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Top 6 Data Analytics Courses in Canada With Placements

Planning to pursue your education abroad and wondering about where to go and what course to opt for? we’ve got you! Take Data Analytics courses in Canada- learn data Analytics, its importance, Types, Career opportunities, and the best colleges that offer data analytics courses. In this article, you will get to know 5 top universities that offer data analytics courses in Canada.


What is Data Analytics?

It is an interdisciplinary field. It means gathering or collecting, transubstantiating, and organizing data. In Today’s time, we have a massive amount of data which is generated by various industries and sectors. Now this data can be qualitative, Quantitative, raw, structured, or unstructured. So to collect the information, retrieve to organize the data to get the end result we need to run data analytics.


Data Analytics uses data analysis to get the meaning from the data. It also includes data science and data engineering.

Note – Data Analysis is a sub-category of Data Analytics. Whereas data science means to study huge amounts of data be it raw, structured, or unstructured. Data Engineering is designing and building the systems for managing the data (collecting, storing, and organizing).


Importance of Data Analytics

Many Businesses and organizations work with Huge amounts of data. Keeping a manual track of this data can be extremely burdensome and this data and information will increase rapidly in the coming time and this amount would be beyond Imaginable. This would make things harder. Now imagine losing the data that you’ve been generating for more than a decade or unable to make use of that data or wasting it completely. To avoid such problems or to put your data in jeopardy we need to use data analytics.

Modeling and visualizing are important for Data analytics. So that you can understand the difficulties you might face. In earlier times some skilled analysts were needed to process the data but now we have tools that are used to perform data analysis on the bulk of data which helps the business and organizations to make the best possible decisions on various aspects like manufacturing, sales, marketing, productivity performance, etc.

But to run those tools and algorithms we still need highly skilled data analytics who have hands-on experience working with those tools. Various decisions can be made depending on the target audience. The audiences you are targeting can change on the basis of your analysis. This can help you grow your business and help you to make your decision fast. Data analytics can also help to reduce costs by letting you know the efficient way of doing business.


Types of Data Analytics

  1. Descriptive Analytics – It is used to summarize the data from past events.
  2. Diagnostic Analytics – It is used to examine past events. If something happened then why did it happen, how did it happen and what was the end result?
  3. Predictive Analytics – It is used to study historical data and statistical modeling techniques to predict future outcomes.
  4. Prescriptive Analytics – It focuses on providing the best recommendations for decision-making.


Top 5 Industries Using Data Analytics

According to some studies, it has been learned that the following industries have a demand for Data Analytical solutions.


Banking and security

As we know almost all working professionals have their bank accounts with different banks. People trust banks with their money. In order to keep your money in a bank you should give proof of your identity. Now all these records are managed by the bank. Nowadays we often use dedicated software and applications to manage our accounts. All this data and information needs to be analyzed to make better decisions for the customers. It keeps track of the activities. It also helps with security so that it does not compromise with any sort of internal or external threat. Data Analytics in the banking sector can take your business and its operation to another level.


Pharma and healthcare

Pharma and healthcare sectors have also started using Analytical tools to keep the health track of the patients. Wearable health tracking devices are being used but people to monitor their health. All the data generated by these devices can be collected and help analyze the risk, improvement, or demand. Data analytical tools can also help get records of medicines consumed by the patients, the manufacturing amount, their sales, their effectiveness, etc. It can also help to build communication between patients and providers. In the near future data analytics will bloom more in this industry.



The education industry is also generating huge data whether be it in schools, colleges, universities, coaching centers, institutes, etc. Millions of students enroll themselves in various degrees, courses, and diploma programs. Students also search for top courses, in college. They check all types of eligibility criteria for specific courses. Data analytics can be used to collect information and keep track of it to provide better outcomes. It can also be used to improve the teaching methodology; it can help to understand the exciting ways by which students can improve their learning. It can also highlight the areas of improvement.



