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Top 9 Trending Content Writing Courses in Nagpur

Content is king. What blood is to the human body, is content for today’s marketing. Content speaks to people and impresses the masses. Undoubtedly content is the customer’s first impression. Businesses need content that will captivate the customer. And to produce content that binds, they need great content writers. Are you one in the making? Do you have the spark, the flair, the power to weave magic with words? Then start somewhere to become the Harry Potter of excellent content writing. Become aware of Content Writing Courses in Nagpur and make an informed decision.


What is Content?


Before you even think of content writing courses in Nagpur and delve into it, let us understand what content is. As said, content is information. The fundamental definition of the term content is any information and experience fed to the audience through publishing art and communication”. Let us examine some of its meanings.


As Per Meet the Boss TV, Content Consists of the Following Attributes

  • Relevance
  • Engagement
  • Reliability
  • Interesting
  • Entertaining or enlightening


According to Artist Scott Hepburn, Content is information designed for consumption, seasoned for enjoyment, and packaged to share.


Today’s digital parlance encompasses the entire media industry and many other sectors, especially those based on the Internet, and it is developing at an extraordinary pace. So before you dive into content writing or invest in content wring courses in Nagpur, please understand what content is.


The fundamental definition of the term content is any information and experience fed to the audience through publishing, art, and communication”. Today content is the vehicle of communication and has evolved laterally and vertically over the years regarding how it gets consumed.


Every social media post or blog article is a content satellite in cyberspace. Content packaged appears in many ways like a photo, an article, videos, and even audio recordings. Today’s digital spectrum encompasses the entire media industry and many other sectors, especially those based on the Internet, and it is developing at an extraordinary pace.


Know What is Content Writing Before You Explore Content Writing Courses in Nagpur


Content writing involves the process of planning, researching, writing, editing, and publishing content for the web. Writing any piece of content entails a skillful presentation of ideas and thoughts in words. It gets dispersed on the net, maybe through a blog post, video script, sales page, or anything published on the Internet.


Writing as a way of communicating is much older than the Internet itself. Are you feeling like learning content writing? Writing, as a form of communication, occupies a significant chunk of the content-driven industry. Read further before you invest in content writing courses in Nagpur.


How is Content Writing Different From Regular Writing?


The challenge in writing content is to make it profitable. It gets written to make its consumers’ future customers or patrons directly and indirectly. So the objective here is to be tricky and creative, unlike any usual writing. It is a skill learned and polished. Hence when content writers are at their jobs, they engage in creative storytelling for their brand.


They do this by conveying meaningful, helpful insights and messages to lure and inspire their audience to become a buyer. So your business’ bottom line must be able to create valuable, engaging content consistently. It is about creating high-grade content that effectively represents and strengthens a brand’s voice while attracting, engaging, and delighting the right audience.


The kind of content writing will always vary from industry to industry. Nevertheless, it has emerged as a critical component of most marketing strategies of businesses. In 2020 alone, 70 percent of the marketers were already heavily investing in content marketing. Hence invest in institutes that will help you imbibe overall good content writing skills. Look for proven content writing courses in Nagpur.


Do You Want to Invest in Content Writing Courses in Nagpur? Know What Makes a Good Content Writer.


Master a Variety of Writing Styles

Each writing form is unique. Whether news, infographics, Ad copies, or white papers, every category is content, though styled differently. When you master one, or multiple forms of content delivery styles, your service as a writer becomes more valuable and in demand.


Always Write for Your Audience

It is of utmost significance that you first understand their audience. Marketers refer to it as the “buyer persona.” Knowing who your readers are, you can write to their liking. Always remember that you write for your audience.


Be Original in Your Writings.

When you are original, you are uncommon. People are already tired of reading the same content time and again. That is where your quality of being original adds up highly. To build up your reputation, strive to create a unique voice with a different wavelength of thought for a saturated topic.


Be Active on Social Media.

You are your brand ambassador. For you and your writing to be recognized, you must be interestingly and creatively engaging on most social media channels without being loud.


Learn SEO, HTML, CSS, and WordPress.

No, you don’t have to stray from what you love to do most. However, brush up with the basics. It would help you go a long way in building a successful content writer career.


Who Will Hire Content Writers?


If you are sure to go ahead with content writing courses in Nagpur, then it also makes sense to understand who will hire you. Content is primary, so there won’t be a single company that can afford not to hire a content writer shortly. Content is fast becoming the new brick and mortar for building an organization’s goodwill and marketing. The following categories of companies are the ones that have traditionally hired content writers.


