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Top 11 Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong With Placements

In a nutshell, Hong Kong is the hub for economics and international trade as well as investment. A cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong generates large data daily. To collect, analyze, and organize these data, highly skilled data analysts, equipped with crucial knowledge of data science along with the business environment are needed at a great scale. In this blog, we will discuss the top Institute providing Data Analytics courses in Hong Kong.


What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the interpretation of data and dissecting it into information regarding business economics to maintain the connection with the customer. From analysis of big to reveal trends and implementing a statistical technique to handle data samples, organizing ICT data to report and research on data analysis is work that has been done under Data Analytics. There are plentiful scopes as well as rewarding jobs as a Data Analyst.


Tools Used in Data Analysis

Some tools are used in importing, inspecting, collecting, and Validating big data

  • R programming
  • Tableau Public
  • QlikView
  • RapidMiner
  • Excel
  • SAS
  • Python
  • Splunk
  • Apache Spark


The salary of a Data Analyst

The average salary of a Data Analyst in Hong Kong is between HK$22000 to HK$34000.  However, with substantial years of experience and skills, you will witness a hike in pay scale.


Here Are the Detailed List of Some Top Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong


1. Data Analytics Course by IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is the proven global standard online institute that delves you into different courses for upskilling and lands you in a high-growth field. Data Analytical courses are one among them, thoughtfully designed to teach you all the fundamental skills and make you learn to grasp the tools through their expert trainers.

IIM SKILLS will infuse you with the knowledge of data analysis, which accelerate your handling and decision-making process. With flexible scheduling, you can access it anywhere anytime. Moreover, you will get 24*7 assistance to resolve all your queries. Enroll in IIM SKILLS to elevate your career as a Data Analyst as it is one of the most looked-up Data Analytics courses in Hong Kong.


Eligibility Criteria for this Data Analytics Course

Any graduate in any discipline with prior knowledge of computers, statistics, and mathematics, UG/PG, IT Professionals, Marketing Manager.


Course duration

 6 months live course with 2 months non-paid Internship


Modules covered under the course













             COURSE MODULES






Data Analytics using Advanced Excel


Data Analytics using VBA


Data Analytics using SQL


Data Analytics using Power BI


Data Analytics using Python


R for Data Science


Data Analytics using Alteryx
















Data Analysis using Python


Basic Visualization Tools


Visualizing Geospatial Data


Data Visualization with Python


Advance Visualization Tools


Statistical Methods & Hypothesis Testing



  • SQL
  • R


What else you can expect under this course by IIM SKILLS

  • You will receive a master’s certification in Data Analysis after completion of the course.
  • Lifetime access to the course material via the Learning Management System
  • Attainment of statistical concepts like dispersion and regression
  • Mastery of the concept of Python programs
  • Expertise in model and statistics data interpretation
  • Acquiring insights about Tableau
  • Guaranteed internship
  • Job placement
  • Best expert mentor to train


Course fees-INR 49,900+18%


Contact information-

            Phone number- +919580740740.


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2. Data Analytical Course by Simplilearn

Simplilearn offers a Data Analytical course in collaboration with IBM makes you a Data Analytics expert. This is one of the popular sites that offer online data analytics courses in Hong Kong. Their course helps you acquire knowledge of using tools and techniques such as SQL Database, R, and, Python. They also provide masterclasses from IBM experts. Simplilearn has designed this capitative as well as comprehensive course for freshers & working professionals.


Eligibility Criteria for this course 

any students in UG/PG programs, IT professionals, Marketing managers, and beginners in the data analytics domain.


Course duration

 if you give a few hours daily into this, it can be completed in around 12 months.


Modules covered under this course







COURSE 1: Business Analytics with                           Excel




COURSE 3: Programming Data Analytics with Python


COURSE 4: R Programming for Data Science


COURSE 5: Data Analytics with R


COURSE 6: Tableau Training


COURSE 7: Data Analyst Masters Capstone





  • Microsoft Excel
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • Power BI
  • My SQL
  • Python


what else can you expect from this course offered by Simplilearn

  • you will be going to receive certification post-course completion.
  • Programming experience for non-programming background.
  • Ask me anything session as well as hackathons from IBM
  • Innovative projects covering banking, e-commerce, and technology

Course fees – Rs 54000


3. Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics by Hong Kong – Polytechnic University

This program is thoughtfully designed to cater to a balanced treatment on statistics, Optimization methods, and Computer Science to produce graduates with analytics critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills that make you capable of pursuing a career as a data analyst across different sectors including banking and information technology.  You can enroll in this course as this is one of the finest Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong.


