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Top 10 Data Analytics Certifications Online With Placements

Data analytics is becoming a more popular strategy used by businesses to stay competitive. As a result, there is a growing need for data analysts. So, even without any prior experience, enroll in professional data analytics certifications online training to get ready for a new job in the rapidly expanding field of data analytics. These data analytics certifications online programs offer a high-engagement learning experience with live sessions from top practitioners and hands-on practice. These courses will develop your analytical skills and give you a better understanding of data.


What is Data Analytics?

Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of unstructured or semi-structured data are produced daily, according to research. Efficient algorithms are required in order to process enormous amounts of data. The use of data analytics has made this possible. Applying structured statistical and mathematical methods to collect data in order to identify underlying trends and make predictions is called Data Analytics.

Therefore, in order to uncover significant patterns in raw data, it is necessary to sift through the data. Business executives can use data analytics as a strong decision-making tool to give them all the knowledge they require to steer their company in the appropriate direction.


Example: – 1. Raising the standard of medical treatment.

2. Preventing hackers from gaining access.

3. Driving business marketing initiatives.

4. Enhancing the insurance sector.


What Are the Different Types of Data Analytics?

Data analysis comes in many forms, such as descriptive, diagnostic, prescriptive, and predictive analytics. Depending on the query a data analyst is attempting to address, each category is utilized for a certain purpose. Let us study each type in detail below.


Descriptive Data Analytics:

Descriptive analytics aids in providing explanations for events. These ways condense massive datasets into telegraphic summaries that stakeholders will perceive. These ways change the event of key performance indicators (KPIs), that aid in watching success or failure.

several sectors use metrics like come-on investment (ROI). Performance particularly in industries is caterpillar-tracked mistreatment specialized measures. This procedure requires the gathering of pertinent knowledge, processing, knowledge analysis, and knowledge visualization.

This technique offers a crucial perspective on previous performance. Neither predictions nor direct decision-making is supported by descriptive analytics. It emphasizes providing a substantive and descriptive outline of the info.


Diagnostic Data Analytics:

The diagnostic analysis aids in determining the reasons behind events. These methods support more fundamental descriptive analytics. They examine the results of descriptive analytics in greater detail to determine the root reason.


Predictive Data Analytics:

Future event questions can be answered with the use of predictive analytics. These methods analyze historical data to find trends and assess their propensity to persist. With the help of statistical and machine learning methods like neural networks, decision trees, and regression, predictive analytical tools can offer useful insight into potential future events.


Prescriptive Data Analytics:

Prescriptive analytics assists in providing recommendations for action. Data-driven decisions can be made by using predictive analytics insights. In the face of uncertainty, this enables firms to make wise judgments. Machine learning algorithms that can identify trends in massive datasets are the foundation of prescriptive analytics tools. The likelihood of various outcomes can be calculated by examining previous decisions and events.


Why Opt for Data Analytics Certifications Online?


  • Data analytics is important for leading organizations: Businesses are being transformed by the data explosion. Now, businesses of all sizes anticipate that their business decisions will be supported by data-driven knowledge. Data experts significantly influence corporate strategies and marketing techniques.
  • Job opportunities are expanding: There are many outstanding work prospects in this industry because there is a growing need for data specialists and a limited supply.
  • Provides ideal prospects for freelance work: A career as a well-paid consultant for some of the biggest companies in the world is also possible in data analytics. With a reliable internet connection, the job may be performed from anywhere in the globe because it is primarily IT-based. You now have the ideal chance to diversify your sources of income and ensure a healthy work-life balance for yourself.
  • Professionals in data analytics are earning higher pay: Data Analytics specialists may expect to make between $27,000 and $30,000 at the starting level, according to prospects. After a few years of experience, earnings can grow to between $33,000 and $38,000, and high-level consultants and professionals may make $60,000 or more.


Data Analytics Jobs You Can Get After Data Analytics Certifications Online

In this field, a large variety of work roles are available. To fit into the underlying list of employment opportunities, professionals are looking for data analytics training.


