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Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses in Austin With Placements

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, pertains to all marketing strategies and tactics that occur online on the internet. It is the process by which businesses use digital channels such as search engines, social media platforms, emails, and other social networking websites in an advantageous manner to promote their business on a larger platform by connecting with their existing and prospective customers. Digital Marketing is an essential resource for a business’s brand and the brand’s awareness. Depending on a marketing strategy goal, marketers can support larger campaigns through various free or paid channels at their disposal. Read further to know about the best digital marketing courses in Austin. 


Why You Should Apply to Digital Marketing Courses in Austin?

Digital marketing is the future. Digital Marketing courses teach graduates and professionals the different aspects of marketing on online platforms in an immersive and flexible way. Graduates will learn to strategize, design and execute marketing campaigns based on consumer and customer demographics and reach a wider audience. Digital marketing courses are best opted by marketing professionals and business owners who aim to understand the utilization and optimization of social media platforms and all that they have to offer in building a company’s brand and considerably increasing a graduate’s market value.

Marketing professionals and business owners learn to run successful organizations by effectively navigating today’s complicated business landscape, and helping businesses realize a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Austin is also known for its highly engaging and creative art scene, beautiful museums, natural wonders, and exciting food scene. Austin offers an unparalleled quality of life, a diverse talent pool, and a great educational infrastructure that all contributes to its thriving business environment.


Career as A Digital Marketing Professional

A digital marketing career in the evolving online landscape offers graduates and marketing professionals a wide and varied range of opportunities.

  • Digital Marketing Specialist: These marketing professionals specialize in areas such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media marketing, content marketing, emailers, and marketing analytics. These specialists work closely with businesses and client companies to strategize and create targeted marketing campaigns, optimize websites for search engines, manage social media platforms and accounts, or analyze marketing data to measure a business campaign’s success.
  • Digital Marketing Manager: These marketing professionals oversee an organization’s marketing strategy entirely. They lead a team of specialists in a collaborative effort to make sure marketing strategies align with a business’s future goals towards the expansion and growth of the company. They often take care of budgeting, project management, and client communication.
  • Digital Marketing Consultant: These marketing specialists evaluate a client’s business growth model, objectives, and customer risk points. They utilize strategic insights to generate campaigns that entice and draw a consumer’s awareness to the business’s media platforms and position clients as the optimal solution for other businesses.
  • Digital Marketing Freelancers
  • Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs
  • Paid Search/Social Manager (SEO, SEM, PPC)
  • Digital Project Manager
  • Influencer Marketing Manager
  • Digital Media Buyer/Planner
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Digital Art Director


With the continued expansion of digital platforms, the extreme demand for digital marketing professionals will never cease to exist. The digital marketing landscape provides immense opportunities for growth, creativity, and innovation, making it a highly sought-after and rewarding career opportunity for marketing professionals and graduates passionate about leveraging technology to drive businesses and marketing success.


Scope of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing courses in Austin as a constantly evolving career opportunity is an expansive field that can include various technological marketing efforts. Its scope is to guide individuals, companies, and businesses into making sound and strategic decisions that promote the growth and resource management of their businesses by utilizing digital channels and platforms to promote products, services, or brands. It uses online strategies to engage larger audiences.


The components within the scope of digital marketing are:

  1. One of the most important components of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is used for the improvement of the quality of business websites and content to optimize their web analytics and online landing page experiences.
  2. Development of digital marketing strategies encompasses both short- and long-term goals in business which include creating, launching, and optimizing search, and social media and the ability to retarget advertising campaigns to identify successful digital marketing methods to help garner organic traffic and improve conversion rates.
  3. Personalization and Customer Experience include building highly targeted consumer audiences using demographics, affinity audience, data-driven personalization, customer journey mapping, and creating seamless omnichannel experiences to meet customer expectations and build long-term relationships with consumers. with consumers.
  4. Identification of brand position and growth opportunities by performing thorough keyword and competitive research.
  5. Data (Web) Analytics is the process of making decisions based on market reports and metrics using key performance indicators and digital analytic techniques.
  6. Affiliate Marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party partners for promoting products and services and generating business.
  7. Social Media, Mobile, and Email marketing include the utilization of social media platforms, mobile platforms, and emailers for blogging or advertising to generate traffic, and clicks and improve content creation.
  8. Marketing Automation enables businesses to automate tasks and workflows for the marketing and sales process to support lead nurturing and customer engagement.


