Top 5 Online SEO Courses With Placement Assistance

Imagine you run out of cooking oil as soon as you finish frying some fritters for the day and after munching your portion of them, you crave their soothing texture once again. What do you do? People of the digital age would exercise any search engine at their disposal to order a bottle from the online retailer they trust. However, have you wondered how a search engine shows you these retailers that are suitable to satisfy your demands? Online SEO courses may be the key to understanding for you, but before that let’s…


Understanding SEO – Search Engine Optimization:

The cooking oil you bought from the first online vendor was all possible through the magic application of search engine optimization techniques and procedures, furnished and reviewed by an SEO specialist. SEO or search engine optimization can be elucidated in layman’s terms as the practices that help you rank higher in the search results of a niche on the Internet.

The process of optimizing search may not paint the full picture but that is relegated to online SEO courses to cover. ‘First come first serve’ can be a dictum used in this sphere, however, in an antithetical manner wherein the established website that is seen first i.e. comes in the sight of the potential customer first is endowed with the greatest likelihood to gain a new customer.

It lends an indescribable sense of credibility, expertise, and prominence to the result that holds the top position and thus, attaching unique factors to the sale and only adding to the likelihood of it as well.

For instance, any search you do for cooking oil will not be thorough by definition because the salient benefit of search engines is a convenience for the potential consumer, and search engine optimization renders the superlative opportunity for being the king of the hill with rank number one on results.


So How Does It Work?

Now, let me paint you a picture. The world of websites is an inexorably growing library of information of all kinds, may it be education, sports, or other categories you can find it all with the help of a magical librarian that is the search engine. Like any effective librarian, the search engine does not work arbitrarily, rather it exercises a systematic process of indexing through the help of bots or in the metaphor of the librarian, a magical wand that is an omniscient entity.

The bots rank the websites based on certain criteria deemed as a significant factor in the credibility of that website concerning the searched keyword. In simple terms, to rank your website high you must meet certain optimization thresholds so that the bots can easily read and recommend your content to the users who might search for it.

The factors that ensure easy reading of the content by bots are high-quality and niche-driven content, proper representation of a keyword in the Meta title and the SEO description, image and video content insertion, etc. Furthermore, search engine optimization comes in many shapes and forms and is not limited to the content of a website but can be extended to site security, user engagement, domain authority and so much more.

All of these criteria construct the basis of SEO and abiding by them religiously can result in a higher ranking on the SERP, followed by greater organic traffic to your website.

Since SEO encompasses a big portion of the online presence and image of a company/brand, it should come as little surprise that it has various branches in its fold. Mainly, SEO typology is restricted to on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.


On-page SEO refers to the enterprise of optimally shifting the quality and balance of the content to suit the prescribed standards of search engines. Your content quality in your niche, your keyword density, and the type of keyword used combined with the tags that narrow down your content, as per your intention are some of the statistics you must keep tabs on while you develop proper on-page SEO.


Off-page SEO refers to the practice of connecting and referencing your site on other pages across the Internet. Backlinks, internal links, and domain authority are important measures to obtain good off-page SEO and facilitate algorithmic bots to attach higher significance to your content.


Technical SEO refers to the setup of mechanisms for improvement and sustenance of performance for a smooth and sleek experience for easier understanding and technical nexus with the search engine procedures for ranking.


Furthermore, SEO also has other subtypes that are essential for a higher ranking in the SERP of a keyword. Local SEO, Video SEO, and Image SEO are a few of the ones that carry the greatest weightage.

The essential factor that is seldom prioritized is user interaction. Google ranks websites not only on criteria that fit the comfort of its crawlers but also on the sustained activity of people and whether they choose to go to the landing page or not. After proper consideration of all the determinants of SEO, you are ready to rank high in a search engine.

SEO specialists are people who ensure the similitude of all these facets of SEO to the ideal figures, given the niche and other factors of the specific industry. SEO is a vital part of marketing in the online space of today and its utility cannot be questioned. However, what does an SEO person do in detail?

