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Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Adelaide With Placements

In case you are staying in Adelaide or any part of South Australia and you have a passion for writing then you have enormous options in the Creative Writing Courses in Adelaide. It is immaterial that whether you are a professional, beginner, or somewhere in the middle, this training brings to you all the mechanisms essential to deliver art, craft, and writing on the page. You will be taught to write potentially in such a way that your write-ups will be appraised by the people.


What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is a platform of writing in which the basic grounds of writing are imagination and innovation. In creative writing, a person narrates anecdotes through weighty depictions and illustrations with an impassioned influence. It surpasses the boundaries of traditional writing by permitting a human to vociferate his/her feelings, thoughts, emotions, or ideas.

So creative writing us the taste of designing authentic and visionary works of poems, prose, literature, or scripts. It extends to scrutinizing languages, compositions, and descriptions. It may be a piece of poetry felt from the heart a gripping tale or a stimulating work of fiction.

Creative writing allows the writer to convey his/her exclusive perspectives and impressions of life to the world. The alchemy of imagination works as an impetus to your creativity and entitles you to revive your visualization on paper. Many institutions offer creative writing courses in Adelaide.


Types of Creative Writing

One must have an in-depth exploration of the world of vision and inspiration. According to the various perspectives on writing there are different types of writing :


  1. POETRYYou can express your thoughts or emotions in the way of a poem. Poems can be long-running or short depending on the choice and style of writing. Poems are a good means to lay the foundation of creative writing. Poems can be written in several forms like an ode, an epic, a sonnet, or a couplet. Rhyming poems were the traditional method of writing but the latest practices involved more of free verses.
  2. LYRICS OF SONG – If poetry tickles your pickles then you’ll be keen on writing the lyrics of songs also. In case you are fond of music plus you are learning creative writing then song lyrics are as easy as pie for you. It can be amusing but more demanding even. You don’t just need to focus on the lyrics part but also the category of music for which you’re writing. Song lyrics can be compiled in a group too taking the suggestions of other members.
  3. DIARIES AND JOURNALS –  Diaries and Journals are documentary types of creative writing that keep an account of the incidents and emotions of a person. Diaries and journals meet the requirements of creative writing by pivoting more on feelings and narrations than just keeping step-by-step records of events. You may publish your work or you may just write in person. Journalling can be a substantial scheme of making productive use of your writing expertise. In it, there can be several strategies like memorial, foretelling, and functional. Maintaining a diary or a journal can be beneficial for mental stability as a person is not required to vent out his emotions by speaking.
  4. PLAYS AND SCREENPLAYS –  In case you are passionate about the world of drama, then examining your talents in plays and screenplays will be right up your alley. Plays have been written for ages and are still an aesthetic medium. Supposing that you wish to breathe life into your written work and want those to be enacted on stage then initiating your play is an outstanding method to make your story visible and audible to the world. As in screenplays, you could turn out to be the next Quentin Tarantino by pursuing creative writing courses in Adelaide. The most important aspect of a screenplay is the written part behind the scenes whether you design an action drama or a romantic tale. Screenwriting inspires you to go great guns in your scripts with an innovative technique, assuring that your work is seen by viewers across the globe.
  5. PERSONAL ESSAYS – A personal essay is a sort of autobiography that emphasizes an individual’s life and his circumstances. Significantly, the main components of the story are facts, or else it would become a concise fiction. If you have a tale of yours that you want to share with people then personal essays are like breakouts. A personal essay is centralized to convey a particular message or an idea with the help of a personal incident to spread your tale.
  6. SHORT FICTION – Before starting with a novel, if you’ve breathtaking, creative thoughts that you wish to accumulate into writings on fiction then that’s a good headstart with short tales. You can use your pocket-sized descriptions to design an appealing masterpiece that takes a short span for the readers to. comprehend. In today’s fast-moving world where people always move with a lack of time and hustle, such short stories are a replacement for novels.
  7. LETTERS –  Letters are not similar to journals and diaries as letters are meant for specific readers. Letters can be a type of creative writing as in it you can give an account of a particular event or you can immensely cultivate the bond between the two persons. Many renowned writers publish their letters to reveal a variant aspect of their character and to conduct research with divergent writing patterns.
  8. NOVELS – Novels are the most prevalent form of creative writing. Novels are fiction-based and inspire the writer to apply storytelling creatively to make contact with the readers. Novels are generally divided into chapters which take time as well as dedication. The writer needs to be calm and magnificently inspirational. Writing a novel is profitable so most creative writers figure out such formidable tasks at commencement.
  9. FREE WRITING – Free writing is a type of creative writing in which you just vent out your thoughts, emotions, or imagination on a page without taking any heed of language, grammar, structure, or content. Free writing is of great help when you are in the inception phase of writing as it gives you the freedom to examine and try various writing strategies of your choice without the burden of consequences.
  10. SPEECHES – A good speech can be recollected anytime but getting a speech perfect is very demanding. A speech permits you to link with the audience and convey all you wish to. It can be compelling, knowledgeable, or inspirational. The demand for an excellent speech is inevitable. Once you master the skill of an outstanding speech, you’ll be able to achieve success in most of the types of creative writing. If you pursue creative writing courses in Adelaide then you’ll be acknowledged with all these types of creative writing.


