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Top 10 Investment Banking Courses Online in India

Are you energetic and have a work-hard attitude? Looking for a bright career with high earning potential and endless career growth? Do you feel confident handling difficult situations and believe you have excellent communication and problem-solving abilities? Here’s the answer. Go for investment banking courses online in India for a highly successful career, plenty of networking opportunities, and compensation packages and bonuses.


What is Investment Banking?

What investment banking is to the ambitious and acquisitive today, the pepper trade was to the Romans—the most direct route to great riches.”

Source ― William J. Bernstein, A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped the World


Investment banking refers to financial consulting and advisory services provided to corporate clients and organizations for investing and raising capital. Investment banking is a special segment of banking that offers financial services to individuals, enterprises, organizations, and the government. An investment banker makes recommendations about raising capital, derivatives trading, doing equity research, and mergers and acquisitions.


What is the Job of an Investment Banker?

Organizations, wealthy individuals, financial institutions, and governments can all benefit from investment banking’s financial services. There are two divisions within investment banking. where investment decisions are made: the buy-side and the selling-side. Securities are sold on the market in order to raise money. Let’s examine the few primary duties of an investment banker:


  • capital raising by methods such as Securities and bond issues
  • assist with mergers and acquisitions
  • organizational support during major financial transactions
  • equity analysis and investment management
  • guidance with derivatives trading,
  • financial modeling, and research preparation.


Roles and Responsibilities of an Investment Banker

The key roles of an investment banker involve assisting clients or organizations to raise capital, helping with mergers and acquisitions, underwriting, managing IPOs and private equity placements, issuing debt and selling equity, conducting research and analysis, giving financial advice to enterprises, and managing finances and risks.

An investment banker is responsible for providing business loans to clients, issuing stocks and bonds, raising stock capital, managing investments, and allocating resources.


  • Fundraising

This aspect of the investment banking function assists companies and organizations in raising funds from investors. This is usually done by selling shares or bonds. Also called underwriting.


  • Corporate Loans

Investment banks often help companies and other large borrowers raise capital through the sale of securities. Large investment banks, on the other hand, are routinely busy offering loans to their customers, including short-term loans called bridging loans, to keep one company alive and secure another deal.


  • Financial Advice

Investment bankers are employed to assist companies or governments in making decisions regarding the management of their financial resources. Get advice on whether to acquire another business or sell part of your business. A common question in this type of investment banking business is whether to acquire another company or sell an existing product line, termed “mergers and acquisitions (M&A).


  • Trading and Sales

Investment bankers are a smart and creative group of people that work in the industry of developing financial products to be bought and sold. Investment bankers are liable to buy and sell stocks as well as other financial products, potentially for their clients or with their own funds.


  • Advisory services

Some investment banking organizations provide brokerage services, helping clients with trading or keeping their assets.


  • Research

Investment banks not only help big organizations sell securities to investors, but they also help investors buy securities. Many investment banks have research divisions that give clients recommendations on whether to buy a certain investment or not.


  • Investment

Investment banking firms may use their own funds to invest in potential businesses or projects. Private equity is a sort of investment that is made in firms that do not have publicly traded investments.


The Primary Functions of Investment Banking

An investment bank’s primary goal is to provide guidance to governments and corporations on how to deal with their financial problems. Below are some key functions of an investment banker.



The continuous administration of a wealth portfolio is referred to as asset management. An investment manager typically serves as its leader. Building a portfolio of investments is a component of asset management. This involves evaluating risks, identifying opportunities, and creating a detailed strategy to accomplish a number of financial goals.



An insurance provider might use underwriting to evaluate insurance applicants and determine whether to accept or reject their applications. Similar to the way a bank uses underwriting to review a loan application and decide whether to approve or deny a mortgage, so does a mortgage lender.



For institutional investors, including corporate entities, governments, and other organizations, sales and trading specialists engage in investment banking activities. The sales and trading industries are tough and extremely competitive. It demands not only in-depth knowledge of the investing business but also the ability to operate well under pressure.



A capital market is a place where people and businesses can borrow money using shares, bonds, debentures, and various other debt instruments. The most common example is a stock exchange like NASDAQ, where investors can trade shares from multiple businesses.