What are some qualities of those who imbibe this pragmatic skill? Are these roles sought after by businesses today? Are online SEO courses really necessary to be a good SEO person? Allow us to emancipate your mind from such questions that beset your mind by telling you…


The Job of an SEO Specialist:

An SEO specialist is an individual whose job revolves around investigating a company/organization’s website structure, content, and links to ensure that their SEO is in prime condition for ranking the client as high as possible in their desired keyword/niche.

Depending on the requirements of the client, an SEO specialist might be a freelance individual, a hired professional, or an entire firm. Regardless of size, ensuring a pristine SEO copy of the content, while managing other SEO factors as well as possible, with the limitations of the shareholders in mind is the specialist’s main job at a firm.


Required Skills:

A Google SEO specialist requires many skills in his/her repertoire to be successful at their job in expanding the digital presence of the firm. Specific skills for the job concerning the technical know-how of SEO are important.

Extensive knowledge about the working of SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner and Analytics and other technical aspects of the trade like obtaining SSL Certification for site security, and gathering high-quality inbound links from high domain authorities is a compulsion for entry into the market.

The factor that differentiates the bulk of applicants from those who bag and secure their jobs is their handling of the details of the work given. According to some respected online SEO courses, there is a dearth of understanding between the clientele and SEO specialists.

SEO specialists apply practices like social norms and believe that their jobs are done when their marketing campaigns attract a suitable quantity of traffic. Rather, companies require SEO specialists to understand their problems and use only those SEO techniques that work under the specific company.

For example, a company that has issues in customer retention after arriving on its landing page will not benefit from greater reach as much as it would from improving load times and quality of On-page SEO. So, the job of an SEO specialist is much more about investigating the chinks in the armor of the organization and directing them to improve it in meaningful ways so that they may rank higher.


To be the quintessential candidate, here’s a short list of all the requirements:

  • Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and other computer languages
  • Experience in managing marketing campaigns across multiple search engines
  • Understanding of all types of SEO
  • Working to meet up-to-date standards of SEO
  • Marketing techniques and their correlation with human psychology
  • Team worker, great communicator, and other soft skills
  • A cursory understanding of content writing
  • Fundamentals of Web Designing and Hosting


Online SEO Courses offer learning opportunities for most, if not all, of the aforementioned skills. Online SEO courses can help you develop a strong foundation to become an SEO specialist and give you the necessary tools for the trade to deal with the plethora of responsibilities that are encountered by SEO professionals at regular intervals.

Coordinating with other departments like web design, website development, and content to ascertain the application of the best SEO practices, managing the calculations for paid ad campaigns and the resulting ROI, representing SEO findings in forms of easily comprehensible reports, maintaining records of competitor SEO strategies and analyzing their efficacy while also developing and testing novel ones, etc. are the responsibilities of an SEO specialist.

If even after knowing all the requirements of this craft, you still feel that you fit the bill for this field of work, here are a few online SEO courses for you to try before you commit to any job.


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Top Online SEO Courses:

We recommend you online SEO courses because an online medium allows flexibility and reduces your time commitment while giving you a theoretically similar experience. Here are a few of them for your perusal.


1. Advanced Search Engine Optimization Course by IIM SKILLS:

IIM SKILLS presents a 4-week SEO training course that offers a guaranteed paid internship for up to 8 weeks. This course pushes you to not only grasp important concepts regarding SEO but also provides opportunities to gain real-time work through live projects.

With skills in their name itself, IIM SKILLS leaves no stone unturned to teach you soft skills as well as the technical skills required for any good SEO professional. You will learn more about the fundamental blocks of SEO as well as every concept required for the accurate reviewing of SEO.

Be its critical analysis of data from Google Search Console, writing SEO-friendly content, learning HTML and CSS skills, or the framework of SEO linking, the Advanced Search Engine Optimization course is a speedy course whose viability is only overshadowed by its universality in the SEO world and ranking it as one of the best online SEO courses would not be an overestimation.


