Tally Courses Salary And Jobs: A Complete Guide

If you are someone who is looking for precise and relevant information about Tally, then this article is a must-read for all those individuals. As you know that today all people have little insight about Tally & what position it holds in all varieties of the business world. Established in 1986 by Shyam Sunder Goenka, Tally is a versatile software that contributes to businesses in managing accounting, financial operations, and tracking variables. In this article, we are going to learn all the significant information about Tally along with exploring Tally Courses Salary and Jobs.


There are many career opportunities available in this multidimensional field. If you want to pursue a course in Tally then you have the right to know how much you can expect to earn after completing the courses and landing into the related job profiles. The earring of every individual Tally accountant depends on numerous factors.


Table of Content

  • Introduction to Tally?
  • Modules of Tally
  • Types of Tally
  • Importance of Tally
  • Tally Course Eligibility Criteria
  • Syllabus of Tally Course
  • Types of Tally Course
  • Tally Course Duration, Fees & Expected salary after completion
  • Career Opportunities after Tally Course
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Question


Introduction to Tally

Tally is a popular business management software that is leveraged for recording and maintaining day-to-day complex business data by businesses of all sizes. Today this powerful accounting software evolved into a comprehensive tool that is widely used in every sector including finance, healthcare, retail, education, and more to help in their accounting operation management and also aid in informed decision-making.

This software is predominantly utilized in accounting finance, inventory management, invoicing, stock management, sales and purchase accounting, stock valuation, and in various other aspects.


Modules of Tally

There are a variety of modules in Tally that support the needs and requirements of business organizations. In this section, we will learn about all the relevant modules and how they can work individually or in conjunction with one another.


  1. Tally’s Accounting & Finance Module

This module helps business organizations by managing their financial transactions via recording and tracking information related to finance and later presented in financial statements. The core function of this module is to record all financial information such as sales and purchase transactions, accounts receivable and payable, cash management, track payment, and also helps in the on-time generation of financial reports including profit/loss, balance sheet along with cash flow statements.


  1. Tally’s Inventory Management Module

Tally’s Inventory management module helps business organizations by optimum management of inventories. This tool allows businesses to track storage, monitor stock movements, real-time inventory tracking, categorization of stock according to the needs and requirements of the concerned organizations, stock valuation, help to manage purchase & sales orders, stock profitability, and also contribute to re-order inventories along with ensuring optimum production of stocks.


  1. Tally’s Purchase & Sales Module

Tally’s Purchase & Sales Module is one of the most important modules in business organizations because it manages purchase and sales transactions efficiently. This module helps business organizations by monitoring along with categorizing purchase and sales processes, management of sales and purchase orders, invoicing, and many more which results in reducing time and effort in managing as well as organizing purchase and sales transactions manually.


  1. Tally’s Payroll Module

Many employees are working under a business organization and it’s the organization’s responsibility to pay their remuneration accordingly. Tally’s Payroll Module helps business organizations manage employee salaries, bonuses, attendance & leave management, providing wages to laborers, and also supports tax management including income tax, social security tax, and others. This module aids business organizations in managing the complete data of every employee in the organization.


  1. Tally’s Manufacturing Module

Tally’s Manufacturing Modules help business organizations in planning & optimizing the manufacturing process efficiently. This powerful tool is responsible for managing manufacturing capacity, monitoring production processes to increase productivity, tracking raw materials, parts, and components required for manufacturing, estimating manufacturing & production costs by cutting all irrelevant expenses, quality control, and tracking work in progress.


  1. Tally’s Banking Module

Business organizations have several bank accounts in a variety of banks that hold many business transactions, Tally’s Banking Module supports these business organizations in managing their banking operation efficiently. This module enables business organizations to reconcile bank transactions, identify discrepancies, record payment, and receipt entries smoothly, manage bank transfers, track cheque payments, generate bank statements, calculate interest rates, and also provide a feature of multi-currency support.


  1. Tally’s Taxation Module

Tally’s Taxation Modules help business organizations in managing their tax-related transactions efficiently. This module enables business organizations to comply with various laws and regulations of taxes including Goods & Service Tax (GST), Value-Added Tax (VAT), TDS management, and generate Tax reports. By managing all tax-related work through this module business organizations increase their efficiency and prioritize other business-related work.


