biotechnology Enterprises.


4. Analyzing Target Audience :

As a technical writer, it is his job to identify the needs of the target audience. The target audience could be managers, experts, or technicians by keeping in mind the type of audience and the complexity level of content written. A technical writer should write according to the guidelines of the client to meet the product’s style, voice, or tone.


5. Designing:

As a technical writer, the information which he tries to provide to the consumers should be well designed. If written documents include infographics, charts, images, and diagrams, headings will get more compliments. Nowadays with more traffic on the site, it is important to convey visual information that may improve the readability and make the site more scannable.


6. Proofreading And Editing:

Before submitting, proofreading is necessary because it helps in preventing errors in a written document. It ensures that the final draft is suitable, understandable, and valuable to the target audiences. A technical writer has to examine numbers, statistics, and facts to ensure that they are accurate. For this, he has to be up to date with the latest research and should be aware of technological updates.


7. Communicating With Technical Staff:

To write accurate information about a product or service, a technical writer needs to communicate with the technical staff. Sometimes it happens that a new product that a company wishes to launch has no similar products in the market. At that time, a technical writer has to communicate with the technical team and creators of the product.


8. Gathering Feedback:

Feedback is always expected from the consumers to know whether the product has met their expectations of them or not. But in technical writing, a writer gathers user feedback to verify that the content matches the reader’s expectations or not. Reader’s feedback helps understand what they are looking for and the changes can be made accordingly.


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Top 3 Online Technical Writing Courses in Vietnam:


Many institutions teach you technical writing courses in Vietnam, where you can apply and learn at your convenience and from any corner of the world.


 1 IIM Skills:


IIM Skills is one of the most excellent institutions to learn online technical writing courses in Vietnam. It is one of the globally leading organizations that teaches the fundamentals of technical writing to its students. Not just technical writing courses, but they are available with various courses that help enhance your inner skills.


If you apply for the technical writing course from IIM skills, you may get a chance to learn from experienced coaches who are from various industries. These experts are ready to help you step by step with their guidance and will support you through their tips, instructions, and valuable feedback. A Free demo class is also available to know more in detail about the course.


About Course:

The Technical Writing Course from IIM Skills is 5 weeks live online course. Besides this, you have 20 hours of lectures and 60+ hours of practical assignments with the software tools.


You Get the Following Benefits by Applying for the Technical Writing Course:

  • Guaranteed internship for a month.
  • You will get consulting and technical support from the team for a lifetime.
  • Portfolio development for getting a job or as a freelancer.
  • Chance to publish your first White Paper.


What Will You Learn to Write?

Technical writing is not just limited to writing manuals or instructions, but it is vast. Learning technical writing course from IIM Skills in Vietnam will make you an expert in various forms of technical writing such as:


  1. Technical Reports
  2. White Papers / Journals
  3. Scientific Research
  4. Conversational Writing
  5. API Documentation
  6. Medical Writing


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Course Fees:

44,26,011.49 Vietnamese Dongs


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2. Udemy:


Udemy is one of the prestigious institutions to learn technical writing. You can learn technical writing online on Udemy at your own pace. Expert coaches on Udemy will help you to learn and improve your skills. It gives lifetime access to the content after getting registered. In addition to this, Udemy offers a wide range of technical writing courses. 


Information About Some of the Technical Writing Courses:


1. Business Writing And Technical Writing:

In this course, students will learn how to plan, structure, outline, write, edit and deliver effective business and technical writing. This course contains 16 sections and 40 lectures, which is of 4 hours 38 minutes in total length.


Course Fee: 10,09,255.24 Vietnamese Dong


2. Technical Report Writing:

In this course, students will learn how to write a professional technical report. In addition to this, they will learn drafting structure, language, layout, design, and production. This course mainly focuses on practical skills. This course contains 7 sections and 19 lectures which is 2 hours and 19 minutes in total length. By the end of the course, students will get a certificate of completion.


Course Fee: 3,85,708.28 Vietnamese Dong


Other Courses Available:

  • Web Development Course
  • Product Management Course
  • Personal Development Courses
  • And many more.


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3. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is one of the well-known academies to learn technical writing courses in Vietnam. At Henry Harvin, you can learn from the most respected industry experts who have experience of more than 15 years. You may also get a chance to avail 1-year Golden membership of Henry Harvin Writing Academy while learning technical writing courses in Vietnam.


The course features the components that decide the level of detail and how to compose distinctive specialized reports such as Research reports, Progress reports, Lab reports counseling reports, etc. The course contains 36 hours of two-way live online classroom sessions. You can get internship assistance to gain practical experience in learning. In addition to this, after completion of the technical writing courses in Vietnam at Henry Harvin, you will get a certificate for it.


What You Will Learn?

  • Different kinds of Literature Review
  • Ability to prepare comprehensive Research proposals.
  • Learn to communicate with a non-technical audience.
  • Ability to write a thesis and research paper.


