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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Burnie With Placements

Burnie is one of the most suitable places to witness steady growth in the digital marketing industry as it is home to several industries such as forestry, farming, heavy manufacturing and even milling. Therefore it is important for local manufacturers and traders to adapt to the new marketing strategies and utilize digital platforms to facilitate trade and merchandise in a port-based Australian territory like Burnie in order to cater to a larger audience on a global level and support local businesses of the port. Therefore there was an urgent need to introduce digital marketing courses in Burnie to support the transition in business affairs.


Some of the major points that play a significant role in the transition to a digital marketing approach from a traditional trading setup in Burnie are highlighted as follows:


  • Cost-effective Advertising expenses

The high cost of traditional marketing often becomes a huge challenge for small businesses and therefore it is difficult for small and local vendors to invest huge amounts of their currency into the advertising process. It would also be difficult to compete with large-scale businesses for ad space. However, digital marketing curbs all these challenges for small empires because it is a cost-effective mode of reaching potential buyers through virtual platforms.


  • Helps reach a larger audience

Global limitations of location no longer cause hindrance to reach potential customers because digital platforms allow one to establish a communicative channel across continents. Hence, it is much easier to connect with people on the go when consumers use their phones to surf the internet and can easily locate various brands and products of their choice. This has enabled local vendors to increase their reach to a larger share of the audience.


  • Tool for targeting the right customers

Digital marketing ensures that the right audience for a particular content into consideration. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) makes it easier to connect with people who are looking for what you can provide and serve. This is one of the advantages that digital means of marketing have that the traditional ways of marketing lack. Strategies like pay-per-click, social media, etc help you analyze and target the right audience that would be interested in your products or services.


  • Helpful in analyzing efforts of the marketing campaign

Digital marketing allows an entrepreneur to analyze and assess the strategies used for a campaign. You can also keep a count of visitors landing on the website. Other information such as most viewed content and how long they engage on specific pages can also be assessed with the help of SEO technology that is helpful in making important business decisions.


  • It is an effective customer engagement platform for clients

As per the traditional marketing approach, a trader could not collect and assess a potential customer’s feedback but this issue could be resolved by adopting a digital means because an online medium helps in engaging with the customers. Digital technology is not limited to brand selling and promotional activities only but it allows buyers and sellers to communicate in order to gather valuable insights into the brand. The feedback can also be used to bring improvisations for product and brand evolution.


Thus, it is clear that there are several advantages of digital marketing tools over traditional marketing practices for reaching the target audience to facilitate trading. An advertisement that appears on your webpage or a promotional e-mailer that you may occasionally encounter in the inbox are the kinds of digital marketing tools that are used as a part of promotional activities to spread brand awareness and ultimately boost sales.

Social media posts, e-mails, and content marketing are some examples of majorly used digital marketing channels for effectively engaging a potential customer. Therefore, digital marketing is important because it is a pocket-friendly marketing tool for marketers, brands, or even a company that can effectively utilize this platform to reach target audiences.

Today, digital marketing has emerged as an irreplaceable means for conducting promotional activities, and hence a diversified and significant role of digital marketing called for introducing digital marketing courses in Burnie to allow the local vendors and businesses to become self-reliant and competent to meet and face global competition.


The Best Digital Marketing Courses in Burnie Are Listed as Follows:


1. Digital Marketing Courses in Burnie by IIM SKILLS

The Digital Marketing Course conducted by IIM SKILLS is a 5 months long study program that includes a 3-month of theoretical classes followed by a (paid) internship that lasts for 2 months. The digital marketing course is an online program led by the best instructors in the industry to help students learn the most relevant strategies from the experts. The instructors are supportive and helpful.

The institute also helps with the placements of students and apart from this, the students will be given 10+ case studies, and 15+ live projects to practice and develop a sound understanding of the subjects.