Average Salary for a Career After Completing Digital Marketing Courses in Austin, Texas.

Digital Marketing is a specialized field where salaries earned can fluctuate based on the position applied for, individual experience, individual persona, and acumen, market conditions, location, etc.

The average digital marketing salary in Texas is $65,970 per year or $31.71 per hour. Entry-level digital marketing specialist jobs have an expected salary starting from $50,000 per annum. Salaries increase significantly as one gains the required experience. An associate position (more experienced professionals) can expect a salary of $65,500 onwards per annum. A digital marketing consultant may earn anywhere between $65,000 and £$75,000 annually.

At higher positions such as Digital Marketing Managers, salaries can be between $75,000 to $107,500 or more annually as their job includes managing client relationships and administrative work.


Types of Industries Hiring Digital Marketing Managers

  1. Retail Industry: Digital Marketing jobs in retail allow professionals to work with a variety of different products and target audiences as more and more consumers shop online. Some roles can include Digital Copywriter/Editor, Digital Project manager, Graphic Designer, and Social Media Manager.
  2. Education:  Digital Marketing plays a very important role in education as schools, colleges, and institutes move their programs online, as it helps promote and sell courses and provides easy access and visibility to their websites. Some roles include Sales Force Administrator, Digital Project Manager, Production Designer, Email Marketing Specialist, and Tiktok Creator/Editor.
  3. Software and Technology:  They play a vital role in the development of enterprising software and consumer apps. Some roles include Graphic Designer, Digital Animator, Videographer, Media Analyst, and UI/UX Designer.
  4. Healthcare: Digital marketers are being utilized in the healthcare industry to promote health resources and products for hospitals, clinics, medical equipment, and pharmaceutical companies. Some roles include Copywriter, Website producer/Manager/Director, Digital Marketing Specialist/Strategist/Manager, and Motion Graphics Specialist.
  5. Entertainment: Streaming services and social media content platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Hotstar and Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube respectively use online data analyzed to decide which productions to greenlight, test advertisements, determine prices, study content trends, analyze customer reviews and improve the overall user experience.  Digital Marketing strategies then utilize these services to market products to consumers via celebrity endorsements and sponsorships, advertisements, and product placements in movies and TV shows to give brands exposure and garner funding for the projects.
  6. Real Estate:
  7. Manufacturing:


Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Austin, Texas


1. Digital Marketing Master Course – IIM SKILLS

Qualification and Assessment: No prior industry experience is required.
Delivery Type: Online, Classes mostly on weekends for an hour.
: 3 Months + 2 months paid internship
Study Mode:
Part Time


University Description: IIM SKILLS is a premier institution that has gained immense following and reverie due to the exceptional online training and education services it offers. It offers a variety of short-term training courses in the online sphere which have gained recognition for being extremely thorough and goal oriented. It is dedicated to providing theoretical and practical knowledge regarding each subject to engage the student in a holistic learning experience.


Digital Marketing Course Description: Core Modules Covered :

  • Content Writing and Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Special Modules
  • WordPress Web Development
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Media Buying
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Digital Infographic Resume Preparation


Tuition Fees: $438.50 per annum.


2. Digital Marketing Bootcamp – The University of Texas, McCombs School of Business

Location: Austin, Texas

Start Date: 14/8/2023

Qualification and Assessment: No prior industry experience is required. A multiple-choice critical thinking and problem-solving assessment shall be held prior to admission to the course.

Delivery Type: Online, Classes held on three weekdays from 6:30-9:30 p.m.
: 18 weeks
Study Mode:
Part Time


University Description: Texas McCombs offers a part-time program that prepares students to develop sound and impressive digital marketing strategies across media and drive channel-specific strategies.

Course Description: It includes a thoroughly comprehensive curriculum that covers all of the fundamental concepts important for a well-established career in digital marketing.


It includes hands-on training in:

  • Marketing Research
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Branding
  • Marketing Objectives & KPIs
  • Customer Journeys
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Marketing Plans


Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Digital Marketing Channels
  • Data Strategies
  • Digital Marketing for Different Business Models
  • Content Strategy
  • Organic Social Media

Digital Advertising, and Automation

  • Paid Search
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Retargeting
  • Measurement and Optimization
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing Automation

Optimizing Campaigns and Websites

  • Website Creation
  • Content Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Link Building and Backlinks
  • Website Analytics
  • Conversion Tracking

Tuition Fees: $12,495 per annum.