The government has changed its ways. The working methods of the government are evolving with time. Data analytics helps to understand the government professionals and the citizens, their behavior, and needs – which helps it to come up with better decisions and improved services. The government has used data analytics in so many ways to prevent various crimes and frauds. Data Analytics helps to identify and analyse the patterns which comes as a great help to the government. The government sector will continue using data analytics for various reasons.


Retail Wholesale

Retail and wholesale are highly competitive sectors in order to survive in a sector they have to compete with one another to fulfill customer needs, demands, and requirements. They need to keep their customers happy and maintain loyalty. For this very purpose data analytics acts as a hero for this industry. Data analytics can help the sector to be in the game and exceed the competition Data analytics helps retailers and sellers in various ways collecting customer feedback and understanding their requirements, helping to analyze the track, helping to manage prices to increase sales, and keeping track of the brands.


Why To Go Canada?

Canada provides excellent and high-quality education to students from all over the world. The country has to offer a plethora of courses, certificates, and degree programs which are recognized in almost all the countries. Along with the education, students get the chance to explore a different culture, get exposed to the professional working environment, and develop strong life skills. Moreover, they get endless opportunities in Canada or anywhere else after getting a verified degree.

Students from other countries come to Canada to pursue higher education. Because the country has to offer the best of the best. Not only the education but also a benevolent working environment, Amazing and rich culture, and extensive support from the government.

Study, live, work, and travel in Canada. While studying get the conversance in different part-time jobs or work full time in Canada after your education. One can also get settled in Canada permanently or if you are planning to learn, gain experience invest in quality training you can choose Canada over any other country. There are the best colleges and universities that the offer best data analytics courses in Canada. There are endless reasons to pursue education in this country.


Career and Job Opportunities in Data Analytics

A career in data analytics is very promising everywhere in almost all sectors. The demand and requirement of data analysts are increasing. A skilled data analyst is much needed to work on complex tools and algorithms and needs to be innovative. You can have major promotions in this field. You can start working as a junior analyst, senior analyst, analytics manager, or even a chief data officer.

Along with promotions, you will get the opportunity to manage various roles in the field of data analytics, you will work with technologies, and you will have career advancement and job security. Apart from that you will get the opportunity to work with intelligent, highly skilled and like-minded people and all can share their learnings and make a better working environment.


Let’s See the Income One Can Make After Becoming a Data Analyst

In Canada, the average salary of a data analyst is CA$91,033 per year. For a fresher salary starts at CA$65,343 per year and for the experienced person, it goes up to CA$140,148 per year. In India the salary ranges between 1.7 lakhs and 11 lakhs. With an average annual salary of Rs. 4.1 lakhs.


Best 10 Careers in Data Analytics

  1. Data scientist
  2. Business intelligence Analyst
  3. Data Engineer
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Marketing Analytics manager
  6. Financial Analyst
  7. Quantitative analyst
  8. Risk Analyst
  9. Data Governance Analyst
  10. Data Visualization engineer


Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Canada


Other best courses in Canada:


1. Data Analytics Master Course – IIM SKILLS

About the course

IIM SKILLS is a platform that offers a variety of online self-paced learning courses. Along with skill development, they provide internships to give hands-on experience by training on live projects, case studies, and practical assignments. Over 3000 students and working professionals from over 30 countries were trained by IIM SKILLS. Moreover, they have the world’s best faculties who have experience of more than a decade. Also on completion of the Data Analytics Course, you will also get a certification i.e. accepted globally.



IIM SKILLS provides six months of live data analytics courses in Canada and many other countries. They focus on excellence and quality skill development courses from all over the world. So that people get the opportunity to become successful in life. Unlike other institutes, IIM SKILLS provides 100% tool-driven training, lifetime access to the courses, and practical learning.

The data analytics courses will cover subjects like introducing VBA, key components of programming language, how VBA works with Excel, programming constructs in VBA, and others. You can select your course from various options available.


Location- Offline

Qualification – certification

Duration – 6 months

Fee- INR- 19,900

Next intake – 29th August 2023


2. Carleton University – Ottawa Canada

Masters in Engineering in electrical and computer engineering – Data science


About the course

Data science is for people good with aptitude. For someone who is interested in research, programming, mathematics, and computers. Data science uses algorithms, processes, and procedures to uncover the massive amount of data to get insights and make better decisions or get better outcomes for the business.


