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Top 6 Creative Writing Courses in Auckland With Placements

The creative writing course is an art form that gives an individual the opportunity to explore his personality besides being a good career choice. Moreover, it can be seen that the demand for talented writers has always been on the rise and is still topping up due to the prevalent and ever-increasing virtual platforms. Aside from its rising trend or excellent career opportunities, it is well known that writing is a skill that can be learned at any stage of life, and in addition it shows psychological benefits like regulating emotions, reducing stress levels, improving critical thinking, and many more. Therefore, now it is obvious that writing besides being a good career choice has numerous psychological and health benefits too.


What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is defined as a form of writing in which ideas or information is provided artistically. The content in creative writing is formed in an imaginative way that is not bounded by any rules or codes of conduct imposed by any regulatory body.

It is kind of challenging to define this type of writing format as different formats touch upon subjects in a very distinguished way but one can think of them as any writing that falls out of the professional spectrum of literature. Moreover, this piece of writing revolves around the tendency to be creative with your imagination.

Hence it is a unique work because it comes from an individual’s personal space wherein every person has a different experience, interpretation, creativity, etc.

This sort of mixture is the reason behind a society’s progression in time as different writers from different eras have expressed themselves regarding a subject with no framework initially introducing their viewpoint or observation in the form of poetry, philosophy, religion, and science which have laid the foundation for a greater change. Thus now, it is easy to see the contribution and importance of creative writing.


Scope of Creative Writing in the Future

This industry does not demand a degree or any formal education. Their hiring spectrum only includes potential candidates with a good command of the native language and good writing or critical thinking skills. Generally, the emphasis is built on the English language as it is a universal medium, providing more opportunities in the global market.

Talented or skilled creative writers can write books related to fiction, romance, crime, or nonfiction in affiliation with publishing companies. Moreover, the writing business is prevalent and an individual can find work as a scriptwriter in the movies, article writer, ghostwriter, etc.



These writers are engaged in the field of marketing and advertising which comes under a professional part of literature however, it does give writers freedom to explore the methods needed to increase the sales of a corporation. Here, the employee’s main job is to work as per the client’s specifications with his or her knowledge of manipulation or writing skills. The candidates are generally required to create brochures, circulars, product catalogs, etc. The demand for copywriters has been huge and is only expected to grow due to the rising no. of businesses online or offline.


Article writers:

This profession demands adequate writing skills as the professional is judged solely on the provided content. Moreover, the market is huge for article writers, and will only be hindered by their limitations, therefore it is advised for the creative or article writers to broaden their spectrum of knowledge for wider opportunities.



This field of profession knows no bounds as the involved professional has complete freedom to explore each corner of his head to find the best illustration of an idea that he could implement within a specific boundary of context. For the people engaged in scriptwriting, this profession gives ample opportunities in the world of cinema, television, plays, etc.



Ghostwriting as the name suggests refers to a profession where a candidate works as a disguise. The professional works without taking any credits but is only rewarded with financial awards. These people work mostly for leaders, celebrities, and executives to edit their autobiographies, magazine articles, or other written materials. Moreover, most notably singers and rappers hire ghostwriters to write their lyrics.



Creative writers love to explore the nuances in a variety of things which gives them an edge in the job of columnist over other competitors as they are provided with opportunities to express their ideas artistically. Big companies with an influence in the market like the Times of India, The Hindu, Wired, and Vogue hire columnists to write news articles in which the subject matter has a wide spectrum involving sports, politics, lifestyle, psychology, food, and various other different interests. The writer with creative or good writing skills with a specialty or major in any of the above-specified fields is generally offered the job of the columnist.



The most famous profession or the hub for creative writers is authorship. This profession is all about exploration where a writer is not bound by any rules and is free to use his imaginative and artistic skills to construct a novel, fiction, non-fiction, crime, or philosophical book sponsored by a publishing house. Success in this profession is huge but at the same time quite strenuous which can only be managed with extreme hard work.


