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Top 10 SEO Courses in Vietnam With Placement Assistance

Vietnam is one of the best places to explore, with a coastline of almost 1000 miles. One can explore spectacular landscapes and beguiling cities in this buzzing country. Vietnam’s economy depends on paper, textiles, food, furniture, information technology, and tourism. With the boom in digitization, a certain amount of the population is driven toward technology, digital marketing, and SEO courses in Vietnam.


There are plenty of institutions that offer on-site and off-site SEO Courses in Vietnam. Digital Marketing and SEO go hand in hand to make their small to big businesses on top of SERP. Many professionals are opting for such courses.


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a technique for enhancing a website’s ranking to increase its visibility when people look for any particular service or product. The higher the order on the search engine, the more chances of getting the brand to capture Business. Website visibility is the most common parameter for ranking the site on search engine result pages (SERP).

Every company and organization wants to convert visitors into customers by staying on the first Page. Search algorithms observe various factors like the keyword query, location, setting, page relevance, etc., to provide the users with the most helpful information. Therefore, SEO enhances the quantity and quality of website traffic from search engines.

Furthermore, SEO emphasizes unpaid traffic (organic traffic), whereas unpaid traffic comes from different types of searches involving images, videos, or any industry-aligned vertical search engines. In internet marketing, SEO is like a sensor of how the search engines work, and what the user likes and the programmed algorithm deciphers search engine behavior.


What Are the Different Types of SEO?

Before we get into the SEO Courses in Vietnam, let’s understand the commonly practiced SEO techniques:-


  1. White-Hat SEO

You might often hear people saying I’m a white-hat SEO, and you often wonder what it means; let’s clear it up, it implies SEO practices that align with the guidelines of search engines, including Google. This type of SEO enhances the SERPs of any website while abiding by the terms and conditions of the search engines. There are many reasons why we should use White-hat SEO practice as the best method to build a successful website. Here are a few approaches one must follow:-

  • Apply detailed keyword-rich meta-tags
  • Provide informative and quality content for the audience
  • Make your website easy to accessible


  1. Black-Hat SEO

Black-hat SEO extracts the shortcoming from Google’s search algorithm to climb higher in the search results. Paid link-building tactics, cloaking, and keyword stuffing are used to get ahead of the competitors. But, these practices can penalize the websites if detected. Therefore, it is always better to use organic techniques for ranking the websites.


  1. Gray-Hat SEO

This technique is somewhere between the white and black hat strategy category; the terms and conditions are still unclear. This practice doesn’t penalize your website, but the content you publish with this technique is inorganic. Therefore, this practice has a negative impact, and it can lead your website to lose its ranking.


  1. On-Page SEO

This SEO practice optimizes web pages, internal links, HTML code, images, and other on-page components to enhance rankings.

The critical parameters of on-page SEO include the following:-

  • You are creating relevant, informative, and exciting content for your audience while optimizing for Google bots.
  • Using HTML tags helps search engine to discover your website
  • Condensing the file size of the photos
  • Internal linking for better search results


  1. Off-Page SEO

The off-page refers to optimizing the main website content by doing practices outside the website. It includes backlinking, advertising on social media, reviews on various online platforms, guest content, and local listing.


Why is SEO Important?

SEO has become one of the essential parts of the market today. Search engines assist millions of users every second in looking for answers. SEO can help you acquire free targeted traffic from search engines for your website and businesses. Because most search engine users (more than 70%, as shown in google) will typically click on top-most links on the search engine results pages, SEO is crucial (SERPS).

Your website must appear in one of the top positions to benefit from this and attract people to your website or clients to your online store. Excellent SEO methodologies improve the user experience. Thus SEO is not just about search engines. Users trust search engines. Therefore a website’s visibility in the top results for the user’s search terms benefits it.


Scope Of SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is essential to the success of digital marketing. Due to its ability to deliver affordable, long-lasting benefits, SEO is a crucial early-market strategy for new businesses and startups. High-quality, search engine-friendly content creation aids reputable companies in establishing their internet presence and brand credibility.

Selling your product entails taking the customer on a journey where they first become aware of an issue and then go through various action stages that end with purchasing your solution. Because there are multiple points along the path where a brand may lose the prospect’s interest, marketers must comprehend their trip.

Throughout the journey, using customized, search-optimized material lowers the risk of the detour by up to 38%. In addition, more internet visibility for goods or services automatically results in more brand recognition. Research demonstrates that websites for goods and services near the top of search engine result pages (SERPs) an excessive clicks, views, and impressions; on average, the top three non-branded results receive roughly half of all search hits.

Achieving high rankings helps build brand recognition for the product or service over time and increases website traffic. In addition, it makes users of search engines identify your brand with their interests (as reflected by the keyword phrases they use). This enhances the credibility and knowledge of your company in the public eye.


How are SEO and Digital Marketing Related?

Before understanding the detailed learning of SEO courses in Vietnam, this relationship between two crucial marketing components becomes significant. First, Digital Marketing is linked with the advertisement and promotion of the product and services on online platforms through different promotional media.

For the rise of the product and services, one needs to constantly match up with the current market trends, and to be there in the market, you need to be versatile in your marketing strategies.

