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Uses and Advantages of Data Analytics With Power BI

Data analytics with Power BI, a business analytical tool created by Microsoft, delivers BI capabilities for interactive data visualizations that let users share and view information about their businesses easily. It assists in handling vast and complex datasets and does not require the use of any particular equipment. Users, however, appear to be having difficulty using this. Why? Are there any restrictions or drawbacks to it? What benefits do data analytics with Power BI offer? Do we truly require power? Yes, but why? What job opportunities are there? Let’s understand this in detail.


What is Data Analytics With Power BI?

Power BI is a data analytical business intelligence tool that is used to visualize, report, and interact with data by professionals, users, developers, and business analysts. It gives helpful business insights in terms of performance. Power BI, designed by Microsoft, is specifically employed by business professionals as it assists in dealing with vast datasets in many different manners and styles.

The dashboard in Power BI has the ability to report and display data in a variety of different ways, including graphs, maps, charts, scatter plots, and more. Any device can be used to operate it. (Android, iOS, Tablets).


Advantages of Data Analytics with Power BI


Data visualizations are the foundation of data analytics tools because they turn the data into handy business information. Data visualizations convert data into an enthralling story and give you considerable knowledge of your business performance. They also enable others to take the most favorable action toward or for your business.

The tools of data visualization also empower you to utilize pre-made templates to create your custom visual representations, including text, color, graphics, and eye-catching design components and use charts, graphs, pivot tables, and summary views to help explain your analysis and reveal patterns and trends that could be difficult for others to see otherwise.


Anywhere, any-device accessibility:

Yes, all you need is a good internet connection and a device (Android, iOS, tablet, Windows). You can always access Power BI. You can work from home, the office, or any other location in the entire world.


Multiple dashboards deployment:

Multiple Power BI dashboards and reports are frequently needed by enterprises. With the help of the Power BI Apps, Power BI Pro customers may swiftly distribute a collection of dashboards and reports that have been specially created for the entire company or particular teams or departments.


Share business intelligence-

Once you and your team have derived insights from data visualizations, reporting software makes it simple to share your findings with those both inside and outside the company.


Your data analytics toolkit’s reporting software enables you to quickly publish your findings, including graphics, and grant access rights to individuals who need to read your report. Additionally, it maintains version control, streamlines report dissemination, and prevent offline copies.

It also empowers you to make reports with your own customized graphics, themes, and layout. Software for reporting also enables you to publish in the manner that is most effective for your communication, such as paginated static reports or interactive reports created in a table style.


No geographic limits-

The Power Bi mobile applications offer access to each report and dashboard. On your smartphone, you may sense them and communicate with them. Be it Windows, Android, or an iOS device (Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod, or iPad). The advantage of using Power BI mobile apps is that they deliver Power BI and the most recent updates directly to your pocket.

You have the option to sort your reports based on where you are geographic. These can be obtained via the Google Play Store. Pick a few: Xbox 360 SmartGlass, Microsoft Power BI


Protect your data:

When we work with large and futuristic data, there are always some concerns regarding the security of our data. However, while using Power BI, we do not experience this distress, as Microsoft designed Power BI to give us data analytics tools with built-in protection benefits. It helps you by preventing potentially dangerous acts that threaten data.

When you work on reports or share them, those tools supply you with a workplace level of security by releasing them to a standalone workspace. They also deliver some row-level security. It restricts your data access to row-level and allows you to set extensive approach controls where you want them.


Disadvantages of Data Analytics with Power BI

Complex in nature:

Microsoft has created Power BI in a way or manner that is complex in nature, as it has a huge number of components. Users find it hard to understand which component they may need. To list some of those components, we have a power pivot, a power query, a power view, a power map, a power Q&A, a power bi-gateway, etc.


Data quality:

Power BI does not give you the option to clean your data or provide any such service as a cleansing data solution. It just proceeds with the idea that the data we are putting in has been cleaned in advance and is of high quality. So in a situation like this, a user might need to look for other alternatives to cleaning their data.