An acquisition or merger assists a bank in expanding its area of operation, enabling it to service a larger customer base, in addition to providing it with additional funds with which to work when executing loans and investments.



A financial advisor assists clients in developing long-term plans for increasing wealth while managing risk. You might utilize them to manage, track, and balance your collection of investments. In addition, they might help with a variety of other financial decisions and challenges.



When you invest, you decide how to allocate your financial assets. Any investment-related uncertainty that has the possibility of having a negative influence on your financial well-being is referred to as a risk. Market risk, for instance, might cause your investment’s value to increase or decrease.



Equity analysts examine businesses with the goal of suggesting investments. To forecast how a firm will perform in the future and how its share price might fluctuate, they analyze a company from all angles, including its cash flow, competitors, industry clients, and share price.


Skills Required to be an Investment Banker

  • Good academic record
  • Strong communication skills
  • Problem-solving mindset
  • Analytical abilities
  • Proficient in research and forecasting
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Time management
  • Leadership and Financial skills
  • Project Management
  • Data Management


The Importance of Communication Skills in Investment Banking

The international business language is English. Investment bankers must not only communicate with clients and colleagues around the world to stay competitive, but they also need to have a thorough awareness of the English terminology currently used in their industry. If you desire to succeed as an investment banker, your communication skills must be enhanced. A key duty is to understand and be familiar with complex financial concepts, innovations, and stock market information.

Investment bankers must clearly and simply explain these financial principles to their clients in order to help them make intelligent choices regarding investments. A skilled investment banker who has excellent professional communication skills. It is crucial to understand and be proficient in a language that is widely used, such as English. Understanding key financial words in English will help you reach out to clients and platforms around the world.


Steps for Becoming an Investment Banker

Everyone is aware that investment banking is a profession where entry-level positions may easily make six figures. To succeed in an investment banking career, you need to focus on many aspects like education, aspiration, perseverance, talent, experience, and networking.


Below are the steps to pursue a career in investment banking:


  • Complete Higher Secondary education

You must successfully complete your 10+2 higher secondary education with more than 50% of the required marks from an approved board in any stream you want. However, you can gain more if you enroll in a commerce program that includes modules in math, accounting, economics, business, and computer science.


  • Proceed by taking college entrance tests

You can appear for CET, SET, and the GMAT or CAT for a master’s degree like an MBA.


  • Go for a Bachelor’s degree

Get a degree in finance, economics, or a business-related subject from an accredited institution. You can do a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in finance, a B.A. in finance, economics, or a B.Com.


  • Masters degree

MBA (Master in Business Administration) or MSc (Master of Science) in finance An MBA in finance or an equivalent PG degree is highly recommended to have an advantage over other applicants.


  • Obtain a certificate

A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) professional certification can improve your chances of getting hired. You can learn about methods for financial reporting and analysis, corporate finance, derivatives, equity investments, and alternative investments. You are eligible to apply for this program after graduation.


You can find several options for investment banking courses online in India if you search for them on the web. You can also enroll in the PG Certificate Program in Investment Banking at a recognized institution.


  • Try to get an internship

After going through investment banking courses online in India, you can immediately apply for an internship using online job portals like LinkedIn, Naukri, and Indeed. Internships last between two months and two years. You can also do an internship through university placements or HR consultants. You could learn how to enhance your presentation, negotiation, and communication abilities. Depending on how well you do during your internship, you might be given the opportunity to begin working as an investment banker full-time.


  • Get a job

After your internship, you can be given a job offer through a campus job interview with investment banks and financial advisory firms. Get ready for the interview.


Other best courses in India:


Types Of Investment Banking Courses Online in India


  • Diploma Courses
    • 2 to 4 years
    • To develop expertise and enhance skills


  • Undergraduate Courses
    • 3 to 6 years
    • For higher-level jobs


  • Postgraduate Courses
    • 6 to 8 years


  • Certificate Courses
    • 1 to 2 years


Career and Scope of Investment Banking Courses Online in India

You have vast career opportunities after taking Investment Banking Courses Online in India. For those looking to have an important role in the financial industry, investment banking in India is a fantastic career choice. Excellent income, job security, the possibility to work with interesting clients, and the opportunity to receive bonuses are all given. To achieve this, however, you must put in a lot of long hours of rigorous labor and dedication.