  • Data Analyst: Create predictive models for things like client lifetime value and churn likelihood and assist the team in putting them into practice.
  • Data Scientist: Develop models for the many cost elements that drive the various margin awareness activities.
  • Data Engineer: Data engineers create technologies that gather, organize, and transform unprocessed data into actionable information for data scientists and business analysts to comprehend. Their ultimate objective is to make data accessible so that businesses may utilize it to assess and improve their performance.
  • Data Analytics Consultant: Maintain the requirements for data engineering and achieve the goals on online platforms for data visualization, such as Alteryx and Tableau.
  • Quantitative Analyst: Complex data models are created, designed, and put into use by quantitative analysts. They perform predictive analytics for various industries like banks, insurance companies, etc.
  • Operations Analyst: An operations analyst is a specialist who executes goal-oriented strategies in businesses and addresses issues internally. In addition, this position manages client reporting, transaction processes, and data.
  • Marketing Analyst: In order to support a company’s marketing initiatives, a marketing analyst examines data. The insights uncovered by the marketing analyst may be used to assist a corporation in making better business decisions, such as boosting sales or improving marketing initiatives.
  • Project Manager: Monitors and oversees project baseline to make sure that activities are taking place as intended – scope, budget, and schedule – and controls variations. He also identifies risks and issues on projects proactively and leads the team in creating plans for risk management and issues management.
  • IT Systems Analyst: Their primary responsibility is to deal with business problems by victimization information analysis to uncover relevant insights and patterns. they have to be accustomed to the various ways of analyzing information in light-weight {of varied|of varied|of assorted} parameters. to boot, they’re knowledgeable in information engineering and advanced arithmetic.


Who is This Certification Supposed for?

  1. Freshers
  2. Domain experts
  3. Marketing and sales professionals
  4. Engineers
  5. IT professionals
  6. BI professionals
  7. Project managers


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Which Skills You Will Learn With Data Analytics Certifications Online?

  • Data Ethics
  • JavaScript
  • Big Data Analytics
  • SQL
  • Data Visualization
  • Problem-solving
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Database Management


Data Analyst Salary Details After Completing Data Analytics Certifications Online

One of the highest-paying employment titles in the nation is reportedly offered in the field of data analytics. According to recent industry research, the median CTC for data analytics specialists in India is Rs. 12 lakh per year.


A Professional Certificate: What is it?

  1. Develop your skills to be job-ready: Skilled Certificates can assist you to get job-ready whether or not you would like to alter careers or begin a replacement one. once and once it’s most convenient for you, learn at your own speed.
  2. Gain skilled Credibility: You may receive a Certificate for finishing the program’s courses, which you’ll share together with your skilled network, and you may have access to career help tools to assist you to launch your new career. Several recruiting partners for skilled certificates settle for the skilled certificate written document, and different professionals will aid in your communication preparation. Wherever applicable, specific skilled certificate pages can offer additional data.
  3. Practical Projects: Build a portfolio that demonstrates your job readiness to potential employers by swinging your skills to use in sensible tasks. You want to with success complete the project(s) so as to receive your certificate.
  4. Professional Certificates: These will help you get job-ready whether you want to change careers or start a new one. Learn at your own speed where and when you feel convenient.

How to Pick a Data Analytics Certifications Online Program That’s Perfect for You?

Choosing the best data analytics certifications online for you can be challenging with so many options available. Let’s go through a few things for you to look into this part.


  1. What is your budget for a data analytics course?

We’ll begin with what’s in all probability the first determinant issue for many people i.e. price. However, many universities provide flexible payment plans, including alternatives for paying in installments, permitted loans, government-funded solutions, and in certain circumstances, even scholarships.


  1. What qualifications are unit necessary to figure out a data analyst?

Ideal preparation for most entry-level positions in the sector is a strong data analytics certification. So, what does that actually mean? It implies that you will gain knowledge of how to handle each step of the data analysis process, including data cleansing, visualization creation, and everything in between.

You must have some familiarity with or experience using the hard skills and tools to be a data analyst such as SQL, python, data visualization tools, etc.


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Top Institutions That Provide Data Analytics Certifications Online


1. Analytixlabs


This institute provides several data analytics certifications online. Business Analytics 360, a well-liked course that also offers an add-on, covers the data analytics modules. This program offers students a profession-focused learning experience that aids in the development of a successful career following the program.


What Will You Learn:

  1. The module presents practical information in an engaging manner so that students can comprehend it completely.
  2. Any new student or student without a background in technology can readily learn the subject because it is so effectively constructed.
  3. The process of data visualization, data analytics using VBA (e-learning), predictive modeling, and an introduction to machine learning are all covered in this session.
  4. Additionally, this course covers a variety of abilities, including statistical analysis, data blending and modification, and predictive modeling.
  5. Along with interactive online lessons, the institute offers self-paced classrooms, boot camps, and other services.
  6. It offers assignments for evaluation.
  7. After passing the course, the organization issues a certificate.


Course Duration: 99 hours

Fee Structure: INR 32,000


2. Ivy Professional School


They provide a variety of data analytics certifications online, but the Business Analytics Certification is the most well-known. The Institute offers practical training through guaranteed industry projects and internships, the best placement assistance, and instruction from top teachers from IIIT, IIM, ISI, and US universities.

