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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Tamworth With Placements

Digital marketing courses in Tamworth have garnered a lot of momentum in today’s fast-paced digital scenario. Why are digital marketing courses becoming popular in Tamworth? This is because digital marketing has become a crucial part of every business strategy, creating demand for professionals in this field. Tamworth is the administrative region in New South Wales of Australia. This bustling and administrative city is destined to shape the ways of umpteenth individuals due to its potential growth and job opportunities.


As the world is going digital, digital marketing has become one of the top courses to opt for among students. If you plan to pursue your digital marketing career in Tamworth, look no further. This article curates the list of courses and all the factors you should consider before you embark on the journey of digital marketing courses in Tamworth.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, as the name suggests, is an online mode that companies often use to connect with their potential customers by utilizing its various dispositions. Digital marketing came into existence in the early 1990s; from then, it has boomed many businesses. Social media platforms, websites, mobile devices, search engines, and many other platforms are integral parts of digital marketing that help gain brand prominence.

In the old days, the only modes of marketing or promotions were flyers, TVC, and radio. However, as social media entered the lives of millions of people, marketing experts took every opportunity to reach their customers through online modes. Therefore, whatever you see, on your personal social media handles and search engines are all part of digital marketing. Due to such extensive usage of marketing strategies, various institutes have developed digital marketing courses.


Online or Offline – What To Choose?

Before you take a plunge into the names of institutes offering digital marketing courses in Tamworth, it is crucial to understand the type of courses available in the city. Many candidates sign up for this course while managing their current jobs- to enhance their skills, while some are students who want to spend more time compared to working professionals.

Keeping in mind the requirements, many institutes offer offline and online courses, making it easy for you to choose as per your requirements. The online courses give flexibility of learning at your convenience, whereas the offline courses are assumed to be extensive and ideal for someone with ample time.


Opting for Digital Marketing Courses in Tamworth? Know What to Consider

Once you decide to make your career in digital marketing, the next question that will arrive in your mind is how to select the right course. Selecting the right institute and course is very important as it will not only add value to your resume but will also impact your skills. Therefore, it is important to check for the below factors when opting for digital marketing courses in Tamworth:


Study Material of the Course

Once you have some universities’ names in hand, you can cross-check and compare their brochures to which of them provides better and more in-depth course material. Always select a course that includes a wide array of topics such as social media marketing, SEO, pay-per-click email marketing, etc.



A lot of institutions offer full-time courses, while others have short-term study options – which majorly fulfill the needs of working professionals. Therefore, examine your need and the amount of time that you can invest in a course before you finalize any.



Imagine you have to buy a new phone for yourself. Would you buy it without checking its configuration and certification? If your answer is a NO, then why would you choose a course without accreditation and certifications? Therefore, it is highly recommended to check for the university’s certification. If a university is approved by a higher institution, then it is going to add value to your career.


Course Fee

Always estimate your own funds and then match them with the university that you are targeting. Courses, like digital marketing in Tamworth, can be a bit heavy on your pocket; therefore, taking account of your financial aid is important. This helps in planning your funds better.



Once the course and university are decided, take a look at the college’s testimonial section on their websites. This helps in understanding if the university is offering quality education and placement assistance or not.


Types of Digital Marketing Courses in Tamworth


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a much-talked-about topic in digital marketing these days. It is a marketing strategy that experts use to rank their websites better than other brands. An SEO expert keeps track of the latest SEO guidelines and helps in making the website more friendly to the search engine by using the guidelines. By ranking the website better, the analyst ultimately is boosting the brand’s presence online which will further grow traffic and help in showcasing the product.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

SEO is a much-talked-about topic in digital marketing these days. It is a marketing strategy that experts use to rank their websites better than other brands. An SEO expert keeps track of the latest SEO guidelines and helps make the website more friendly to the search engine by using the guidelines. By ranking the website better, the analyst ultimately is boosting the brand’s online presence, which will further grow traffic and help showcase the product.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is also an important part of digital marketing. In this type, content plays an important role and is sold to the second party. Therefore, it becomes imperative for the content writer to generate engaging content by using the right keywords which can produce more traffic and get some good sales. As content has become the king, many companies hire content writers to promote their businesses.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a more influential and often-used tool in digital marketing. Have you ever opened your mail account and wondered why you receive such huge emails? Those emails are part of email marketing; therefore, email marketing is used to establish a brand image among the audience. Email campaigns can include a daily reminder, a new release, or the latest updates about a product.

