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Top 5 Investment Banking Courses in Germany With Placements

Germany is the 4th largest economy in the world. It is also known for its strong economy and great power. Germany is committed to good education and low tuition fees. This helps the financial, the economists, and the accountants to grow better in their career path into investment banking as a profession in Germany. For this, investing in good, educated, and experienced investment banking courses in Germany is needed for all the financial employment opportunities. 

Though Germany is not traditionally known as a finance hub. it is more on biotech, physics, science, and mechanical engineering but recently there has been a rise in the demand for financial professionals. Germany offers excellent educational, financial, and technical work opportunities. The demand for investment banking courses in Germany is higher.

What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking helps individuals, businesses, big companies, corporations, governments, and investors with large and massive financial transactions. Investment banking is a profession that requires a highly qualified education in finance, good communication, and mathematical skills.

Investment banking also guides clients in where to invest their stocks, and from where to borrow their needed money. An investment banker decides the rates of the stock of their clients for raising the capital. Investment banking primarily deals with raising money for investors, companies, governments, and other entities.

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Commitments and Duties of an Investment Banker

  • An investment banker is obliged to follow, manage, and decide the various financial transactions and investment ventures of their clients.
  • An investment banker should gather various market reports for financial decision-making.
  • An investment banker should have good communication skills to connect with cooperative investors, companies, and individuals.
  • They should know how to carry out a company’s valuations.
  • An investment banker should be capable enough to guide their clients by asking them to move forward as they identify the risks in certain stocks and projects.
  • An Investment banker is committed to preparing and presenting profitable proposals, leading to the benefits and growth of their clients.

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Competency Requirements of an Investment Banker for an Investment Banking Course

  • An investment banker should be able to perform complex financial analysis.
  • An investment banker should be a team worker and should carry the characteristic of team orientation.
  • Should be excellent with its time and task management.
  • An investment banker should day to day carry out their company’s valuations of bonds and stocks.

Qualification Requirements for Investment Banking Courses in Germany

 To enroll for investment banking courses in Germany one needs to complete a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or economics, to get an entry-level position with an investment banking company or a bank.

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How to Enroll for Investment Banking Courses in Germany?

  • Make thorough research on the university and institute you would like to be a part of.
  • Complete your bachelor’s degree and masters in investment banking courses before enrolling.
  • It would be wise to decide which category of investment banker you want to enroll in. Whether bulge banks, bracket banks, middle-market banks or boutique banks.

Investment Banking as a Profession in Germany

  • Investment banking offers excellent payment, job security, and a great opportunity to work with high-profile companies, entities, and clients.
  • Germany is the 4th largest economy in the world and 3rd largest export nation globally, an investment banker has an excellent opportunity to build wealthy profile clients.
  • You can get a chance to work with a big company an import-export business on a huge scale.
  • Working as an investment banker in Germany can lead you to make many global contacts.
  • With proper work dedication and commitment, no investment banking can provide a gai Gul career that is both rewarding and fulfilling.
  • Master your 2 years master’s degree course in Master of Business Administration (MBA) in financial management, then work as an intern for a month or two and begin your journey of becoming an aspiring investment banker.

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Types of Investment Banking Job Profiles Including the Average Annual Salary in Germany

If you are interested in making the investment banking industry your profession in Germany, there are many types of positions you can choose and work on.

Learning about the different job profiles as an investment banker shall guide you to decide what field fits well for you.

Here is a list of Investment Banking Job Profile Opportunities elaborating its primary duties and average yearly salary.


 Primary Duties:-

  • Tellers help their clients by using their bank ATM.
  • They help their clients to open new accounts or change the existing ones.
  • The teller’s job is to provide basic advice to their clients regarding their finances.

 Average Annual Salary:- EURO 50000

Equity Analyst

Primary Duties:-

  • An Equity Analyst helps in evaluating a company’s stock price and making recommendations based on that data.
  • They need to also do thorough research on their company competitors.

 Average Annual Salary:- EURO 90000

Client Associate

Primary Duties:-

  • Client associates are responsible for tracking money movements and transactions.
  • They are responsible for answering customers’ questions related to finances

 Average Annual Salary:- EURO 48,683

Financial Associate

 Primary Duties:-

  • Financial Associates help new clients to open accounts, transfer money, and create financial plans.
  • They know all areas of banking, including deposits, loans, and services.

Average Annual Salary:- EURO 68.570

Portfolio Analyst

 Primary Duties:-

  • A portfolio analyst focuses on stock purchases or sales including long, short and day trading

Average Annual Salary:- EURO 72,555

Investment Banking Analyst

 Primary Duties:-

  • An investment banking analyst helps in researching the pricing of stocks, bonds, and other securities.
  • They also research industry forecasts and economic trends to help determine the value of a stock.