3. Digital Marketing Training – Zeolearn

Qualification and Assessment: Minimum qualification of 10+2 is required only.
Delivery Type: Online, Classes held on weekdays and weekends.
: 30 hours of instructor-led classes
Study Mode:
Part Time

Institute Description: Zeolearn virtual classrooms offer training on various accredited courses pertaining to IT, Sales, Operations, Marketing, Management, and consulting. Digital Marketing training for graduates and professionals by Zeolearn teaches you the different aspects of digital marketing with guaranteed certification and real-time experience.


Course Description:

Their digital marketing courses in Austin are valuable for marketing professionals and business owners alike who want to pursue digital marketing or students aiming to make a career in this field. The training modules include:

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

Module 2: Components of Digital Marketing

Module 3: Digital Strategy and Planning

Module 4: Search Engine Optimization

Module 5: Social Media Marketing

Module 6: Mobile Marketing

Module 7: Email Marketing

Module 8: Web Analytics

Module 9: PPC


Tuition Fees: $12,495 per annum.


4. Strategic Digital Marketing – Great Learning

Qualification and Assessment: Graduate from Any University
Delivery Type: Online, Classes held on weekdays and weekends.
: 6 months live online program
Study Mode:
Part Time

Institute Description: Great Lakes and Great Learning helps you take a deep dive into the exciting world of digital marketing through this course in Austin with this Post graduate program in Strategic Digital Marketing. The program is designed to help build the skills a graduate needs for an amazing digital marketing career, in a fun-filled project-driven learning experience.


Digital Marketing Courses in Austin Description:

Their Digital marketing courses in Austin are valuable for marketing professionals and business owners alike who want to pursue digital marketing or students aiming to make a career in this field. Students can become digital marketing experts with the ability to run live campaigns across various digital channels and media, learn industry-standard tools like Google Adwords, FB ads, Google Analytics, be an affiliate marketer/influencer, learn to optimize and make marketing an effective revenue generator for their brand and finally learn to use content across platforms to effectively communicate the brand’s message and values.


The training modules include:

Module 1: Digital Marketing Foundations

  1. Digital Marketing Framework
  2. Development of Secondary Digital Properties
  3. Content Marketing

Module 2: Building Digital Footprint

  1. Developing Primary Digital Property
  2. Developing Secondary Digital Property
    Tools: WordPress, GoDaddy, Google Tag Manager, Yoast SEO Plugin, Mailchimp, YouTube Studio, Google Advisor, etc.

Module 3: Marketing Your Digital Presence/ Performance Marketing

  1. Paid Marketing
    Tools: Google Keyword Manager, Google Ads, Google Trends, Similar Web, etc.
  2. Social Brand Management
    Tools: Facebook Business Manager, Facebook/Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Insights, LinkedIn Ads etc.

Module 4: Integrated Digital Marketing

  1. Search Engine Optimization
    Tools: HubSpot Website Grader, Screaming Frog, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Mozbar, GTMetrix, Yoast SEO, etc.
  2. Mobile Marketing
    Tools: Firebase, AppAnnie, SimilarWeb, Google Trends, etc.

Module 5: Web Analytics / Marketing Experimentation

  1. User Retention and Engagement
  2. Web Analytics & Measuring marketing effectiveness
    Tools: Google Analytics

Module 6: Campaign Management

Module 7: Capstone Project

  1. Devise an end-to-end digital marketing Campaign and Strategy
  2. Digital Marketing Certifications

Tuition Fees: $1530 or Rs1,25,000 per annum.


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5. Digital Marketing Course – General Assembly

Qualification: Graduates from any field.
Delivery Type:
Offline on campus or Online, Classes are held in the evenings.
: 10 weeks (3 months) or 1 week accelerated course
Study Mode: Part Time

Institute Description: General Assembly’s digital marketing curriculum inculcates the best of practices and innovative teaching approaches the ever-evolving employer demands in this field. This course ensures that digital marketing students graduate and are ready to tackle any challenges faced in this competitive field of marketing tactics.


Digital Marketing Courses in Austin Description:

Theri digital marketing courses in Austin are valuable for marketing professionals and business owners alike who want to pursue digital marketing or students aiming to make a career in this field. The training modules include:

Module 1: Objective First Marketing

Module 2: Customer Insights

Module 3: Social Media Marketing

Module 4: Paid Search

Module 5: SEO and Content Strategy

Module 6: Google Analytics

Module 7: Performance Measurement

Module 8: Digital Marketing Testing

Module 9: Email Marketing

Tuition Fees: $3,950


6. Social Media/Digital Marketing Level 2 Certificate Course – Austin Community College: Continuing Education

Qualification: Graduates from any field.
Delivery Type:
: 48 hours – 6 weeks
Study Mode: Hours vary per week


Institute Description: Marketing professionals find innovative methods to help businesses and companies generate awareness about a brand and help them grow. Austin Community College offers exciting courses and career certificates for its Marketing Program which covers the principles of advertising, social networking, fashion retailing, finance, and much more.