The syllabus for the course however is covered in several modules that are listed as follows:

Module 1: Web development at WordPress

Module 2: Search Engine Optimisation

Module 3: Search Engine Marketing

Module 4: E-mail Marketing

Module 5: Inbound Marketing

Module 6: Social Media Marketing

Module 7: Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Module 8: Web Analytics

Module 9: Online Reputation Management

Module 10: E-commerce Marketing

Module 11: Quora Marketing

Module 12: Graphic Designing

Module 13: Affiliate Marketing

Module 14: Content Writing and Advanced Blogging

Module 15: Medial Buying and Planning

Module 16: Video Marketing

Module 17: Marketing Automation

Module 18: Digital Infographics and Resume Creation


Course duration: 5 months, 3 months program + 2 months paid internship

Course fee: $359.7+taxes.

Mode of Learning: online.

Eligibility Criteria: Any graduate interested in developing their business or starting a freelancing career as a digital marketing specialist.



  • Master certificate from IIM SKILLS
  • 8 certificates from Google
  • 3 HubSpot Digital Marketing Certification


Contact Information: Email: [email protected]

Phone number: +91 9580740740


2. Digital Marketing Courses in Burnie by Udemy

Udemy is an online platform where students can conveniently learn the basics of digital marketing along with other activities that they wish to take up. Udemy provides the best learning experience to its students with over 20+ hours of training, quizzes, and practical steps students can follow. It provides one of the most comprehensive Digital Marketing Courses that shall be helpful for the aspirants in their individual careers.

However one of the most unique features that the institute provides it that it offers flexibility to students and one can complete this at their own pace. This course includes 22.5 hours of video, 35 articles, downloadable resources, and a certificate of completion. This course covers 12 major online marketing topics and 20+ hours of clear-cut lectures.


The following are the topics that are covered as a part of the syllabus at Udemy:

  • Grow a business online
  • Become a Freelance Marketer
  • Make money as an Affiliate Marketer
  • A job as a Digital Marketing Expert


The modules covered under the syllabus are as follows:

  • Module 1: WordPress
  • Module 2: Search Engine Optimisation
  • Module 3: Marekt Research
  • Module 4: E-mail Marketing
  • Module 5: Copywriting
  • Module 6: Social Media Marketing
  • Module 7: YouTube Marketing
  • Module 8: LinkedIn Marketing
  • Module 9: Facebook Ads
  • Module 10: Google Analytics
  • Module 11: Google AdWords
  • Module 12: App Marketing


Course Duration: learn at your own pace

Course fee: 459 INR.

Mode of learning: Online.

Eligibility Criteria: Any graduate looking to enhance their career and get certified in Digital Marketing

Certificate: Certificate of Completion by Udemy


3. Graduate Certificate of Applied Digital Marketing by Edith Cowan University

The University of Edith Cowan is based in Perth location of Australia and is known for its latest industry-based programs, top-notch research, and exceptional student support that they provide to the students.

Thus, it has been ranked as the best University for distance education and digital marketing studies are very popular among students in Australia, especially for students who wish to enroll in digital marketing courses in Burnie as this program has been ranked among the top ten courses for digital marketing programs in Burnie.

At Edith University the mode of teaching is completely online but international students will have to appear for IELTS as part of their course requirements as a part of enrolment criteria. The university follows modern techniques of teaching as it trains its students to deal with currently trending but relevant issues of the digital world. Therefore the university aims at training the students to develop the ability to think strategically to be able to work with social and digital mediums.


Topics covered as a part of the syllabus are listed as follows:

  • Develop a Digital marketing plan.
  • Learn to apply digital analytics,
  • SEO and Artificial Intelligence to develop new products to assist in organizational success.
  • Work with WIX to create, publish, and manage social media content, Salesforce Studio for publishing,
  • engaging, and analyzing social media content, and
  • Google Analytics to analyze website performance


Entry Requirements:

For Indian Students

Any bachelor’s degree or equivalent prior learning including at least 5 years professional work experience.

Academic IELTS with an overall band score of no less than 6.5 for any individual.

TOEFL- You must score a minimum of 550 and at least a score of 5 on a written English test.

Pearson English Test Academic- At least a score of 52 with no score less than 50 for postgraduate standard entry courses.


Requirements for the International Students

Academic admission requirements: Any bachelor’s degree or equivalent prior learning including at least 5 years professional work experience.

English competency requirements through one of the following tests:

Academic IELTS with an overall band score of no less than 6.5

A bachelor’s degree from a Country that falls in the English Proficiency Bands Page.

