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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Newcastle With Placements

The world is hooked on the Internet. A whopping 64.5% percent of the world’s population is using the internet and people are spending an average of 7 hours daily on it. The ever-connected customers are researching, buying, and reviewing products and services online like never before. Given this new customer behavior, companies are realizing that digital marketing is now the need of the hour. In this article, we will share the top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Newcastle that can help you master this in-demand skill and carve a high-paying and creatively satisfying career. Let’s begin.


Digital marketing is going big on digitization to attract potential customers and engage clients in an impactful yet cost-effective manner. And, to achieve these crucial goals companies are looking for professionals who know the ropes of this new digital landscape. So, in this article, we will discuss some very compelling reasons why it is the right time for you to pursue a Digital Marketing course.


Why Are Digital Marketers Courses in Newcastle in High Demand?

Digital Marketing is the buzzword in the whole world, including the UK. In fact, the UK is considered one of the leading digital advertising spenders across the globe. All businesses big and small here are turning to Digital Marketing as it enables them to connect with a wider audience, scale up their business, and generate more revenue in the process.

According to a recent survey, 72 percent of marketers in the UK are now assigning a lion’s share of their budgets to online marketing to fully tap its business potential. In Newcastle too, Digital Marketing is a very booming market. Companies of all sizes are channeling more and more resources into developing a solid online presence and are looking for qualified Digital Marketing professionals who can put them in good stead to achieve their business goals.


But What is the Future Forecast for Digital Marketing?

The good news is that the employment forecast for Digital marketing is promisingly bright. An unprecedented number of people are online and this number is only growing by the minute. Wi-Fi and smartphones have made it possible to be perpetually connected to the internet. This handy access to the World Wide Web has dramatically changed the nature of customer interaction with companies, and brands, and is now rapidly shaping their shopping patterns.

And companies are noticing. They are becoming increasingly aware that in order to succeed they will have to promptly and smartly tap into this proliferating online-savvy customer base. But they also know that they need experts to leverage this fast-evolving and dynamic medium of marketing which is drastically different from what their traditional marketers are used to.

Therefore companies are actively scouting for well-trained professionals to understand their target audience’s preferences and needs. They are looking for qualified experts who can help them design and execute strategies to maximize new customer acquisition, ensure effective client engagement, and enhance the overall customer experience.


Why is Digital Marketing a Hot Career Option for You?

According to LinkedIn, Digital Marketing is one of the top skills you can master in 2023 to boost your career. LinkedIn also lists ‘Digital Marketing Specialist’ among the 10 most in-demand jobs in the world with 8 lacs plus job openings. So, the demand is huge and real. Thus, if you want to pursue a career in Digital Marketing, it is the right time for you to learn the ropes and jump onto this bandwagon.

Also, Digital Marketing jobs are well-paying. Currently, there are fewer trained professionals available vis-à-vis the high demand in the market. Thus, companies are lapping up digital experts from the job market and paying them handsomely for their services. So, gaining Digital Marketing skills can open the doors to these lucrative career opportunities for you too.

And to make the deal sweeter, Digital Marketing is one of the few jobs that often offers you the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world – a luxury that people are yearning for more and more, especially post-Covid.

So, if your dream is to become a Digital Nomad with a well-paying career that offers lots of creative satisfaction and loads of flexibility too, Digital Marketing might just be your jam.


What Are the Job Opportunities Out There?

Digital Marketing opens the door to a plethora of career opportunities. Depending upon your personal preference you can choose to become a freelancer and be your own boss or decide to undertake a job. As a freelancer, you can assist companies with comprehensive services and strategies to sell their products or services online.

This option gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose the kind of work you want to work on, the workload you want to take on, and the clients you want to work with. It’s a great career option if you wish to work on your terms and have an enviable work-life balance. Alternatively, you may choose to take the job route for yourself.

The main perks of undertaking a job are career security and a fixed compensation package. And again there are a host of roles to choose from. Some of the sought-after profiles in Digital Marketing are Social Media Manager, Search Engine Optimisation Specialist, Search Engine Marketing Specialist, PPC specialist, Content Manager or Strategist, Digital Marketing Manager and Director, Business Analyst, Web designer, Professional Blogger, Email Marketing Specialist, Mobile Marketing Specialist, Email Marketer, Data analyst, UX designer, etc.


What do Digital Marketers in Newcastle earn?

The average digital marketing salary in Newcastle is between £32,000 to £39,000 per year. Entry-level positions start at around £25,000 per year while more experienced professionals can make around £50,000 per year. Based on your skills and experience you can draw from anywhere between £25,000 to £50,000 per year.


What are the Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Newcastle?

If you want to launch your career in Digital Marketing the first thing to do is to find the best course that can arm you with the required skills and help you develop a cutting-edge portfolio. Fortunately, there a a number of Digital Marketing courses in Newcastle you can choose from. But to save you time and trouble, we have meticulously researched the market and handcrafted a list of the Best 5 Digital Marketing courses in Newcastle for you. Let’s dive in.



