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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore With Placements

Coimbatore or Kovai is the third-largest state of Tamil Nadu. Famous for its textile industries, it is also known as the Manchester of South India. If you are looking for the best data analytics courses in Coimbatore, then this is the right place for you. This article covers the top 10 institutions which offer data analytics courses in Coimbatore, along with important details such as course structure, duration, fee structure, placement opportunities, etc.


What is Data Analytics?

The present era is an era of the Internet where everything is connected to each other in some way or the other. As a result, there is an enormous amount of data being created. With such a huge amount of data, it becomes very difficult to examine and understand it. Thus, data management becomes a very tedious task.

Here, data analytics comes into the picture. In fact, it is the next big thing for businesses. Analytics is a term used for studying data or statistics in a systematic and organized way and to distill crucial information it. As industries or companies are growing, they are creating a large amount of data that needs to be filtered in order to make sense, data analytics is widely used for the same.

It can be defined as the process which includes analyzing the collected data and extracting important information from it. Hence, through data analytics, a jigsaw of data is converted into something necessary. It is used to make work easier, better, and more convenient.

Data Analytics includes collection, organizing, processing, and transforming the data. It is mainly divided into four categories – Descriptive analysis, Predictive Analysis, Prescriptive Analysis, and Diagnostic Analysis.


Descriptive Analysis

Descriptive Analysis or descriptive statistics is basically used to describe and examine past data. It is the simplest type of analysis that gives the information on “What happened? This method of analysis is helpful in understanding the performance in any field.

Descriptive analysis is generally used in the sales and marketing industries. One such example where descriptive analysis is used is the google analytics tool where the information is given on how many visitors visited a particular page or where the visitors were from, etc.


Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis is the most common type of analysis which is generally used to identify the correlation or trend. It basically focuses on or describes what is likely to happen and makes predictions about future outcomes using the previous data. It can be used mainly to identify risks and opportunities. It is further divided into predictive and statistical modeling and used the techniques such as data mining, series analysis, etc. to generate outcomes.


Diagnostic Analysis

The diagnostic analysis explains the reason why a particular thing happened. It analysis past data to guide the business. The diagnostic analysis focuses on understanding the cause of anything and uses the previous data to provide the solution to any problem. It uses the techniques such as data drilling, data mining, and correlation analysis. By understanding the cause of any particular problem through diagnostic analysis, the data can be further used to plan and create solutions for the future.


Prescriptive Analysis

The prescriptive analysis combines all the above-given analyses and decides the next step that should be taken. It takes the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques and predicts the possible outcomes. Here artificial intelligence uses all the previously given data to understand and applies the information for further making decisions for the future.


A Career in Data Analytics

Approximately 2.5 quintillion data is being created every day. With such an enormous amount of data, it becomes very important to extract important information and therefore there is a huge demand for data analyst jobs at the present. The companies also require data analysis for other important tasks such as coming to conclusions as what should be the business strategies, the product supply chain, the market studies, profit increment strategies, etc.

Due to this high demand, most data analysts enjoy perks such as increased salary, opportunity to travel, easy relocation, job security, remote working, etc. The role of a data analyst is not just limited to the tech industries but also other companies, which makes it a good career option because of the high requirements.


Job Responsibilities

The main job responsibility of a data analyst is to convert the raw data into important information which can be used to make essential decisions related to business. This information is used to help businesses in pricing, sales, profit, etc. They are responsible to develop and study the databases and implement various strategies to convert the extracted data into a useful ones.

They make use of various tools such as Tableau, and Microsoft Excel. SAS, Python, Looker, etc. A data analyst uses these tools to detect, analyze or predict the data and to make it easy to understand. They are also responsible for preparing the analysis reports or visualizations to make the data understandable and developing and maintaining the database.

Thus, summarizing all, we can say that a data analyst is responsible to convert complex data into information that is easier to understand and take further actions.