Important Features of SEO Course:

  • Live Lectures and Dynamic Syllabi as per SEO Standards
  • Placement and Interview Support
  • Aid in Launching Personal SEO Agency
  • Paid Internship
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access to Digital Resources and LMS Portal
  • A Letter of Recommendation and Recognised Certification


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite



  • Introducing Search Engine Optimization- Lesson 1
  • Selecting the Right Niche For You- Lesson 2
  • Content or On-Page Optimisations- Lesson 3
  • Linking and Other Off-Page Optimisations- Lesson 4
  • Technical Optimisations- Lesson 5
  • Learning Google Search Console- Lesson 6
  • Deep Dive into Google Analytics- Lesson 7
  • Report-Building For Search Engine Optimisation- Lesson 8
  • Bonus (Job Preparation)- Lesson 9



  • Weekday/ Weekend Classes- 14,900 INR + GST
  • Weekend classes to start soon


2. Search Engine Optimization Training Course by SimpliLearn:

This is one of the best online SEO courses available in today’s market. It displays great finesse as it is one of those rare courses that have different mediums of delivery for individuals as well as corporations with different objectives that are given due attention during the course.

Its promise to sculpt you into a well-rounded SEO professional is not an empty commitment, rather the features of the course, namely, the development of a holistic understanding of web analytics, marketing, and website development methods, grasping the functioning of industry-standard SEO tools like Search Console and Google Keyword trends and many more important SEO lessons that constitute this course make it a sublime course for anyone looking to learn more about SEO.


Important Features:

  • Certification for Completion of Course and #1 Bootcamp Provision
  • Availability of Guaranteed Money Back
  • Lessons in Popular Fields like Digital Marketing and Data Analytics
  • No prerequisites to start
  • Alumnus hired by BookMyShow, Jabong, and other well-known brands



  • Foundations of SEO
  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization- Lesson 1
  • Working of Search Engines Explained- Lesson 2
  • Classifying SEO- Lesson 3
  • All About Keywords- Lesson 4
  • Optimizing On-Page SEO- Lesson 5
  • Optimizing Off-Page SEO- Lesson 6
  • Replicated Content- Lesson 7
  • Website Design & Structure- Lesson 8
  • Explaining Local SEO- Lesson 9
  • Keeping Updated and the Algorithm- Lesson 10
  • SEO Integration and Compatibility- Lesson 11
  • Tools For SEO- Lesson 12
  • Careers and the Future- Lesson 13



  • Self-Paced – 34,999 INR
  • Customized- Depends on Features Selected


3. SEO Specialisation by Coursera:

A world-class SEO course offered by the globally recognized University of California, Davis, which is among the best universities on the globe. It is a salient course for any beginner in the world of SEO who already has an estimated two years of experience in the business.

The course helps you foster your skills in search analysis and algorithms and all kinds of marketing practices and procedures under the Sun. It aims to introduce you to pivotal information stipulated for SEO work and give you a secure edifice of SEO knowledge to audit website content and linking to know the holes in marketing campaigns and develop crisp and clear reports that can convey your SEO-related recommendations.

In addition to this being one of the most amazing online SEO courses, it offers real-time capstone projects; imparting the taste of real-life projects and work experience coupled with a waterfall of SEO skills that will serve you well for eternity.


Important Features:

  • Flexible Course Scheduling
  • Nominal Pricing Relative to The Competition
  • Certificate by Coursera and The University of California
  • Important Lessons in Final Report for SEO
  • In-Demand Course that Offers Financial Help
  • Real-Time Projects (Capstone)



This course subsumes 5 different courses and certifications, namely:

  • Google SEO: An Introduction- Course 1
  • The Basics of SEO- Course 2
  • Website Optimisation for Better SERP Rank- Course 3
  • Advanced Techniques and Practices for Content Optimisation- Course 4
  • SEO Capstone Project by Google- Course 5



This course offers variegated pricing depending on the duration of the course.

