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Tally Courses deal with the fundamental principles of finance. Finance is connected to every facet of life. A basic course in finance is of supreme importance for every individual. Some individuals have a flair in this area and would like to make a career in it. For them a long-term course in finance is desirable. Tally course duration be it long or short is useful, because it teaches you how to use the software to keep records and to run the business easily without any problems or errors.


Tally Course: What is it?

Aspiring professionals have observed that in the last ten years there has emerged an increasing necessity to learn finance-based subjects. One should know how to study and handle daily accounts with ease and efficiency. Tally teaches one to handle calculations or to recalculate the entire account.

The Tally course also teaches the techniques to study the methodical ways of maintaining ledgers, noting balance sheets, and tally incomes, expenses, and monetary savings. This has also become the strength of some aspirants who turn out to become smart, successful professionals. Henceforth tally has emerged as a successful course on a long-term as well as a short-term basis.

Some of the aspirants who have an aptitude for finance-based skills can advance their skills with the help of the course. Students can learn how to incorporate the knowledge that they gain from tally courses in their respective professions.


Why is it Important? Tally Course Benefits

The need for Tally-based courses is growing daily. Tally is a term that is used commonly in the finance sector, however, do you know what a is Tally? The Tally program is used on a regular basis for major calculations and in academic institutions.

Nevertheless, the terminology Tally which we are referring to is extensively used by small, medium, and large organizations for maintaining accounts and managing inventory. The Tally course paves the way for one of the most demanding programs in contemporary times since it offers comprehensive business resolutions for clients from various streams.

Tally course teaches students to fill out GST, print cheques, analyze ratios, compare the analysis to and prepare statements for the flow of cash and funds, and also perform most of the account-related work.


How Many Types of Tally Training Are There?

There are mainly two types of Tally courses: Certificate Tally Courses and Diploma Tally Courses. Certificate Tally course is associated with a certification level and a Diploma Tally Course is associated with Higher Secondary school certification.  A Certificate Tally course duration is 2 to 4 months. The Diploma Tally course duration is 1 to 2 years.

The stream suited for both levels is Commerce. Certificate Tally course duration focuses mostly on the concepts of accounts, fundamentals of accounting practices, and analytic skills for solving problems. Diploma Tally course duration focuses mainly on accountancy with respect to the professional sector with respect to MNCs and banks.

The tally course eligibility criteria for gaining admission is 10 + 2 with commerce as the main subject. The eligibility criteria for the Diploma Tally course is 10 + 2 with commerce as the main subject along with a minimum of 50% marks.


Tally Course Duration: For Whom?

Tally course duration is helpful for various clients ranging from individuals to business organizations. Hence, accountants need to benefit from the various strategies of tallying. The clients are also taught to create and maintain a record of the various transactions that they conduct.


What is the Learning Outcome of the Tally Course?

Tallying is not merely software for accounting. It serves as a solution for managing businesses on a small, medium, and large scale. Tally is a software that teaches students to manage inventory, file GST for clients, analyze ratios, print cheques, create statements for the flow of cash and funds, and create reports and vouchers.

Tally course also helps in performing various other functions such as auditing services, billing, and accounting services, creating payroll of Provident funds and ESI, analysis of sales of profit of a company, and also analyzing taxes along with TDS, VAT excise, and service tax. Tally helps in creating estimates of professional expenses.

It helps in managing inventory and it also stores important information.  One can file an income tax return, manage profits, create a balance sheet, statement of losses, reports of flow of cash, and calculate the interest of an amount that is outstanding. Tally course helps in the maintenance of appropriate budget situations.


The Prerequisites Background to Tally Course

Tally acts not merely as an accounting software but also as a perfect business management solution for all small and medium business organizations.

Knowledge of this software provides various facilities to its users including filing of GST, Analysis of Ratio, printing of cheques, statements of Cash and fund flow, Comparative analysis, journal vouchers, and generating reports.

The Tally course helps in introducing the students to one of the most popular software in India. In today’s age, it is facing a surging demand from small, medium, and large organizations that are particular about excellence in accounting.

Additionally, the Tally course is also beneficial for maintaining accounts, Billing services, Auditing and  Banking services, creating payroll of Provident funds and ESI, analysis of sales of profit of a company, and also analyzing taxes along with TDS, VAT excise, and service tax.


Tally Course Duration:  Introduction to a Popular Accounting Software

Tally software could be referred to as the most popular accounts software available in the market currently. The reason is due to the surging popularity of Tally course duration among business professionals, organizations, and individuals who are on the lookout for solutions for the maintenance of accounts.

Additionally, Tally is a user-friendly program and it caters to technically- savvy and non-savvy users. It is referred to as one of the most accessible accounting software across the globe. It is a high-speed software. It is robust, efficient, and powerful. It is also extremely versatile. It is used for the estimation of professional costs. It helps in the completion of basic taxation, and payroll management.