Pearson English Test Academic 52 with no score less than 50 for courses with a current requirement of IELTS Academic 6.

TOEFL iBT with a minimum score of 70, with no individual score of less than 17.

TOEFL paper-based test (PBT)-A minimum score of 550 and a score of at least 5 on a written English Test.


Course Duration: 0.5 years

Course fee: $16, 350(8,72,419 INR)

Mode of Learning: Online.


4  Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing Courses in Burnie by IIDE

IIDE has emerged as Asias’ most trusted Digital marketing certification provider that helps students shape their careers in digital marketing. IIDE is a part of NATIONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, which is an initiative by the Govt. Of India to skill India and Indian students. The institute has been proudly ranked as the number ‘One’ Digital Marketing Institute by the World Education Congress.


The main highlights of the institute are:

  • IIDE provides 100% placement support,
  • learnings in 20+ digital marketing and AI tools,
  • 1:1 learning by top instructors and assignments.
  • The key highlight is the AI-based mock interviews.


The course is designed to benefit aspirants from all walks of life. Therefore, entrepreneurs and small-scale business owners or even marketing professionals can benefit from it but it is also a very good option for career switchers.


The various modules covered as a part of the syllabus are discussed as follows:

Course 1: Foundation

Course 2: Search Marketing

Course 3: Social Marketing

Course 4: Growth and Analytics


Course Duration: 4 months

Course Fee: 1,15,000 INR

Mode of learning: Online

Eligibility Criteria: Graduates/working Professionals.

Contact Information: [email protected]

Phone number: +91 9619958615


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5  Digital Marketing Courses in Burnie by Intellipaat

Intellipaat provides a certified means for students to learn digital marketing courses in Burnie. The institute has been ranked among the top digital marketing courses by ‘India Today’ because the institute provides excellent study experience to the students. The programs covered as a part of the syllabus are mentored by academicians from IIT Madras, IIM faculties, and the best coaches in the industry.

This is a full-fledged online program that trains the students to give them insight and access to 14 digital marketing courses that are relevant to industry trends in order to allow them to learn on a flexible schedule. Students will be given 20+Industry industry-based projects and case studies.


Topics covered as a part of the syllabus are listed as follows:

  • Tools and techniques of digital marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO and on-page optimization tips
  • Working with Google Webmaster
  • Basics of social media marketing
  • To determine effective campaigns
  • Google AdWords PPC campaigns


Modules covered under the course are:

Module 1: Search Engine Optimisation

Module 2: Understanding Business Problems

Module 3: Marekting principles

Module 4: Marketing Mix decisions

Module 5: Branding Marketing and PR Communications

Module 6: Marketing Analytics

Module 7: Social Media Optimisation

Module 8: Video Marketing

Module 9: Paid Marketing

Module 9: E-mail Marketing

Module 10: Landing Pages

Module 11: Affiliate Marketing

Module 12: Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing

Module 13: Digital Marketing Analytics and Return on Invest Measurements


Course Duration: 6 months

Course Fee: 75,012 INR

Mode of Learning: Online

Eligibility Criteria: Any graduate or a Professional

Certification: On completion of the course, you will receive an advanced digital marketing certificate from IITM Pravartak.

Contact Information: Phone number: +917022374614


Therefore now that we have carefully considered the top 5 institutes for digital marketing courses in Burnie that are effectively helpful in shaping the career paths of the students the institutes and experts understand the rising demand for digital marketing courses and hence are providing an equal and efficient supply for educational facilities to train the digital marketing students in order to fulfill the requirements of the 89% of the world’s population that surfs the internet for at least a 2 hours on an average on a daily basis.

The experts understand the various service and entertainment-related requirements of internet users and therefore they have been able to create a market for digital marketing that has now emerged as a distinct career option for youngsters to earn a fair living.