After doing Investment Banking Courses Online in India, you can choose to become –

  • Financial Analyst
  • Risk Management Consultant
  • Money Market Analyst
  • Global Finance researcher
  • Anti-money laundering specialist
  • Capital market operations consultant
  • Investor Relations Associate
  • Assistant Vice President
  • Financial market advisor


Salary of Investment Banker

Multiple factors, including experience, geography, and company, affect salary. Since investment banking is one of the highest-paying finance jobs in India, the salary of an investment banker starts at a minimum of Rs 6 LPA and can go up to Rs 40 LPA for an experienced investment banker.


Top paying companies that hire Investment Bankers are –

JP Morgan Chase – ₹23.8 LPA salary

HDFC Bank – ₹12.0 LPA salary

ICICI Bank – ₹5.2 LPA salary

Mphasis – ₹2.7 LPA salary


In India, investment bankers’ salaries vary with experience.

An entry-level investment banker makes an average reimbursement of 10.5 LPA with less than three years of experience.

An experienced investment banker with 10–20 years of experience gets an average compensation of 39.4 LPA, compared to mid-career investment bankers with 4–9 years of experience.


Top Paying Industries for Investment Bankers –

Investment Banking / Venture Capital / Private Equity – ₹28.9 LPA

IT Services & Consulting – ₹13.8 LPA

Banking – ₹13.7 LPA

Financial Services – ₹12.7 LPA

Analytics & KPO – ₹9.4 LPA


The top-paying cities for investment bankers in India are Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad.


List of Investment Banks in India

Goldman SachsMorgan StanleyHDFC Bank Ltd.
Axis BankIDBI Bank Ltd.JP Morgan Chase
ICICI BankCitigroupDeutsche Bank
HSBCCredit SuisseSBI Capital Markets


Top 10 Investment Banking Courses Online in India


1.    Data Trained – PG Program In Investment Banking And Financial Modeling

Key features

  • 0–3 years of job experience for graduates
  • Weekend and Weekday Batches
  • Live Online Training and classroom


About Course

This is one of the most popular investment banking courses online in India. The course offers a 6.5 LPA average salary. The format is online, with a duration of 6 months. The course fee is INR 90,000 + GST, with a placement success fee of INR 50,000. This includes 200+ hours of learning with practice tests and a certificate of completion.

Learn how to use tools, strategies, and technology that are in great demand for investment banking. You may get the best industry-ready accredited curriculum from DataTrained in partnership with GoDaddy Academy.

The three financial statements, understanding macro- and microeconomics, investment banking, financial modeling and valuation, advanced Excel, cash flow valuation, cash flow technique, and other topics are covered in the courses. Enroll right away to begin your career with DataTrained’s Investment Banking Course, which comes with a placement guarantee.



Candidates must have passed the 12th grade with honors. Candidates must have finished their 12th grade in a related discipline.


Highlights of the course

  • Practical case studies
  • Weekend Classes for Working Professionals
  • Career Assistance
  • Industry-recognized certification
  • Taught by domain experts
  • JP Morgan Internship certification
  • CitiBank Internship certification


2.    JAGSoM – Executive PGDM / MBA in Investment Banking

About Course

The only business school in India with AACSB-accredited online programs is JAGSoM. It is an online classroom-based certification program with a duration of 24 months and a fee of INR 4,49,995. You’ll have access to 400 + hiring partners



Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree and one year of minimum professional experience.


Investment Banking Courses Online in India Key Highlights

  • Alumni status from JAGSoM and NYIF
  • Dual Certification – PGDM from JAGSoM and CIBA Certification from NYIF
  • focused on industry-readiness
  • participate in practice courses like design thinking, social immersion, and wellness
  • 350 hours of live training


Skills you’ll learn include foundation design, management, design thinking,   management skills, social immersion, wellness, and investment banking


Course Curriculum

  • Basic Courses in Finance, JAGSoM (Year 1)
  • Practice Courses – JAGSoM (Year 1)
  • Foundation Courses for Investment Banking – NYIF (Year 2)


3.    Edubridge India – Advanced Certification Program in Investment Banking Operations

About Course

You are going to learn in this 326-hour, 100% online course from a master instructor and a dedicated placement manager. Besides that, protect your salary with the Digit Group Total Protect Policy.