Digital Marketing Courses in Austin Description:

Digital marketing courses in Austin: The Social Media/Digital Marketing Level 2 Certificate is designed for graduates interested in developing the desired skills and knowledge in social media/digital marketing. This certificate will provide students with both analytical and technical skills. The training modules include:

Semester I

Module 1: Principles of Marketing

Module 2: Principles of Macroeconomics

Module 3: Principles of Advertising

Module 4: Elementary Statistics

Module 5: Special Topics in Business Marketing and Marketing Management

Semester II                       

Module 1: Special Topics in Business Marketing and Marketing Management

Module 2: Introduction to Computing

Module 3: e-Commerce Marketing

Module 4: Marketing Research and Strategies

Module 5: Cooperative Education – Marketing/Marketing Management, General


Tuition Fees: $255 per course module per annum.


Frequently Asked Questions: Digital Marketing Courses in Austin


Q1. What are the professional backgrounds of digital marketing students?

Students interested in pursuing digital marketing courses in Austin usually come from varied professional backgrounds:

    • Traditional marketers or specialized marketers who want to upgrade and diversify their skill set and gain further confidence with digital tools.
    • Designers, copywriters, salespeople, and product managers looking to collaborate more effectively with their marketing objectives.
    • Recent graduates, or career changers who are seeking a foundational skill set and the confidence to succeed on the job
    • Entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to grow their own businesses, expand their client base, or turn a passion project into reality.

Ultimately this program attracts a community of eager learners who have an interest in running smart campaigns that are focused and backed by data.


Q2. Why has Digital Marketing become so important in comparison to offline marketing?

In recent years, digital marketing has demonstrated immense reach and growth of businesses in the online space. The following could be the reasons for its growth in comparison to offline marketing:

  • Directly relates to a customer’s needs and online requirements, offering curated products and services within a few seconds.
  • Generous exposure to product outreach and data analytics of new and existing consumers.
  • A very convenient approach to connecting with people from all across the globe.
  • Digital marketing services focus on data-driven personalization, creating seamless customer experiences, and building long-term rapport with customers.
  • As digital marketing evolves, data privacy regulations and consumer awareness of data protection grow, thus it prioritizes ethical data practices, transparency, and compliance with privacy regulations to build trust with customers.


Q3. What are some of the popular digital marketing tools that will be utilized during a student learning experience in Digital Marketing Courses in Austin?

In Digital Marketing courses offered in Austin, there are a variety of technical tools that can be utilized:

  • Google Analytics

Google’s free analytics platform allows all people to track the performance of their social media sites, video, and apps. People can also calculate an advertisement’s ROI with the help of google analytics.

  • Ahref is used as a tool for SEO analytics and backlinks thus helping to provide optimization of search engines and personal websites.

  • Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an email marketing tool that helps people communicate with clients, consumers, and other interested parties from one central location with the help of curated emailers.

  • Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is a tool/ free app that allows you to locate keywords relevant to businesses and see how many monthly searches they generate and how much it costs to target for a thriving website’s benefit.

  • Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery gives people access to a global comprehensive keyword index, which compiles its information from all search engines. People receive access to consumer search keywords for products and services, as well as search terms that direct users to competitors’ websites.

  • SEMrush

SEMrush is a comprehensive toolkit for gaining web visibility and learning about complicated tricks of marketing. This is a wonderful tool that forms reports that benefit digital marketers in all components of digital marketing such as SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, and content marketing.

  • Buffer App

Buffer helps small-to-medium-sized businesses with their social media management allowing users to create content, communicate with customers, and track their social media success. Buffer integrates social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the user’s convenience.

  • AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a deceptively simple and intuitive Facebook Advertisement optimization and management tool.


Q4: What are some reputable certifications or credentials I can earn through digital marketing courses in Austin?

A: Several reputable organizations offer digital marketing certifications upon course completion. Some well-known certifications include Google Ads certification, Google Analytics certification, Facebook Blueprint certification, and HubSpot Inbound Marketing certification.

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