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Work from Home Jobs: 11 Lucrative Options in 2022

Covid-19 has changed the dynamics of jobs. Work from home jobs has now become more popular than ever. With the rise in work from home jobs, unemployment has decreased, and individuals have explored new forms of talent within themselves.


A lot of individuals initially start their work-from-home jobs as a side hustle and gradually turn them into their full-time jobs. As it gives them the flexibility and independence which most of the corporate jobs are unable to provide.


Here is a list of 10 work from home jobs that are skill-based and will boost your income!


10 Most Popular Skill-Based Work from Home Jobs


  1. Blogging 


You must have been around people who say that blogging is dead in 2022? Well, I am here to tell you that it is not true! Because there are many people out there who love reading blogs instead of watching videos. It is one of those work from home jobs that will stay evergreen. Some communities like to consume text-based content.


Firstly, you need to learn how to start your blog. Secondly, create unique and engaging content to attract your target audience and form a community.


Steps Involved in Getting Started with a Blog Involve:


  1. Finding a niche
  2. Buying a domain name
  3. Buying a web host
  4. Designing your Web Page


A lot of writers get confused while finding a perfect niche for themselves. But it is just about following what you like to do from within. It is all about expressing yourselves from within.


The Most Popular Niches of 2022 are :

Food, travel, health, finance and investment, technology, lifestyle are considered the most popular niches. Blogging is one of the popular work-from-home jobs because it is something which you can start at a very low investment and grow into making a good amount of money.


Tip : 

  • Start cold messaging/emailing to small and medium business owners to get more clients and increase your network.
  • This will also work when you want to get international clients on board.


  1. YouTuber 


YouTube is one of the most interesting work from home jobs. After observing people around us, it can be concluded that people find solutions to all kinds of problems through YouTube videos.


Watching makeup, cooking, and beauty tutorials has become a ritual in almost every household. When successful YouTubers share their stories of leaving the 9-5 corporate jobs just to invest their complete-time into YouTube, it gets clearer that it has a lot of scopes. So, why not give it a shot?


However, making videos about the topics you love might sound like one of the most fun work from home jobs but earning money through YouTube is not a quick and easy task. From creating a script, shooting a video, editing to creating a personal brand, it requires a lot of consistency and hard work.


But understanding the algorithm of YouTube and optimizing your channel accordingly can help you achieve your desired goals. The main source of income on YouTube is an advertising and product/service endorsements that most Youtubers start to get after hitting 10,000 subscribers.



Always keep your videos short until you attract a large audience. Design your thumbnail in a way that pops.


  1. Translator 


If you know 2 or more languages, then you don’t need to sit idle. You can work from home as a translator and earn a big amount of money. The primary requirement to succeed in these kinds of work-from-home jobs is to have a strong command of two languages.


The work may involve translation of written or spoken words depending upon the position. If you are willing to get started with your work from home jobs as a translator, then you should start with getting an internship at a professional translator company.


Another way to gain some experience is to start volunteering as a guest translator. When you are ready with enough experience in your hand, you can pitch your resume to translation agencies through emailing and let them know about your services.


Tip :

  • Create a profile on ProZ, which is the world’s topmost translation company. Here you can register yourself as a freelance translator for free.
  • You can continue to update your CV accordingly and will get a chance to attend annual translation conferences.


  1. Content Writer 


If you are passionate about writing and would like to earn money out of it, then you should consider content writing as work-from-home jobs. Today, the demand for good content writers has increased more than ever.


The reason is very simple: all the firms want to reach their target audience through the internet for which they need a content writer. Initially, you can start by writing on different platforms such as medium, ‘youthkiawaaz’ to create a solid portfolio and move on with pitching your articles to big businesses and companies.


Content writing is becoming one of the highly competitive work from home jobs. So, to stand out, you should be able to express yourself clearly and continue to brush up on your skills.


You can increase your network by creating a profile on Linkedin. You can also enroll in an online content writing course to get a specialization as a content writer.


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Tip: Always reread and edit your work before publishing or submitting it anywhere.