The course offers Learn & Earn, and you can pay the fee of INR 69000 with Zero Cost EMI. Take this course to advance your profession in a real way or get a promotion and salary increment.


Investment Banking Courses Online in India Key Highlights

  • Digital certification,
  • Placement Assistance through the job portal of EduBridge.
  • Salary up to 8 LPA
  • LinkedIn profile review
  • Premium resume building
  • Career fairs and guest lectures


4.    Jain University and IMS Proschool – PGP in Investment Banking and Capital Markets (PGPIBCM)

About course

This is a 12-month course with a fee of INR 2,36,000 that will have a blended classroom. Both a weekday program and a weekend program are available for the course.



You should be Commerce/Business commerce, business commerce, or business management graduate with a minimum of 50%


Key Highlights

  • Project-based learning
  • Placement support
  • Joint Certifications from Jain University and IMS Proschool
  • The course curriculum prepares for level I of the CFA Program
  • Topics covered – Investment banking operations, Research, and financial advisory roles
  • Provides practical application using advanced Excel, and financial modeling


5.    Nseindia – PGCM (POST GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN MANAGEMENT) in Investment Banking

About course

The course is a hybrid type of course with a duration of 15 months (12 months classroom plus 3 months internship) and a fee of INR 5,90,000. After the course’s completion, you will get Certification NSE Academy and CFA Level 1 Exam Preparation, plus 100% Placement Assistance



Should have obtained at least 50% marks in Graduation


Investment Banking Courses Online in India Key Highlights

  • Lifetime Validity
  • 2 NCFM Certifications and 1 Regulatory Certification
  • Work on Socially Relevant Projects (SRP), Live Projects, and Dissertation Work
  • Student Exchange Program (SEP) at globally recognized partner institutions


6.    Imarticus Learning – Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional in collaboration with Euronext

About Course

This is a 2-month course program with classroom and live Online Training for 150 hours. Both Weekday and Weekend classes are available to choose from. The course fee is INR 1,20,000. The average salary offered is 5 LPA.



The program is for Finance graduates, with 0-3 years of work experience required.


Investment Banking Courses Online in India Key Highlights

➢    Top Recruiters – Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Genpact

  • Earn a certificate from Imarticus, endorsed by the London Stock Exchange Academy
  • 14 exclusive training modules from London Stock Exchange
  • Topics – Introduction to the main operations of the LSEG, Types of Equity, Bonds, Secondary Markets & Derivatives, Understanding the price of equity, the Price sensitivity measure, Derivative Applications, etc.


Also, Check:


7.    Wall Street Mojo – Investment Banking Training

About Course

It’s a 600 hrs online self-study program at a very affordable fee of INR 7000. In this course, you’ll learn skills like equity research, financial modeling, private equity, derivatives, and relative valuation. Topics covered include Mergers and Acquisitions, LBO modeling, Private Equity, Bank modeling, Hedge Funds, Commodities, Forex, and Technical Analysis. Financial modeling in Excel is also covered.



Knowledge of software: Excel (2007 or above) is required.


Investment Banking Courses Online in India Key Highlights

  • Hands-on Instructor-led Case Studies
  • Perform Financial Analysis on Live company data
  • Learn from 25+ Industry Projects
  • Earn a certificate of Excellence for each of the 117 courses from Wall Street Mojo
  • Topics include Financial Modeling in Excel, DCF Modeling, Relative Valuations, Comparable Comps, etc.


8.    IIT Guwahati E&ICT Academy Intellipaat

About Course

This course will have live sessions for 5 months for a fee of INR 98040.