Generally, marketers keep the title of emails quirky and catchy so that a user ends up opening the product page. There are various ways to influence a user via email marketing, nevertheless, the subject line is of utmost priority. The subject line holds the capacity to attract a user from the very first glance. Remember one thing, too many or irrelevant emails can leave a bad impact on your brand among your target audience. Therefore, it is suggested to be mindful of using email marketing to attract users.


Social Media Marketing

Social media has taken a large portion of our daily lives. The world is going on social media and it has become an impulsive habit of everyone posting everything on social media. So, why not brands? YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are commonly known social media platforms that brands use to attract sales and establish a brand image.

People of different ages are easily available on these social media forums, therefore, it becomes easy for brands to reach the majority of data and gather more glances at their products. It has been proven helpful for endorsements and selling your product.


Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, the business collaborates with digital marketers and website owners. These marketers are supposed to provide visibility to the brand’s products on their channels and websites. Once the product is sold through their channels, these affiliate marketers get a stipulated percentage of the profit in return – their commission.

The classification mentioned above of digital marketing is popular among marketers. However, there are many more apart from these, such as influencer marketing, integrated digital marketing strategy, and mobile marketing.


Top Benefits of Doing Digital Marketing Courses in Tamworth

By selecting digital marketing courses in Tamworth, a candidate is opening a broad spectrum of opportunities in their career. As the world is going digital and billions of users have access to mobile phones, the demand for digital marketers is going to continue. Therefore, by doing digital marketing courses in Tamworth, you will be able to get:

Good career opportunity

Great growth for your own business

Strong network

Versatile skills


Eligibility Criteria for Digital Marketing Courses in Tamworth

Like any other course, digital marketing courses in Tamworth also require a bachelor’s degree from reputed universities or institutes in marketing, business, or other related fields. Having basic computer skills and familiarity with the internet, and how it works can help you stand out among the other candidates.


Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Tamworth

Now that, you have understood the concept of digital marketing and its type. It’s time to delve deeper into the list of institutes that offer digital marketing courses in Tamworth.



Headquartered in New Delhi, IIM SKILLS has established itself as a pioneer in providing a variety of courses in the field of digital marketing. The institute is well-known for providing comprehensive courses which is suitable for all age groups. Be it a working professional or a fresher student, the courses are slated in a way so that a candidate ends up developing skills to stand in the market. They also provide internships post successful completion of the course and a certificate.


List of Chapters at IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course

  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Content Writing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Online Reputation Management
  • WordPress Development


The courses are led by experienced and well-educated instructors, who have got expertise in the field. The best part about doing a digital marketing course from IIM SKILLS is that during the course, you will be given an opportunity to work on a project as a paid intern.


Course Fee: INR 34,900+18% GST

Internship Stipend: INR 6000 Fixed


2. Monarch Institute

Monarch Institute is one of the topmost institutes in Australia that offers a variety of courses, such as finance & mortgage broking, marketing, human resources, Information Technology Project Management, etc. They have a separate list of courses under marketing in which a candidate can choose the right course as per his convenience and requirements. Different courses in marketing offered by Monarch Institute are:


Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing

Diploma in Social Media Marketing

Diploma of Digital Marketing

Diploma of Marketing and Communication


Apart from the above-mentioned courses, they also host short-term courses which cover certified digital and social selling specialist, content marketing, customer experience, data and web analytics, digital display, digital strategy, email marketing, paid media, foundation certificate in digital marketing associate, SEO and UX and Web Design.

Their certified digital marketing professional course is a six-month, online course. Therefore, with a large number of choices, it becomes easy for an applicant to choose the right course to have expertise in the same. To know more about the course fee, candidates are requested to visit their website.


3. Udemy

A very popular and well-reputed online learning platform, Udemy has become a trusted good-to-go educational platform among many. This e-learning educational platform provides certified digital marketing courses in Tamworth. The course includes over 22 hours of video, 35 articles, 8 downloadable resources, and certification on completion.

The course is pretty detailed offering good knowledge of market research, Twitter marketing, Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, copywriting, how to make a website Quora marketing, etc.


Course Fee: INR 3199

They also provide plans to choose the course basis for affordable monthly EMIs.


Recommended Reads:


4. Coursera

While a lot of digital marketing courses are available on this renowned educational platform, the Digital Marketing course from The University of Illinois at Urbana tops the chart with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. They have curated this course with seven modules, such as The Digital Marketing Revolution, Marketing in a Digital World, Digital Marketing Analytics in Theory, Digital Marketing Analytics in Practice, Digital Media and Marketing Principles, Digital Media and Marketing Strategies, and Digital Marketing Capstone.

It’s a beginner-level course of four months, with over 10 hours a week class schedule. Candidates are requested to visit the official website to learn further details about fees etc.


5. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the top institutes in India offering not only digital marketing courses, but a plethora of career-oriented courses to enhance your skills. Those settled in Tamworth can easily opt for a digital marketing course from Henry Harvin as they have offline, online, and self-paced modes available. Like any other institute, the digital marketing course at Henry Harvin revolves around SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing.

What makes this course different here at Henry Harvin is it also has soft skills development, resume writing, and effective web page designing. The candidate will also get a government certificate from NSDC & Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.


Course Time: 40 hours

Course Fee: INR 17,500


Is There a Chance of Getting a Job in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a growing field in Tamworth and around the country. The only reason digital marketing courses are booming in Tamworth or any other country is because businesses are continuously looking for skilled professionals who can establish their brand image in the market and help them distinguish through online presence. Therefore, there’s no going back once you decide to be a digital marketer. However, due to rising competition, you need to ensure a couple of things to be in the market, and here are some tips:


·        Relevant Skills: Start grasping different skills that are relevant to digital marketing. By doing this, you keep yourself updated on the market, which further increases your chances of getting a decent job.

·        Right institute: Always go for the right institute that offers not only the course but a well-accredited certificate along with placement assistance. Formal training in digital marketing is a must.

·        Establish a portfolio: Building a portfolio is a must thing in this field. Therefore, always keep track of any of your past projects on which you have worked. This will help you land a decent job. Present your blogging, social media posts, or any marketing campaign that you took charge of. In case you have not worked anywhere before, you can also start your own social media page and use marketing strategies to show it further.

·        Do not sit idle: Sitting idle only rusts skills, therefore, it is ideal to opt for short-term or freelancing projects which will ultimately help you in building a portfolio.

·        Networking: Good networking can get you closer to your job. Therefore, networking is the best way to do it. A candidate should keep track of ongoing industry trends, attend online marketing-related webinars, and join communities to get the desired job.


So, now that you have decided on your career plan, opt for a course, and you know if there’s a possibility of getting a job in this field or not. You must also consider salary options after doing digital marketing courses in Tamworth. So, remember one thing: digital marketing has different domains. There are various aspects involved in digital marketing, and one has to have a hold on any one of them. A digital marketer is responsible for building a company’s brand image among a larger audience. Therefore, keeping yourself updated is a must.


How Much a Digital Marketer Can Earn?

The salary of a digital marketer in Tamworth depends upon various factors, such as qualification, experience, certification, and location, among others. For example, someone with the same skill set and education in a developing city may land a job for INR 5 LPA, however, the same person in a developed city might end up getting a job for more than INR 10 LPA.

The only reason behind this variance is the cost of living in different cities. An applicant in a developing town will have lower expenses than one living in a metro city. Similarly, ascertaining any particular amount is challenging. Therefore, a candidate should get clarity from the HR person of the respective company.

A digital marketer’s role is more than creating campaigns and leaving them on their own. It is also to be noted that a digital marketer will also have to present and showcase an analysis of those campaigns. Keeping a close watch on what’s being liked by the audience will help the marketer understand the audience’s reaction, and whether this trend should be followed the next time.




Q1. Can you do a digital marketing course after the 12th?

A1. However, the majority of universities require a minimum bachelor’s degree to take up the course of digital marketing. However, you can also try institutes that offer and specialize in creating digital marketing courses for freshers with no bachelor’s degree. However, you need to make sure that the university is certified and reputed so that it can have a good impact on your resume too otherwise there is no point of opting for a course from a random center.


Q2. Can you take up a freelance job in digital marketing?

A2.  You can pick a digital marketing job as a freelancer. There are various companies that have time-based projects and for them, they need candidates who can spend some hours in a day. You can register yourself on various online platforms that offer freelancing jobs and connect with the respective party.


Q3. Should you go for an online or offline digital marketing course?

A3. It is completely an individual’s choice whether he wants to go for an online or offline course. However, a student who is looking to start a career in digital marketing can go for a long-term course, whereas a working professional- available on weekends- can opt for an online course with a self-paced mode. It is highly recommended to check your time schedule and finances as both can vary in both online and offline modes.



At last, choosing the right course is the concern, and the candidate should spend a reasonable amount of time before finalizing any university. Selecting suitable digital marketing courses in Tamworth is a crucial decision for an individual’s career. Therefore, do not forget to analyze the course content, duration, certification or accreditation, fees, faculty, testimonials, and placement assistance before you book any course. Digital marketing course takes you through deep insights into the industry, how the internet industry works, how an advertisement is planned, and the possible implications of choosing the wrong strategy, etc. Therefore, select your course wisely and choose the only one that aligns with your future goals and your pocket.

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