It can be used for storing details of various inventories.  Clients can use Tally for filing income tax returns, profit management, preparation of balance sheets, statement of loss, trial balance, and reports about cash- flow. One can use a Tally for the calculation of interests for outstanding amounts. Thus, it helps in preparing an accurate idea about the scenario of the budget in each company.


An Average Duration to Learn Tally

Tally course duration can happen from 1 month to 3 months. However, it is institution-specific. Depending on the institute where a client has applied for a Tally course the duration and the fees can change. The fees for the course can fall anywhere between INR 5,000 to INR 20,000 on an average basis.  Nevertheless, the following institutions may differ with respect to the fee and course duration.

Madras Christian College offers the course for INR 5,00 for a duration of 3 months. Bhopal School of Social Sciences offers a 40-hour course for INR 5,000. St. Teresa’s College offers a 6-month Tally course duration for INR 5,000. YMCA Institute of Office Management offers a 3-month Tally course duration for INR 17,000. Gramin Shiksha offers a Tally course duration of 1 year for INR 10,000.


Available Tally Jobs

The kinds of jobs you will be looking in accordance with the Tally course duration for will be in the corporate multinational, government, and banking offices. The jobs you seek will be in bookkeeping, as a Tally Operator, Financial analyst, accountant, junior accountant, accounts executive, Industrial Houses, Public Accounting firms, foreign trade, Banks, Budget Planning, Tally professional manager finance, or even general manager.

You may have a business of your own or even finances at home can all be tallied and kept up to date with developing certain skills. Like in other jobs your promotions and scaling the ladder of success all depend on your performance and experience. The starting tally course salary is from 2 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum. And for some, the beginning salary is from Rs 4000 per month to 12000 per month.


Tally Course Duration

Tally duration courses are available online and offline. There are both certificate and diploma courses available. Sometimes there is an entrance examination for screening candidates. There are 3 versions of Tally-Tally ERP 9, Tally Server 9, and Shopper 9.

We find that big businesses use the first for making a note of all business transactions, the second is used by retailers for management authority, and the third one is used by retailers for monitoring prices offers discounts, and billing The duration of the Tally course will vary from one institution to another.

Sometimes it varies from 1-2 months, right up to 3 years degree course. Should we enroll in long-term or short-term courses? It all depends on the purpose of enrolling for the course. And based on the duration of the course will be the fees and structure. For short-term courses, it is from Rs 8000-10,000 depending on the duration of the tally course. In reputable institutions, admissions normally begin in May and close in July.

What you learn in the course is to maintain a ledger, install tally software, how use the tally software, accounting tools, inventory organization, the concepts, about cheques, demand drafts, payroll, journal entries, taxation, profit and loss, learn the purpose of vouchers, stock maintenance, balance sheet and all about banking. You are also taught how to calculate GST and TDS. There will be lectures and PPTs available of experts in the field and also placement cells to help the job seeker.


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What are the Required Qualifications?

The Qualifications required are plus 2 or Secondary education or any other degree. One needs to know about computers. Preference would be given to those from the Commerce stream and those who have learned accounting or business management.


The Institutes for studying this course are IIM SKILLS, St. Teresa’s College Ernakulam Kerala, The Bhopal School of Sciences, Bhopal, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati, Udemy, Coursera, The Institute of Computer Accountants, Mumbai, Madras Christian College Chennai, Women’s Christian College Chennai, YMCA Institute of Office Management, New Delhi.



The educational tech company IIM SKILLS is gaining visibility because of the many useful, upskilling, and job-oriented courses floated by them. Candidates who register for the courses get placed in reputed companies. The Tally Course offered by them helps candidates to become thriftier which helps make their business more planned and structured and helps individuals seeking a career to get employed and paves the way for success from thereon.

The course sharpens the competency skills in accounting, analytical skills, building healthy communication skills, ability to work using numerical formats, and skills in using computers. The students can work on the Tally at their own pace.

The course comprises 20 hours of learning (self), 20 hours of comprehensive lectures, and 60 + hours of assignments which focus on endowing practical knowledge to the students and valuable software tools that will benefit the students in honing their skills. The course also offers internships with many established companies. The course additionally maintains a dedicated cell for the placement of students, post-course completion.

Tally Course Fees: Rs. 2900

Contact Details:

Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]


2. St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam, Kerala

St. Teresa’s College Ernakulam, Kerala is a college very soon celebrating its centenary. Having won many prestigious awards and being the foremost college in Kerala, It offers the Tally course as an Ad- on or Additional Course and as a paper Vocational Course. The course is called Tally with GST.

It is 50 hours duration and includes modules on ERP-9, indirect taxes including GST, Taxation, introduction to Goods and services, Rules and Regulations, filing of returns, penalty, Compulsory registration, Groups and ledgers, Vouchers, Inventories are some of them. The vocational Course is 60 hours long and deals with an introduction to accounting, Tally, Inventory management, accounting and goods and services.