Types of Tally

As you all know Tally is a powerful accounting software that offers multiple modules which are leveraged by various sizes of business organizations according to their requirement to improve their business operation efficiently and promote the smooth functioning of business processes. Now we are going to look into different types of Tally software and explain each with its own set of features along with capabilities.


  1. Tally ERP 9

ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning”, Tally ERP 9 is the popular version of tally accounting software. This software helps business organizations in various ways such as managing inventory, recording financial transactions, accounting processes, and more. Tally ERP 9 was developed by Tally Solutions with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features it is preferred by millions of businesses and non-business organisations as their business management software.


Features of Tally ERP 9

  • Help business organizations in the accounting process
  • Help to manage Sales & Purchase accounts
  • Help in recording the receipt & payment transactions
  • Manage and offer multiple currency options
  • Help in maintaining inventory & monitoring the manufacturing process
  • Manage all banking-related tasks
  • Help in managing Payroll
  • Data exchange & Data security


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  1. Tally Prime

Tally Prime is the latest version of Tally accounting & business management software developed by Tally Solutions. Tally Prime is versatile and comprehensive which helps business organizations in managing as well as operate their business process smoothly & efficiently. This software is specifically designed in a way to beat its predecessors in accuracy, imitativeness, simplicity & more-user friendly.


Feature of Tally Prime

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Help in managing account & finance
  • Inventor management & Stock categorization
  • Help in managing Purchase & Sales transactions
  • Help in managing tax-related tasks
  • Maintaining employees’ records & payroll management
  • Data security & protection
  • Customization


  1. Tally Server 9

Tally Server 9 is a powerful accounting & business management software specially designed for large business organizations to manage and streamline their business operations efficiently. This software is compatible to work with Tally ERP 9 software, allowing multiple users to manage business processes remotely & simultaneously. This software also provides advanced monitoring and administrative control to business owners for handling and managing business data effortlessly.


Features of Tally Server 9

  • Provide high-performance architecture
  • Concurrent data access
  • Multiple users with user access control in restrictive areas
  • Provide facility for data backup & restore
  • Ensure Real-time synchronization of data across all users
  • Remote access to all users
  • Centralized control to business owners
  • Provide feature of Scalability
  • Data security & Data encryption


  1. Tally Developer

Tally Developer is a powerful software development kit that helps business organizations in a specific manner. Every business organization has its way of working, Tally Developer provide various tools and resources that enable business organizations to create or design their custom application and solution that combines Tally ERP 9 & Tally Prime which meet their specific business requirements.


Features of Tally Developer

  • Easy programming with Tally Definition Language
  • Allows integration with another Tally Software
  • Provide Developer support
  • Provide training & Documentation of relevant resources
  • Help in testing custom software
  • Provide feature of future customization
  • Compatibility with third-party platforms


  1. Tally Shopper & Tally Shopper 9

Tally Shopper & Tally Shopper 9 is a powerful retail management software developed by Tally Solution specifically for the retail industry. Both software is developed to help retail business owners manage discounts, billing, invoicing, pricing, and more to operate their business process efficiently. Tally Shopper 9 is the latest & most advanced version of Tally Shopper.


Features of Tally Shopper & Tally Shopper 9

  • Managing Inventory
  • Sales & Purchase management
  • Financial Management
  • Cash & Credit transaction
  • Outlet & Franchise management
  • Provide Customer Relationship Management
  • Tracking Products & services
  • Provide the feature of the Mobile App
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Managing Tax-related work (GST)


Importance of Tally

As you already know Tally is the most powerful accounting & business management software managing every size of the business organization globally. We already explored several and the most famous types of Tally software and how each one is responsible for managing business operations. In this section of the article, we are going to learn about the importance of Tally.


  • Help in managing the financial process of the business organization efficiently
  • Help in generating financial reports
  • Provide reliable insights from research & analytics
  • Help in eradicating the occurrence of human error
  • Managing inventory & tracking stocks
  • Provide features to Tally Audit & Tally Vault
  • Provide assistance & support in tax-related transactions and also help in generating various tax reports
  • Automated accounting features save time & efforts
  • Provide cost-saving solutions to business organizations
  • Provide reliable information & data
  • Helps to make the business process easy


Tally Course Eligibility Criteria: Tally Courses Salary

To learn detail about Tally software and how it works you need to pursue Tally courses such as certificate & Diploma courses. The requirements & eligibility standards are listed below.