Average Annual Salary:- EURO 1,02,721

Private Equity Associate

 Primary Duties:-

  • Private equities help their clients determine if a company is a good and a worthy candidate for purchase equity.
  • Private equities also communicate with the clients about new investments and investment opportunities available on the market.

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Average Annual Salary:- EURO 1,18,387

Branch Manager

 Primary Duties:-

  • A branch manager manages the day-to-day operations of a bank.
  • They look after the setting up, training, and supervision of all the Employees that work in their branch.

Average Annual Salary:- EURO 75,000

Financial Planner

Primary Duties:-

  • Financial planners help their clients in managing their capital.
  • Financial planners use accounting, communications, financial and economic skills to guide their clients in all the investment planning and budgeting.

Average Annual Salary:- EURO 83,000

These are the Job Profiles related to Investment Banking Courses describing an average annual salary.

Now let us further know about what courses one should study, and get their degrees and masters in to proceed for investment banking as their profession in Germany.

Must have a look at these advanced Online Investment Banking Courses


Top 5 Institutes for Investment Banking Courses in Germany



IIM SKILLS comprehensive Investment Banking program is expertly structured by subject matter experts aligning every topic from basic to advanced levels. More so, their investment banking course curriculum is entirely focused on making you job-ready as soon as you complete your course.

It is in sync with industry conceptualizations and best practices, which makes it one of the best investment banking courses in Germany for a successful career. The primary goal of their Investment Banking Course is to educate participants who want to work in the field of investment banking, irrespective of their academic background.

Candidates from any stream can become investment bankers with their full-fledged investment banking training program.

Online Courses of Investment Banking in Germany at IIM SKILLS:-

Fundamentals of Financial System and Market

  • Basics of a Financial System
  • Different Kinds of Financial Markets – Primary Market – Secondary Market, Capital Market – Money Market
  • Market Participants and Regulators
  • Stock Exchanges and Financial Centres
  • Difference between Over-the-Counter and Exchange Traded securities
  • Types of Shares – Equity and Preference Shares
  • Understanding of Long and Short positions including Short Sell
  • Meaning of Depository Receipts
  • Characteristics, Securitization, and Types of Bonds
  • Meaning and Concepts of Interest, Bond Price and Yield
  • Yield to Maturity
  • Forex and its Features
  • Quotes and Trades

Technicals of Investment Banking

  • Types of Investment Banks – Bulge Bracket, Mid-Market and Boutique
  • Merchant Bank vs Investment Bank vs Commercial Bank
  • Meaning of Buy-Side and Sell-Side of Business
  • Investment Bank vs Private Equity vs Venture Capital
  • Concepts of Mergers and Acquisition (“M&A”), Joint Venture (“JV”), Spin-off,s and Capital Raise
  • Vertical and Horizontal Mergers
  • Different Funding Stages / Types – Seed Round, multiple Series, Initial Public Offering (“IPO”), Rights Issue, Private Placement, etc.
  • Understanding of Corporate Restructuring and Turnaround

Technicals of Financial Modeling

  • Creating scenarios using different ways including Index, Choose, Scenario Manager
  • Projecting/forecasting the three financial statements – IS, BS, and CFS
  • Building detailed revenue and cost drivers for different business types including real estate, e-commerce, utility, business services, automobiles, food aggregators, subscription-based firms, conglomerate/MNC businesses, etc
  • Preparation of different schedules including equity, depreciation, debt, working capital, fixed assets, etc.

Batches and Fee details for online Investment Banking Courses in Germany at IIM skills  

Weekend Batch – 18th Nov 2023

Every Sat & Sun – 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Course Fee: EURO 39,900

The Goal of the Online Investment Banking Courses in Germany at IIM SKILLS:

  • To provide you with strong financial and business acumen
  • To enhance your valuation skills
  • To help you with skills to carry out company deals like M&A, LBO, IPO, etc.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:-


Email:-  [email protected]


2. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management holds several courses. Their investment banking course module includes a thorough accounting and financial analysis course along with teaching students about how to manage and maintain the financial stability of the financial markets, financial sector, and financial banks. They offer accounting courses and also provide master’s degrees.

Courses Related to Investment Banking:-

Master’s programmes

Frankfurt School offers you to join a Master’s program in their specific seven divisions. Each division at their investment banking course allows you to prepare for your future with skills like leadership, giving you enough experience to hold your place and portfolio amid your competitors.

Their online as well as offline investment banking course and several other courses are taught mostly in English giving a warm welcome for international students.

The University provides both Full Time MBA courses and Part Time MBA courses for their students both domestic as well as international. Below is the bifurcation and elaboration of the course.