  1. Virtual Assistant 


A virtual assistant is considered one of the work-from-home jobs from which you can earn a comfortable life if you are ready to work hard. The responsibilities of a virtual assistant include handling the communication aspect of a business.


Most common tasks include responding to emails, handling calls, and managing social media, sales data, blogs, websites, and many more. Prior knowledge about Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint would be a great bonus. You can find work from home on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Elance, and Zirtual.


Tip : 

  • The most important thing with which a virtual assistant may have to deal with is time management.
  • So, for that always keep a thought journal or to-do list handy. Keep prioritizing the most important tasks.


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  1.   Online Design Consultant jobs 


  • Graphic Design  

What do you find more catchy? Understanding things through a visual or reading a text? I know the answer is visuals. And if you like creating them, then this is one of the perfect work-from-home jobs for you.


We are living in an age where everything is conveyed through visuals- whether it is a book, a chocolate box, or a T-shirt, a graphic designer is required everywhere.


The best part is you do not have to go to a university to get a degree in graphic designing. You can get started by researching and educating yourself about its concepts or get into an online course about graphic designing. You can earn up to 30k-35k per month at an intermediate level as a graphic designer.


  • Interior Design 


Being a freelance interior design consultant requires a lot of hard work and skill.  The job of a regular consultant and an interior design consultant is pretty much the same.


However, it is one of the work-from-home jobs that are in demand, so a lot of high-paying clients are waiting for you. You can promote yourself on platforms like Houzzwhich is specially designed for interior designers. 


  • Web Design 

Every website requires a UX and design to customize it in a better way. Therefore, it is becoming one of the most popular freelancing jobs these days.


As a web design consultant, your main responsibility is to examine a website’s design to see how it might be improved graphically to increase conversion.


Tip: This is for all the designers out there: To stand out, limit the number of fonts you use. Try using contrasting colors and do not be afraid to go BIG.

Best options for work from home jobs

  1. Social Media Manager 


If you like using social media and are considered the “Instagram expert” in your friend circle, then you should give social media management a shot. It mainly involves maintaining the image of a brand on social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin.


The most common tasks involved in the work from home jobs are posting schedules, creating profiles and visuals, answering customer service questions, and optimizing profiles and posts.


Although, the question which might come to your mind while understanding the job of a social media manager is why can’t such simple tasks be done by people on their own?


So, the answer is companies, businesses, celebrities, and established Instagram influencers find it hard to manage their social media handles. But, we all know how important it is to maintain a personal brand on social media due to which social media managers are in high demand.


Some of the high-paying skills that the work from home jobs require are copywriting, graphic designing, customer service, and research skills. SEO is also a requirement.



  • Use social media analytics to see how many people are viewing your posts.
  • Most importantly focus on quality rather than quantity. We are all aware of the flow of content on the internet. However, what matters the most is what purpose the content serves rather than the amount of content being created.


  1. Online Tutoring 


If you like teaching but do not have the convenience to go to schools and colleges, then online tutoring is an ideal job for you. These kinds of work from home jobs will provide you with a greater level of flexibility. You can register with existing tutorial websites or create your online platform.


You can register on certain apps like Udemy, Udacity, SkillShare, and Edx. These apps allow you to sell a course globally. You can expect an income of around 30k per month for being an online tutor. For accelerating your business and reaching potential clients, social media marketing and advertisements are beneficial.


Some of the most popular online tutoring platforms that are available in the market for learning and teaching are WizIQ, Tutorspace, Newrow, and Google Classroom.


Tip: To increase your sales and convert your visitors into active subscribers, create a sales funnel.


  1. Travel Agent 


Do you like traveling to different travel destinations and know a lot about traveling? Then a travel agent is one of the best work from home jobs for you. You can earn a handsome amount of money by becoming a travel agent. Your primary tasks will include booking flight tickets, hotels, reservations, trip packages.


If you are an expert in doing these tasks, then you can create your website with a web host and domain name. Now, you might be wondering if anyone can book tickets and reserve hotels online, so is it worth being a travel agent?