  • Digital agencies
  • Content writing agencies
  • Content marketing agencies
  • Freelance writers
  • Social media specialists
  • Any company with an in-house marketing team


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Upcoming Business Domains With a Lot of Scope for Content Writers


Content writers form the foundation of every telecast on television or YouTube. They get designated as script-writer or producers in the industry. Even the print industry these days has a digital extension in the form of a website or a blog, again needing structured content. A basic understanding of SEO will be a bonus for content writers regarding their selection in today’s competitive market. Those doing or on the verge of completing their content writing courses in Nagpur can apply to the following business types.


PR Industry

The PR industry needs a lot of writers for writing notes, articles, blogs, and other peripherals, and it will only increase with time. It is a content-based industry with the core job of releasing press releases for clients.



Content writers are life-savers for most companies as they produce excellent reviews and engaging short video clips to emotionally and intellectually draw the customer to make a purchase. Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra are leading E-commerce companies that have demonstrated the value of content for great sales.


Medical Industry

Everything from Medical Journalism to Medical Education and Medical Product Promotion, Medical Content Writing required is booming. Those who want to mature in this industry must have a working knowledge of medical jargon.


IT Industry

The IT industry runs on bytes and words to be technically accurate. The industry cannot do without content writers. All their services and products introduced to the masses should be in a non-technical yet meaningful fashion. Cybersecurity, for instance, needs the benefits of such writers to educate the masses about the great need for it among businesses of all sizes and types.


Know the Salary Structure of Content Writers Before You Read About Content Writing Courses in Nagpur.


A Content Writer with less than 1-year experience at an entry level should earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of Rs.210,290 based on 444 salaries. A Content Writer with 1-4 years of experience will bag a total compensation of Rs.293,353 based on 1,432 salaries.


Further seasoned Content Writers with 5-9 years of experience will command an average wage of Rs.429,456 based on 225 salaries. A highly experienced Content Writer with 10-19 years of experience will earn an average compensation of Rs.541,838 based on 52 salaries. Those who have worked for more than 20 years will have an approximate average price tag of Rs.478,297.


Go ahead if you are interested in content writing. Content writing will be a seller’s market depending upon one’s efficiency and proficiency for the job. After all, exploring good content writing courses in Nagpur will be a great career move.


Some of the Best Content Writing Courses in Nagpur


1. Content Writing Master Course by IIM Skills


IIM Skills is the top-ranked institute, awarded by media houses, top education blogs, and content writing agencies. Their content writing course delivered online is highly practical and job oriented. Apart from their course certification, they prepare their students for the Hubspot Content Marketing Certification, a great bonus in the Content Writing Market.


Course Highlights

  • Four weeks of live online classroom sessions for Content Writing Courses
  • 3 Months of Guaranteed Internship (optional) with flexible hours
  • The training to last 30 hours, including 16 hours of lectures and 14 hours of internships
  • Free tools worth 35K
  • Great Freelance Opportunities


What You Gain

  • Knowhow to launch your Content Writing Agency
  • Lifetime support in the consulting and Technical domain
  • Professional portfolio development for Job/Freelance Opportunities
  • Get to publish your first E-Book on Kindle, Google Books
  • Get to publish your first blog on the Times of India Platform
  • Get to publish your first Press Release on Online News Portal


Content Writing Course Curriculum

  • An Introduction to Content Writing
  • How to go about WordPress Web Development
  • All about Articles, Blogs, and Webpages
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Email Writing
  • All about Social Media Writing & Video Scripts
  • Creative Writing
  • SOP & Business Listing
  • Legal Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • SEO-Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • What is Affiliate Marketing & Ad Sense
  • Freelance Content Writing
  • Resume Writing


Course Duration

1 month course + 3 months internship (Optional)



Rs. 14,900


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IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


2. Udemy


Udemy, a name close to every student’s heart, is the largest global hub for learning and teaching online. It is a platform with more than 52 million students and 165,000 courses. The online learning marketplace is mega vibrant, with 68,000 instructors imparting education in over 75 languages.


Who Should Take This Course?

  • New bloggers
  • New digital marketers


Course Description

  • Sales Copywriting
  • Blog Content Writing
  • Making use of SEO for effective blogging
  • Use of WordPress for Content Writing
  • Monetizing Blogs


What You Will Gain

  • Learn content writing for a blog
  • Learn blogging for SEO and sales copywriting
  • Know how to monetize blogs and content writing that sells
  • How to freelance or set up an agency doing content writing or blog writing
  • Attract readers by writing exciting headlines
  • Giving proper citations and credit
  • Working with images and infographics
  • Polishing writing and grammar skills
  • Create content that stands out



The instructor Alex Gendanidik has a rating of 4.4, and his range of specialties includes, Business, Entrepreneurship, SEO, Marketing, Amazon, and YouTube.



