Top 5 Tally Certification Courses With Placement Assistance

Tally (Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards) is software that is used for accounting purposes. Tally is generally used to record all your daily details regarding the business data of your company or the business you own. It can be used by micro and medium types of entrepreneurs and enterprises. All enterprises use the specific tally software to manage their business details like transactions, purchases, sales, invoices, billing, payroll, TDS, GST, ERP, VAT, and CST, and also keep on tracking many more processes through the software. Now in India, the most famous tally software is Tally Prime. Before Tally Prime every one used Tally ERP 9. Read further to know about the best tally certification courses. 


Worried About Books of Accounts?

Here is the solution. Tally software will help you maintain your complete form of the book of accounts, financial statement, analysis, and much more. Every business owner must daily enter their single person’s balance sheet which holds Income, Expenditure, Assets, Liability, Cashflow, Purchase, Sales, Employee salary, and Conveyance for employees like tea, coffee, and whatever you spend, and the business must be entered in tally software as a daily process.

The main thing is to mention the daily stock of the products, next day purchase and sales also must need to be mentioned. So that it will be easy for you to track all your daily, monthly, and yearly profit & stock details elaborately.


Types of Tally Software

There are two types of tally software one released in 2009 and another released in 2020. They are

  • Tally ERP 9
  • Tally Prime


People are using both versions. Tally Prime is the updated version of Tally ERP 9. There are many differences between Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime. The following details contain the difference between Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime.


Why You Should Know The Difference Between Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime?

Before using software everyone should know the detailed information and their differences. Because both software has been widely used by most people in India. Some might be aware of those details and differences; some might not be aware of those details. So, this detailed description will be very useful for all before using both software. The following description contains the details and their differences.

As mentioned earlier Tally Prime is the latest version of Tally ERP 9. So, Tally Prime has many more updates and changes than Tally ERP 9.


Tally ERP 9Tally Prime
A long process of registering your business nameEase your registration process with your business name
Not so easy to understandIt is easy to understand
Lag in some of the processes of showing reportsVery fast showing details of report and analysis
It takes more time to complete the whole processIt takes less time to complete the whole process
Gateway Of Tally Options
It shows the transactions of accounting vouchers and inventory vouchersIt shows the transactions of vouchers and daybook
No shortcutsHas shortcuts and makes it easy to understand
It masters accounting info and inventory infoIt masters creating business, altering, and chart of accounts
It helps you to use import data and bankingIt helps you use banking


These are major differences between Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime.

There is more information on the pros and cons of Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime. Tally ERP 9 does not support mouse access and master creations in Tally ERP 9 will be a difficult task to do in the caparison of Tally Prime. There is one more thing, you cannot access the company details at the time of data feeding and analysis.

Well in Tally Prime you can access and modify the company details. Mailing and printing options are also available. Master creation will not be a difficult task for you to do. Tally Prime is a user-friendly software. You can import and export the details on every screen.

Tally Prime is generally used for data analysis, to generate more reports, to gather details of arithmetical accuracy, and much more in Tally Prime’s list. Do check out the specialties of both software. By the way, you may have a few questions in your mind. Well, we have answers to some of your questions. Check out below.


  • Can large-scale enterprises use this tally software?

No, because they have a wide source of income and a wide variety of business options. So big companies like TATA, Reliance, Adani, etc., cannot able to use either Tally ERP 9 or Tally Prime. Only micro and medium-scale enterprises can effectively utilize both the software’s Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime. Mainly Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime can be effectively used for the financial statement of the companies.


  • What is the single-person balance sheet?

A single-person balance sheet holds income, expenditure, assert, liability, cash flow, and more. This tally can be used by working professionals too. They can keep tracking their expenditure and by using tally software they can adequately keep their saving process. It will be very useful for them to help look into past and present expenses and avoid unwanted expenses in the future.


  • How do shortcuts differ in Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime?

In Tally ERP 9 key shortcuts do work but we couldn’t able to remember the key shortcuts. Tally Prime there is a minimal number of shortcuts which is very easy to remember. Shortcuts do work in both the software. The catch is in Tally ERP 9 there are a vast number of shortcuts which is hard to get in mind. As Tally Prime is the updated version, they made the shortcuts easier and some processes will directly lead you to the page you are looking for whereas in Tally ERP 9 only the shortcuts will help us lead to the page you are looking for. Of this, your process of work takes more time to complete in Tally ERP 9 and is much easier in Tally Prime.