Forms of Creative Writing


Narrative writing

This form of writing corresponds to storytelling wherein a writer takes the audience through the journey of the character in the story. This type of writing can be found in novels, fictional writings, or short stories with few hundred words. Although, there is no rule for length or even from the context point of view, there is no specific direction. The narrating writings can be on any topic.

However, there are several aspects of the writing format that include particular components to be called narrative writing. These are seven core elements: theme, characters, plot, melody, dialogue, spectacle, and décor that transform a piece of writing into a narrative writing.


Descriptive writing

On the contrary, this form of writing focuses on details to grab the reader’s attention in a way that makes them feel part of the story. The scenes are described with enormous details which would instigate readers to feel every bit of information provided. These writers are exceptional with their imagination as they can paint vivid images just like a painter on canvas.


persuasive writing

As the name suggests, this format follows a structure that is built around emphasizing a certain idea across a reader’s mind. Such a piece of writing tries to convince its readers about a certain opinion or an idea by giving relevant information followed by a style of writing that sounds compelling.

The main purpose of such writing is to persuade people to think differently often helping them or in different cases inducing irrational claims to gain support on behalf of emotional manipulation which is done by using a strong style of writing, for instance, Marxism was made popular in Russia as a concept of equality in the hierarchy of workforce in an industry which has appealed to the majority of the population but instead, it had dire consequences.  Most commonly, this style of writing is used in journalism.


Expository writing

This terminology refers to the style of writing that exposes some kind of information that is new to the readers. It is generally utilized to inform or teach the readers like in “how to” blogs, recipe manuals, business writing, or academic textbooks. This is the most important form of writing as the whole new generation is dependent on these texts for their learning.

Thus, it is obvious now that creative writing utilizes all these four forms of writing.


Types of Creative Writing

Creative writing is an original form of writing that is done creatively and imaginatively and spans many genres of literature like novels, scripts, academic writing, and various others. This part of the article will explore different types of creative writing utilizing different creative writing styles.



It is the most-known piece of writing and especially majority of students have prepared such content as a part of their curriculum which just shows its significance in literature or general drafting. The essay mainly teaches its learners to formulate an argument in response to a question and also constructs the writer’s ability to formulate the right ideas and illustrate them coherently.

For example: writing an essay on existentialism would compel the writer to attain knowledge and teach simultaneously the skill to make coherent sentences with sound reasoning. There are several different types of essays: personal, academic, philosophical, etc. which utilize all forms of creative writing.



It would not be injustice or wrong to say that this is the epitome of creative writing. It involves novels, short stories, novellas, etc. The fiction word refers to the plot or story written about imaginary people involving imaginary facts. It suggests that fiction is generally carving something out of nothing wherein characters, plots, themes, and descriptions set up the entire phenomena. This is the beauty of fictional writing as it explores or tests the creative potential of the human mind. There are quite good examples of fictional writings like Harry Porter, lord of the Rings, The Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice, etc.



This type of creative writing generally involves a persuasive style to grab or captivate the listener to fulfill an agenda which varies with the type of speech. It is also the most powerful, combining the persuasive writing style with the subject’s voice tone and expressions during the delivery. A politician’s main objective is to deliver a speech that could help him achieve his goals.

This can be seen in the riots as such events often occur during or after a speech delivered by a politician. Moreover, it does have a positive side as at the time of the revolution during the freedom struggle for India or any other countries, speeches were made to unite people against tyrannical regimes. Here it is obvious that a persuasive form of writing must be powerful in case of speeches to stir an ideological conflict. Hence, it can be said that speech does utilize various forms of creative writing.


Poetry and songs

These two are the most famous styles of writing as they serve as an entertainment framework that appeals to the masses due to the emotional density found in these genres. Both of these writings are kind of interrelated but vary on the levels of art or creativity. Poetry is relatively complicated and contains hidden meanings, unlike songs which typically follow a simple format and language. This style of writing contains ample opportunities in one’s life as there is a huge industry built around this form of art that creates ample financial opportunities.