Eight hours and 12 minutes.



639 INR


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3. Skill Diploma in Content Writing by Digital Academy 360


Digital Academy 360, a Bangalore-based digital agency, launched itself in 2015 to revolutionize India’s educational system. The institute offers a bouquet of courses in digital marketing covering digital marketing concepts and methods to people across India.


Course Highlights

  • Avail 5+ industry-recognized Certifications from Digital Academy 360
  • Collaboration with 1000+ hiring partners
  • Specialization in one course with 300+ hours of learning
  • Thorough learning through 20+ projects, 10+ tools, and 10+ case studies
  • Learn 19 advanced content writing modules and one specialization module
  • Become a pro with tools like Yoast, CoSchedule, Copyscape, Grammarly, Similarweb & more


Course Curriculum

  • 12 Topics on how To Write, Publish, and Share Your Content
  • 8 Topics to understand a Content Writer’s Writing Cycle: The Complete Guide
  • 7 Topics on how to Create Content for Improved Search Rankings (SEO Concepts)


Who Should Do This Course?

  • Individuals desiring to launch their career in the digital marketing or IT industry
  • Marketing managers,
  • Digital marketing specialists,
  • Entrepreneurs, Business owners,
  • Marketing consultants,
  • Marketing & sales professionals


Course Eligibility



Course Fees

Online Learning: 39000 INR

Classroom Learning: 59000 INR + GST


Duration: 3 months


4. The Strategy of Content Marketing on Coursera Offered by the University of California


In this course, you will learn content marketers’ driving principles to acquire and retain customers profitably. You will also learn content marketing through the personalized presentation of ideas. In the process, you will develop a knack for writing compelling copy, register as per a strategic framework, and build your professional brand and authority through content marketing.


Course Curriculum

  • Knowledge imparting of the complete content marketing ecosystem
  • The 7A framework or the Strategic Context
  • Proper mapping and crafting of content marketing strategy


What you will learn

  • Effective management
  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Writing



Sonia Simone

Chief content officer


Instructor Rating




19 Hours


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5. Content Writing Course by ECT- Education and Career Times


ECT is a premier training institute, also recognized by the Government of India. Explore the best short-term certification courses to decide on Content Writing Courses in Nagpur.


Course Highlights

  • Recognized by the Government of India
  • Internship Opportunity
  • 7 Assignments
  • 5 Live Projects
  • 10 Quizzes
  • 1 Certification
  • Personalized Attention and Feedback
  • Highly Interactive Live Sessions
  • Placement Assistance
  • Lifetime Support
  • Work from Home Job Opportunity


Course Structure

  • Introduction to content writing
  • Boosting Vocab
  • How to avoid common Grammar mistakes while writing
  • Get well-versed with Writing Tools, Tips, & Techniques
  • Nurture your creative Non-Fiction Writing Skills
  • Master Fictional Writing and Storytelling
  • Master Business Writing Skills
  • Learn Technical Writing
  • Develop Academic Writing Skills
  • Master the art of writing specific pieces of content
  • Master Content Marketing and Monetization
  • Publish your book



Saket, a technocrat and an MBA, is the Founder and CEO of SixPL. His firm is a leading digital marketing company in India. He has generated more than $60m for 1000+ clients through innovative digital and content marketing initiatives.



  • 32 Hours of Classroom/Live Training
  • 50 hours of eLearning and helpful Videos



15000 INR


6. Certification Course in Content Writing By IIEDM


IIEDM has become synonymous with experience, reputation, and trust as one of the best content writing courses in Nagpur. Awarded as the best digital marketing institute, it has been in the limelight by providing practical content writing courses that turn into assured placements. If you are from Nagpur and eager to learn about Content Writing Courses in Nagpur, then IIEDM could be a great choice.


Course Highlights

  • 100% Job Assistance (Internship/Full Time)
  • Option of offline and online classes
  • Practical training with highly interactive Live Projects
  • Learn how to net in Freelance Projects
  • Backed by Google Partner Agency
  • A dedicated Digital library & PDP program
  • A committed Job portal and interview preparation
  • Become rich with experience through case studies
  • International presence & Knowledge partners


Course Modules

  • The art of Writing and Storytelling
  • Developing Reader Perception
  • Getting the right set of words for writing on the web
  • Different types of writing
  • Things to do after you write
  • Preparing to impress during Interviews



All Instructors are Industry Veterans



1 Month



10620 INR


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7. Content Writing Course by Inventatteq


This course is also suitable for developers as it provides them with essential skills and knowledge in Content Writing. They train their students based on real-time scenarios and interview guidance. Besides Content Writing, they also teach Web Copywriting. Join them to scale up your career in Content Writing Subjects and skills.