Eligibility Criteria for this course-

Bachelor’s degree with honors in mathematics, statistics, computer science, IT, or the equivalent

Those who are not native English speakers must have

  • TOEFL- score of 80 for Internet-based test or 550 for paper-based
  • IELTS- Band score of at least 6

Course duration – 1.5 years


Modules covered under the course






   Compulsory Modules


1. Advanced High Dimensional Data Analysis


2. Big Data Computing


3. Data Structure and Database System


4. Deep learning


5. Optimization Methods


6. Principles of Data Science













1.    Advanced- Data Analytics


2.    Advanced Operations Research Methods


3.    Advanced Topics in High- Frequency Trading


4.    Applied Linear Models


5.    Artificial intelligence concepts


6.    Decision Analysis


7.    Dissertation


8.    Forecasting and Applied Time Series Analysis


9.    Graphs and network


10. Investment science


11. Loss models and risk analysis


12. Mathematical modeling for science and technology


13.Multicriteria Optimization


14. Operations Research Methods


15. Optimal control with management Science Application


16. Probability and Stochastics Models


17. Science computing


18. Stimulation and risk analysis


19. Statistical Data Mining


20. Statistical inference



Course fees – HKD 2,25000/year

Application period- 21 September 2023 to 30 April 2024

Contact information- kindly visit the website.


4. Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics From the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

If you are interested in learning and establishing your career in data analytics then you can look forward to BSC degree honours in data science and analytics courses offered by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

This program adopts a balanced curriculum blend with theory and practical application which comprises subjects such as mathematics, accounting and finance, statistics, and computer science, equips students with a solid foundation and hands-on programming skills making it one of the most demanding Data Analytics courses in Hong Kong.


Eligibility Criteria for the course

Higher Diploma in Statistics, Information Technology, science, or similar qualification from a recognized institution

Course duration- 4 years


Modules covered under the course







             Year 1 and year 2


1. Calculus


2. linear algebra


3. probability and distributions


4. programming fundamentals


5. introduction to statistics


6. database system


7. applied linear models


8. operations research methods


9. Data Science and Analytics

10. Investment Science


11. Finance Analytics







                   Year – 3





















      Capstone project – year 4


1. statistical machine learning


2. big data analytics


3. decision analysis


4. optimization methods for the data science and analytical program


5. corporate finance


6. theory of interest


7. portfolio analysis


8. investment


9. derivative pricing


10. econometrics for the investment science


11. finance analytics program





Course fees- HK$ 145,000/year

Contact information- kindly visit the website of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


5. Data Analytics Courses by Intellipaat

With 50+ live sessions and 200 hours of project & exercise, Intellipaat has outshined as one of the best online Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong. In collaboration with IITM Pravartak, facilitates you to master Power BI, Data Wrangling, and Data Mining through real-time projects and case studies which will eventually uplift your skills in handling and managing tools


Eligibility Criteria for this program

There are no prerequisites for taking this course, but Basic knowledge of data analysis, statistics, and probability would be beneficial.

Course duration – 7 months


Modules covered under the course









1.    introductory sessions- Data Transformation using MS Excel and Python

2.    Data wrangling with SQL

3.    Data transformation using Presto

4.    Data science and statistics

o        Descriptive statistics

o         Probability distribution

o         Hypothesis testing

o         Goodness of Fit

5.    Business problem-solving, Insight, and storytelling

6.    Optimization Techniques

7.    KNIME

8.    Statistics machine using R Programming

9.    Predictive modeling

10. Time series forecasting

11. Feature engineering

12. Advanced machine learning techniques

13. Data science execution strategy

14. Business case studies

15. Visualization using Power BI

16. Data science capstone project



What else can you expect from this data analytics course by Intellipat

  • Data analytics certification from Intellipaat and IITM Pravartak after completion of the course
  • You will also be able to clear SQL Certification and Power BI Certification
  • Placement assistance will be provided
  • Access to Intellipaat job portal


  Course fees- INR 100,035


6. Advanced Certification in Data Analytics for Business by Intellipaat

Intellipaat has another data analytics course in their bag Advanced certification in Data Analytics for business in collaboration with Microsoft and IBM is designed to elevate your career in data analytics. These self-paced online Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong will make you industry-ready without indulging you in the nitty-gritty of programming and lengthy hours in coding.

