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Best Digital Marketing Course in Mysore 2022 (Updated)

If you want to find the best digital marketing course in Mysore, there are plenty of them in Mysore.


You must first learn the details of potential digital marketing institutes in the city to figure out the best digital marketing course in Mysore.

In this article, we will cover different digital marketing institute in Mysore to choose from to pursue a digital marketing course as one of the career options ahead. But before that, it is equally important to understand that what is the scope of digital marketing and how it plays a very important role to run any business nowadays.

Let us now study the scope of digital marketing in detail-


With time moving ahead, different marketing techniques are also changing from time to time. Firstly, any information was passed on through an advertisement using radio as a medium of communication, then TV came into the picture and now in this 21st-century internet plays a very vital role in everyone’s life.

And here digital marketing plays a very important role in promoting any business or passing on any messages to targeted audiences too. Digital marketing can be defined as one of the marketing methods to promote a brand in the market which is simultaneously considered as very cost-efficient too.

Also, with the pandemic coming into the picture, everything has become digital and people are also spending most of their time on the internet. This also means that it has become very easy for companies and organizations to proceed further.

Some of the reasons for companies to use digital marketing are as follows-


  • Targeting Audience becomes very easy- With the use of digital marketing, it becomes very easy to target the audience which a company decides to target to sell their products or services. It also becomes very cost-efficient for them. Not only a new set of customers, but with digital marketing, we can target the same set of customers who are already well aware of the products and services that the company offers. This also increases the engagement with the customers continuously which increases the loyalty of the customers too.


  • High return on investment can be generated with low investments- As per the research, the cost which a company incurs on digital marketing is approximately 61% lesser than traditional methods used by the company to promote their products or services. So, if any marketing method used helps to incur more amount of profit, then nothing can be great than this for any company. Therefore, digital marketing helps a lot to generate more profit with less cost incurred.



  • Reaching users on mobile phones- As per the research, there are almost 14 billion people who are on mobile phones. And this number is projected to increase to 18 billion people by the year 2024. Since almost everyone nowadays is using a smartphone and every smartphone has internet access it becomes very easy for any organization to reach their targeted customers as well. As in almost 24 hours, people spend 18 hours of their time on mobile phones.


After getting a brief description about the scope of digital marketing let us know in detail about the top institutes for digital marketing in Mysore to choose from-

Best Digital Marketing Course in Mysore

Digital Marketing Course in Mysore

Rank #1

IIM SKILLS–  IIM SKILLS is considered to be one of the leading institutes when it comes to training students for different courses such as digital marketing, content writing, etc. Not only this it also helps in preparing for CAT exams as well and also tends to give the training to obtain knowledge about GST as well. All these courses provided by IIM SKILLS is job-oriented and it also provides professional certifications as well at the end of the course.


With time, IIM SKILLS has built an excellent bond with all its students in the past. All the mentors are very friendly and provide training to students more as a friend than compared to a mentor. They use more practical implications rather than theoretical knowledge so that students don’t face any problems in understanding the subject in detail. IIM SKILLS also tends to provide short-term courses for students, working professionals, homemakers, who want to gain knowledge and earn certification as well.


The digital marketing course from IIM SKILLS is considered to be the best in the field. It tends to give all the industry-related knowledge. IIM SKILLS also provides free tools worth RS 79,000 which are very important for digital marketing. It doesn’t matter whether someone is kick-starting their career as fresher or if someone is learning to sharpen their existing skills, IIM SKILLS is the best choice for them.

Tools covered in the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master Course

Fees and Duration

The duration of the course is more than 180 hours which is of three months period. They provide weekday as well as weekend classes as well. They provide through online mode. This course comprises 40 modules which also consist of more than 120 hours of practical sessions. The course fee is INR 29,900+GST.

Lifetime Access & Certifications

All the lectures attended by the candidates enrolling for it has lifetime access to those sessions. Candidates receive a master’s certification from IIM SKILLS post completion of the course. Not only this institute tends to guide students to achieve training to obtain a certificate from Google, HubSpot, and Facebook. Not only these students are given an opportunity of 3 months internship as well. Apart from all the features mentioned above institute also guides students in preparing for resume preparation, interview preparation as well.

