Top 9 Tally Courses After the 10th With Certificates

Tally is basically a software that helps in simplifying accounting and financial management for all sizes of businesses. From a small-scale business owner to a reputed MNC, a tally is needed by everyone. It is undoubtedly your first major step towards the taxation and accounting industry. If you have just passed your 10th standard or are going to in the near future and you are looking to pursue a tally course then this article on top 9 Tally Courses after the 10th is just the place you need to be.


What Is Tally Basically?

For the ease and convenience of every business’s accounting needs, this software named Tally came into existence. The term tally stands for Transactions Allowed in Linear Line Yards which was developed by Goenkas in 1986. Goenka and his son further incorporated a company in 1991 and later in 1999, renamed it Tally Solutions.

In present times due to the introduction of GST, tax compliance and filing returns have become a tedious job for all business organizations. In such a scenario, Tally comes up as a much-needed savior. Tally is basically a versatile accounting software that simplifies financial management for businesses. It allows individuals and organizations to efficiently record, organize, and analyze financial data.

Here, users can create and maintain ledgers for various accounts, record financial transactions, and track income and expenses. The software reduces the risk of human errors in financial record keeping as it precisely and perfectly handles complex calculations and automates processes accordingly.

One of the major strengths of Tally is its user-friendly interface. It doesn’t require advanced accounting knowledge at all. This simplicity plays a very significant role in small and medium-sized businesses where owners or staff members usually do not have hardcore accounting backgrounds.

Tally aids in inventory management as well, thereby enabling businesses to monitor stock levels, track orders, and manage multiple stock locations efficiently. The software plays a very vital role in generating financial statements, including balance sheets, and profit and loss statements among others.

They altogether offer valuable insights regarding a business’s financial health. Additionally, Tally is very cost-effective as compared to other accounting software, making it a preferred choice for startups and small businesses. Tally 3 in 1990 to Tally Prime in 2020, it is continuously evolving with new features and better security to provide the best user experience.

Summing it up, Tally is every business’s primary need, and for that skilled Tally professionals are required. With that being said, enrolling in one of the Tally Courses after the 10th will be your first and the most important step in the industry of accounting and finance.


Why Is A Tally Certification Necessary?

Tally is the basis of all accounting procedures, inventory management, data management, and taxation compliance like that of GST and various other banking processes. Every CA or CS uses this software efficiently for a wide range of purposes. If you are someone who is aspiring to start their own business or even grab a job in the accounting, finance, or taxation industry, Tally certification is a must.

These courses will brush up your skills and knowledge which are required to perform accounting and financial tasks efficiently using the software. In such a competitive market, a Tally certification will set you apart from other candidates who do not have formal training or certification.

This distinguishing factor will increase your chances of getting picked by a company for an accounting-related job to a very large extent. The certification will also help you immensely in the case of your own business. With job opportunities growing every day, it is also better to keep yourself updated and be ready always.

Ultimately, to build a long-term and permanent career in taxation and accounting, diving into the world of the Tally courses after the 10th only or after 10+2 will be highly beneficial going ahead. The scope is very wide and all that is in demand are knowledge-driven and skilled Tally experts.


Who Is Eligible For A Tally Course?

Tally helps you to lay a very strong foundation in accounting and finance, which will further make it easier for you to relish a secure and growing career. When it comes to eligibility required to fulfill before you can enroll in a Tally course, it depends on the institution or training center offering the course. Generally, you can opt for Tally Courses after the 10th, if you are a commerce student or even 10+2 completed students in any stream can enroll for the course.


Commerce students are preferred because Tally requires basic accounting knowledge.

However, it can be learned by anyone in a matter of a few days. The course demands basic computer skills and a profound interest in accounting or finance. The course can be taken into consideration by graduates too in order to grab an accounting or finance-related job. In order to advance their existing skills, working professionals also pursue this certificated course.


Tally Course Syllabus

The major topics covered in a Tally course are GST, TDS, inventory management, and accounting. A Tally course usually comes in modules and the contents of the modules vary from institution to institution. Basic courses are available for people who have just passed their 10th standard and for advanced courses, a minimum of 10+2 is required by institutions. The significant topics covered in Tally courses are –


  1. Billing – No such business exists that does not require generating invoices and bills. With the help of Tally, different types of invoices can be generated and printed easily.


  1. Accounting – The core of the Tally is accounting. Every business is required to maintain daily data entries, Tally software takes care of it right from recording data to classifying it and making it profit-oriented.


  1. Banking – Banking has somehow become a very close link to small and big businesses. Here Tally plays a very important role as it helps you to calculate different tax liabilities in TDS or GST and you can further proceed with compliances.


  1. Payroll – Companies with large employee volumes usually take this feature of Tally under Here Tally helps in categorizing employees, maintaining attendance, and generating their salaries.


  1. Taxation – With the help of Tally, one can easily fulfill different state and central tax liabilities like GST, TDS, and VAT. Whenever there is any modification in the taxation system, Tally software is also updated so as to make calculations and transactions hassle-free for the user.