Additionally, they feature self-paced training, live online training, and classroom training all throughout India. In partnership with NASSCOM, the Certification is offered.


What Will You Learn:

1. The most crucial tools are included in the course framework, including practical core analytics fundamentals, predictive analysis using R, and advanced analytics using SAS.

2. Placement at prestigious companies.

3. After the course has been completed, the students will receive a certificate.


Course Duration: 189 hours

Fee Structure: INR 37,400 + GST


3. CodeAsylums


The Data Analyst with Business Analysts is a course offered by CodeAsylums that enables students to carve out a career for themselves in future professions in business analysis, machine learning, data science, and statistics. One of the top 10 data analytics certifications Online, it is skillfully designed for students and leads them in the market with a command.

In a different day session, the training offers in-person mentoring and lectures. The module addresses assistance for job seekers with the interview questionnaire and employment support.


What Will You Learn:

  1. Both case studies and discussion forums are available to trainees, which aids in their development.
  2. After the course, you’ll also get a confirmed certificate.
  3. More than 45 live sessions with leading industry professionals are included in the course.
  4. This program offers live sessions on alternate days.
  5. This module consists of a variety of sessions, including those for concept development, technical talks, assignments, doubt-clearing sessions, awareness sessions, live sessions, case studies, and hands-on live coding.
  6. The following will be taught to the students: Tableau, Excel, Python, SQL, and R.


Course Duration: 3 months

Fee Structure: INR 35,000 + GST


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4. Udacity


This is one of the other top 10 institutions that provide data analytics certifications online. Here the disorganized dataset will be used to provide students’ practice. Data analysis with Python and SQL is the name of the program. With this program, students gain experience working with large, unorganized datasets.

Additionally, it includes the Business Analyst and Python Programming for Data Science course that is relevant to this one. The course syllabus covers topics like Practical Statistics, Data Wrangling, and Python-based Data Visualization. Python and SQL are two relevant tools that are mentioned throughout the course.

Additionally, they have a list of things they provide as part of the curriculum, including career assistance, flexible learning options, real-world projects from industry professionals, and technical help mentors.


What Will You Learn:

  1. Students will get knowledge of how to use technologies like Python and SQL.
  2. A flexible learning program is offered.
  3. Case studies and real-world issues will be used as the evaluation’s assessment.
  4. The students will receive future guidance from leading industry leaders.
  5. Every student will receive a personal technical assistance mentor.
  6. At the program’s conclusion, customized career assistance and services are offered.
  7. There is access to the online classroom.


Course Duration: 4 months

Fee Structure: INR 77,676


5. Jainx Academy


This academy provides the opportunity to develop skills through the Data Analytics course, which also provides guidance on how to research data to produce reports and insights. Students at this school receive expert training in data management and analysis.

But the Jainx Academy offers this as an online certification course. Many graduates go on to enjoy prosperous jobs as data analysts. Students who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate proving their data science expertise.


What Will You Learn:

  1. A blended learning technique is made available to students.
  2. Trainees will be given a two-month project to experience the most recent business trends.
  3. Experts are constantly on hand to appropriately direct students toward a successful career.
  4. Long-term success depends on the knowledge and experience of the course teachers.
  5. There are also online course modules accessible.
  6. The instruction might be live or self-paced.
  7. The purpose of projects and assessments is to rate the trainees.


Course Duration: 8 months

Fee Structure: INR 50,847 + GST


6. TCS iON


Other well-known data analytics certifications online are by them. Students who are able to meet the eligibility requirements can obtain the certification, which is offered by the TCS iON, a digital learning hub. This course gives students a full understanding of the fundamentals of data analytics, including how to prepare data for analysis as well as the most recent market tactics and strategies.


What Will You Learn:

  1. Statistical skills
  2. Data visualization
  3. Technical skills
  4. Knowledge of algorithms
  5. Machine learning


Course Duration: 5-6 months

Fee Structure: INR 20,000 + GST


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7. Digital Vidya


One more of the top data analytics certifications online is provided by Digital Vidya. It is created using a blend of theoretical and practical methods and offers a superb tutorial in data science and data visualization. The exercises are designed to improve your comprehension of the fundamental concepts of Excel, Tableau, and SQL.


What Will You Learn:

  • Because Digital Vidya’s data science course covers all data science abilities across industries, NASSCOM has certified it.
  • The curriculum was created by SSC NASSCOM and Industry, and it has received government approval.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, each student will receive a “Course Participation Certificate” from Joint Digital Vidya and NASSCOM FutureSkills.
  • The development of the NASSCOM Course Curriculum involved more than 20 eminent businesses.


