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Top 7 SEO Free Courses For Beginners

With the world becoming digital, users reach out to the internet more than they do before. Content creators on the other hand are pushing a plethora of data every day. But, what do you think makes the creator’s content reach a wide range of users? What do you suppose would make the creator’s content rank on the first page of google? As assumed, it’s SEO, Search Engine Optimization. With the world evolving digital, SEO for your content is as basic as the alphabet you use. SEO courses are the need of an hour, explicitly SEO Free courses if you are a beginner. 


What is Search Engine Optimization?


With people conducting a minimum of trillion searches every day, Search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy used to optimize the search. It helps in increasing the visibility of your article, brand, or services on the digital front. The optimized search engine not only provides visibility but also calls for action and increases revenue.


How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?


We search for a million things a day. And, in case you want to search “the best SEO free courses” – You go to google and run the search. Here is where search engine optimization comes into work. SEO is used to help you read the right article at the right time from a plethora of data available on the internet.


Keywords, backlinks, off-page SEO, and content are the key to search engine optimization. Botos avail all these to rank the articles pushed on to the google every day. And these ranks are used to display the data on the pages of google. Search engine optimization is dynamic, and the rank of the page is more dynamic. 


Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?


  • Visibility and Ranking 

The results of the products and services listed on the first page of google are considered more credible than those listed on the next pages. Moreover, the first three-four listings on the first page are considered a lot more reliable. SEO is a way to provide this reliability and credibility to your product or service organically.  


  • Organic Reach 

Search engine optimization increases organic reach. And an increased organic reach is an indication of increased potential sales. The more your product is listed on the top of the search engine without any paid advertisement, it is known to the users organically.


  • Trust Building 

As mentioned earlier Search engine optimization aids in placing the product and service on the top and helps in increasing the visibility of the product. The increased visibility assists in building trust in the project.


Top 7 Free SEO Courses


1. Welcome to SEO Unlocked by Neil Patel 


SEO unlocked is a free SEO course developed by Neil Patel. Neil Patel is the best-selling author in New York Times. Known to be a top influencer by Wall street journal, he is considered one of the top ten marketers by Forbes. He was recognized by President Obama as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30. 


Key Topics covered as part of Welcome to SEO unlocked


S.No Phase/Module Description 
Phase 1 – Setup 
Module 1 
1Lesson 1: SEO Introduction 1. The 3 keys to winning Online

2. SERP Packs explained

3. How to win in Local SEO

2Lesson 2: Keyword Research 1. What do you want to accomplish with

2. Your Search Traffic

3. My Bet is You’re doing keyword research wrong

4. Google Keyword planner

5. Matching your goal with your customer’s goal

6. 5 steps to keyword success

Module 2
3Lesson 3: OnPage & Technical SEO1. Optimising your on-page elements on google

2. Cleaning up your site with an SEO audit 

3. Thin content 

4. Broken links

5. Schema

6. Robots and Indexing 

7. Making your site Mobile optimized

8. How to speed up your site page speed 

9. How to find and hire the big help phase phase

Phase 2 – Execute
Module 3
4Lesson 4: Content Marketing 1. Understand Content marketing 

2. Writing to your ideal audience 

3. Writing Introduction

4. Editing your copy

5. The power of storytelling 

6. Stages of awareness 

Module 4
5Lesson 5: Content Marketing 1. Generating content ideas

2. Mastering different content types

3. Content Marketing Frameworks that work 

4. Writing For Email

5. Writing For Social Media

6. Guest Blogging

7. Hiring Writers 

Module 5
6Lesson 6: Link Building 1. What is Link Building 

2. What is a Good Link 

3. Authority 

4. Black Hat Links 

5. How to clean up your link profile 

6. How to Do Outreach The Right  Way

7. Email Outreach Templates 

8 . How to Get Journalists / Bloggers on Your Side  

9. Link Building Case Studies

Phase 3 – Optimise
Module 6 
7Lesson 7: Mastering Uber suggest
  1. Google Search Control
  2. Google Analytics
Module 7
8Lesson 8: Branding and customer experience  1. What is Your Brand Message

2. Value Proposition

 3. User Engagement Optimization Tips  4 . Conversion Optimization Building  5. Relationships Over Email  

6. Power of Word of Mouth 


Why Should You Enroll in Their SEO Free Courses?