  • Course Name: Master Digital Marketing Course
  • Course Duration: 5 months, including 3 months of Paid Internship (Flexible time and optional)
  • Course Fees: $360 including taxes (offers interest-free EMI option)
  • Mode of Delivery: Instructor-led Online


Overview: This short-term course, coupled with a paid internship, focuses on intensive training through 40 modules, followed by the actual application of the concepts learned. It is the course on the list that offers both in-depth classroom learning and hands-on real-life work experience as you attempt your internship assignments for some of the most reputed brands in the world.


Course Curriculum (indicative): Website Development and Understanding of WordPress, SEO, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Web Analytics, Blogging and Content Writing, Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing, Marketing Automation, Digital Infographics, Resume Creation, Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy


Pros 👍

  • Among all Digital Marketing Courses in Newcastle, this one offers you perhaps one of the most immersive live interactive sessions by best-in-class mentors and Digital Marketing experts
  • Offers you the opportunity to work on industry-centric assignments with big International brands such as Starbucks, Amazon, H&M, etc.
  • Assigns you very practical tasks such as running your first Insta ad, or creating a professional blog on WordPress, etc. to help you build a strong portfolio
  • Ensures that every assignment you submit is thoroughly reviewed and feedback is given to sharpen your skills further
  • Offers you a fixed stipend every month for your work during the internship phase
  • Offers you the best placement opportunities worldwide with 300+ active placement partners in its network.
  • Gives you lifetime access to all the training material, class recordings, and presentations
  • Offers 100% Money-Back Guarantee after your first session in case of any dissatisfaction


Cons 👎

  • Only an online learning option is available as of now.


USP: A comprehensive, in-depth, and high-quality course at a very affordable price. Also, it prepares you for other coveted Certifications such as  Google, Facebook & HubSpot examinations. This is one course on this list that offers an opportunity to everyone including students, working professionals, homemakers, or retired professionals to learn Digital Marketing on weekends from the comfort of their homes and kickstart their careers.


Why we ranked it No.1?

Some key reasons why this course outranked the other Digital Marketing Courses in Newcastle for us.

  • It’s offered by IIM SKILLS which is one of the leading Edtech companies that has trained over 35000-plus professionals across the globe and is also recognized by the Govt. Of India. It is one of the most reputed companies in the Learning and Development space that caters to both national and International markets.
  • The course has a sound track record of successful participants who are working across the world for some of the best brands, such as Microsoft, Samsung, Accenture, The Herald, and The Times of India, to name a few. The well-placed alumni are a strong indication of the high-level quality of the course.
  • The institute has a robust global network of 300-plus placement partners. These companies offer numerous job opportunities to successful participants including national and international roles after the successful completion of the course.
  • Unlike a few regular Digital Marketing courses in Newcastle, this one goes beyond the theoretical concepts. It empowers its students with the additional knowledge of all the relevant tools, applications, and software required in the real job world to give them an extra edge and make them totally work-ready from the word go.
  • Only institute to offer earnings while you are still learning. The paid research-based internship is a big differentiator as compared to many other Digital Marketing Courses in Newcastle and a huge plus for the participants as it introduces them to the real work world and serves as a great preparation ground for all the students. It enables them to practice every concept they have learned by actually doing things firsthand.
  • The course has consciously designed small batches of students to ensure that individual attention is conferred by the coach upon each and every participant. This also helps in closely monitoring the progress of all students and helps in figuring out their strengths and working on their improvement areas.
  • A 1-on-1 personal guidance is ensured for all participants through Internship Managers who act like their buddies or mentors guiding them personally through the Internship process and sharing their constructive feedback to hone the confidence and skill levels of the interns.
  • The course draws both National and International students offering a diverse classroom that helps students bring different perspectives and experiences while they learn and interact with each other.
  • This is one of the courses on the list that is helpful for everyone. Whether the participant is a student, a salaried professional, a business owner, an entrepreneur, a homemaker, or a retired professional the course helps them to learn the skills and realize their best potential.


#2. Newcastle University

  • Course Name: MSc in e-Business (e-Marketing)
  • Course Duration: One year Full-time
  • Course Fees: Home Students – £13,500

International students (Full Time) -£24,000

  • Mode of Delivery: In-person Classroom


Overview: This one-year course is delivered via a combination of compulsory and optional modules followed by assessment in the form of oral presentation, written examination, case study, or research paper to evaluate the students from time to time.


Course Curriculum(indicative):  Customer Relationship Management, Importance of data analytics for managers, Various kinds of information systems, the marketing functions in organizations, Design thinking for social good, Campaign planning and Campaign budgeting, Search engine marketing and Social media marketing, Display advertising, and Email marketing


Pros 👍

  • Newcastle University is one of the renowned Universities in the UK offering Digital Marketing Courses in Newcastle
  • World-class teachers
  • Dedicated Career Center to assist in placements


Cons 👎

  • High Course Fees as compared to other companies offering Digital Marketing Courses in Newcastle
  • Full-time course not feasible for working professionals
  • A long course duration of 1 year might not be ideal for students with other personal and professional commitments



The course curriculum inculcates digital skills in the students to handle the full end-to-end customer life cycle. Also, they have a career center to assist the students with placements.