Applications of Data Analytics

In today’s world, an enormous amount of data is being created every single day and thus processing becomes very difficult be it any given field. Therefore, data analytics finds its application in almost all big industries. Some of the important fields where data analytics is used are as given-


  • Healthcare

There are various tools that are used to collect, store, and organize the data of patients. In the healthcare sector, data analytics is useful as it helps to get the details of patients’ past records so as to provide more accurate treatment. In fact, data analytics has played a very important role in Covid-19. There was a huge amount of data collected, organized, and analyzed during the pandemic, which was possible only through data analytics.


  • Military Intelligence

The defense sector has largely evolved in recent years. An enormous amount of data is generated in the defense sector related to defense employees, military operations, track records, defense equipment, etc. This data needs to be monitored every second. Data analytics plays a significant role in collecting, organizing, and maintaining the track record and securing this data.


  • Media and Entertainment

Over the last few years, the world has emerged as a digital world. This has led to the massive involvement of media in everyday life. The media industry generates a large amount of data in various forms. It has also led to the betterment of the companies to understand their customer’s needs and work towards providing them with better service.


  • Transportation

In recent times, there have been significant changes in transportation and one such upgradation is multi-modal transportation. With the advancement, there would be a need for various data sources, e.g., cameras, GPS, etc. These data would be further used to analyze and predict the future outcomes for better functioning and better travel experiences.


  • Manufacturing

Data analytics is used in the manufacturing sector to enhance the quality of the products, better performance, increased yield, cost cutting, etc. In earlier times, it was difficult to keep a track of all the data using manual methods, but due to technological advancements, organizing data has become a lot easier and has led to significant improvements in product quality and production speed.


  • Education

Educational sectors have got an enormous amount of data related to the students and educators, like their personal records, examination record, etc. With the help of this data, educators can improve the learning outcomes of their students by understanding them in a better way. Also, data analytics can help to track the student’s performance which further would help to assist them in a fruitful way.


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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore

Given below are the top-rated data analytics courses in Coimbatore. The data also covers related information such as the course duration, fee structure, tools used, placement opportunities, etc.


1. FITA Academy


One of the highest-rated data analytics courses in Coimbatore, FITA Academy provides an overall learning package for data analytics required to land you a decent job. The course is available both in online and offline classrooms. Upon successful completion of the course, the certification will be provided which can be used as a professional credential in the interviews. The important points of their data analytics courses in Coimbatore are given below.


Course Highlights

  • Practical application of data analytics to solve real-life problems.
  • Basics about big data, i.e., history, industrial application, use advantages, etc.
  • Skills and technology to handle big data.
  • Using big data for industrial uses, such as digital marketing, healthcare, transportation, cyber security, etc.
  • Database and data warehouse knowledge.


Essential Features

  • Certificate on successful completion of the course.
  • Opportunities to work on the projects to understand the course in depth.
  • Training by industry experts.
  • Affordable fee structure which can even be paid in installments.
  • Flexibility with respect to timing, offline or online learning, and weekday or weekend classes.
  • Placement support and freelancing opportunities to help kick-start your career.


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2. ExcelR


ExcelR is the institute that has collaborated with IBM and provides quality courses to assist students in virtuous careers with the different courses it offers. This is among the top-rated data analytics courses in Coimbatore with a duration of 6 months and is available as a virtual live classroom.


Course Highlights

  • The various tools that will be covered in the course are MySQL, Basic and Advanced Excel, Tableau, Power Bi, SAS, R Programming, and Python.
  • The students will be provided with a jumbo pass through which they can attend an unlimited number of classes (classroom / online) for the duration of 1 year.
  • The fee structure of the course is ₹ 39,999
  • The various topics that would be covered in the course are as mentioned –
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Data Cleaning and Insights
  • Advanced Excel
  • Basics of R
  • Basics of Python
  • Power BI


Essential Features

  • Certified and experienced Trainers
  • Access to recorded sessions to revise and recap the concepts.
  • Hands-on experience on live projects.
  • 50+ assignments covering 100+ topics for theoretical practice.
  • Placement assistance.
  • Post-training support.