  • Individuals must have completed their 10+2 or an equivalent degree
  • Have basic knowledge & understanding of accounting principles
  • Have basic knowledge of computer & Microsoft tools
  • No age limits. Any candidate pursues the Tally course anytime


Syllabus of Tally Course

Tally course syllabus usually depends upon the specific course (certification & Diploma) an individual would take. The syllabus can differ according to every course-providing institution. Still, here we look into the general syllabus of the Tally course which will be common to all & each course offered by distinct institutions.

  • Introduction to basics of Tally
  • Introduction to Types of Accounts Maintained in Tally
  • Creating a company in Tally
  • Understanding Tally user-interface
  • Understanding Accounting Standards
  • Creating Accounting Masters in Tally
  • How to record transactions in Tally
  • How to manage inventory in Tally
  • Learn how to create financial reports such as Profit-Loss statements, Balance sheets, Cash-flow statements, and more.
  • Learn how to manage tax-related transactions through Tally
  • Learn about Tally software & Modules
  • How customization works in Tally
  • Learn about the Tally backup & security process


Types of Tally Courses

Today every individual wants to build a career in this faster-growing field of Tally. Let us know to consider & understand the types of Tally Courses that individuals can take according to their requirements.


  1. Basic Tally Courses

Tally Basic Courses are specifically designed for individuals who have no prior knowledge or experience regarding Tally software. This course covers basic topics such as introduction to Tally, fundamentals of accounting, how to create a company, how to record transactions, how to generate reports, and more. The course fees and duration may depend upon the different institutes. Tally courses salary after basic tally courses ranges from 1.5 lakhs to 2.4 lakhs.


  1. Advanced Tally Courses

Individuals who have some knowledge or experience in Tally or completed basic Tally courses and desire to enhance their skills can take Advanced Tally Courses. The courses offered to teach advanced topics in Tally including inventory tracking and management, how to manage employee details & payroll processing, customization process, a variety of Tally software and functions, transactions related to banking operations, and many more.

The course fee and duration for the Advanced program may vary with different course providers. Tally courses salary after advanced tally courses ranges from 2.5 lakhs to 6 lakhs.


  1. Tally with GST Courses

Tally with GST courses is becoming popular these days. Today every business organization irrespective of size required to comply with Goods & Service Tax norms and regulations in India. These business organizations demand those professionals who are experts in working on Tally software plus know the GST process.

Tally with GST courses was designed in a way that covers GST-related concepts including GST registration GST return filing, GST invoicing, GST billing, how to create GST return reports, and more. The fees & duration of this course depend upon different institutes. Tally courses salary after advanced tally courses ranges from 2.5 lakhs to 6 lakhs.


  1. Tally Certification Courses

Tally Certification Courses offers teaching in basic Tally courses, advanced Tally courses, and Tally with GST courses. This certification course in Tally prepares individuals to learn and understand all about Tally software and later give an exam to earn a valuable and globally acknowledge certificate. The syllabus is not much different instead detailed.

The course fee & duration is more than the rest of the Tally courses, depending on the institutes. Tally courses salary after certification also depends upon the industry and job position in which an individual gets hired.


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Tally Course Duration, Fees & Expected salary After Completion

Tally is a popular accounting & business management software aiding all types & sizes of businesses globally, many individuals desire to learn Tally software and dedicate their knowledge from learning to building their careers in this field. In this section of the article, we will explore Tally Courses Salary, Duration, Fees & Expected Salary after completion.


Duration: The Duration of Tally Courses depends upon various factors such as the type of courses you select, the type of institution you select, the mode of study (online & offline), and many multiple factors. Generally, some institute provides Tally Courses for a 1-3-month period whereas some institution provides 6-month course with internship opportunities. A candidate must select the course according to his choice & requirement.