Course Highlights

  • 100% Placement assistance
  • 30 – 35 hrs training classes
  • Trained 15000+ Professionals
  • Rated 4.9 / 5
  • Classes both on Weekdays / Weekends
  • One module gets dedicated to covering a complete set of Interview Questions & Answers.
  • Job Oriented Practical Training


Course Details

  • Theoretical study of Content Writing
  • Practical application of the theory learned
  • Assignments to test and hone Content Writing Skills
  • Things to do to gain certification
  • How to Make a Professional Resume
  • How to ace during interviews



They are certified Trainers with 5+ Years of Experience.



30-35 Hours



8000 INR


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


8. Living Bridge


The institute traditionally trains people with varying creative aptitudes by offering certificate courses in Screenwriting, Photography, Fiction Writing, and Food and Travel. Their focus in the digital age is to impart blogging and content writing skills to all aspiring web writers, the two most popular writing genres. The program will help you know the similarities yet the distinctiveness of these categories and what makes for a trending blog and well-written content.


Course Highlights

  • What and how does a Blog differ from other styles of writing?
  • Getting ready to define your focus
  • Blogging out of passion
  • Blogging with a business mindset
  • How to increase readership?
  • The role and importance of visuals, fonts, and formatting
  • Discussing and drawing lessons from popular blogs
  • Writing assignments + Feedback


What You Will Gain

  • All about content writing
  • Qualities a good content writer must have
  • Insights and writer-friendly tools to become a good content writer
  • Writing assignments to hone your writing and Feedback



Kalyani Sardesai has over seventeen years of experience in mixed media. A freelance journalist based out of Pune, Kalyani is a copywriter too.



2 Days



4100 INR


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9. Certified Digital Content Writer by Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin, affiliated with the Govt of India, Content Writing Association in India, UK Cert, UKAF, MSME, & American Association of EFL, is a brand going places. The trained employees of Abbott, Fidelity Investments, MJ Logistics, Stanley Consultants, Apollo Tyres, and many others vouch by Henry Harvin. A great choice if you are planning for Content Writing Courses in Nagpur.


Course Highlights

  • Live Interactive online classroom sessions
  • Guaranteed Internship
  • Become a Henry Harvin Alumni and network with 18000 distinguished alumni worldwide
  • Industry veterans to train with decades of experience under their belt
  • Live projects


Course Structure

  • Developing Language Skills
  • Polishing Internet Skills
  • Acing Business and Marketing Writing
  • Formulating Content Strategy
  • Learning Technical and Research Writing
  • All about Academic Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Email Writing
  • Legal Writing
  • Online Earning and bagging International projects
  • Simulated Content Writing projects


Course Takeaways

  • Develop the skill to put thoughts into words that attracts
  • Hone Language Skills to attract International Clients
  • Learn Graphic Skills to design logos, PPT, Newsletters, and more.
  • Skill to identify the right Target Audience for your content
  • Skill to generate a continuous flow of freelance projects from India and abroad
  • Knowledge of 30 plus content types and how to earn from them
  • Website making Skills
  • Advanced Research Skills and the confidence to write on any topic
  • Skill to develop effective Content Strategy



40 Hours.


Course Fees

17500 INR




Q1) Who is eligible to enroll in the Content Writing Courses in Nagpur?

Just anyone. The only skills you need at your disposal are the willingness to learn, adapt, and up-skill with this course.


Q2) What is the curriculum for Content Writing Courses?

They will encompass advanced blogging, Google my business, SEO, web copy, email copy, copywriting, social media posts, article writing, and many more.


Q3) What will it cost me for a top-rated Content Writing Course?

A top-class content writing course fee will range from 10k to 25k; free tools, placement assistance, and paid or non-paid internship included.


Q4) How fast will one’s career growth be after a similar course?

It depends from person to person. The more a person writes and connects, the more he becomes known, so the growth is defined proportionately.


Q5) Will current and upcoming AI Tools make writers extinct?

No, because AI can create content but can never even come close to human originality or creativity. So bury the worry and develop your style of writing.




Content Writing is such a thing that it will only grow and evolve. Research the different Content Writing Courses in Nagpur before you invest in one. Like an excellent ski surfer trained to surf the mighty waves, you too can make waves in the Content Writing Industry. We wish the writers to prosper.

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