Elements of Creative Writing

One needs to give time to be proficient in creative writing just as any other type of writing needs time. It demands the synchronization of expertise and elements to establish a piece of art. So here are some crucial elements of creative writing for perfection :

  • THEME – The theme is the main substance of any write-up. These are the customary descriptions, which enable the readers to comprehend the subject of the anecdote irrespective of their place of origin or their customs. A write-up can have a primary or secondary theme. When it is for kids then it focuses on a particular message in the whole story and has a primary theme. In the case of adults, it may have more than one theme as adults can grasp more. Then there are two types of themes, namely the explicit theme(directly stated) or the inexplicit theme(indirectly indicated).
  • STYLE – Style is the sort of language used in creative writing. A writer is liable for style in creative writing as he/she can assemble the words of his/her choice. Usually, the writer utilizes the customary style of writing. Expression and articulation are kept at arm’s length and the sentences are linked to each other. When it’s a historical fiction or a momentus fantasy novel then an ornamental or exceptional style of creative writing is applied. Authors make use of a blend of styles to mesmerize the readers.
  • CHARACTER – The establishment of character is a major element of creative writing. It is the character that portrays and evaluates the subjects to the readers. Characters are of great importance as they build a perpetual home in the hearts and minds of the readers. The readers associate themselves with the characters of a story and thus build an affinity with the character most of the time. A story has two kinds of characters: the protagonist (the lead character or the main hero) and the antagonist ( the rival of the good character ). Other characters play the supporting roles and are less significant.
  • SETTING – The setting is the venue where the story takes place and the period in which the story happened to exist. Settings are of two types namely the integral and the background setting. Background setting has less importance as compared to the integral one. It is up to the author as to what type or which setting he opts for in a story. In the same way, it differs from reader to reader as to how they perceive a specific setting. Some may find a particular location to be appropriate while others may consider it irrelevant. The settings spotlight a character and have an impact on the frame of mind.
  • PLOT – A plot is an imaginative instrument for the writers to plan and design the occurrences in a story. It is the plot that is liable to acquaint the same occasion or event in a story. The plot is the one which includes a dispute between the protagonist and the antagonist. The beginning of a story is very significant as it builds the reader’s interest by introducing its characters with a suitable plot.
  • DIALOGUE – The scenes created by the writer must look original to the readers. The originality of the story depends a lot on the dialogue delivery. To constitute such scenes, the writer needs to imagine them. Dialogue does not only mean what the characters say but also includes what they wear or where they reside. All these elements of writing are taught in the creative writing course at Adelaide.


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Ways to Start Creative Writing

There are a few ways to improve your imagination and enhance your writing skills.

  1. KEEP WRITING – Don’t forget to jot down the ideas that come to your mind. Whenever a new idea pops into your head instead of judging it as good or bad, just make a note of it in a notebook or any app. A bad idea may spark the lamp of an inspirational thought later.
  2. ENFOLD WRITING – Never give up on your writing skills. Remember that practice makes a person perfect. No human is born with perfection. It may be a perfect one for your first draft. Creative writing takes a lot of time and consistent effort to create an exclusive piece of artwork. Always keep in mind to clear the mess and eradicate the things that don’t work and start writing again.
  3. OWN A PERSPECTIVE – A story must have a message to convey or a lesson to learn from. An anecdote without a motive or a moral seems meaningless and useless to the readers. Your story becomes your voice and there should be a reason behind it that makes your readers associate with you.
  4. SET YOUR READERS – You should be familiar with the audience or the readers for whom you are writing. Every piece of literature is meant for a targeted audience. When you know them, then only you’ll know what will they love to read or how can you please them.
  5. READ A LOT – One must form a habit of reading the works of notable writers. The more you read the more you open up your imagination power. When you read a variety of books you’ll know the areas or genres of your interest so that you can develop your writing skills in a particular line.
  6. INITIATE WRITING – In the beginning, there might exist a feeling of fear or embarrassment. But do not be blown away by these feelings. Just hold on to your emotions and begin to write with your creativity and imagination.