With 112 Hrs self-paced videos as well as 140 hours of instructor-led training, Your required necessary skills will be uplifted and your career path will be paved by Intellipaat.


Eligibility Criteria for the course-

 Anyone can apply for this course, but having a college degree in the field of Mathematics, Probability, or Computer Science would be beneficial.

Course duration– 112 Hrs


Modules covered under the course











Introduction to Data Analytics


SQL for Data Analysis


Python for Data Science


Tableau Desktop 10


Business Analyst


Data Analytics Capstone Project


Power BI


Statistics and Probability

Advanced Excel


What else can you expect from the Data Analytics course by Intellipaat

  • You will work on an industry-grade and real-life project
  • Lifetime access to the course and course material
  • Job placement assistance
  • Certification will be received from Intellipaat, Microsoft, and R for Data Science certification from IBM
  • You will be Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Exam and Power BI Certification
  • You will be joined to Intellipaat PeerChat to interact with peers, batches, and even alumni

Course fees- INR 60,021


7. MSc in Data Analytics and Business Economics by Hong Kong Baptist University

Looking for Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong, then Hong Kong Baptist University is the ultimate destination. They provide a course of Masters in Data Analytics and business economics, well designed to cater to business insight, regulatory policies as well as statistical and programming skills. This one-year full-time or two-year part-time program grooms students into analytics-enabled professionals.

With their course, one can fill the gap of talent and skill created by the new challenges through overall development. They facilitate broad and balanced training to incorporate technical skills to make you able to solve business problems in hand data-analytically.


Eligibility Criteria for the course

A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or equivalent with good English proficiency.


IELTS- 6.5

● 2 Years [Part-time]


Modules covered under the course


Core course

● Managerial economics and business strategy

● Foundations in Big Data Analytics

● Foundations in Big Data Analytics

● Statistics for Data Science

● Executive workshop series


Elective Courses

● Business Economics Internship
● Artificial intelligence for business
● Regulating big Tech and Data Protection
● Projects for Data Analytics
● Cloud computing for Business Analytics
● Advanced Econometrics
● Applied Cost-Benefit Analysis
● Economics of Digital Currencies
● Economics of Digital marketers
● Data visualization along with storytelling
● Analytics for Spatial, textual, and social network Data
● Data-driven Decision Making
● Business and economics Forecasting with big data
● Applied Predictive Modeling
● Innovation and Entrepreneurial economy
● Data analytics for smart cities


Course fees- HK$260,000[Non-Local]
HK$190,000[ Local]

Contact information- kindly visit the university website


8. Executive Certificate in Big Data and Business Analytics – HKU SPACE

Student-confined knowledge regarding management decision using big data analyses and business analytics is the main vision of this course which make it one of the best Data Analytical Courses in Hong Kong. The goal of this program is to increase the in-depth knowledge and critical comprehension of big data analytics to improve business model-related concepts.


Course duration- 1 MONTH-2 MONTHS

Eligibility Criteria for the course

A bachelor’s degree awarded by a recognized university or equivalent


Modules covered under the course

Course Content 1. Defining Big Data and its business and technology implication
● What is Big Data? Understanding the meaning of 5 “V”s in Big Data?
● Big data alchemy means for business
● Business intelligence concepts and application

2. Fraud Prevention and Data Governance
● Data protection and the diligent responsibility of information governance
● Corporate fraud detection and prevention
● Fraud detection techniques with predictive Analytics
● Risk prediction and assessment

3. Data Processing and Analysis
● Goal setting and Data Mining
● Key statistic theories & techniques, hypothesis testing revision
● Key success factors for strategic business analytics

4. Big Data Tools and Algorithm Exploration
● Usage of different tools and algorithms
● Additional freeware introduction

5. Data Visualization & Interpretation
● Explore different visualization tools
● Visual analytics & business experiments in data modeling



9. Data Analytics Course by TCS iON

Understanding the concepts of data analytics and inferential statistics with TCS iON, one of the latest online Data analytics courses in Hong Kong, innovatively designed to upgrade the career of the learner with a self-learning multimode program and hands-on experience with projects and case studies.