Fees: Tally Course fees may vary according to multiple factors such as level of course, duration of the course, and distinct provider of the course. Some institution course fees may be budget-friendly whereas some demand high fees, there are some institutions that provide discounts and scholarships to those students who are unable to afford the fees of the Tally Course,


Expected Salary after Completion: Tally courses salary after the completion depending upon a variety of factors including job position, job roles, level of expertise, location, and type of industry. The Tally courses salary may range from 1.5 lakhs in starting to 25 lakhs according to experience.



Career Opportunities After Tally Course: Tally Courses Salary

In this article, we discussed a comprehensive guide about Tally which holds significant information about Tally including Tally courses salary, syllabus, eligibility, modules, software, courses, job opportunities, and more. Today businesses growing rapidly and every day a new business registers some may fail or some turn into unicorns. With the rise of business organizations job opportunities in Tally also increases. Apart from business organizations, many sectors adopted and implemented Tally software to make their organization process run efficiently. I hope my article would be helpful to provide genuine information for those individuals who are searching for relevant information about Tally.

Learning Tally opens the gates of multiple career opportunities in a variety of roles and industries. Here I explain some of the popular and respected career options an individual considers after completion of Tally courses.


  1. Tally Accountant: After completion of a specific Tally course an individual can work as a Tally accountant in a variety of sectors such as finance, banking, education, hospitality, and more. A Tally accountant is responsible for recording and managing financial transactions, maintaining financial reports, and more.


  1. Tally Operator: Individuals who learn or completed Tally courses with GST can apply for jobs as Tally Operators in multiple sectors. Tally Operator is an expert who knows the basic and advanced versions of the Tally also responsible for maintaining or organizing basic financial accounting, recording journal entries and significant information along with managing employee details and payroll.


  1. Tally Trainer: After completing Tally courses and working sometimes in a Tally-related field to gain experience and develop practical skills an individual can become an expert trainer and teach Tally to students working professional who wants to learn or upgrade new skills. Tally Trainer is an expert professional who can work with prestigious institutes and colleges. They also can start their coaching centers to teach Tally courses.


  1. Tally Implementation Consultant: Today every business organization either large or small required Tally software in their accounting and business management process to make their business run efficiently. These organization hires Tally Implementation Consultant to help their business in adapting or implementing Tally software according to the needs and requirements of business organizations in their existing accounting process. They are also responsible for providing guidance and support from time to time.


  1. Inventory Manager: After completion of Tally courses an individual can get a job as an inventory manager in various industry sectors. The job role of an Inventory Manager is important for every business organization that deals with physical stocks. An Inventor Manager is responsible for tracking, controlling, and managing stocks, and monitoring work-in-progress task which includes the usage of stocks, observing the manufacturing process, order processing, and more.


  1. Banking Jobs: Individuals who have completed their graduation and also get certification in Tally after completing a specific Tally course can apply for jobs in private banks. There are multiple job roles offered in the banking sector such as Teller, loan officer, accountant, financial analyst, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions: Tally Courses Salary


Question: Is it possible to learn Tally in one month?

Answer: Learning the basics of Tally is possible in one to two months however it takes six months to one year to master all aspects of Tally software & modules.


Question: Is Tally a good career option?

Answer: Yes, Tally is considered a good career option. Today every business organization required a Tally accountant to make their business process smooth so they hire freshers who have significant knowledge about Tally & expert professionals. The career opportunities in Tally growing globally. For an individual who has an interest in the field of accounting & business then Tally is a good option.


Question: What are the minimum Tally courses salary offered to an entry-level individual? 

Answer: The minim salary offered to an entry-level individual range from 1.5 lakhs per annum, however their many factors affecting salary after completion of the course.


Conclusion: Tally Courses Salary

In this article, we discussed a comprehensive guide about Tally and Tally courses salary which holds significant information about Tally including Tally courses salary, syllabus, eligibility, modules, software, courses, job opportunities, and more. Today businesses growing rapidly and every day a new business registers some may fail or some turn into unicorns.

With the rise of business organizations job opportunities in Tally also increases. Apart from business organizations, many sectors adopted and implemented Tally software to make their organization process run efficiently. I hope my article would be helpful to provide genuine information for those individuals who are searching for relevant information about Tally.

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