Course Fees: 45,40,350 Vietnamese Dong.


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Career Scope For A Technical Writer:


After completion of the technical writing courses in Vietnam, you may choose any of the following as a career. There are several choices.


  1. Content Developer
  2. Content Writer
  3. Information Designer
  4. Technical Communicator
  5. Manual Writer
  6. Documentation Specialist


1. Content Developer:

A content developer is involved in writing blog posts, video content, and technical aspects such as SEO and HTML formatting. Content developers research, write and edit online content for marketing. They are also responsible for web development.


2. Content Writer:

A content writer writes unique, informative, and engaging articles to help brands showcase their products. A content writer writes blog posts, press release ebooks, product description web content, social media posts, etc.


3. Information Designer:

The work of an information designer is to present information by creating infographics, graphics, charts and maps to make it easy to understand by a variety of users. He tries to present the information effectively and efficiently by keeping in mind the requirements of a client’s functional and business needs.


4. Technical Communicator:

A technical communicator’s job is to translate complex technical product or service information into simple as well as understandable information. As said before they are like a ladder between business and consumers. Technical communication does not translate from one language to another but from technical to non-technical. As per the recent trends, they also provide online tutorials.


5. Manual Writer:

A manual writer maintains records and files of work and revisions. A manual writer organizes material and completes writing assignments according to set standards.


6. Documentation Specialist:

The main work of a documentation specialist is to manage office documents. They are responsible for organizing systems, retrieving documents upon request, and outlining a long-term storage strategy.


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Why is Technical Writing Important?


In today’s time, technical writing is one of the best options to have a brightening career for a writer. It’s in great demand. As we know that it’s an era of technology, and the demand for technical writers is increasing day by day. And with the update in technology, someone needs to explain all these things.


In all industries and businesses, goods and services are getting more complicated and high-tech day by day. A technical writer is needed to make others explain how to use gadgets and systems in a simple language. For example, all of us use mobile phones these days. Whenever we purchase a new mobile phone, it comes with booklets to tell us how to operate it.


Technical writing is not imaginary writing. It’s a straightforward way of writing. A technical writer’s work is not easy at all. He creates and edits user guides, troubleshooting information, and release notes, which contain new features and notifications of a product.



Benefits Of Being A Technical Writer:


As all of us know that technical writing is in high demand because any products or services need a written description that only a technical writer can do. So being a technical writer has lots of benefits. Generally, a technical writer doesn’t write for his benefit. But still, he could be rewarded with many benefits.


After Completing the Technical Courses in Vietnam, You May Get the Following Benefits.


1. Handsome Earning :

By using his skill and expertise, a technical writer can earn $76,225 on average as per PayScale. But it varies from company to company. And mainly it depends on the writer’s experience.


2. Creative Job:

For some people, a technical writing job is not fun at all. And that’s true. Because in technical writing you can’t imagine things. It is based on reality. A technical writer has to deal with different graphic tools and creates images, audio, files, video files, charts, diagrams, etc. Every day technical writers face new challenges. That’s why it is a creative job.


3. Unique Set Of Skills You Learn:

A good technical writer should possess a set of skills such as an analytical mind, and the ability to interact with a team of doctors, engineers, and scientists. A career in technical writing leads you towards any self-development.


4. No Need for a Technical Background:

For being a technical writer, you just need to have good research skills and be passionate about writing. You should know how and from where together necessary information.


5. No Need for a Special Degree:

You don’t need a special degree for being a technical writer. But it doesn’t mean that you do not need appropriate knowledge. You need to be updated with the everyday changes that come with technology. It might help you in becoming a great technical writer.


FAQs About Technical Writing Courses in Vietnam


1. What qualifications do you need to be a technical writer?

You need not hold any special degree for this but a good command of the English language is preferred and have basic knowledge regarding the technology. If you are passionate about the niche, you can surely be a technical writer by enrolling in technical writing courses in Vietnam.


2. Is technical writing a good career?

Technical writing is one of the most demanded careers nowadays. People who are having basic knowledge and interest in technology can apply for the course. After the completion of the technical writing courses in Vietnam, you can get a rewarding career both in terms of job and money.


3. Is technical writing difficult?

The work of a technical writer is to simplify complicated concepts into easy-to-understand documents. It’s a more straightforward writing style than other styles of writing. It is not that difficult for the person who knows its requirements. You can learn the skills and gain knowledge about the requirements by enrolling in technical writing courses in Vietnam.




Choosing your career as a technical writer seems to be hard in beginning but applying for the course and paying proper attention with hard work will pay off. With new inventions every day, the demand for technical writers will surely increase. Because people will need technical writers to understand the complex terms. Hope this article may help you to understand the concept of technical writing and assist you to choose the best one among the many available technical writing courses in Vietnam.

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