Luckily, the answer is yes. Because a travel agent can provide exclusive travel plans and deals which an ordinary person might not find anywhere else. There is plenty of information on the internet, but you need to make the right decision and spend your money wisely for which you need a travel agent.


To get good clients, you need to market yourself, which can be a mix of traditional or digital marketing. After getting enough experience, most travel agents end up opening a franchisee of a well-known travel company.



  • Be enthusiastic and proactive within your community.


  1. Website Developer 


Websites play an essential role for all kinds of businesses. Every business needs a website to educate its audience about its product or service.


The best part about this work-from-home job is that you can earn up to 10k as a beginner and reach up to 1 lakh per month. The basic requirement to get started with website development is a good knowledge of CSS/HTML, fundamentals of coding and markup language, JavaScript, SEO, and photoshop.


The next step is to start working on your web development skills. It may take some time to work on hard skills but the more you work on them the familiar you will become.


All work from home jobs requires a portfolio. So, to work as a website developer, you need to have a portfolio that highlights your best work but also shows versatility.



  • Try to keep your homepage minimalistic and free of clutter.
  • Make sure that your site is trouble-free while navigating.


  1. Online Courses and Consulting 


Being an online coach is one of the most demanding work from home jobs. With the continuing growth of e-learning, you can teach absolutely anything from the comfort of your home. If you carry a passion within yourself to help other people reach their goals then the work-from-home jobs are ideal for you.


Don’t think that you have to limit yourself to teaching educational content only. The world is getting bigger and people are more open to different ideas than ever.


You can Get Yourself into Becoming a: – 

  • Life Coach
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Executive Coach
  • Wellness Coach


To get started, creating a blog about the niche that interests you might be a good idea. This will help you in attracting clients and will also portray your personality.



  • Keep investing in paid advertising.
  • Socializing virtually helps in accelerating your business goals. So, start attending meetups and events related to your desired client’s industry.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the best place to find high-quality clients as a freelancer?


Ans. One of the most popular sites to find freelance opportunities are apps like Fiverr, Upwork,, and Freelancer India. However, it requires an outstanding portfolio to attract clients to these platforms.


Quora is also an amazing platform to educate people by answering questions about the subjects that interest you. You can answer questions about any of the work-from-home jobs that are listed above.


2. What to do if you are a complete fresher and you want to start work from home? 


Ans. As a beginner, the first thing you need to start working on is your portfolio because the first thing required in all work-from-home jobs is a portfolio.


3. How to know if you are dealing with a fraud client? 


Ans. As a beginner, you likely fall into the trap of fraudsters and scammers. Well, the best advice I would give before starting any work-from-home-jobs is to listen to your instinct.


If you have any questions, always connect on a call before finalizing the work rather than email or messaging. Always check for their official website and social media, this will tell you a lot about their authenticity.


4. What are some of the top skills required to start working from home? 


Ans. Every work-from-home job requires a different set of skills. For example, a graphic designer requires strong design skills to succeed in his field. Similarly, a virtual assistant needs to be good with technical skills.


However, some skills are common in all work-from-home jobs such as time management skills, communication skills, networking skills, and interpersonal skills. The key is to never stop learning and keeping yourself updated with what is required in the market.


5. Do online jobs pay?


Ans. Yes, they do. It can be a little hard for a beginner to believe this. How can someone get paid for doing work from the comfort of their home?


But, it is all about the skills. Work-from-home jobs are all about the skills that can accelerate someone’s business or help them run it smoothly, then some people are willing to pay you for that.


You can earn up to $17 per month by being a virtual assistant or you can invest in starting your blog and earn a good amount of money from affiliate marketing.



A work-from-home job that requires dedication and hard work come with multiple benefits. It works out for individuals who are looking for a greater level of flexibility to work in any kind of location they want to. It also allows you to work with international clients and saves you a lot of time and money. It is almost the end of 2022, and the job market is changing at a very fast pace.


To earn the value, you need to add value to people’s lives. This can only happen when you start investing in yourself and create a proper strategy to reach your goals. So, stop following the herd and set yourself apart.

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