About the University

This university was founded in 1942 in Ottawa Canada the capital city of Canada. This university covers 62 hectares of lush and picturesque land. Carleton University is one of the universities that offers data analytics courses in Canada.

If you are someone who is looking forward to pursuing a master of engineering with a specialization in data science you can check out Carlton University or if you are someone who wants to make your career in information and technology after your graduation and earn good money, consider doing data analytics course from this university.

Students get to experience immersive learning, they get hands-on experience, practical projects, researched base learning, and participating in community work. Not only this, students can participate in many sports and cultural activities. Carlton University also helps students to get placed in reputed companies.

  • Location – Canada
  • Qualification – Master’s degree
  • Duration- 2 years
  • Entry score – 6.5 IELTS
  • Fees – CA$53370
  • INTAKE – SEPTEMBER 2023-2024


3. Georgian College – Barrie, Canada

Ontario College graduate certificate in Big data analytics


About the Course

Big data analytics is used for the most advanced, complex, and diverse data be it any type of data (structured, semi-structured or unstructured) ranging in different sizes from TB to ZB. Big data analytics is huge, so the traditional way of managing it would be highly complicated. Big data analytics can help you to make faster and better decisions, creating and predicting future results and amplifying business intelligence.


About the College

Georgian College is one of the most reputed and excellent-ranking colleges. It is also one of the best colleges for doing data analytics courses in Canada. This college provides various vocational as well as academic streams with plenty of courses to offer at many levels from apprenticeship training to diplomas, degrees, and graduate certificates.

This college was founded in 1967 and has a record of training 13000 students from all around. Not only this college is good for big data analytics but is also best for training programs in areas such as automotive business, business management, computer studies, visual arts etc. This college has placed most number of students in different sectors.


  • Location – Canada
  • Qualification- graduate certificate
  • Duration – 1 year
  • Entry score – 6.5 IELTS
  • Fees- CA$18,378 (2023)
  • Intake – 05 September 2023

4. St. Clair College – Windsor, Ontario Canada

A graduate certificate in Data analytics for business


About the course

Data analytics for business helps students understand all the patterns and connections so that they can present information in a meaningful format. Data analytics helps to the deeper understanding of data by giving detailed history behind the information. This will help students to make better decision-making, they will understand the trends and the requirements of the customer.

Students can study the data and store it in a way that can be reused or referred to solve problems and predict future patterns for business decision-making.  This course will help the students develop critical thinking skills that will help them to find the data to solve business problems. Students will get the opportunities to work in public and private sectors, or they can become self-employed.


About the college

St. Clair College is a public community college that offers top-notch learning to students. St. Clair provides a wonderful study environment in their 3 beautiful campuses. Where they can build strong interpersonal skills, and employable skills, and make genuine connections. This college has teaching experience over 50 years and offers 100+ courses in various levels like diplomas, degrees, and graduate certificates. It focuses on the areas from health to trade. St. Clair’s has an employable rate of 87.5 percent at the graduate level. St. Clair College is one of the best options to do data analytics courses in Canada.


  • Location – Canada
  • Qualification – graduate certificate
  • Duration – 2 years
  • Entry score – 6.0 IELTS
  • Fees – CA$30,822
  • Intake- 11 September 2023


Recommended Reads:


5. Dalhousie University – Halifax, Canada

Bachelor of Management – Managing data and information


About the Course

If you are someone who would like to manage and only cares about things to be managed this course is for you. This course is based on management concepts like marketing, organizational concepts, leadership, management, innovation, etc. You can make a career in various sectors and in different working environments. After completing this course one can manage a business organization, manage a community theatre, or work in a library system.


About the College

Dalhousie University was founded in 1818 and delivered high-quality education for 200 years. The university is located in Nova Scotia, Canada with four campuses in Truro, Halifax, one in satellite locations in Yarmouth, and the other one in Saint John, New Brunswick. This university has marvelous 13 academic facilities.