  1. Inventory – Inventory or stock management is an essential component of businesses. Tally can be utilized here to maintain proper data of the same and make decisions regarding further orders.


What Job Roles Are Out There for You?

Completing one of the Tally Courses after the 10th can open up various job opportunities in the fields of accounting, finance, and business administration. Here are some common job roles that one should definitely have a look at –


  1. Accountant

Tally skills are highly relevant when it comes to the role of accountant. The basic role of an accountant is to use Tally software to record financial transactions, maintain ledgers, prepare financial statements, and ensure accurate bookkeeping. It is a well-reputed and secure job that is and will always be in high demand in the market.


  1. Accounts Executive

It is a senior role and asks for a little experience in accounting or related fields to take a particular candidate under consideration. Account Executives often handle day-to-day financial tasks within an organization. They basically use Tally to manage accounts payable, accounts receivable, and other financial records.


  1. Financial Analyst

This is an emerging job role that one should surely root for after completing their course. Financial Analysts are needed to analyze financial performance, create reports, and provide insights for decision-making. Tally skills are highly valuable in the case of data extraction and analysis.


  1. Tax Consultant

Be it a big company or even a small-scale business, everyone seeks a skilled Tax Consultant in present times. Tally courses, especially those covering taxation and GST compliance, prepare individuals for the role of Tax Consultant. Their primary role is to assist businesses or companies in adhering to tax regulations and filing accurate tax returns.


  1. Auditor

The auditor is a well-known and recognized job role in the world of accounting and taxation and their demand is only increasing with each passing day. Their responsibility is to use Tally software to review financial records, verify transactions, and ensure compliance with internal controls and regulations.


  1. Finance Manager

This is a senior and high-paying position that demands a very strong portfolio with multiple experiences in junior job roles in the past. A Finance Manager basically oversees an organization’s financial operations, budgeting, and financial reporting. Tally skills here immensely help in managing financial data efficiently.


  1. Inventory Manager

This job role is very good to start with and to get yourself established in the accounting or finance sector. This job role is particularly taken into consideration by businesses with inventory. The responsibility of the assigned candidate will be to track stock levels, orders, and inventory control.


  1. Business Analyst

Quality Business Analysts are the need of the hour and businesses are hiring them aggressively these days. A Business Analyst basically uses Tally software to identify trends, assess financial performance, and ultimately provide recommendations for improving the existing business operations.


  1. Entrepreneur

The world is full of Entrepreneurs at the present moment and the numbers are just rising with each passing day. In such a scenario, Tally is more important than it ever was. Every person who is starting their own business can utilize Tally software to manage their company’s finances efficiently including invoicing, expense tracking, and financial reporting.


What Salary Can One Expect?

After completing one of the Tally Courses after the 10th, the earning potential varies widely based on whether you are a fresher, an undergraduate, a graduate, or a professional with Tally certifications. It also depends upon location and the business firm you are working with. A fresher or an undergraduate can command a per month salary of about 10k to 15k at the most.

However, with time and experience, this will exponentially grow. A graduate can expect a salary of around 18k to 20k per month depending upon location and firm. Additional advanced certifications along with the job will help you in your career in the taxation and accounting industry.

Small-scale companies usually hesitate to spend much but if you look at big industry names, you will land up with a good package. With the growing demand for Tally experts and with one of the Tally courses after the 10th in your hand, wonders are bound to happen.


Top 9 Institutes To Learn Tally

If you are interested in pursuing accounting and finance as a career, you must start learning Tally Courses after the 10th itself. While choosing any online education platform or even any institution for a Tally Course, the following points must be kept in mind –

  • Mentors and their qualifications and experience
  • Placement criteria or job opportunities they are offering
  • Consider interacting with old students of the institution
  • Do check the affiliation of the platform or college
  • If the certificate is being provided or not


Here is a List of the Top 9 Institutes That Are Offering the Best Services in Terms of Tally Courses –



The Tally Master Course offered by IIM SKILLS is considered to be the best choice to learn Tally software and tools. It is a self-paced certified course with both weekday and weekend online batches available for flexible learning. The course is designed in such a way as to educate you with the most basic to most advanced Tally concepts by industry-level experts.

The primary aim of the program is to focus on practical learning and develop skills in candidates, so they come out as trained professionals once they have finished the course. They also provide you with internship opportunities and have a dedicated placement cell.

A person with any background can pursue this course, however, students who have completed 12th standard in commerce will find it much easier. Students who have just graduated or pursuing graduation can also apply for this course to boost their accounting career.


2. Udemy

Udemy is a renowned online education platform that provides a wide range of certified courses from writing to designing for people across the globe. In such a way, they also provide both basic and advanced Tally courses. The course can be enrolled by anyone with or without a commerce background.

They have a team of experienced professionals who aim to provide a balance of theoretical and practical knowledge. The courses are curated perfectly keeping in mind both beginners and the ones with basic knowledge of Tally.