3. 360 DigiTMG


Rated among the top data analytics courses in Coimbatore, 360DigiTMG is a connecting bridge between industry expectations and academia. The data analytics program is exclusively designed as per the business trends. It also has branches across various countries such as Malaysia, the UK, Netherlands, etc., and is also in the collaboration with IBM.


Course Highlights

  • Various techniques to handle data via Data Analytics.
  • Working with the data generation courses.
  • Advanced Excel
  • The various tools covered are – Tableau, Power BI, SQL, NOSQL, PySpark, R, Python
  • The course fee is ₹ 29,500.


Essential Features

  • Live online classes on weekdays as well as weekends.
  • 1-year access to online classes.
  • Monthly EMI at zero interest.
  • LMS access for a lifetime.
  • Master classes from leading academicians.
  • Complimentary basic course.
  • Job assistance in the field of Data Analytics.
  • Hands-on experience on live projects.


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ACTE Coimbatore has more than 27 branches with expert trainers in the respective fields and is one of the best data analytics courses in Coimbatore. The institute is an authorized partner with companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, AWS, and the National Institute of Examination, Singapore, etc. The key features of the data analytics course are provided below.


Course Highlights of Data Analysis Courses in Coimbatore

  • The course consists of four modules.
  • The course duration is 40 hours.
  • Certification on completion of the course.
  • Some of the basic topics that will be covered in the duration of the course include –
  • Data Science and Data Exploration
  • Data Mining
  • ProcReg
  • Neural Nets
  • SVM
  • Clustering
  • Bagging and Boosting
  • Text Analytics
  • The fee for the course is ₹ 14,000.


Essential Features

  • The best-designed curriculum is available at an affordable price.
  • Lifetime access to the study material and session videos.
  • Interview preparation – guidance and practice.
  • Hands-on learning for better understanding.
  • Placement Support
  • Free demo class available.


5. Imarticus Learning


Imarticus Learning is one of the best data analytics courses in Coimbatore which promises high-quality education with practical and in-class learning to emerge as a successful data analyst. It has got some big industries as its placement partners such as Medlife, Cognizant, Citibank, Barclays, etc.


Course Highlights of Data Analysis Courses in Coimbatore

  • The course is divided into 8 modules which are as mentioned-
  • SQL
  • Python Programming
  • Statistics & Probability
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Data Science with R
  • Big Data & Hadoop
  • Data Visualization with Tableau and PowerBI
  • Placement Preparation & Capstone Project
  • The course fee is ₹2,25,000.


Essential Features

  • Self-paced learning allows access to recorded lectures and study material.
  • Monitor your progress during the course duration.
  • Various quizzes and assessments to test yourself.
  • Placement opportunities.
  • Mock interviews.


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6. QTree Technologies


QTree Technologies is the training institute, which is among the best data analytics courses in Coimbatore at an affordable price, and also provides placement assistance until you are placed. It assures to provide job-oriented training from skilled trainers.


Course Highlights of Data Analysis Courses in Coimbatore

  • It focuses on practical knowledge also along with the theory classes.
  • The important modules that would be covered in the course are-
  • Data Mining and clustering
  • Data Analytics Classifiers
  • Advanced Regression in Data Science
  • Creation and manipulation of a regular python list


Essential Features

  • Lifetime access to the study material
  • Limited batch size for good interaction and understanding
  • 1-1 practical trainer for students
  • Realtime code analysis
  • Cloudlabs
  • Guidance for resume preparation and interviews
  • Placement guidance and support


7. Simplilearn


One of the best data analytics courses in Coimbatore which is in collaboration with IBM will help you turn into a data analytics expert and become industry ready for the role of a data analyst. This course also offers masterclasses from IBM experts and is designed exclusively for freshers and working professionals.