  • If Tally Prime is the best, then why should we consider buying Tally ERP 9?

Tally Prime also has some disadvantages. Tally Prime is costly compared to the other software in the market. Even though Tally Prime is the updated version of Tally ERP 9. Tally Prime doesn’t support Mac OS. It does not work in Mac and it is the main drawback. Compared to Tally ERP 9 Tally Prime’s graphical representation is not good. It could have been better. Because Tally Prime the updated version of the software has a high hope in the market but at some point, Tally Prime disappoints us. This is why you can consider Tally ERP 9 as an option for buying.

Apart From Other Courses Why You Should Choose Tally?

Nowadays, many people face a no-job situation. Because of this job crisis, many were coming up with new business ideas. Before coming up with the ideas some people make complete research about the basics of the business-like dos and don’ts in their business

. Even they know about the registration of their business and further registration processes. Likewise, many people might not be aware of those details. Even they don’t know to register their business and further, the registration process related to their business.

By learning Tally, you will gain more knowledge about financial statements and accounts. With this tally certificate in your hand, you can guide and provide service to many people. You can also do a freelance service at an affordable price than other service centers. This tally certification course can become your main or part-time source of income. The main benefit of learning tally is you can create a business by yourself and earn more.


Which is the Best Institute To Join?

Now you might have a question. Which institute will be the best to do the tally certification course? Well, we have a solution to your question. We have made a list of the top 5 institutes for you to do your tally certification course online and even offline. You can choose any of those institutes and learn more to make your career glow.

In this list of the top institutes, we have mentioned a detailed explanation of the institutes and we have also mentioned those institutes special offers and deals. we have also given a detailed explanation of the tally software and its comparison. We hope this information will be useful for all who are looking for a tally certification course and also those who are looking for detailed information about tally software.

With no special line-up list here comes the detailed information about the institutes followed by detailed information about the tally software.


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Top 5 Institutes for Tally Certification



IIM SKILLS, located in New Delhi,  has branches in 23 cities in India and also teaches students in & from abroad. This institute teaches courses completely online. Not only Tally certification courses, but they are also teaching various courses as per your requirements. This institute not only teaches you the preferred course but also, will guide you to make you set your career out the course that you choose to learn. Yes, you read it right, IIM SKILLS specially offers a course in which you can learn and also earn through the course.


How can IIM SKILLS help you earn with the help of the Tally Course?

Well, this institute will teach you the entire course in both theoretical and practical ways and they will give practical assignments every week to master your skill towards Tally. After the completion of your Tally course, IIM SKILLS tutors will assist you through the entire internship.

Wait, how can this will be helpful for all students to earn? Through this process, they will help you to create a portfolio for your new job. So, this process will help each student to make their career opportunity way bigger than they wanted. So, no worries tap to learn more about IIM SKILLS.


2. DEF Institute

DEF Institute is located in Bangalore. This institute has branches in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, and Vijayawada. This institute provides services both online and offline and also teaches students in & from abroad. They offer various courses to develop your skills to grow in your career.

Their main goal is to teach and solve all your problems related to the tally software. DEF Institute has a specialist guide who will solve all your problems related to your business ideas. They will provide a complete guide related to your business. It will be very useful for you to start your own business.


In which way DEF Institute helps you with your business queries?

This institute has a special business advisor who has a complete history of business. They are very well-trained and experienced in the field of business advising. Not only this, their advisors will teach you all about the tally software, how to use it, and even the dos and don’ts of the software.

DEF Institute has all solutions related to the updated version of tally software and solves the analytical problems of your business. This institute will be very beneficial to all people who want to learn tally and start a business. Tap to learn more about DEF Institute.


3. GHI institute

GHI Institute is located in Mumbai. This institute has branches in & around India. This institute teaches students in both offline and online modes. GHI Institute teaches courses related to Tally software, marketing and business development courses, and so on.

This institute has a different level of teaching methods. GHI Institute has a special deal for each student. They provide lifetime access to use their software for free. GHI Institute also provides a free software installation tutorial so that you can get access to their website anywhere at any time. Not every institute provides this offer for free but GHI Institute is willing to activate this offer specially for their students.


How will this GHI Institute’s free software help you?