Details for a Full-time MBA course at Frankfurt School

Degree –  MBA                Language – English

Tuition Fee                      Application Deadline

42,000* Euro                     31 July 2024

(excluding travel

and accommodation


Program Start                Duration

23rd Sep 2024                   12 months

Details for a Part-time MBA Course at Frankfurt School

Degree – MBA                      Language – English

Tuition Fee Application Deadline

42,000* Euro                       31 July 2024

(excluding travel

and accommodation


Program Start                  Duration

22nd Sep 2024                    21 months (PART-TIME)

University Ranking

  • The Frankfurt School was ranked 53rd worldwide by the Financial Times in 2023.
  • The school is growing in several categories including salary giving more wide opportunities for the students in their career path.
  • Frankfurt School held the 20th rank in their two different categories, “Career progress rank” and “ESG rank” .
  • In its annual ranking, the Frankfurt School ranked 37th
  • In the 2023 FT Global MBA Ranking, the Frankfurt School came 3rd in Germany and 32nd in Europe.

Contact Details


+49 69 154008-0


3. The European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) Berlin.

ESMT is one of the highest-ranked schools in Germany and is highly recommended for investment banking courses in Germany. It falls under the Top 10 schools in Europe. Their major focus is to provide students with the most valuable education possible.

In different fields of education, the faculty of ESMT helps students sharpen their skills in leadership, analytics, and communication.

This enables the faculty to release excellent results in top academic journals. ESMT also provides a disciplined platform for the courses between politics, business, and academia. ESMT is a non-profit private institution of higher education business school.

Facts and Figure

 Total Students


Representing 98 countries

A total of 3,500 Executives Participate in the ESMT executive programs every year.

EMST has a total of 46 Faculty Members from 19 different countries

Total Alumni


EMST has international business professionals representing numerous industries and sectors in its exclusive alumni network.

36,000+ Executives have completed executive education programs at ESMT.

Courses Related to Investment Banking:-

Masters in Business Administration programs at ESMT

ESMT provides a range of MBA programs helping students to fit for any career path. In addition to their Full-Time MBA, which offers a fully informative experience, students get a chance to choose between 75% online part-time MBA courses or 25% in-person part-time MBA courses.

Global Online MBA

Make Better Business Decisions

Duration: 24 – 60 months (flexible)

Study method: 100% online

Start date: May or September 2024

Tuition Fee: € 28,000

Focus: General management combined with technology, innovation and global electives

Details for a full-time MBA course At ESMT

Duration: 15 months; full-time

Study method: face-to-face

Location: Berlin

Start date: January 2024

Tuition Fee:  € 49,000

Focus: General management plus specializations in strategic leadership, managerial analytics, or innovation and entrepreneurship

Details for a part-time MBA course at ESMT

Duration: 24 months ( PART TIME)

Study method: 42 days on-campus (12 residencies and 2 residential weeks), online

Location: Berlin

Start date: September 2024

Tuition Fee: € 39,500

Focus: Business innovation, leadership, and general management

~ ESMT also has an Executive Course for their MBA students that helps one in further growth from

Advance to Senior Leadership.

Details of the Executive MBA course At ESMT

Duration: 18 months

Study method: On-campus over 10 modules (lasting six days each)

Location: 6 modules in Berlin + 4 international modules

Start date: October

Tuition: € 64,800

Focus: Leadership, innovation, and general management

Contact Details

Phone: +49 30 212 31 0


4. EU Business School

EU Business School programs need a certain level of English education and academic achievement. In their online or offline investment banking courses in Germany, at EU business school, their  English foundation program is for students who need to improve their language skills while their Business Bridging program is for those who need to improve their academic level.

Once the students complete their courses, they are required to apply for admission to the EU degree programs for further experience that is needed in their admission requirements. EU business school is also considered to be the best for investment banking courses in Germany.

 Facts and Figures

40,000 total students

EU has 100+ different nationality students

It holds 30K+ alumni networks

EU has 1000+ graduates every year

93% of EU students have accepted a Job Offer within 6 months of their graduation

Courses Related to Investment Banking:-

Masters in Finance

In their investment banking courses in Germany, the school explains and provides a wide range of topics related to investment banking, including asset pricing, portfolio management, derivative securities, and blockchain fundamentals.

From a strong foundation to the future of finance, you shall receive a deep knowledge and understanding of one of the most crucial aspects of business.

You shall also learn about the entrepreneurial mindset essential for a creative approach to problem-solving in their online investment banking courses in Germany at EU Business School.


Three terms / one year

Starting Dates

October, January & March



Fees Per Term

EUROS 5,200

Contact Details

Phone:- +498955029595


5. Munich Business School

Munich Business School is a small private university. This helps the university to always be available for your questions and queries. They willingly give answers to all your doubts and questions.

