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Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Kota With Placements

Writing is a trending field due to the advancements in Digital Technologies. Various Industries, Institutes, Corporate Giants, Schools, Colleges, and Universities are making their presence online through websites and blogs. We will look at the definition and various other aspects related to technical writing and also see available technical writing courses in Kota below.


Every industry out there in the digital world is looking to attract customers by giving them knowledge about various products, technologies, concepts, etc through their websites and blogs. They require writers to write blogs. Different writers are required for different purposes, including marketing, sales, information, product details, etc.

They require writers who are Content Creators, Content Marketers, Creative Writers, Technical writers, etc. So technical writers are those writers who write complex technical concepts about a product,  industry, etc. in a very simplified form and guide users about these concepts.


What is Technical Writing?

Generally, technical concepts are hard to understand, and putting more time into understanding those concepts is not affordable for a general reader. So, Technical Writing is the effort in research, planning, drafting, and designing complex concepts in a very simplified way to engage general readers and clarify their understanding of the respective subject.

These concepts may include examples like how to program for a digital application, how to set pressure and temperature for a particular manufacturing process, or what are the advancements in Biological processes, etc. So, Technical Writing is not restricted to Software or IT industries only. Manufacturing industries, Science, and Research fields also require Technical Writing.


Types of Technical Writing

1. White Paper

White Paper is the description of a solution to a complex problem. It is used to persuade purely based on the facts. The structure and concept of white paper are different than other technical writings.


2. User Manuals

User Manual is the guide for the user on proper usage of the product. You can say, it is the way to find a solution to a problem while using the product. User Manual helps the user to solve the problem then and there, rather than approaching customer care. So, the basic purpose of the User Manual is quickly solve the problem by referring to the document.


3. Technical Reports

Technical Report is the result of thorough research carried out for informational purposes. The research outcomes, the procedure carried out, and the major learnings from the research are all covered in Technical Report.


4. Business Plans

Business plans are made in two conditions. First is when you are starting a new business and second is when you are expanding your existing business significantly. Business plans include marketing analysis, financial planning, product and service details, etc. This type of technical writing is used in corporate sectors where there is a continuous flow of investments.


5. Online Documentation

It is the type of technical writing that is present on the internet, which is visible through a website or another online platform. It is designed to provide clear information on products, services, or technology.


These above are the 5 major types of technical writing. There are many other types of technical writing like API Documentation, SDK Documentation, Repair Manuals, User Guides, Proposal Plans, etc. used by professional technical writers according to their requirements.


What Are Technical Writing Courses and What Are Some Common Points About How They Are Conducted?

Technical Writing Courses in Kota are educational programs that teach individuals how to write technical documents effectively and efficiently. They are designed to help individuals acquire the skills and knowledge needed to produce clear, concise, and accurate technical documents that meet the needs of a specific audience.

Technical writing courses in Kota can be found at colleges and universities, as well as through online learning platforms. They can be taken as standalone courses or as part of a broader program, such as a certificate or degree in technical writing, journalism, or English.


Typical Topics Covered in a Technical Writing Course Include:

  • The principles of effective technical writing
  • Understanding the target audience and writing for their needs
  • Research and information-gathering techniques
  • The writing process, including planning, drafting, editing, and revising
  • The use of visual aids, such as diagrams and illustrations, to explain complex concepts
  • Writing different types of technical documents, such as user manuals, reports, and proposals
  • The ethical considerations of technical writing, including accuracy, truthfulness, and intellectual property rights
  • The use of tools and software for technical writing, such as content management systems and illustration tools


A technical writing course may be taught through a combination of lectures, readings, writing assignments, and hands-on experience. Students may also have the opportunity to receive feedback on their writing and learn from the experiences of their classmates and instructors


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Top Technical Writing Courses in Kota



IIM SKILLS is one of the reputed institutes providing courses in Content Writing, Technical Writing, Digital Marketing, etc. Starting in 2015, this Institute has grown to be one of the best Ed-Tech Companies in India. It is Headquartered in New Delhi and has a presence in 23 cities in Asia which includes Dubai and Singapore.

It started its training program after establishing a successful educational blog that reached a million people Digitally for career guidance. Their mission is to provide World Class Education at affordable pricing.

They have trained more than 35000 learners with the help of expert faculties having an experience of more than 12 years. In a span of 8 years, they have conducted more than 9500 training. They provide online Technical Writing Courses in Kota.


Course Name: Technical Writing Course


Structure of Technical Writing Courses in Kota:

It’s an online course with 5 weeks of live training. They provide a total of 20 hours of lectures with more than 60 hours of practical assignments. You get a 1 month-guaranteed internship along with lifetime support. You will learn to develop your portfolio for a job or freelancing.