3. The Bhopal School of Social Sciences

The Bhopal School of Social Sciences offers a tally course of 4 months duration of 40 hours. It comprises 3 modules, in which you will learn about the principles of accounting, maintaining a chart of accounts in Tally ERP, Vouchers, ta reduction, Goods and Services Tax, Shortcut keys practice, and maintaining stock keeping units and MIS reports.


4. Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amaravati, Maharashtra

This University was formerly called Amravati University and consisted of people mainly from the rural parts of Maharastra. The main objective is the upliftment of the less privileged and the backward classes. It has 28 Departments. It was reaccredited by the National Accreditation and Assessment Council with B++.

It has a Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension which offers a short-term certificate Course in Tally. It has 12 modules and is for a duration of 3 months. You learn the basics of accounting, fundamentals of tally Erp 9, Inventory, Voucher entry, advance accounting, Payroll, printing configuration, Taxation, Expenses, and income, and Creating general reserves.


5. Udemy

Udemy offers Tally courses in Tally Erp 9, Tally Prime, and Microsoft Excel Training. The course is in 3 parts, 163 lectures and covers a period of 18 hours and 39 mins. You will be given an introduction to tally, and learn about vouchers, payrolls, inventories, software, sales, VAT, GST, Billing, budget, Tally Prime, and Microsoft Excel. The course will cost around Rs16000.

Tally ERP 9, Tally Prime, and GST certificate course. You will learn about the accounting of companies, TDS, banking, payroll, and GST computation. The course will be in 34 modules, 145 lectures, and of a duration of 16 hours. The course will cost around Rs16000.


6. Coursera

Coursera offers several courses of which the Tally Bookkeeper Professional Certificate is in great demand. It is about accounting business and business. It lasts for about 4 months. You will learn the fundamentals, of accounting, use Tally Prime, and understand the balance sheet and taxation. The medium of instruction is English and some other select languages. You can study for free or even get financial help for studying. You will learn about data management, general accounting, supply chain, and logistics. After getting professional training and completing the course you will receive a certificate.


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7. The Institute of Computer Accountants, Mumbai

The Institute of Professional Accountants offers the Tally Computer course. The course is 2 months long and has 10 modules, 3 projects, and placement. The course fee is Rs 10,000. For the beginners level, it is Rs.5000, and for the advanced level another Rs. 5000. In the Tally Computer course you learn, tally accounting, inventory, software, GST, how to use vouchers, Taxation, payrolls, ledger maintenance, and bookkeeping.


8. Madras Christian College, Chennai

Madras Christian College, Chennai is ranked 7 by India Today in 2023, for commerce in India. This course is of 3 months duration. The dept of Commerce offers a Tally Certificate Course. It is an offline course that provides a certificate after course completion. The course is Rs 5000/-.


9. Women’s Christian College Chennai

This is an autonomous Institute that is affiliated to the Madras University. The college has been re-accredited by NAAC in 2019 with A+ It has also been awarded with the College with Potential for Excellence. The Department of Commerce has been ranked by India Today as one of the 2 best emerging colleges in Commerce 2021 In Women’s Christian College, the Department of Commerce offers a Tally Certificate Course.


10. YMCA Institute of Office Management, New Delhi.

In this Institute, the Tally Course comes under the discipline of Office management. The fee for the course is 18,745. There is a registration fee of Rs 500. The course duration is 3 months. And the classes are thrice a week for a duration of one and a half hours. In this course you will learn the installment and functioning of the Enterprise Resource Planning software, you will also learn about billings, payroll, inventories, cash flow, profit and loss, vouchers, and balance sheets.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. According to you which course will fetch me a good job and position?

Ans 1. Enrolling in a tally course is definitely another feather in your cap. It will equip you to keep records analyze data and help you to prevent errors. A short-term course will definitely upskill you. However, a long-term course will give you an in-depth knowledge of concepts of how to use the software, meet people in the field, do internships, and can also help in better placement.

2. Would you suggest whether online courses are better than offline?

Provided you do a tally course because you want to upskill yourself and you are thinking of a career in the field it doesn’t matter whether the course is online or offline. Enroll in a good Tally course. The longer the duration the better will the experience be, which makes all the difference.


3. Which are the top institutes from where I can do the Tally Course?

Above mentioned are the names of the top ten Institutes offering the Tally Course. The duration may vary but assess which one is suitable for your needs and enroll at the most opportune moment.



Maintaining accounts is not easy at all but very necessary. Where did all the money go? What are the expenses like? How much is there in the savings? How can I be more careful with my finances and make the balance sheet tally with the expenses and the income? Where the money goes, is a great need to be fulfilled. So, in order to be smart, I need to keep the accounts clear, and accurate and plan well in advance.

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