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#3. Northumbria University

Course Name: Digital Marketing MSc.

  • Course Duration: One year, Full time
  • Course Fees: £11,250, International fees: £19,000
  • Mode of Delivery: In-person Classroom


Overview: This one-year Master’s program is delivered by a bunch of industry experts, professors, and authors through a mix of lectures, seminars, and practical workshops that utilize actual data. It’s best suited for undergraduates in Newcastle or those open to moving there to learn digital marketing strategies and gain a recognized qualification.


Course Curriculum (indicative): Understanding Marketing Metrics, Research Methods and Analytics, Strategic Marketing in the new Digital Era, SEO, PPC, The complete Digital Customer Journey, Digital Campaign Management, Email Marketing


Pros 👍

  • Northumbria University  has a good reputation among institutes offering Digital Marketing Courses in Newcastle
  • Good mix of faculty, including industry experts, authors, and digital marketers
  • Offers the opportunity to work on live Project briefs
  • Assignments are reviewed and feedback is shared
  • Diverse international student population to widen your global digital marketing perspectives.



  • High course fees as compared to other companies offering Digital Marketing Courses in Newcastle
  • Long course duration thus not suitable for professionals with other personal and professional commitments
  • Not suitable for professionals with work commitments as it’s a full-time  course


USP: This Digital Marketing Masters is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Institute of Data & Marketing.


#4. Coursera: Digital Marketing Specialization by the University of Illinois

  • Course Name: Digital Marketing Specialization
  • Course Duration: Self-paced
  • Course Fees: $ 800 approx.


Overview: It’s a 7-course series that is designed for students who want flexibility in learning what they want and when they want


Course Curriculum(indicative): Digital Marketing, social media, Content Marketing, Search Marketing, Brand Communication, Mobile Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications, Data Collection, Marketing Mix, Marketing Analytics, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and 3D Printing



  • This course offers training from university and industry experts
  • The course can be completed at your own pace
  • Offers certificate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to participants


Cons 👎

  • Lacks all the benefits of live interactive classes
  • Limited feedback mechanism
  • No peer interaction or engagement is feasible
  • Participants can lose motivation to complete the modules as it’s not time-bound


USP: The course offers an opportunity to complete a real-life capstone project


#5. Udemy 

Course Name: The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2023: 18 Courses in 1

Course Duration: Self-paced

Course Fees: $129.9

Mode of Delivery: On-demand video


Overview: It’s a bundled 18-in-1 crash course that teaches the fundamentals of Digital Marketing so that students are broadly aware of the concepts applied in the field.


Course Curriculum (indicative): Website Creation, Video Marketing, Email marketing, Social media marketing, ChatGPT, Facebook Ads, SEO, Copywriting skills, Podcasting, Email Marketing, Instagram Ads, Messenger Ads, WhatsApp Ads, Google Ads, YouTube



  • Comprehensive course
  • Quizzes, assignments, and downloadable resources
  • Full Lifetime access to recorded videos
  • Offers Certificate of completion
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee



  • Just gives an overview of all topics, without deep-diving hence more suited for beginners
  • No class interaction and peer learning
  • No community to reach out to or share notes with
  • No review or feedback on the assignment


Main USP 

  • Offers one of the well-rounded Digital Marketing Courses in Newcastle


Frequently Asked Questions?


1. Who can join the Digital Marketing Courses in Newcastle?

Each course is unique. Some Digital Marketing courses in Newcastle have specific prerequisites for admission, however, most online courses are open for everyone who has basic knowledge of the internet and is keen to build Digital Marketing skills.


2. What is the future of the Digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is growing at a rapid speed and will continue to do so. Companies will seek the services of digital experts to achieve their business goals. Thus the future of Digital Marketing is bright and promising for well-trained professionals.


3. How to Choose the Best Course in Digital Marketing?

Firstly, know what you want at the end of the course. Think about your career objective. Then consider your schedule and desired format. If you are already a busy professional, an online course might be more suited than classroom training. Also, compare fee structure and quality of trainers. Last but not least always check reviews of alumni.


4. What are my career options post-course completion?

Armed with your new skills you can choose your calling based on your interest. You can be a  freelance consultant offering your Digital Marketing services to businesses or land yourself a good job with a company of your choice. You can further select a niche and become a specialist in that niche such as an SEO specialist, data analyst, Email Marketing Manager, or Social Media Marketing Manager, or use your new skills to become a successful Influencer.


5. Should I go for a free online course or a Paid online course?

Look for a value-for-money course. One that is perfect for your budget and offers you an intensive course packed with lots of learning and hands-on training. Again, do check past participants’ reviews and faculty credentials to arrive at the right choice.



There is no denying that Digital Marketing has already changed the landscape of Marketing and with ever-evolving technology, it will continue to rule the dynamics of the world of Marketing in the near future too. But with so much information floating around it, sometimes it can be an overwhelming task to decide how to get the first foot in the door. And, that’s where the right training can help. It can equip you with all the tricks of the digital trade you need and fast-track your dream career.

Happy learning!

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