Performance issues:

Power BI takes more time than other data analysis tools to process data and produce reports, depending on the size of the data set and the complexity of the project. People who work with large and sophisticated data or need real-time analysis may find this a huge limitation.


Doesn’t tackle large data sources effectively.

Users have ended up facing inconveniences when they deal with big datasets. Trouble connecting to or importing those large datasets is a vital inconvenience. Slow functioning and time-outs are also some of the problems. This is a major drawback, especially for organizations or individuals tackling large and tribalizing data.



Power-Bi is an exclusive service. Even though there exists a free version of Power BI that users can utilize, this version is inappropriate for large data-intensive projects; it has limited capability; and some features may not work. For all those features, we are obliged to pay. The amount may differ depending on needs and the version.

Plus, there are no moving parts for this system, which may or may not make you spend a lot of energy and time comprehending its functions. This is one more aspect that makes this product more demanding to analyze and solve problems for a company, which directly leads to an increase in cost.


Online-only –

Power bi is a cloud-based application. To use it or utilize it, a user must have an internet connection. This could be a limitation or drawback for users who don’t have an internet connection or live in an area where inconsistent internet exists.


Why Do We Need Data Analytics With Power BI?

Despite having other tools such as Datapad, Tableau Desktop, Sisense, QlikSense, Zoho Analytics, Cyfe, Holistics, Ubiq, and the IMP Cognos Dashboard, why do we require data analytics with Power BI? I have listed only some of the aspects needed to answer this question. There must be more.


Data connection and wide coverage of data sources:

The wide data connectivity of Power BI is one of its main features. The application links to several tabular databases and interfaces with a wide range of business tools and systems to allow importing and exporting data, dashboards, and reports as quickly and easily as possible.

Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, IBM Netezza, IBM Informix, PostgreSQL, Sybase, SAP Hana, Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Analysis Services database, Azure Blob Storage, MailChimp, Facebook, GitHub, Salesforce, and many other data sources are just a few of the sources for which Power BI has connectors.


Advanced analytics:

The best platform is Power BI, which combines advanced analytics with your standard Excel data analysis to maximize its usefulness. By consuming, converting, and linking data services to other products in the Microsoft suite, you may enhance business data.

The visualization SDK for Power BI has been made available by Microsoft. Large custom visualization libraries are available. The users can alter the UI to suit their needs by using this functionality. If the BI model is established well, every BI solution is robust. Based on their expertise in SQL databases and Cube technology, Power BI offers very effective data modeling choices.


Real-time information:

Dashboards are updated instantly as new data is pushed or streamed in, allowing users to address issues and spot possibilities right away. Real-time data and visuals are available for display and updating in any report or dashboard. Sensors in factories, social media, or any other location where time-sensitive data can be gathered or communicated can be sources of streaming data.


Easy to use:

The interface of Power BI is incredibly user-friendly and straightforward. Power BI may be used without any programming knowledge. By proposing the best reporting element, its built-in intelligence aids you in choosing the qualities for your reports. To connect to the data source, it provides a very basic user interface (UI).

After choosing a data source, it enables easy drag-and-drop selection of attributes for your reports. Among other capabilities, QA allows you to write a question, and Power BI will answer it with a value or a graph, as appropriate. Power BI was built on the foundational Excel platform and creates reports using a similar methodology.


Cortana integration-

Contrary to some integrations, Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, is compatible with Power BI. Users can obtain charts and graphs by asking questions in natural language. Those who utilize mobile devices may find this to be of particular benefit.


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Tools for Data Analytics With Power BI


Power BI Desktop:

Power BI Desktop is an application available to download or install on a computer at zero cost, meaning it is a free application. Users and developers use it to create new models or reports. It lets you perform the tasks of transforming, visualizing, and connecting to your data. With the help of a Power BI desktop, you can also connect to multiple different sources of data and intermingle them to form a new model.