You get to publish your first Technical Blog with the Times of India Blog. There is a dedicated placement cell to ensure you get your job as soon as possible. You get a Master’s Certification after the completion of the course.

You get lifetime access to Learning Management System which can be accessed from anywhere and you can attend classes unlimited times to understand the concepts better at no extra cost.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Course Syllabus:

This course includes Introduction to Technical Writing, How to Write, Creating your Content, Technical Reports, White papers/ Journals, Conversational Writing, DDLC and Versioning, Reviewing and Publishing, API Documentation using XML, Datasheets, User Manuals and Application Notes, Effective Writing, Medical Writing, and Case study.


2. Udemy

Udemy is an Ed-Tech Company focused on providing online learning and teaching platforms. It was founded in 2010. Their platform has more than 59 million learners and more than 70000 instructors teaching in more than 70 languages. Udemy was one of the first providers of live virtual classrooms and they have committed themselves to improving the lives of people through learning. There are over 13500 Udemy Business Customers, almost 50% of whom are in the Fortune 100.


Course Name: Business Writing & Technical Writing Immersion


Structure of Technical Writing Courses in Kota:

This course is designed to make you learn how to apply a systematic writing process, how to increase your speed of digital, written, and oral communication, how to draft documents that are well organized to ease the understandability of the target audience, etc.

There is a total of 4.5 hours of on-demand video, more than 60 downloadable resources, access to the course on mobile and TV, and a Certificate on completion of the course. A total of 40 lectures are conducted which are divided into 16 sections. This course is designed by Starweaver.

Starweaver is one of the most well-established training providers in the world. They have provided training to many financial institutions and technology companies like American Express, ANZ Bank, HSBC, etc. The writing system provided in this course uses 12 steps and more than 50 practical techniques to produce the best and most effective writing results. Life


Course Syllabus:

This course includes Introduction & Overview, Analyse Purpose, Analyse Audience, Writing the Purpose Statement, Gathering Information, Writing the sentence outline, Writing the draft, Revising content and organization, Editing for coherence, Editing for clarity, Editing for the economy, Editing for readability, Conclusion and final thoughts, Emails, ESL and Closing remarks.


3. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning(SCDL)

Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning is one of the top institutes providing distance education in India. It was started in 2001. It offers Post Graduate Diploma, Diploma, and Certificate Programs across industry sectors. As the name suggests, it provides distance learning courses such as Technical Writing Courses in Kota.

Their team also partners with local, national, and international organizations to offer corporate programs. It has been an ISO-certified Institute for the last 10 years. It has also been certified with ISO 9001:2015 for the successful establishment of a Quality Management System.

They have their main focus on providing quality education for professional growth and skill development. It is ranked 1st by the Careers 360 Rating in 2012 and 2nd by DNA Indus Learning Survey in 2012. It is an education provider to top corporates such as Airtel, Bajaj Finance Ltd, Bharti Pvt Lt, Hindalco Industries Ltd, Tata AIA, etc.


Course Name: Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing


Structure of Technical Writing Courses in Kota:

It takes 2 years to complete this Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing. The structure of the course consists of 4 semesters course aim is to prepare the learners with theoretical and practical aspects of Technical Writing. This program is approved by AICTE. You will get to use Technical Writing tools like Wiki, DITA Open Toolkit, Calibre, Macro-builder, Cloud-based authoring and Editing, Adobe Captivate, Visio, Snagit, etc.


Course Syllabus:

The course syllabus is divided into 4 parts according to the 4 semesters conducted throughout the course.


Semester I

This includes English Grammar, Introduction to Technical Communication, Technical Writing Style and Editing, Information Development Life Cycle – I, and Information Development Life Cycle – II.


Semester II

This includes Technical Communication Software Tools, Advanced Concepts in Technical Communication, Technical Communication Project Management, and Principles and Practices of Management.


Semester III

This includes Business Communication, Instructional Design for Business Communication, Introduction to Creative Writing in Business Communication, and Advanced Documentation Types and Processes.


Semester IV

This includes Advanced Technical Writing Tools, Research Methodology, and Project


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4. ECT

ECT is a very well-known Institute providing training in Content Writing, Digital Marketing, and Communication Skills and Personality Development. It has now 11 years of experience in this field and has conducted a total of 77 batches. They have trained more than 1200 students till now.

This Institute is recognized by the Government of India. ECT conducts online Technical Writing Courses in Kota and has good experience in conducting these courses.


Course Name: Technical Writing Course


Structure of Technical Writing Courses in Kota:

The duration of the course is of 3 months with 32 hours of live training with additional more than 50 hours of eLearning videos. There are a total of 6 assignments and 6 live projects for having a practical experience of projects. They conduct 12 Quizzes to test the understanding of students.