Basically, for tally purposes, people will use the generally updated version of tally software that they want to pay for and get used to it. But in GHI Institute they have been a partner and connected to the company of the updated version of tally software. So, joining as a student in GHI Institute will be a prior and best option to save your money for your future expenses. You can attend a trial class and select a course according to your preference. Tap to learn more about GHI Institute.


4. JKL Institute

JKL Institute is located in Mysore. This institute has branches in Chennai, Tripathi, Trissur, and Uttar Pradesh also planning to launch its institute branches in all states of India. JKL Industries runs JKL Institutes. This institute teaches and provide services in both offline and online mode.

Their main motive is to help people to start their businesses. As a part of helping people with this problem, JKL Institute started teaching Business Ethics and with this course, they are providing various add-on courses like Tally, and Financial modules and they have many courses on their list.


Is it Necessary to study Business Ethics to learn tally at JKL Institute?

No, JKL Institute started teaching Business Ethics only to help people to know more about business and its tactics. If you choose to study the Business Ethics course JKL Institute gives a Tally certification course as a complementary with complete guidance.

Also, you can choose only the tally certification course instead of choosing the whole course of Business Ethics but in that case, JKL Institute charges a separate amount for only the tally certification course. No worries still you will be getting complete guidance with some assignments related to the tally certication course.


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5. OMN Institute

OMN Institute is located in Chennai. This institute has branches in all the states in India also planning to launch its courses in schools and colleges. OMN Institute teaches and provide its services in both offline and online mode. This institute’s main motive is to help jobless people get their dream job in their dream company/destination.

OMN Institute has a vast number of courses on their list like Tally, TDS, GST, TCS, Income tax, etc., not only this they are making their students write Bank exam and guides students through the entire process after the completion of their preferred course.

If you have a dream of attending the CA exam no worries, they are giving guidance about the CA examination as a complementary for choosing any of their courses. OMN Institute has various offers which will excite you and will be very useful for each student.


How will OMN Institute helps you get your dream job?

By the duration of your preferred course, OMN Institute will provide an internship opportunity in which you will get to work with many experienced people. They will guide you to create your portfolio. After the completion of the internship, you will get a certificate and you will be ready with your portfolio.

With your portfolio, you can apply to your dream job, and without any rejection, you will get selected by your dream company. You can also get connected with OMN Institute because they are partnered with various companies. Tap to learn more about OMN Institute.


FAQs: Tally Certification Courses


Does tally help CA students?

Yes, CA students must need to be aware of both the tally software’s Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime. During their training period, CA students will get proper guidelines for using tally. There is no certification for the tally to be taught to CA students. Because CA students will be taught tally in their training period with vast knowledge to grow in their careers.


Does Tally have any kind of license?

Tally can be used by everyone so it has no specific license. But if you want tally services for even a shorter or a longer period it asks for a subscription and asks you for a payment to move forward to further process. Some services are free of charge but some services are not free. The software will direct you to pay for tally services.


Are there any specific applications used for tallying?

So far now Tally Prime software is being widely used by many people. Though it is the updated version of Tally ERP 9. Large-scale enterprises cannot use Tally Prime. Because they have a wide range of income sources in which tally software will find it difficult to keep on track of their business details. Only micro and medium-scale enterprises can use tally software.


Normal fee structure of tally certification?

Generally offline institutes charge ₹10,000 to 15,000 which includes the training of tally software. Online institutes will charge ₹15,000 to 20,000 which includes the training of tally software, and internships, and also online institute offers placement options. Both online and offline institutes have special offers for school and college students.


Can anyone learn to tally?

Yes, anyone can learn to tally. There are no age limitations and no specific education qualifications to learn tally. Learning tally will be very useful for those who indented to start a business and study CA. Apart from this tally will be very useful for every jobless people to make money using this tally software to help people register their businesses and help them with the further process of business registrations. The tally certification will help you make money as a full-time or part-time source of income.


Conclusion: Tally Certification Courses

In conclusion, we suggest you google all the software which is best and which you can buy without hesitation. Because there are various other software’s and institutes which have many offers also has a specific reason in which you can find it reasonable according to your preference. So, choose those software and institutes wisely according to your need. The above-mentioned details about the best tally certification courses are given to the best of our knowledge. Here we present some frequently asked questions below.

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