Let Us Now Consider the Various Career Options That Are Available After Completion of a Digital Marketing Course:

  1. Digital Marketing Marketer – A digital marketing marketer’s job is to understand the demand of the TG and generate leads to establish brand recognition using various strategies on social media platforms and other online mediums via websites, ads, and e-mailers. However digital marketing courses in Burnie are popular in producing some of the best digital marketers in Australia because the industrial base provides for sufficient material to work on.
  2. SEO Executive: SEO has developed as a sub-category in the diversified market for digital marketing that offers several interesting job opportunities for the SEO executive. Seach Engine Marketing on the other hand is the process of conducting promotional activities for brand promotion in order to improve the visibility of content. SEM and SEO are two distinguished concepts yet they work together. Therefore SEM and SEO are important sections in the field of digital marketing that support promotional campaigns and thus an SEO executive needs to work with creative keywords, get page indexed, and look after duplicity of the online content.
  3. Video Editing: Even basic video editing promises customer attention and engagement. Therefore creation of interesting and attractive content for digital platforms in the form of ads and reels is important for promoting goods and services. Hence with an expansion in the role of video editing the editors have gained a lot of importance.
  4. Content Marketing: The creation of interesting and engaging content that can be floated on social media platforms is a very popular trend among youngsters and hence content creation has emerged as a fresh career option for several talented people.
  5. Digital Technologies: Digital technology is a dynamic but relevant subject in the digital format of marketing. Electronic tools such as phones and multi-media or other devices, systems, and various resources that can generate store, and process data fall under the head of digital technologies that play a crucial and irreplaceable role in creating and promoting digital content. Hence professionals who create digital content using digital techniques are able to hunt for several projects that help them earn decently.
  6. Social Media Marketing Expert: Octane’s research in 2016 claimed that social media updates were the most sought-after choice for gaining maximum customer engagement (46%) and in the capacity of a social media marketing expert one shall have to deal with promoting content through social media platforms, running paid advertisements, etc.
  7. Copywriter: The job responsibilities of a copywriter include helping the content team with better reception, helping the social media manager with a better choice of words on social media, and guiding the search engine marketer to create a better ad copy.


Frequently Asked Questions: Digital Marketing Courses in Burnie


  1. Why should one opt for digital marketing courses in Burnie?

It would be beneficial to choose digital marketing in Burnie since the trading history of this territory has opened several opportunities for digital marketers. A student shall gain comprehensive knowledge about the course through skilled mentors, and learning about sought-after skills like keyword research, and SEO for a successful career in digital marketing is possible. Burnie would be a great destination for that.


  1. What are the eligibility criteria to take up digital marketing courses in Burnie?

There are no strict rules or eligibility criteria for enrolment into digital marketing courses in Burnie. Any graduate or 10+2 student is eligible for enrolment into a professional and well-reputed institute of Burnie.


  1. Is there a demand for digital marketing in Burnie?

Yes, the industry of digital marketing is growing rapidly and in order to meet the challenges of growth and expansion one must adapt it to the current trends and advanced technology. Therefore with difersity in trading affairs, the digital marketing industry is on its boom.


  1. What are the various challenges that a digital marketer shall face in Burnie in the process of digital content creation?

The various challenges that a digital marketer could encounter are:

  • The market is bound by a customer-centric opinion and the content must attempt to interest more and more customers as the customer is the king in the marketplace.
  • Creating engaging content to attract and engage a larger audience to spread product awareness and create the audience into potential customers.
  • In the process of digital content creation, one must be careful about complying with privacy and data-sharing regulations to abide by legal ethics.
  • Digital content creation is an effective promotional tool as it is a mobile-friendly approach because all the desired information is just a click away on the mobile phone for the customers. Therefore one needs to be very careful about what and how to create sensitive yet engagingly relevant content.
  • Omnichannel marketing strategies are other forms of challenges that one may face because the market and promotional activities are customer-centric to ensure customers can seamlessly interact with the brand across different platforms, enhancing their overall brand experience.



Digital marketing courses have gained a lot of importance since every company is looking forward to thriving on digital marketing platforms to experience better target reach and growth. An entrepreneur must be updated with the latest trends so there is an urgent need to continuously enhance skills hence digital marketing courses come into foreplay because such courses and professional training are the only means to train and produce digital marketers who can then create engaging content for digital platforms to support promotional activities using digital marketing technologies.

However, digital marketing courses in Burnie specifically offer excellent opportunities to learn and grow because it is a booming hub for several opportunities that are rooted in the industrial base of Burnie. Thus Burnie has become an ideal place to support the educational sector with a major focus on digital marketing courses in Burnie.

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