The 5 Best Reviewed Creative Writing Courses in Adelaide



IIM SKILLS is one of the leading online education institutions whose headquarters is in New Delhi. They offer its courses in the 23 cities of Asia. It trains and guides students, professionals, and entrepreneurs to reach their targetted career objectives. IIM SKILLS laid its foundation in the year 2015. They offer several online courses including a creative writing course.


Content Writing Course Highlights

  • At IIM SKILLS, students get lifetime access to the study material and the E-books and also the recordings of all sessions.
  • They provide 100% assistance for job placement to all former students.
  • The training sessions are all interactive with interpersonal communication.
  • The students have the facility to clear their doubts with their mentors at times.
  • The Institute provides practical assignments during the course every week for the student’s benefit.
  • They guide and assist the students in building a portfolio during the training phase.


2. WEA –

Workers Educational Association was founded in 1913 and is Australia’s largest private education organization for adults. WEA is in Adelaide city center. It offers about 1500 short-term courses for a wide range of subjects. The training is not just based on books and theories but also includes practical knowledge.

The tutors are professional and friendly too. The reason for its foundation was to help men and women who could not afford to acquire education. The short-term courses are at reasonable prices. It’s a renowned institute that offers creative writing courses in Adelaide. WEA runs a recognized travel agency providing several escorted small group tours locally, interstate, and overseas.

  • WEA responds to all the needs of the community as it goes on changing.
  • WEA offers a scope of education, especially to needy people.
  • It paves an open way, fair, and equal society.



Flinder’s University in Australia of 3 types of creative writing courses. The University goes with the slogan ” inspiring achievement.” The University aims to command the whole world in the field of research and revolution. Students avail of a broad spectrum of courses be it in the field of medicine, defense, science, technology, or society. Flinders University provides fruitful creative writing courses in Adelaide.


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4. UNISA –

The University of South Australia ( UNISA) is known for its importance, worth, and distinction. The Institute teaches worldwide students from all backgrounds implanting professional expertise education, capability and to propel them for lifetime teaching. At UNISA they initiated an analysis that is motivated by universal threats and probabilities. UNISA offers a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing courses in Adelaide.



The Writers Studio offers online creative writing courses in Adelaide. The Writers Studio was founded in the year 1992. If you have a passion for writing then Writers Studio is a perfect institution for you. The courses are all interactive and will kick-start your creative capabilities. It will provide you with all the required implements and approaches to bring your imagination into existence on a page. You can access all the course materials on its website 24/7. It has a creativity course of 4 weeks, a short story course for 6 weeks, and a Novel and Script drafting course of 10 months.


FAQs: Creative Writing Courses in Adelaide


Q1) Is there any scope after pursuing creative writing courses in Adelaide?

Ans) Yes, there are plenty of opportunities if you pursue creative writing courses in Adelaide. You can follow your instincts and make a career in creative writing.


Q2) Can a person make money from creative writing?

Ans) If a person approaches the right resources then one can easily make good money being a creative writer.


Q3) Is it worthwhile to do online creative writing courses in Adelaide?

Ans) You must do a thorough study about the institute and what are the benefits of doing a course from there. After your research when you opt for a particular institute then it is worthwhile even if you go for online creative writing courses in Adelaide.


Q4) Do you think creative writing is a skill or a talent?

Ans) Creative writing can be an inborn talent for some but it can also be a skill for others as they can acquire this skill by learning with dedication.


Q5) Do the institutes provide placements after completing creative writing courses in Adelaide?

Ans) Yes, most of the institutions do offer placement guarantees after pursuing creative writing courses in Adelaide.



So by now, you must have gained a lot of knowledge about creative writing, its elements, types, and several institutions that offer such courses. Its importance is growing drastically with the increasing demands of readers. As a creative writer, each individual has a different way of thinking and a distinct behavior of venting out his/her imagination on a page.

Every person has his individuality by way of thoughts, reality, and its expression. Same way the readers too are always excited to read something new that excites them. It is this creative writing that enables the writers to be innovative and amusing for their readers. Creative writing is not bound to a particular type or style of writing. Rather it flows to far-off places like a river.  Often it happens that creative writing touches the heart of the reader and makes a deep impression on it.

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