Power BI Service:

Power BI Service is a cloud-based service that can be used for light report editing and collaboration for teams and organizations. Power BI Service is a software as a service and a part of Power BI. You can go to the dashboards that will assist you in being aware of the recent or latest things happening in your business.

These dashboards will show tiles, which you can elect to open reports for and explore further. These two (dashboards and reports) will connect to dashboards and bring out all the relevant data in one place. You need to pay some charges to use this tool, as the power bi-service tool is available with a pro license.


Power BI Report Server:

The Power BI Report Server is an on-premises server. It comes with a web portal in which you can manage and display your reports and KPIs. Along with it come the tools that help you create Power BI reports, paginated reports, KPIs, and mobile reports. It needs to be updated every four months.

The IT team manages it. Users have the facility to approach those reports in many different ways. They can view those reports in a web browser, on a mobile device, or even as an e-mail in their inbox. The Power BI Report Server is highly secure.

This is another aspect of why it is the most preferred and reliable on-premises solution for contemplating reports. It has interactive features. They (the reports) can host, share, and collaborate within the user organization’s firewall.


Power BI Gateway:

Power BI Gateway is an application. It can be positioned or installed on any server in any local domain. It associates Power BI cloud-based data analytics with the data source on-premises. BI admin installs it. It works as a bridge between the Power BI cloud-based data analytics (or Power BI services) and on-premises data such as import, direct query, and live query.

It is responsible for connecting and quickly transforming data. It serves as an entry and exit point, as data must pass through the gateway before going further. (On-premises data is the data that is not in the cloud.)


Power BI Mobile Apps:

Power BI mobile apps originated for users who want to access their on-premises data or the data in the cloud and interact with the data. In Power BI, you can make reports and dashboards. The Power Bi mobile apps have all of these reports and dashboards. You can perceive them and commune with them on your mobile device. be it Android, IOS (Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod, iPad), tablet, or Windows.

The advantage of using Power BI mobile apps is that they bring Power BI to your pocket with the latest updates. It also gives you the power to sort your reports according to your geographic location. Name a few: BI Office, Microsoft Power BI, Xbox 360 SmartGlass, etc.


Components of Data Analytics with Power BI

Power Query –

Power Query is a data transformation and data preparation engine. Power Query Editor transforms the data that it receives from sources via the graphical interface. Using Power Query, you can do ETL processing of data. We can use it to import data from different sources or from a single data source, like an Excel sheet. Data can be on-premises or in the cloud.


Power Pivot:

Power Pivot is an Excel add-in. We utilize it to carry out the task of data analysis as well as for building new sophisticated data models. DAX is a formulaic language. We are required to be familiar with it. It is just like the formulas in an Excel sheet. Once we know this skill, it is pretty easy to use Power Pivot.


Power View:

We can create charts, bar graphs, reports, maps, and other visuals through Power View. Power View is a data visualization tool that allows you to perform all these tasks. Power View helps represent data in reports. Power View promotes straightforward ad-hoc reporting through interactive data exploration, visualization, and presentation. It is a feature of Microsoft Excel 2013.


Power Map:

In order to navigate the politics of a workplace, a visual technique called power mapping is utilized to determine who has more or less authority there. “Central individuals” are referred to as the most powerful or influential people.


Power BI Desktop:

Power BI Desktop is an application available to download or install on a computer at zero cost, meaning it is a free application. Users and developers use it to create new models or reports. It lets you perform the tasks of transforming, visualizing, and connecting to your data.


Power Q&A:

In Power Q&A, you can ask questions, and Power Q&A in Power BI will select the best way or visualization to answer your query or question. However, there is a problem: the fact that it supports import mode only means that it does not connect to on-premises data.


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Career Opportunities in Data Analytics With Power BI

Some companies use Power BI more, and some companies use it less. In order to identify the appropriate company depending on the job description. I am giving you some hints about job roles and their average salaries.