  • 1-month duration – 3992 INR (20+ hour work per week)
  • 3-month duration – 2661 INR (10 hours work per week)
  • 6-month duration – 1996 INR (5-hour worked per week)


The 3-month duration is recommended by Coursera.


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4. SEO: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites by Udemy:

This is one of the perfect online SEO courses for anyone who wants to gain knowledge regarding SEO and its working in the digital age. It’s a walkthrough course from the basics of the craft to some of the most advanced stuff in SEO all in one neat little package, available at the cheapest of prices.

It helps you learn web analytics, competitor auditing & analysis, complete SEO functioning for search engines, technical SEO practices, and removing Negative SEO in 11 hours of video.

The course teaches you how you can optimize and helps you sign up for the industry-standard tools, giving you the space and time to adapt and gain comfort with the tools. For the nominal rate at which this course competes in the market, it is one of the best online SEO courses in the world currently.


Important Features:

  • Lifetime Access to Resources and Documents
  • Money Back Guarantee Available
  • Lessons about Unique Concepts like PageSpeed SEO etc.
  • Extremely Beginner-Friendly
  • Aided by Highly-Rated Instructors
  • Provision of Certification of Completion



  • Our Action Plan for SEO
  • Beginning SEO Fundamentals
  • Researching Keywords for SEO
  • Researching Competitors
  • Creation of Your Website
  • Optimizing Content
  • Detailed On-Page SEO
  • Technical Aspect of SEO
  • Web Essentials and Core Aspects
  • Exclusive WordPress and PageSpeed Seo Development
  • Google Search Console
  • Linking and SEO
  • Quality Backlinks
  • SEO for Improving User Experience
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Signal Use in SEO
  • Proofing for Negative SEO
  • Other Lectures



  • 400 INR (89% discount with original price of 3,499 INR)



5. SEO Certification Course by HubSpot Academy:

This free certification course is crafted to exalt the ranking of your websites on popular search engines like Google and Bing. It provides minor tips and tricks to boost your SEO rating and performance with simple keyword reporting and research.

It caters to those who are persistent workers in the arena of content writing and marketing and wish to add some pzazz to their work and also, extremely useful for persons who wish to enter this field but do not wish to spend cash to learn more about it. All of this makes it one of the best online SEO courses for beginners who only want to dip their feet in this field.


Important Features:

  • Free of Cost
  • Broad Curriculum
  • Personalized to Suit Your Needs
  • Useful as a Jumping to Enter the Sphere of SEO professionals



  • Basics Of SEO- Rachel Sheldon
  • Keywords -Technical & On-Page
  • Research SEO Keyword
  • Link Building SEO: Scaling Strategies
  • SERP Optimisation
  • Reporting Search Engine Optimisation



  • Free


FAQs (Online SEO Courses):


1. Does being an SEO professional help you be a better content writer?

On-page SEO helps in giving content writers the guidelines that will allow them to rank their content better in Google SERP. Meta titles, descriptions, and links open the bounds of content writers and give them a direction for their work, so, yes, SEO is helpful for content writers.


2. What are the salary and job opportunities for an SEO professional?

The salary of an average SEO professional is around 2.5 LPA, with less than 1 year of experience scoring around 0.9 LPA and more than 8 years of experience scoring 11.1 LPA. SEO professionals can score many jobs and after the SEO course completion, you can use the certification as an add-on for other fields like marketing and content writing. Regardless, as an SEO amateur, you can look for jobs like SEO specialist, SEO executive, and SEO analyst in various companies.


3. Are there any cost-efficient SEO courses online?

Yes, courses like Coursera’s SEO Specialisation and HubSpot Academy are great examples of cost-efficient SEO courses you can find online.



We hope you gained some important knowledge regarding SEO and the courses under its ambit and will soon display your talents as an SEO professional. Hope you enjoyed it.

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