Therefore, SEO plays a crucial role in digital marketing and empowers you to optimize your website content to enhance the visibility of your website and which ultimately boosts its ranking on the search engines, increasing your customer network. Below are a few points showing how SEO helps in Digital Marketing:-


Boost The Ranking, and You are on the first Page.

SEO provides you with robust ranking, and your website will appear on the first page of google’s search page. Furthermore, it will be among the top ten or top five results. To reach this ranking, a digital marketing company needs an SEO department.


Captivate the Audience

Smart SEO techniques help your product page drive website traffic and increase your Business. Advertisement does help in captivating traffic, but it has no long-term benefits. On the other side, SEO techniques help you drive traffic organically.


A few other best courses in Vietnam


Complement your Credibility

SEO is crucial for improving the credibility of every content that goes out on the internet. The better SEO techniques you use. The higher you rank on google. Once you start typing on google in the Top 10 or Top 5 search results, you will see a lot of potential customers being driven to your website or Business.


Reinforce Content Strategy

SEO add-ons to your content strategy to rank your Page on the top using keywords wisely to know what the audiences search for and what they are looking out for you.


Fortifies User Experience

SEO makes your website more interactive and credible. Better user experience leads to fast loading of pages, your website has a quicker conversion rate, and finally, the people visiting your website turn into your client.


The Top 10 SEO Courses in Vietnam Are:-




The success of IIM SKILLS, a renowned online education provider in the ed-tech sector, can be attributed to its flexible and self-paced learning programs. The main reason is that it uses robust learning algorithms without sacrificing interaction and clarity of understanding.

IIM SKILLS is a market pioneer in professional skill development programs with operations in more than 30 nations. IIM SKILLS is one of the most popular online institutions for SEO training. They provide the learners with a full-fledged hands-on experience in practical applications and 100% placement support in addition to the course content created and validated by industry-leading professionals.

Their advanced SEO course provides in-depth SEO knowledge with live virtual training, flexible batch times, an internship, and support for starting a full-time or freelancing career.


Key Feature of SEO Course:-

  • Weeks SEO Training Course + 8 Weeks Paid Internship
  • 16 Hours of Live Lectures
  • Practical Assignments
  • Weekly Evaluations Free Tools Worth $20,000
  • Hands-On Training With Real-Time Projects
  • 100% Placement Support Master Certification From IIM SKILLS Recognized By MSME Government of India


What Does SEO Training Include?

  • Incentivised Training with a Paid Internship of Two Months.
  • Become a Certified SEO Specialist to Start Your Career.
  • Start Your SEO Company.
  • Utilize online publishing to learn the subtleties of SEO.
  • Find out how to rank your website or blog on Google’s Letter of Recommendation.
  • 300+ Placement Assistance
  • Complete support for interviews.
  • Lifelong assistance and post-training mentoring


Other courses by IIM SKILLS


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


2. Hubspot


HubSpot Academy is the leader in free online training for inbound marketing, sales, and customer support professionals. Their company specializes in complete certifications, specialized courses, and bite-sized lessons for individuals wishing to advance their careers and businesses.

The purpose of HubSpot Academy is to alter how people and businesses grow with the changing dynamics of digitalization. It is an online learning platform. You’ll learn everything you need about cutting-edge business topics, from brief, practical courses to comprehensive credentials. People looking for SEO courses in Vietnam and other nations also opt for this Course.


Who can do this Course?

  • Content Creators
  • Digital Marketers
  • Anyone who has the willingness to set up a career as an SEO


 What are the takeaways from the courses?

  • Assess and enhance the website’s SEO
  • Backlinking to increase the visibility of the SERP
  • Execute keyword insight and work on the search results


Course Structure

  • SEO Basics
  • On-Page and Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research for SEO
  • Link Building and Backlink Tactics
  • Optimizing the Website for Great Outcomes
  • SEO Reporting


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3. FITA Academy


This course from FITA academy helps you master SEO techniques under the guidance of an industry professional in this field. Whether a beginner or an advanced, you will learn everything from on-page, off-page, technical and other aspects of SEO.


What do you get from this Course?

  • Live and interactive online sessions delivered by top-notch professionals from this domain.
  • Professionally crafted SEO online modules to meet global SEO and marketing trends.
  • Real-time training on a project to get the overall development of SEO practice.
  • Placement support with a robust recruiting network of 1500+ recruiters.
  • Understanding of SEO methodologies.


4. Digital Vidya


Digital Vidya is one of the best industry instructors, with more than a decade in this niche. They are updated with every trend and well-versed with the insight of the industry. Moreover, they have the best educator hand-picked from different locations across the Globe. They ensure that the learner is from any nation and specifically Vietnam.


Let’s Have a Look at their Course Module:-

  • Introduction to SEO
  • On-page Best Practice
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO-friendly Design & Architecture
  • Technical Website Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Social, Local, and Mobile SEO strategies
  • Algorithm Update
  • SEO Tracking
  • SEO Scope


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5. NIIT SEO-Expert Course


NIIT is a leading multinational education organization providing skill-development courses in various niches. It is founded by IIT alumni, who know about everything in the trends, and they keep an eye on the changing dynamics of search engines. So, when looking for SEO courses in Vietnam, you can check out this option.