  • 100% free course
  • Instructed by the experts in the industry 
  • Self-paced
  • A personal goal sheet to track your progress
  • Strategy sheet and framework in pdf


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2. Free SEO Courses for Beginners by Yoast


Started with a mission to provide SEO training to everyone, Yoast helps website owners attract more traffic through search engine optimization. Almost everywhere, out of three WordPress holders are using the Yoast plugin for their website. SEO for beginners by Yoast is the best course to start the learning. 


Key Topics Covered as Part of SEO for Beginners by Yoast


S.NoCourse ContentTopics Included
1What is SEO  1. Search Engine 

2. Holistic SEO

3. The Yoast SEO plugin

2Content SEO1. Keyword research

2. CopyWriting

3. Site structure

3Technical SEO1. Crawlability

2 . Bonus: Practical site speed tips

3. Richresultst and structured data

4. Eager to learn more about technical SEO


Why Should you Enroll in their SEO Free Courses?

  • 100% free course
  • Best for the beginners
  • Self-paced
  • Mostly used SEO plugin 


3. Become an SEO Expert by LinkedIn


LinkedIn assists you in becoming an SEO expert. In the brief, LinkedIn states that – SEO expert plays a vital role in helping companies build their businesses and attract new customers through web traffic. Through this free course from LinkedIn, you will learn the fundamentals of SEO, ways to analyze and optimize your site and create a strategy for your SEO efforts. There are multiple benefits under LinkedIn’s ‘Become an SEO expert’ course.


Key Courses as Part of Becoming an SEO Expert by LinkedIn


S.NoSub-Courses Included 
1Learning Local SEO by Sherry Bonelli
2SEO: Keyword strategy by Matt Bailey
3SEO: Link Building by Anson Alexander
4SEO: Foundation by David Booth
5SEO: Videos by Mat Bailey
6International SEO by David Booth
7SEO: Optimise your social media profiles by Sam Dey
8Marketing tools: SEO by Sam Dey
9Technical SEO by Dana DiTomaso
10SEO: Ecommerce Strategies by Sam Dey


Note: The above courses are free on LinkedIn with the LinkedIn subscription. Yet, if you are availing of the free trial for a month, all these could be availed free. This is the best thing to start the trail with. 


4. Semrush SEO Toolkit by Semrush


Started in 2008 as a group of SEO and IT specialists, Semrush started with a mission to make online competition fair and transparent. Now, it is a globally recognized platform that helps marketers grow their visibility online. Semrush provides a lot of courses for the users on SEO. SEO toolkit by Semrush is an SEO-free course that provides you with a valuable certificate. 


Key Topics Covered as Part of Semrush SEO Toolkit by Semrush


1Organic Research
2Keyword Analytics
4Organic Traffic Insights
1Keyword Magic tool
2SEO Content Template
3On-Page SEO Checker
4PDF Report
1Position Tracking
2Site Audit
3Backlink Audit
4Content analyzer 


Apart from the Above, Semrush also Offers SEO Free Courses like

  • SEO fundamentals course by Greg Gifford
  • Growing your SEO agency with Semrush by Greg Gifford 
  • Content led SEO by Brain Dean
  • On-page and technical SEO course
  • Keyword research course by Greg Gifford


Why Should you Enroll in this Course?

  • 100% free course
  • Course instructed by hands-on experts 
  • Self-paced
  • Semrush provides tool kits for a few courses


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5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialization by Coursera


SEO specialization by Coursera is offered by the  UC Davis University of California. 


Key Topics Covered as Part of SEO Free Courses ‘SEO specialization’ by Coursera


1Introduction to Google SEOThis course introduces you to the fundamentals of how Google’s search engine works. How dynamically is the search engine working and it’s expected to work in the future. 
2Google SEO fundamentals This course helps in gaining a clear understanding of search engine algorithms. Users will learn the key elements for creating an effective SEO strategy. 
3Optimizing a website for google searchThis course helps in optimizing the website, analyzing the application of appropriate keywords and learning strategies for setting goals and client/stakeholder expectations, building effective analytics and reports, and communicating SEO improvements.
4Advanced content and social Tactics to optimize SEOThis course helps in understanding the interconnecting channels and ecosystem between content marketing and social media
5Google SEO capstone project This course is a solid foundation in SEO and its different elements comprising a website optimization client report, and arm. You develop a tactical approach to SEO.


Why Should you Enroll in this Course?