The world’s best researchers are part of this institution and maintaining its legacy. This university offers a unique, interesting environment so that each and every person associated with this university achieves excellence. This university is quite popular for data analytics courses in Canada.


  • Location – Canada
  • Qualification- Bachelor’s degree
  • Duration – 4 years
  • Entry score – 6.5 IELTS
  • Fees – CA$109,812
  • Next intake – 05 September 2023

6. Durham University – – Halifax, Canada

Graduate certificate in data analytics for business decision-making


About the course

Nowadays almost all organizations rely heavily on data to plan and decide on what action is required. And for that tools are being used extensively for data collection and manipulation. Which indeed helps the organizations to make the best conclusions. The data analytics for business decision-making, graduate certificate will prepare you for highly paying sectors and organizations that depend on internal and external data sources for business planning, decision-making, and problem-solving.

Business intelligence and big data tools help organizations collect and manipulate data to allow organizations to respond quickly to any changes. So graduates with data analytical skills are in high demand. Students will get hands-on experience, theoretical knowledge, analysis, and manipulation. Along with this students get the opportunity to get scholarships and internships.


About the College

Durham University is one of the renowned Universities in Canada. This University is ranked 78th in the QS world university rankings. It has 330 plus undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Durham is one of the top Universities for data analytics courses in Canada. This university has 17 colleges affiliated with it. Durham University focuses on excellence and outstanding education for students. So whosoever got trained in this institution will get the higher placement opportunities. Apart from education, all the colleges provide several amenities and facilities to the students so they need not worry about anything else.


Location – Canada

Qualification – Graduate certificate

Duration – 1 year

Entry score- 6.5 IELTS

Next Intake – 11 September 2023


Frequently Asked Questions: Data Analytics Courses in Canada


Q.1 What are the skills required to become a data analyst?

Answer – One should have statistical and mathematical knowledge. Also one should know how to create data visualization, create dashboards, and reports. Apart from this one should be good at problem-solving.


Q.2 Who is eligible for Data analytics courses in Canada or anywhere else?

Answer – Anyone who wants to become an analyst must have a bachelor’s degree in economics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, and information management.


Q.3 What one should expect to learn in data analytics courses in Canada?

Answer – You can expect to learn the following topics/subjects in data analytics courses in Canada

  1. Introduction to analytics
  2. Types of data
  3. Exploratory data analysis
  4. Statistical methods for data analysis
  5. Text mining
  6. Web analysis
  7. Business intelligence
  8. Data visualisation
  9. Big data analytics
  10. Applied data analysis projects etc.

You can expect many other topics and subjects that come under data analytics.


Q.4 What is the highest package of data analysts in India?

Answer – Average salary ranges between 3.24LPA – 550LPA. However, with an increase in experience, one can go up to 12.50 LPA.


Q.5 How to become a data analyst?

Answer – It is important to develop foundational knowledge about the subject. Get the knowledge about it and then decide if you want to make your career in this field or not. One can become a data analyst if they have related disciplines like computer science, information management, maths, statistics, economics, finance, business, or information systems. Many companies search for candidates with such disciplines. Apart from this one should build technical skills like Java script programming, Python, SQL, Microsoft Excel, machine learning, and relational databases. Lastly, work on projects with real data and develop a portfolio of your work.


Conclusion: Data Analytics Courses in Canada

Canada has a rich culture, it is a vibrant country with benevolent citizens, a modernized society, top-ranked universities, world-class medical institutions, scenic landscapes, and a highly organized government. Canadian government and universities bestowed students from all over the world with the world’s best education and working opportunities. So, they can be highly qualified and contribute to the growth of the world’s economy and can have personal growth as well.

Canada offers thousands of academic and vocational courses but if you are someone who comes from a technical, mathematical, or statistical background. You can come and pursue data analytics courses in Canada you will get all the theoretical and practical knowledge about the subject, and you can choose various universities and colleges for your education and work in any sector you wish and become successful in life. Now you can decide whether you want to do data analytics courses in Canada or anywhere else in the world.

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