The course is divided into three parts

The first one is basic with fundamental knowledge required for a beginner.
The second course is to boost up from beginner to intermediate level.
The third one is related courses like R and Machine learning fundamentals.
You will receive a certificate from TCS ion on completing the course.

Eligibility Criteria for the course

Any graduate or postgraduate or any jobseeker seeking to upskill in a career.

Course duration – 36 weeks


Modules covered under the course

● Modules covered
● Data Science statistics- simple descriptive statistics
● Common approaches to sampling Data
● Inferential Statistics
● Using Python to compute and visualize statistics
● powering recommendations engines
● math and optimizations
● exploring linear algebra
● probability theory
● regression math
● support vector machine math
● recommender systems
● linear regression models
● excel visualization
● data visualization with Excel and BI Tools

Course fees- INR 4000 to 6000

Contact information – 7604092222
Email id-


10. Msc. In Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence by Hong Kong Baptist University

As Artificial Intelligence is trending and booming, what can be better than to learn data analytics along with artificial intelligence? With the systematic study of three domains namely Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and intelligent information systems, you will be incorporated with skills to face real-world challenges. Hong Kong Baptist University offers the best data analytics courses in Hong Kong.


Course duration- 1 year [full time]
2 year[ part-time]

Eligibility criteria for the course

Any graduate in statistics, mathematics, computer science, or a relevant domain from a recognized University.


Modules covered under the course


Artificial intelligence

Python for data analytics and artificial intelligence

IT Forum

IT Project Skills

Principles and Practices of Data Analytics


Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Information systems


Practical and research


What else can you expect from the course at Hong Kong Baptist University

● gain fundamental knowledge and techniques in all three domains
● ready to handle data analyst technologies for problem-solving and applications
● learn the core ideas to transform the business needs into information systems.

Course fees- HK$180,000

Contact information
Phone number- (852)34112376
Email id –


11. Data Analytics Courses by Coursera

If you want to dive into the data analytics world with no IT background knowledge or experience, then you can look forward to the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate provided by Coursera that will make you job-ready in less than 6 months. The opportunity to gain a practical understanding of cleaning and organizing data for analysis using spreadsheets. These data analytics courses in Hong Kong will facilitate you with proficiency and expertise.


Course duration- 6 months if you give 10 hours a week

Modules covered under the course

● foundations: Data, data analysis, discuss the role of spreadsheets and data visualization
● key ideas related to creative thinking
● SQL functions, SQL queries for use in database
● Prepare data for exploration
● process data from dirty to clean
● analyze data to answer questions
● share data through the art of visualization by using Tableau, principles related to effective presentation
● data analysis with R Programming, understanding the formatting of R Markdown
● Google data analytics capstone: complete a case study

What can you expect from this course by Coursera

● Guidance for job portfolio
● Learn the core concept of Data cleansing, analysis and data visualization and data collection
● Receive a recognized certificate from Google
● Interview preparation and career support through Coursera

Course fees- free enrollment
Contact information-


FAQs: Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong


Is data analysts a good job?

Data analysis is a promising career with plentiful job options in a diverse range of industries such as healthcare, finance, Information Technology, marketing, and many more with decent pay scales.


What are the qualifications required to become a data analyst?

Bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field of statistics, mathematics, computer science, engineering, etc, or having a certificate of data analytics courses in Hong Kong.


What are the ways to become a data analyst in today’s time?

Take admission in a bachelor’s or master’s degree in data analytics or acquire the required skill by enrolling in any data analytics courses in Hong Kong.



Data analytics is in demand as it is an essential tool in business, acting as a main component to provide insights into customer behavior and inclusive market analysis. The scope of data analytics is increasing, and so is the competition. Hence, it is essential to choose the best data analytics courses in Hong Kong and acquire the best skills.


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