  • Shareable certificate
  • 100% free course
  • Flexible schedule
  • Beginner level


6. SEO Free Courses by Moz


Moz believes in earning customers rather than buying them, they believe in a better way of marketing. At Moz, they are passionate about helping people earn customers by focusing on search engine optimization. Moz assists you and your business by teaching simplifying SEO for everyone. Moz is formerly known to be SEO Moz. Most of the professional courses at Moz are around Search engine optimization.


Below Are the Various Options for Learning About  SEO Courses:

  1. Beginner’s Guide to SEO
  2. SEO learning center 
  3. On-demand webinars 
  4. How-to Guides 
  5. Moz Academy 


Key Topics Covered as Part of the SEO Free Courses ‘SEO Training’ by Moz


S.NoChapter Brief 
1Chapter 1: SEO 101The chapter gives an introduction to what SEO is and its importance.
2Chapter 2: How search engines workThe chapter provides a brief about SEO crawling, indexing, and ranking
3Chapter 3: Keyword searchChapters about what your audience is searching for and what they want to find
4Chapter 4: SEO OptimisationThis chapter helps in research to craft your message to resonate with your audience.
5Chapter 5: Technical SEOThis chapter provides basic technical knowledge to optimize your site for search engines and establish credibility.
6Chapter 6: Link BuildingThis chapter helps to expand the influence by earning the attention and links from the other sites and influences.
7Chapter 7: Measuring, prioritizing, and executing SEOThis chapter helps you understand how to keep a check of the framework we built for our SEO and measure, prioritize and execute it. 


Note: Maybe the courses at Moz come free with a membership that is affordable. But, Moz also offers a 30-day free trial and the beginner’s guide to SEO is a preferred course to start with. Moz also offers SEO tools


Why Should you Enroll in their SEO Free Courses

  • Provided by experts
  • 100% free course
  • Beginner level
  • Also, provides other courses on SEO 


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7. SEO Free Courses by Hubspot


HubSpot provides a free ‘SEO certificate course’. It is mainly helpful for Marketers, Content Creators, and anyone looking to skill up in SEO. It is a detailed course with 6 lessons and 26 videos. 


S.NoCourse Components Description
1SEO basics This component helps us understand how SEO works- How search engines like Google crawl, index, and rank web pages. You will also gain knowledge on how to create the right SEO strategy
2On-page and technical SEOThis component helps in optimizing your website for search engines to crawl and index. It explains how internal links impact SEO
3Keyword research for SEOThis lesson details the purpose of keyword research and how it can enhance your content strategy. It explains the topic cluster content strategy. 
4Link Building for SEO: Scaling your backlink StrategyThis component teaches about building links for your page. It helps us understand how to calculate the number of links a particular web page needs to rank on page one of google.
5Optimizing your website results This course helps in understanding the structure of the search engine result pages. 
6SEO reporting This lesson helps you understand the tracking and reporting of efforts on Hubspot, Google Analytics, and google search console. 


Why Should you Enroll in their SEO Free Courses?

  • 100% free course
  • Beginner level
  • Also, provides other courses on SEO 
  • Provides certificate


List of a Few More SEO Free Courses:

  • SEO training course by Moz (This is also available on Udemy, provided by Moz)
  • Free SEO 6-Part Video Series by Moz
  • Website Performance Optimization by Udacity
  • SEO free Course by Reliablesoft

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Is SEO worth doing?

With developing entrepreneurs and the digital world rising exponentially, SEO is the need of the hour. It helps products and services earn customers, get an organic reach and increase credibility and visibility. Yes, it is worth it. 


Q2. Who should take up SEO Free courses?

Anyone interested could take up SEO-free courses. Most of them do not require any pre-requisite for the course. 


Q3. How are SEO experts paid?

SEO experts are paid as per their experience. A beginner-level SEO in India could expect a salary from 1.8 – 3.0 lakhs per annum. The salary increases with experience and domain of work. 




Search engine optimization is not running ads on social media for your products or services. Search engine optimization is all about earning your customers and building your potential customers organically by using optimized keywords. In the digital world, search engine optimization has become the best way to have an organic reach. It helps in gaining visibility, and credibility and increases income.


Though there are a plethora of courses that provide knowledge on SEO and SEO tools, it’s ideal to have a basic idea and hands-on before enrolling in high fee structured courses. The SEO-free courses not only give you a bird level view but also provide basic and advanced technical hands-on. You don’t become an expert by taking SEO-free courses. It requires practice, learning, and hands-on. You could make mistakes, you could make errors but in SEO you learn from them and move ahead. SEO isn’t an overnight or a time-framed course. SEO is a journey of learning. 

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