Course Duration: 16 weeks

Fee Structure: INR 19,900+GST (self-paced and live interactive sessions)

INR 12,500 (self-paced module)


8. Edvancer


Advanced Certification in Data Analytics-IIT Kanpur is the name of the program. Predictive analysis, data visualization, and data analysis are all covered in the course modules. IIT Kanpur experts and industry specialists from Edvancer offer the program. The most intriguing benefit of this institute is lifelong access to the course materials once the course is over.


What Will You Learn:

  • Learn through 90 hours of weekend live online classes and 100 hours of homework and projects.
  • Get the advantages of home studying with fully interactive, online courses. (SQL & Tableau will only be accessible via video.)
  • In this thorough specialized course, you will learn R, SQL, Tableau, Predictive Analytics, and Data Visualization.
  • Engage with the instructors in the classroom like you would in a regular class by asking them questions.
  • Get lifetime access to the course materials and all of the recorded videos from your classes, as well as 100% placement assistance after certification to help you start a career in data science.


Course Duration: 180 hours

Fee Structure: INR 69,990 (Live online)

INR 44,990 (Self-paced)


9. CareerFoundary Data Analytics Programme


Your education in this program will be primarily hands-on as you master all the necessary skills and equipment. You’ll be allocated a tutor and a one-on-one mentor upon registration; these two business professionals will offer regular advice and feedback.


What Will You Learn:

  • Learn all the data analytics techniques, procedures, and abilities required to become a data analyst.
  • Work one-on-one with a professional mentor and tutor who will offer individualized feedback and insight into a data analyst’s typical day.
  • Their Career Services Team will provide you with customized coaching to help you shine during interviews.
  • Utilize the projects you finish in the real world to create an amazing portfolio.
  • After graduating from the program, get a job as a data analyst within 180 days, or get your money returned.


Course Duration: 4 months

Fee Structure: $6,555–6,900


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10. Henry Harvin


The top big data analytics certifications online in India are offered by Henry Harvin; it provides an introduction to big data technology, effectively employs advanced analytics methodologies, and progresses into big data ecosystem technologies and tools including HDFS, MapReduce, YARN, etc.


It is a 9-in-1 course

Training: 128 Hours of Live Online classes.

Projects: The capability to conduct projects in sectors such as PowerBI, Business Analytics, SQL, Tableau, and many others.

Internship: Help with the internship to develop practical analytics expertise in accordance with industry standards.

Certification: Demonstrate knowledge by earning the Hallmark Certification of Certified Professional in Analytics from the Henry Harvin Institute, which is recognized by the government of India.

Placement: Supported for One Year After Successful Completion, 100% Placement Guarantee

E-learning: Online evaluations, a wealth of tools and techniques, and more are

available for e-learning.

Bootcamps: Regular Bootcamps will take place over the course of the next 12 months.

Hackathons: Free Entry to #AskHenry Competitions and Hackathons

Membership: Receive a 1-year Gold Membership to the Henry Harvin Data Science & Analytics Academy when enrolling in the Professional Certificate in Analytics Course.

Fee structure: INR 15,000


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What advantages do the data analytics certifications online offer?

You will benefit if you are a new employee because the data analytics program includes enough material for entry-level positions. Enrolling in a data analytics program could help you become ready for a new job if you’re interested in a career in analysis.


2. How are instructors chosen, and who are they?

Business intelligence experts with years of relevant industry expertise make up all highly certified Data Analytics professors. Before being approved to train, each of them goes through a thorough selection procedure that includes profile screening, technical examination, and a training demo.


3. Is a job in data analytics worthwhile?

Not only is a job in the field of data analytics a solid choice, but it is also one of the most sought-after careers today. By finishing this data analytics course, you can find positions in this field across a wide number of sectors and businesses throughout the world.


4. What Excel features are the most crucial for data analysis?

Because it’s simple to learn and use, Excel is frequently utilized for data analysis. Its features, such as vlookup, xlookup, pivot tables, and analysis tool pack, make it the tool that every analyst position, such as data analyst, uses the most.


5. Why should I study Tableau in addition to Data Analysis?

Tableau is a robust and adaptable application for data analytics and visualization. Data from various sources, including Excel, SQL Server, and cloud-based data repositories, may be easily sorted, compared, and analyzed using its drag-and-drop interface.



Data analytics courses are currently snarling. The only source that can provide information about an industry’s turnover or future plans is data. Anyone who wants to develop their skills and is interested in a career in the analytics field, regardless of whether they are undergraduates, graduates, or working professionals, should take this course. This list of courses that provide Data Analytics Certifications Online can assist in choosing a suitable educational setting. This is also highly known because it is a career-focused course. Anyone can obtain the best employment chances and a larger selection of MNCs and sectors by mastering data analytics.

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