How Creative Writing Skills Will Benefit You?

Creative writing demands a lot of hard work but will stretch the imagination and critical thinking skills to a completely new level which is quite important for a successful academic or financial life. Besides this skill, it also offers other valuable ideas and information.



This is a sort of fundamental skill required in every domain of life whether it is academically oriented, job-related, or personal life-related. It is needed to deepen the bonds of relationships or to make your voice heard. Learning creative writing will improve all these aspects of an individual’s personality writing a song can help someone manage their feelings and thoughts and would also be a good way to do introspection.


Potential applications

Creative writing will successfully teach a learner to process or convey information effectively and such avid learners are in great demand across the globe for highly reputed positions in various industries. Jobs like that mentioned below are the ones that mostly prefer people with creative writing skills:

  • Journalism
  • TV and film
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Publishing
  • Social media
  • Music


Excellent writing skills will not only help anyone boost their careers but will also be effective in their personal life.


Institutes for Creative Writing Courses in Auckland

Creative writing courses in Auckland have seen a surge in recent years due to the rise in demand for related workforce.  Here are some of the creative writing courses in Auckland that provide some of the best content for aspiring writers. Therefore, it is advisable for aspiring writers to excel in their careers, choose creative writing courses in Auckland from the list mentioned below:



IIM SKILLS is one of the most prominent institutes for learning creative writing courses in Auckland. The teachers at IIM SKILLS are highly qualified with decades of experience working in multiple companies. Their expertise is quite vivid in the curriculum as it is designed effectively to bring out the imagination and creative ability of learners.

For instance, the reviews of this Content Writing Course here are quite satisfactory with a large number of people getting employed after taking this course for 4 months coming at a price of Rs14900. Therefore, it could be a good choice for creative writing courses in Auckland.


Facilities in Program    

  • Training: several hours of training
  • Placement: 100% placement support
  • Internship: Internship is available
  • Certification: certificates are provided


2. Coursera

Coursera offers a wide range of opportunities for creative writer learners to hone their skills with exceptional content available on the platform that assists the candidates in attaining proficiency in the art. There are various perks available for the learners which are attained upon completing several assigned tasks after completing the first assignment course will provide up to 80% discounts from white-Bross.

The learners will get the opportunity to draft, rewrite, and complete original stories from their own choice of genre. Its wide array of tools and depth of course makes it a good choice for creative writing courses in Auckland.


Facilities in the program:

  • Training: several hours of training
  • Projects: the project involves script-writing, fiction, novels, and short stories
  • Placement: 100% placement support
  • Internship: Internship is available
  • Certification: certificates are provided


3. Udemy

Udemy is one of the leading learning platforms that offers creative writing courses taught by industry experts and is one of the popular choices for creative writing courses in Auckland. It contains various courses under different price ranges targeting different aspects related to creative writing. This platform has a dedicated faculty with the expertise and experience that adds to the value of learners.


Facilities in the program:

  • Training: several hours of training
  • Placement: 100% placement support
  • Internship: Internship is available
  • Certification: certificates are provided


4. Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence is a platform that creates courses in creative writing that enable learners to express themselves with proficiency. The learners are subjected to various stages of improvement that are done through assessments and excellent mentorship. The mentors involved are quite highly educated with immense experience working as journalists, screenwriters, columnists, poets, etc.

Besides this excellent environment, candidates are also encouraged to publish their work during the course duration. Moreover, the institute provides lifetime access and study group access as well. Therefore, it is easy to see that this institute’s online course could be a good choice for creative writing courses in Auckland.


Facilities in the program:

  • Training: several hours of training
  • Placement: 100% placement support
  • Internship: Internship is available
  • Certification: certificates are provided


Recommended Reads:


5. Skill Share

Skill Share is one of the most prominent online platforms providing multiple courses linked to different fields. It has already established itself as one of the favorites among the various contemporary virtual institutes. Among many different courses, it also provides a creative writing course which is mainly focused on improving the learner’s writing skills.