·       Senior data analyst (In India, people with experience of 2 years to 9 years can earn between 3 lacs and 21 lacs per annum. The average salary stands at $8.25.

·       Data analyst (A data analyst’s annual salary in India ranges between 1.2 and 12 lakhs). The average salary stands at $4.2 lacs.

·       Business intelligence developer (In India, a BI developer’s salary ranges between 3 and 15 lakhs per annum). The average salary stands at $6,500.

·       Software engineer (In India, a software engineer’s salary ranges between 2.5 and 15.1 lakhs per annum. Average salary stands at 5.5 lacs.)

·       Senior software engineer (In India, a senior software engineer’s salary ranges between 5.4 and 24.9 lacs per annum. Average salary stands at 11lacs)

·       Business intelligence analyst (In India, business intelligence analyst salaries range from 3.2 lacs to 16.5 lacs per year. (The average salary stands at $7.63.)

·       Senior Business Intelligence Analyst (Senior Business Intelligence Analyst salaries in India range from 6lacs to 24.8lacs per annum. (The average salary stands at 11.56 lacs.)


Skills Needed To Be a Professional in Data Analytics With Power BI

Thorough knowledge of advanced MS Excel is required because Power BI works like advanced MS Excel.

·       Awareness of data modeling strategies is a must.

·       DAX formulas knowledge.

·       Understanding Power Query again is a must. We use Power Query to manage and convert data according to the user’s needs.

·       Structured Query Language (SQL) skill It will fetch the data from SQL servers.

·       Building interactive dashboards are an important and ultimate skill to learn.


Top Companies Using Data Analytics With Power BI

  • Rolls Royce Holdings PLC (UK)
  • Conde Nast (USA)
  • Dell(USA)
  • Meijer(USA)
  • Hospital Montfort(Canada)


Companies in India Using Data Analytics With Power BI

  • Dell International
  • Haxaware technologies
  • Wipro BPS
  • Deliotte
  • sony
  • Infosys BPO
  • HCL Technologies
  • Capgemini
  • Ernst & Young
  • Accenture
  • WNS
  • Syngene international




Q1: Who can use data analytics with Power BI?

Business analysts, developers, and professionals. Even students can employ it with the limited free version. Anyone with a great understanding of advanced MS Excel can use Power BI. Along with this, you need a good internet connection, and you are good to make use of Power BI.


Q2: Why do individuals and enterprises use data analytics with Power BI?

There are so many reasons and aspects to it that can vary from person to person and company to company. Nevertheless, I found some reasons I believe everyone has on their list as to why to use data analytics with Power BI.

  • Easy to use
  • Data modeling
  • Connect and interact with data.
  • Create reports and dashboards
  • We can customize the theme, layout, and graphics as per our needs.
  • Visualization


Q3: Is Power BI a good career?

Yes, Power BI is a good career option. A person can earn between $3 and $24 lacs. And the job roles are also fascinating and interesting. You can be

·       Senior data analyst

·       Data analyst

·       Business intelligence developer

·       Software engineer

·       Senior software engineer

·       Business intelligence analyst

·       Senior Business Intelligence Analyst


Q4: What education is required to work as a Power BI professional in India?

To work as a data analyst with Power BI Professional in India, one needs to have one or more degrees from the list mentioned below:

  • B.Tech. or BE
  • BCA
  • Tech
  • MCA
  • BC
  • MS
  • MBA

And skills like SQL, DAX formula language, knowledge of data modeling, and advanced MS Excel.


Q5: What is Power BI used for?

We use Power BI to deal with, interact with, visualize, and convert large datasets into insightful business information. Mostly used by business analysts and professionals, Easy to learn and use; no need to have a particular device or geographic location. We can always share these insights with whomever we want. We can in fact turn the data and reports into charts, bar graphs, and maps, which make them easy to comprehend.

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