Graduates with BBA in Finance, Students graduating with BA in Finance or Economics, Chartered financial analysts


Investment Banking Courses Online in India Key Highlights

  • 24*7 Support
  • 1 Industry Capstone Project
  • Essential Training for Soft Skills
  • Career Services by Intellipaat
  • One-on-One Interaction with Mentors
  • No-Cost EMI Option
  • 5 Months of Live Sessions by Industry Professionals


9.    IIM Indore: Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Investment Banking (PGCPIB)

About Course

The course consists of an online classroom with a duration of 12 months and a fee of INR 455100. A modern investment banking program will be taught by subject-matter authorities This program is created and organized to teach students from any field, whether or not they have experience in finance, business, or investment banking

Practical case studies are taught, combined with in-depth knowledge of the theories and real-world applications of finance, commerce, and investment banking. To provide relevant insights, certain industry experts may also be consulted.



Graduate with a minimum of 50% marks or post-graduation with at least two years of work experience.


Investment Banking Courses Online in India Key Highlights

  • Convenient weekend schedule
  • IIM Indore alumni status
  • A practical case study-driven approach
  • IIM Indore alumni status and a 5-day campus module at IIM Indore
  • Practical case studies, faculty interaction, and class schedule
  • Learn about M&A, IPO valuation, Bond trading portfolio advisory services, etc.


10.   PSIB (Professional School of Indian Banking) and CIBP   (Certified Investment Banking Programme)

About Course

This is a 150-hour, 2-month course in which classes will be held online. The course fee is INR 15000 in addition to the INR 40000 training fee. You Will Receive An Internationally recognized, Industry-Recognized Certificate Of Excellence Upon Completing The PSIB Banking Course. The most desirable individuals in the field will educate you on the fundamentals of the banking sector to give you the best experience possible.


Investment Banking Courses Online in India Key Highlights

  • Training by domain specialists
  • financial planning training
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank, American Express, ICICI Bank, and HSBC
  • Industry-specializing mentors
  • PDF Available for online course
  • Gain Industry Certifications


Some important PSIB Recruiters include American Express, AXIS Bank, Bank of America, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and Genpact. PSIB offers its alumni free access to new interview opportunities after they complete their campus placement for 14 months.


Free Investment Banking Courses Online in India

  1. Alison: Beginner-level course of approx. 1.5 to 3 hours with a certificate
  2. Skillshare: Beginner-level course of approx. 1 hour without a certificate.
  3. Wall Street Mojo is a beginner-level course of approx. 7.5 hours without a certificate.
  4. My great learning: self-paced video lectures of 1 hour with a certificate and lifetime access


FAQs Related to Investment Banking Courses Online in India


1. Which course should I take to enter the Investment Banking Sector?

The most demanding course to enter the investment banking sector is an MBA in finance. This master’s course in business will teach all the important aspects of investment banking, like accounting, finance, analysis, marketing, and business management.


2. Is an MBA necessary for investment banking courses online in India?

For those choosing a career in investment banking, an MBA is not a barrier. However, it is better to get the MBA degree for a strong hold on your current position in your job and smooth career growth, as you are much more skilled than others who don’t have a master’s in business administration.


3. How difficult is it to work as an investment banker in India?

The investment banking profession is a great career path and in immense demand as it offers job security, exceptional pay, perks, and bonuses. It’s one of the best-paying jobs worldwide. Thus, it requires constant and regular engagement and a lot of hard work. Sometimes, becoming an investment banker can be both exciting and stressful.


4. Which Indian city has more opportunities for an Investment Banker?

Mumbai, India’s financial hub, is ideal for investment bankers. Mumbai serves as the home to many investment banking companies in addition to stock exchanges, brokerage firms, and insurance companies. The average salary of an investment banker in Mumbai is around 18 LPA.


5. Which stream should be chosen for an investment banking career?

For an entry-level post in investment banking, you need a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, business, or accounting. Further, you can get master’s degrees to upgrade your skills.



Raising funds, offering mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and other business transaction advisory services, conducting valuation work, and promoting the value of the bank’s expertise to client companies are just a few of the many responsibilities of investment bankers. Investment bankers conduct the majority of the analytical work required for business transactions; hence, their work often consists of multiple presentations and models.

Investment bankers often earn valuable packages and compensation like insurance coverage, commissions, bonuses, and stock options. According to your preferences, you can choose to take free or paid investment banking courses online in India. So if you are looking for huge career opportunities, investment banking may be just right for you. Thus, all the benefits it serves make this career appealing and tempting. If you still have any doubts about choosing your career as an investment banker, feel free to contact us and get your first consultation for free.

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