What can you expect from the Course?

  • 50+ Learning hours
  • This program offers classroom + app-based learning.
  • Industry experience experts
  • Consistent assistance from the experts
  • Experiential learning on the tools


6. Upgrad


Upgrad is one of the leading online learning platforms and is highly reliable when searching for SEO courses in Vietnam; it has been there in the market since the dawn of digital marketing. This SEO course from Upgrad helps you to master core skills, including SEO.

You get live classes from the best-in-class faculty and top-notch industrial SEO experts. Besides this, you get personalized guidance from top-notch experts to help you reach the SEO domain’s pinnacle. At the same time, you participate in industry-designed projects to whet your skill set.


Key Features Of the Courses:-

  • Live Virtual Classes
  • 100+ hours of learning content
  • Crafted for Beginners
  • Globally Acknowledged Certification


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7. Kraftshala


Another big name you can consider while looking for SEO courses in Vietnam. It is a twenty-week online full-time learning program. Kraftshala believes in investing in potential graduates and pushing their careers in the marketing field.


Key Features Of the Courses:-

  • Training from the top experts to assist you in exploring the SEO roles
  • Personalized Learning in smaller groups
  • Job-oriented Programs help you grab better job opportunities
  • 100% guarantees


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


8. Future Learn


One of the highly acknowledged platforms that offer a diverse skill set, these courses are provided by leading universities worldwide. Therefore, one can avail of them at their fingertips when looking at SEO courses in Vietnam. Moreover, they have exciting teaching methods that make learning enjoyable, where you grow and discuss every little ounce of doubt with your instructor.


 What are the learnings from this program?

  • Able to be adept with the organic search and role of crawlers and algorithms.
  • Explore keyword tools and plan SEO activity
  • Detect the Crucial Stages of SEO


Who is the Course for?

This Course is for beginners in tech marketing and those with prior experience and knowledge in the area. It will surely improve the learning outcomes.


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9. Yoast Academy


Yoast Academy is one of the known names in the field of the SEO industry. It is among the top choices of learners when looking for SEO courses in Vietnam. It offers SEO plug-ins for content management systems like WordPress. It has more than five million active users.


 10. Coursera


Coursera is another leading online course for learning from eminent universities. You can consider it while looking for SEO courses in Vietnam. You not only get one study instead, but you also get different methods from the top universities like the University of California Davis and the University of Illinois.


Critical Features Of Courses:-

  • Step-wise Learning
  • Top Instructor Around the Globe
  • Hands-on Learning with Guided Project
  • Self-paced Learning
  • Globally Recognised Certification


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About SEO Courses in Vietnam


1. What is the different pay range for an SEO expert?

Before opting for any SEO courses in Vietnam, you must wonder how money is in this field. SEO has become one of the most promising careers in the past few years. It gives the learner abundant opportunities to flourish as a professional and land lucrative job opportunities. Although, you have to start from the base of $424.

The start of your earnings can be as a freelancer SEO expert, and you can even work on building your websites. Starting from the junior position, let’s consider SEO researchers; the salary is between $30,000 and $60,000. Professionals working in the role of SEO specialist earn between $55,000-$80,000. Another function is link builder, which has a great scope these days with a salary from $35,000 to $100,000.


2. What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the type of SEO that covers all the technicalities of your website and the other factors that impact the SEO hosting, site speed to meta robot tags, and XML sitemaps. With the help of technical SEO, search engines check the quality of your website; with the resource and content you post, the user will have what kind of experience on your website.

The main aim of technical SEO is to build off-site that helps the search engines to crawl, understand and read. The search engine crawls the web pages, indexes them, and then finally ranks them. The technical SEO from Google ensures the proper follow-up with these steps. The ranking is impossible without crawling and indexing.


3. What are the different kinds of SEO jobs available in the market?

There are plenty of SEO job roles where you can work after completing any of the SEO courses in Vietnam. First, you can work as an SEO analyst. As an SEO analyst, your primary responsibility is to maintain the smooth functioning of the company’s website.

Your role would be to keep the website informative and handy. Secondly, you can work as an SEO strategist, where your part is to formulate the overall SEO strategy for your organization. In this role, you have to comprehend the organization’s goals, where you can form plans likewise and help the company reach its targets. Thirdly you can work as an SEO specialist.

Your role is to optimize the content on the website and identify the relevancy of the content that goes live on the website and the relevance of the keywords. The fourth option is to work as an SEO consultant, who will be the flagbearer of the companies and walk towards the top position in the search results. Your guidance will enhance the company’s overall SEO efforts and strategies. Besides, all these lists have more roles.



Everyone wants their work to reach a greater audience, from small website owners to more influential business organizations. And undoubtedly, internet search engines have made it possible to establish companies and to achieve their target. But, they need credible SEO experts to pull traffic to their sites. With the help of any of these SEO courses in Vietnam and across the Globe, both online and offline, you can make an excellent career out of it. So, tighten your seatbelt and prepare for this fantastic learning ride with the best.

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