8 Google certifications offers in the IIM SKILLS digital marketing master course

Complete Placement Assistance

The students at IIM SKILLS receive complete placement assistance meaning, the students get to learn about the best ways to scale different professional careers in the digital marketing industry. Many of the students who attended and completed the digital marketing course by IIM SKILLS are now working at responsible positions in some of the finest companies.

Students from IIM SKILLS work at:

Placement partners of IIM SKILLS

This video can be really helpful to guide you about the process of training followed at IIM SKILLS and why it is the best digital marketing course so far:


You may also read the reviews of the IIM SKILLS digital marketing course here and understand what other students found so good about the course that they decide to invest their precious time, energy and money on IIM SKILLS digital marketing course.

Rank #2


OMIT is considered to be one of the leading institutes for digital marketing in Bangalore with its exposure of popularity in Mysore as well. OMIT tends to provide training to every category of students enrolling for the course which includes entrepreneurs, freshers, students, solopreneurs, and also tend to give assurance of 100% placement in top leading institutes.

The institute provides training focusing to work on the internal development of the students and simultaneously highlights their skills as well. They tend to focus on training them to be ready for the job and to go on the fieldwork without any hesitation and work confidently after completion of the course from the institute.

OMIT provides two types of courses one is a Digital marketing course and the other is a Digital marketing crash course. The digital marketing crash course is of a shorter period concentrating more on practical implications rather than a theoretical one. Duration of the course is between 30-45 days and also have the flexibility of timings and date to be chosen by the candidate as per their convenience. They can either choose to go for weekday classes or for weekend classes too whichever they feel is comfortable for them.

The usual course covers more than 40 modules and focuses on more practical assignments and one on one training as well. After completion of the course, students get a certificate from the institute including the preparation of 14 more other certificates as well. Since they have tie-up with reputed MNCs so they also provide job assurance as well after the course is completed.


Rank #3


RIDM is an institute whose only target is to train students on digital space and provide excellent training on digital marketing courses. Their main aim is to help students identify their shortage of digital skills which they need to possess. It also provides certifications to students who complete their course successfully which helps them to add value to their career as well.

RIDM is also involved in providing consultancy services as well as conducting workshops as well. Along with digital marketing courses, this institute provides training in many other courses as well which includes courses on google analytics, HR analytics, soft skills training, advanced excel course, etc.

RIDM provides two types of course which includes digital marketing professional certification course and digital marketing crash course. The duration of the professional course is 60 hours and the crash course is 14 hours. The course fee for a professional course is INR 10,999 and for the crash course is INR 999 only.

The crash course comprises 13 modules wherein the professional course comprises more than 45 modules. Candidates appearing for professional course get professional certificate wherein candidates appearing for crash course gets crash course completion certification. After completion of the course all the guidance required for internship and job assistance everything is provided by the institute to every student enrolling for the course.


Rank #4


Arena animation is known to be a very reputed name in the industry of media and entertainment. It has its PAN INDIA presence which not only provides training in digital marketing but also provides various other courses such as animation, web designing, graphic designing, etc.

For digital marketing, they offer a digital marketing professional course. The duration of the course is 10 months which is divided into 2 hours a day with 3 days in a week. The fees of the course vary between 75,000-1,00,000 with a facility of loan to the students applying for it.

Institute tends to provide training in a comprehensive manner focusing more on practical assignments. After successful completion of the course, students get master certification from Arena and also after completion guidance as well in the case of job assistance, resume preparations, etc.

Q. Which is the best digital marketing institute?

Ans. There are lots of digital marketing institute but IIM SKILLS happens to be the one with the finest reviews, internationally accepted certification, placement assistance, and more.

Q. Can I find a job after the digital marketing course?

Ans. Yes, there’s a good chance that you can find a digital marketing job right after the completion of the course, and several times the institute also helps you through placement partners and more.

Q. Is digital marketing a skill in Demand?

Ans. Yes, digital marketing is one of the most demanded skills at this time. As the world progresses towards online modes of communication, it becomes more important for businesses to reach their customers through their online presence and that is only possible through digital marketing.


After getting a clear understanding of the top institutes of digital marketing my recommendation would be IIM SKILLS for anyone who wants to pursue a digital marketing course. This is because IIM SKILLS is the leading institute when it comes to digital marketing. Along with providing free tools with a low course fee they give lifetime assistance to their students as well, as and when they require their mentors to guide them.

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