The faculty of Munich Business School in their investment banking course, are experts in their respective fields and teach the skills that shall grow you to success and reach your career goals.

In their investment banking courses in Germany, at MBS, they also provide values and skills to hold sustainability and social responsibility as a leader in companies.

Courses Related to Investment Banking:-

Master International Business | Finance

By choosing their Master’s program in International Business | Finance, in your investment banking courses in Germany, you shall be making a good investment in a promising professional future.

It will open up countless career opportunities for you in the financial sector and management.  You could move into corporate consultancy, corporate finance, private equity, investment banking, or business development.

After completing the International Business | Finance program, you will be an expert in areas such as financial management, annual accounts analysis, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, and capital markets.

The main purpose of this course is to focus on financial topics such as corporate finance, international finance, business valuation, and mergers and acquisitions.

Study Details of this Course

Program-Specific Module:-

The program-specific modules on the Master’s in International Business | Finance Track represent the ideal preparation for a career in international business and the world of finance. The Master’s program also includes general courses on leadership and management as well as specific financial concentrations.

Core Module:-

The core modules in the Master’s program give general business knowledge. In specific courses, such as International Management, Business Communication, Responsible Leadership, and an international concentration of your choice, you will learn how economics is applied in a global world.

You will also learn how to make entrepreneurial decisions. The core models have an interdependent structure, which will help you to create a broad-minded hi to your business.

Programme Start Date

September 2024

Teaching Language



Single Degree:- 18 months


Dual Degree:-  24 months  


Full-time Study

Scholarships and Financing

Up to EURO 4,000

Fees on Masters Program

~EURO 1,383 Per Month

~EURO 8,300 Per Semester


Masters of Business Administration


The full-time MBA is the most valuable program in Munich. They enable students with enough experience, knowledge, understanding and skills to help you get successful in your career path.

Investment banking courses in Germany, at MBS, not only give theoretical but also practical knowledge. The MBA General Management at MBS is a very flexible MBA program, which can either be completed full-time or part-time.

Financial Management

These are the points the Munich Business School of Germany covers In their investment banking course.

  • how to use a framework, concepts, and tools to analyze financial decisions based on basic principles of modern applied finance theory
  • to understand and interpret the framework of international financial management and the relationships and structure of
  • P&L, Balance Sheet and CASH
  • to calculate, evaluate and, if necessary, challenge various financing and investment alternatives
  • to analyze companies, compare investments, and engage in in-depth discussions about the unique challenges facing international companies
  • how to weigh whether or not to buy a company and evaluate this from different perspectives
  • to analyze key international financial management issues in a team for at least one multinational, publicly traded company and make recommendations regarding financial stability and prospects as an investment

Business in Germany

At the Munich Business School, the business model in their investment banking courses includes

  • gain a basic knowledge of German culture
  • learn all about how Germany is intertwined with the European Union
  • gain a sound and scientific understanding of current developments in German society
  • learn about different perspectives on controversial economic issues in Germany

Tuition Fee MBA (FULL TIME)

EURO 2,666       Per Month

EURO 16,000     Per Term

Total Tuition Fee

32,000 EUROS

Contact Details

Phone:- +49895476870

These were some of the universities and institutes having courses related to investment banking in Germany where you can check and enroll for your master’s degrees in business administration or learn more about finances, economics, and accounting.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs )

Q: Why investment banking courses in Germany and not in any other country?

Germany is the 4th largest economy in the world and 3rd largest export nation globally, with a little dedication and hard work, also with good experience, an investment banking courses has an excellent opportunity to earn excellent profits.

Q:  What Companies are good for working after completing investment banking courses in Germany?

Commerzbank:- As per the total assets acquired, Commerzbank is the 4th largest bank investment banking bank in Germany.

Credit Suisse:- Credit Suisse is considered to be a very large global investment banking company that has provided its financial services to a few established countries.

Deutsche Bank:- Deutsche Bank is a leader in providing financial services globally. The bank offers online banking services to corporations and individuals.

Q: What are the Certifications for Investment Banking Courses?

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA)

Commercial Banking and Credit Analyst (CBCA)

Financial Risk Manager (FRM)


Hope this blog has provided all the useful information which will guide you well. These top-listed institutes are highly ranked in Germany and offer the best training. Also, all the above institutes are government-approved and provide certified courses. We highly recommend IIM SKILLS as it ranks the number one position for the best ed-tech company globally. The courses with IIM SKILLS are all certified and offer guaranteed internship opportunities. You can all try their demo sessions before you decide to enroll with IIM SKILLS.

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