The fee of the course starts from just Rs 499 and you get 4 to 16 hours of recorded videos, lifetime access to the full course, free articles, and a certificate after course completion. With that being said, it is definitely one of the best Tally Courses after the 10th.



NIIT is a widely recognized training institute that provides an array of different undergraduate and graduate programs. One of the such certified Tally Courses after the 10th offered by NIIT is the Accounting with Tally ERP 9 Course. It is a total of 36 hours of a classroom course that focuses on practical experience to make you industry-ready.

Both graduates and school-going students can enroll in this course and it is expected of you to have basic accounting knowledge. Highly educated and skilled trainers take your classes which are perfectly mixed with regular tests and quizzes. This course is basically divided into three modules which cover all the necessary aspects that one needs to learn to secure a job in accounts or related fields or even start your own business.


4. Tally Academy

Tally Academy is a leading national-level institute that provides certified Tally Training Programmes. They have both beginner and advanced-level courses which are taught by expert teachers, focusing mainly on practical applications. Tally Academy is located at several locations in India, you can apply for the one near you.

They also provide you with quality case studies and study materials. Tests are being conducted at regular intervals to boost the overall learning process. The course fee ranges from Rs 999 to Rs 3600 depending upon the course chosen. After the completion of the course, a certificate is received.


5. CA Club India

CA club provides a wide variety of professional and certified Tally Courses after the 10th including that of GST, Stock Market and Accounts. They have both entry-level and advanced-level courses as per the requirement. Both are taught by a team of professional trainers who are best at their job. The courses focus on giving you practical exposure to make you job-ready.

One such course is the Tally ERP 9 online course which covers all the fundamental basics of accounting. It is a twenty-hour-long course with an inclusive E-book and E certificate. The fee of the course is INR 1199 – 1699 with additional charges in case of material downloading for future use.


6. Skillshare

Skillshare is another reputed online platform that offers courses for people from different walks of life. For people interested in making a career in the accounting or finance sector, they offer Tally courses for beginners to professionals at a very reasonable price. These courses are well-equipped with excellent study materials and students are evaluated periodically through tests and quizzes. The best part of these courses is that some of them are available in Hindi as well. After completing the course, a certificate is also issued.


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7. Indian Institute Of Skill Development Training

IISDT provides many online courses for people across the globe including that of Tally. It is a government-recognized institute that was awarded one of the best skill development training institutes in 2022. It has the best professional teachers which will make the whole learning process worthwhile. After enrolling for their Tally courses after the 10th, you will receive all the study material and exam details for which you have to appear at the end of the course. Once done, the certificate will be issued. The qualification required for the course is a 10th pass and the fee is INR 2500.


8. Coursera

Coursera is a known giant when it comes to providing the best online certified courses. It offers many Tally courses ranging from beginner, intermediate to advanced level. These courses are affiliated with top universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Virginia, and the University of California among others. Some of their famous courses are Fundamentals of

Accounting and Reporting and Basics of Statutory Compliance and Taxation. Only professional teachers teach these courses. Each course is designed to give you practical knowledge and to make you perfectly presentable for a job hunt.


9. Tally Educations

It is a company of Tally Solutions which offers industry-specific Tally courses. They aim to enhance your skills and knowledge in such a way that you become compatible enough to work with any company or business. They have divided the course into various modules and you also receive study material after you enroll in the course. A team of skilled trainers teaches these courses. Course fee ranges from INR 720 to INR 1500. They have some courses in Hindi as well, and they provide excellent placement services as well.




  • What is the duration of Tally Courses after the 10th?

The duration depends from one course to the other and also whether the mode of training is online or offline. It can typically vary from a few weeks to a few months.


  • Students from which stream can do a Tally course?

Generally, 10+2 in commerce is the basic eligibility but students from any background can opt for a Tally certification and learn the basics of accounting. However, Tally courses after the 10th are best suited for students of commerce background.


  • What should be the parameter to handpick a Tally course?

While considering one of the Tally courses after the 10th many parameters should be considered including mentors and their qualifications, placement assistance and job opportunities, certification, and affiliation.


  • How much does it cost for Tally courses after the 10th?

The fee structure varies with online/offline mode of learning and whether the course is of beginner level or advanced level. The average cost for a basic course is INR 4000 to 5000 which goes up for more advanced options.


  • Can I get a job after Tally certification?

Yes, one surely can. If you are a school-going student or have just passed your 12th standard, you can work as a junior accountant or data entry operator in small to medium-sized firms. However, there are numerous job opportunities with good pay scales for graduates with Tally certification.


  • Is Tally tough to learn?

Tally is not tough to learn at all. If one has a profound interest in accounting or finance then one will find the whole learning process very intriguing. As you will understand things and will develop the required skills, you will become a Tally expert and will land a good job.



Tally is a software used by all businesses for accounting, billing, and taxation purposes. In this article, I have explained in detail the top 9 Tally courses after the 10th that one can look forward to along with the course syllabus, job opportunities, and salary expectations. For a candidate who is interested in Tally, this article is tailor-made for you.

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