Course Highlights of Data Analysis Courses in Coimbatore

  • Covers the fundamental concepts of data analytics through real-world case studies.
  • Various tools covered in the course are – Scipy, Power BI, Python, MySQL, Etc.
  • Use of different data analytics tools to draw business insights.
  • Trends in data analytics, data visualization
  • Analytics adoption frameworks
  • Swarm Plots
  • Trends in Data Analytics


Essential Features

  • Lifetime access to study material and self-paced learning
  • Industry-recognized certificate
  • Real-world examples and case studies for a comprehensive learning
  • Placement opportunities
  • IBM advantages – live masterclasses, Hackathons, etc.
  • The course fee is ₹54,000.


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8. UpGrad


Upgrad is a video learning platform that provides various certified courses for students as well as working professionals. Categorized among the best data analytics courses in Coimbatore, the course curriculum is divided into 8 sections that cover all the major topics of data analysis. The course duration is 6 months. The course fee is ₹ 30,000.


Course Highlights of Data Analysis Courses in Coimbatore

  • 300+ hours of content in form of recorded lectures and live sessions
  • Certification on completing the course successfully
  • One-on-one sessions available
  • Guided assignments
  • The topics covered–
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Data Toolkit
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Data Visualization
  • Exploratory Data Analysis and Statistics
  • Machine Learning
  • Business Understanding
  • Capstone Project


Essential Features

  • Learn from the industry experts
  • Curriculum designed from the basic to advanced level
  • Personalized assistance provided
  • Placement opportunities


9. Learnbay


Learnbay provides both offline and online training for various courses. Among the top data analytics courses in Coimbatore, this course is designed exclusively for professionals and beginners. With over 250+ hiring partners, Learnbay provides amazing placement opportunities. The fee of the course is ₹ 65,000 exclusive of the GST


Course Highlights of Data Analysis Courses in Coimbatore

  • All the basic concepts of data analytics would be covered
  • There are 9 modules into which the course is divided
  • Various tools that would be covered are – SQL, Numpay, Seaborn, Tableau, Pytorch, Python, etc.
  • 10There are 180+ live sessions
  • Lifetime accessibility of the course
  • 8+ real-time industrial projects


Essential Features

  • Practice with the latest tools
  • Weekdays and weekend batches
  • Extra doubt-clearing sessions
  • Project-based learning
  • Certification from IBM on successful completion of the course
  • A variety of financing options are available


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10. Coursera


Coursera provides a data analytics professional course designed to build the skills to be job ready. It also provides the leverage of completing the course at your own pace and convenience.


Course Highlights of Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore

  • Key analytical skills such as data cleaning, analysis, and visualization will be covered
  • Tools such as spreadsheets, SQL, R programming, Tableau, etc would be focused on
  • The professional certificate consists of 8 courses covering all the basics
  • Learn to visualize and present data
  • Understanding of cleaning and organizing data for analysis


Essential Features

  • Affordable programs available
  • Learn according to your own schedule
  • Hands-on projects for practical understanding
  • Graded quizzes and assessments
  • Certification on completing the course successfully


FAQs Related To Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore


1. What is the role of a data analyst?

A data analyst is responsible for managing and organizing the data. They make use of various tools so that the raw data could be turned into useful information which can be further used by industries and companies to make important decisions for the organization.


2. What are the benefits of data analytics?

Data analytics is very essential in the modern world, where a large amount of data is being generated every day. The organized data helps in decision-making to provide enhanced results, it also helps to provide better business insights, helps to improve customer service, and finally leads to more profitable results.


3. How many main types of data analysis are there?

There are four main types of data analysis, which are Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive. Descriptive analysis tells about what happened, diagnostic gives the reason why did it happen, predictive predicts what is likely to happen in the future, and prescriptive tells about the best action that could be taken.


4. Where is data analytics used in the real world?

Data analytics finds its application in a number of fields such as manufacturing, transportation, internet web search, logistics, security, military, insurance, healthcare, communication, media, entertainment, etc.


5. What is the average pay for a data analyst in India?

The data analyst’s salary can range from 3.5 LPA for a fresher to approximately 11.5 LPA for experienced ones.

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