They conduct live and interactive sessions and provide an opportunity for internships. After completion of the course, you get Certification recognized by the Government of India.


Course Syllabus:

This course includes Introduction to Technical Writing, Grammar, and Styling in Technical Writing, Information Architecture, Master a Markdown Language, Learn XML, Learn JSON, Learn DITA, Document Authoring Tool- Oxygen XML Editor, Technical Authoring Tool- Madcap Flare, API Documentation, Agile Documentation Strategy, Careers in Technical Writing, Contributing to Open Source Projects, and Other Useful and Beginner Friendly Tools.



5. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the most renowned institutes in the world. It is one of the initial players in the Ed-Tech space. It was started in 2013 and now has become one of the leading providers of training and advisory services. They provide online Technical Writing Courses in Kota and have a very good training team for the same.

They have a presence across more than 11 cities in countries like the US, India, and UAE with a team of more than 600 employees and 650 consultants. They have trained more than 460000 individuals till now and conduct more than 7000 classes per month. They are also a registered vendor to more than 210 corporates out of 900 corporate clients and 130 colleges all over the world.

They have training programs in more than 27 categories. Their vision is to reshape the growth of individuals and organizations globally by delivering excellent training and services through benchmarked content, resources, and state-of-the-art technology.


Course Name: Technical Writing Course With Gold Membership


Structure of the Course:

They provide 36 hours of technical writing training which includes lectures of 30 hours and writing assignments of 6 hours. Paid internship of 3 months is provided to connect and prepare you for practical challenges. You have access to different software tools.

You get certification recognized by the Government of India. Trainers are experts in their field with more than 15 years of experience. They provide 100% placement support post-completion of your course for one year. You get 1 year of Gold Membership for the Certified Technical Writing Course.

With Gold Membership you get access to more than 52 master class sessions for soft skill development, weekly more than 10 job opportunities offered, and industry project experience during the training.


Course Syllabus:

This course includes Introduction to Technical Writing, Documentation Process, Technical Writing Process, Grammar and Editing, Technical Writing and Software Tools, Components of a Technical Document, Technical Writing Techniques, How to create Technical Document Template, Overview of formats of Technical Documents, Advanced Technical Writing Tools, Soft skills Development and Resume Writing.




1. What is the difference between Content Writing and Technical Writing?

Content Writing is creating content for the target audience, attracting them through websites and blogs, and enabling a sale. Content writing is a broader term used in the digital world for preparing content for any product. It is more of a general term.

Technical writing on the other hand is a simplification of a complex process. It is purely factual-based writing where there is no language other than representing facts is used. Technical writing is more specific writing and specific term. Technical writing is in the form of various documentation, technical reports, technical manuals, and repair manuals.


2. What are the criteria for anyone to become a Technical Writer?

For anyone to become a good technical writer he needs to have a decent understanding of the English language and a good hold on technical concepts so that he can simplify those concepts easily and put complicated concepts in easier language over the paper. To become a technical writer you need to have good technical knowledge in the respective field. Technical Writing Courses in Kota are in great demand and anyone aspiring to become a technical writer can try his/her hands at it.


3. What are the job opportunities for Technical Writers?

Job opportunities for a technical writer are great in various fields these fields include

  • Software Companies for documentation of software products
  • Engineering Firms for technical manuals and complex engineering projects
  • Healthcare industries for medical devices, pharmaceutical products, and other products
  • Educational institutions for creating manuals, handbooks, and other technical content for academic programs and courses

Other than the above fields there are many other fields like consulting firms, financial institutions, government agencies, etc. where technical writers are needed.


4. What is the average salary for a person with a job profile of a Technical Writer?

The average salary for a technical writer depends on various factors like experience, industry, location, and company size. According to Ambitionbox, the average salary for a technical writer in India is around 5.7 LPA. This salary may vary from 2.8 LPA to 13 LPA. In addition to experience, other factors that can impact a technical writer’s salary include their educational qualifications, proficiency in technical writing tools, project management skills, and domain expertise in the industry they work in. It’s important to note that these figures are only approximate and can vary depending on individual circumstances.



Looking at the various opportunities that writers have in this digital era, Technical writers are no exception to this situation. Technical writers are in great demand, especially in software industries where the request to make complicated things simple is very high. While selecting the Technical Writing courses in Kota, you need to keep in mind the quality of the course, your budget, and online/ classroom availability. Based on these factors you can decide which institute you should join.

Nowadays, online courses are preferred compared to classroom courses due to the ease of conducting the course. Kota is known as the hub of educational institutes and also produces the best students. Technical Writing Courses in Kota are one of the in-demand courses in Kota. Doing this course has helped many students to start their new careers as technical writers other professionals can change their path toward technical writing if they have great technical know-how in their industry and a keen interest in writing and explaining it to others.

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