The curriculum involves multiple projects like writing stories, novels, articles, etc. to enhance the writing capabilities of the participants. Therefore, it can be said that opting for creative writing courses in Auckland from this institute could come out to be a good decision.


Facilities in the program:

  • Training: several hours of training
  • Placement: 100% placement support
  • Internship: Internship is available
  • Certificate: certificates are provided


Creative writing courses in Auckland are in high demand due to the increase in the need for writers because of the various changes that have taken place in recent times like the booming of online entertainment platforms, online businesses, and in general increase in the online linked activities. These changes have increased the need for creative writing courses in Auckland.


6. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin’s creative writing course is specially designed to empower writers by making them able to put imagination in their words. Their course is mainly focused on pushing the boundaries of the students in a way to expand their vocabulary, improve visualization, and conceive fresh ideas. Its popularity in the writing workspace makes it among the best choices for creative writing courses in Auckland. Institutes teaching Creative writing courses in Auckland offer a wide range of facilities and some of them are from the Henry Harvin which is mentioned below:


Facilities in the Program

  • Training: several hours of training
  • Projects: some projects include creating fiction, short stories, and scriptwriting.
  • Internship: Internship is available
  • Placement: the company promises 100% placement support for 1 year after the successful completion of the course
  • Certification: certificates are provided which are recognized by the govt. of India
  • Bootcamps: there are regular boot camps
  • E-learning access: important tools are provided for writing purposes with the video content, assignments, and more.


A learner’s performance is deeply affected by the limitations faced during the journey whether it is personal reasons or poor quality of mentorship. Therefore, after pondering and comparing several aspects, this list is prepared by keeping in mind the facilities provided during the program of creative writing courses in Auckland.


FAQs: Creative Writing Courses in Auckland


1. Who is eligible for creative writing courses in Auckland?

Whether the learner is a high school goer, college graduate, or an employee, this course is suited for everyone with an intermediate level of English. The course is generally convenient but it is advised to check the writing proficiency from websites like Cambridge, and Oxford and the learner should only proceed if the level is upper-intermediate or above.


2. Are creative writing courses in Auckland worth it?

Yes, creative writing courses in Auckland are worth the time as the skills provided here are immaculate and help the learner throughout their life whether in academic success, personal life, etc. This course helps the learners in developing a unique perspective and enhancing their self-expression capabilities. It provides the candidates with knowledge of literature and develops their structure of thoughts by improving the learner’s critical thinking skills.


3. Is creative writing a good career?

Yes, it is a good career for a skilled writer as the opportunities are huge whether in an academic profession, as a scriptwriter, as a poet, or a songwriter but the specialty of such a profession is its non-hectic workload. For instance, a poet is approached by several publishing houses to make his work public, and the subject earns in return for units sold. Though it is challenging at the beginning with time it becomes convenient as the employee keeps on improving his skills. Moreover, it follows the same pattern for different professions that come under creative writing.


4. How do I get a job in creative writing?

Creative writers are very talented but getting paid for your talent is another matter. Several reports show the statistics about the writer’s average income which is about $62,170. Despite being a poet or songwriter, it could be challenging to find a sustaining financial backup that could provide a livelihood for the rest of your life. However, various strategies could help a writer to find a job quickly.

  • Determining writing style

This field has immense competition which makes it necessary for a writer to know their writing style to narrow down their subject of interest for a better understanding of the opportunities and their goals


  • Build the portfolio

Building a portfolio at present is one of the most important parts of seeking a job. A portfolio represents a candidate’s credibility as a potential employee. So it is advised for the upcoming writers to work on their skills, get experience, and make some good projects so that the hiring committee can prioritize the subject among the various competitors.


  • Niche writer

Clients often prefer employees with a specific specialty like a writer who specializes in sports, cooking, academic subjects, etc. With all these required skills, a candidate is more likely to be hired. Here the specialty means the immense knowledge and passion for sports events like football, cricket, badminton, etc.

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