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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Centurion With Placement

Digital Marketing has taken the advertisement world by storm. Every marketer is using Digital Marketing to promote his or her business. Gone are the days when people used to advertise their expertise through pamphlets, hoards, and newspapers. With the advent of social media, companies are using platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Google to engage and draw in maximum customers. Hence, digital marketing has become more popular than traditional marketing. If you are passionate about Digital Marketing, then this article is here to guide you through some of the best faculties that offer digital marketing courses in Centurion.


Digital Marketing has not just made it easier for the company to gain profit, but it has also provided immense job opportunities. A study has shown the growth of Digital Marketing by 9% in the world and the African businesses are surely not lagging. Online sales have grown significantly at around 25% and the market opportunity for African businesses is massive.

We as humans have evolved, and so did our method of marketing. If we talk about the current trend, then 60% of the advertisements are done digitally. Due to the increasing usage of social media, the attention span of mankind has decreased. People prefer to watch an ad in the form of a video, rather than read about it in newspapers or pamphlets.

Centurion belongs to the Gauteng province of South Africa. With the advent of social media, it is the fastest-growing rural area and has the largest shopping center in South Africa. Digital Marketing and new technologies are expanding in Centurion and Africans are surely benefiting from it.

Hence, there is a growing demand for Digital Marketing courses in Centurion. Interested candidates can take up Digital Marketing Courses in Centurion to learn and enhance their career opportunities. Before we talk about the various Digital Marketing Courses in Centurion, we must know what Digital Marketing is.


What is Digital Marketing?

As simple as it is going to sound, Digital Marketing is just marketing using digital tools and Marketing is nothing more than communicating value to your customers

Social media has slowly entered our lives and formed an essential part of our routine. Right from the moment we wake up, we start scrolling through our smartphones. Radio, television, and newspaper users have all switched from print to pixels.



Search Engine Optimization is the method through which the quality and quantity of the audience coming to visit a particular website are improved by search engines. It could increase a brand’s awareness, attract local customers and build trust and credibility without having to spend a single penny.


Website Marketing –

Some of the most inspiring websites that are listed below are informative and fun. You could borrow some ideas from there for your agency website and surprise your visitors.


  1. Honey makes good use of bold vibrant colors. It has an intuitive navigation menu and is direct with introductions. What is working for them? Their well-written case studies along with beautiful images and videos.
  2. We Are Social is the next website that everyone’s talking about – the video, case studies, and CTAs. It has a blog of its own. That is another good point, you could include on your agency website as it’s something your clients will love.
  3. Silver Back Strategies has a whole resource center, where they store insights about Digital Marketing. Potential clients and visitors most certainly appreciate the opportunity to learn. Webinars, pieces of training, and eBooks should certainly be included on your website as well.
  4. Bastion Elevate starts with a bold and motivating message – “Level Up”. This indeed provides a mood boost to a lot of visitors. Jordan Dahlquist, the director at Bastion says that he wanted to cut through the unnecessary and get straight to the point with the website’s design by having clear messaging and new bright colors that aren’t often seen on other agency websites.


Social Media Marketing –

If you want more eyes on your business and more sales in your bank account, then social media marketing is the way to get ahead. If we know how to utilize that, in order to reach a large audience, provide them with value and convert them into our customers, then the business will most certainly grow, and that is how we make an impact in the world.


Email Marketing –

Email is one of the most effective and personalized methods for businesses to communicate with their audience. It helps them get better reach and attention and convert visitors into loyal customers consistently. Whether it is a weekly newsletter, an autoresponder, a sales campaign, or an email update on an online course, email marketing is here to stay.

A copywriter’s job is to write email messages that are essential to those who have subscribed, and ultimately compelling them to take further action. There are dozens of email marketing types, but the top three types that engage the maximum visitors are:


  1. The click magnet – This type of email is short and sweet. It may range from no more than ten words or so. It creates a loop of curiosity in the reader’s mind. Click magnets are conversational messages that rely heavily on call-to-action that creates curiosity or triggers commitment like answering a yes or no question.
  2. The storytelling email – This type of email feels personal, builds brand loyalty, and provides endless opportunities while you have their trust. The main goal is to hook your reader’s attention right away and keep it by telling a story that is believable, relatable, and valuable.
  3. The straight-to-the-point email – This type of email is basically “Here’s what you’ll get and here’s why you need to buy it right now”. Plain and simple, but it gets the work down. Add some details about the ongoing sale, discounts, or limited-time bonuses, so that the readers act right away.


App Marketing –

This one is rather a difficult method but isn’t impossible. It is about getting users to the app store and downloading your software. With a combination of strategy and effort, you will be acquiring new customers in no time. According to surveys, around half of social media users rely on influencers for product recommendations. Whereas, 56% rely on tweets from their friends. Just a single mention from these people can drive traffic to your app.

Let us dig a little deeper into the tremendous features that the top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Centurion offer.


Digital Marketing Courses in Centurion:


Rank 1. Digital Marketing Courses in Centurion


IIM SKILLS brings forth top-notch quality courses and the Digital Marketing course is one of them. The institute’s headquarter is located in New Delhi but the course is available worldwide. Their well-curated training program provides quality education at an affordable price. Currently, they are one of the most recommended courses in the digital marketing domain.


Attributes of The Digital Marketing Course by IIM SKILLS:

  • Provides 180 hours of Comprehensive Digital Marketing Training Lectures
  • 2 months of a guaranteed paid internship (optional)
  • Practical Learning
  • Tool-Driven Course worth 79,000 absolutely for free
  • Hands-on Assignments
  • Master Certification
  • Lifetime access
  • It provides placement by helping the students build their resumes and portfolio and preparing them for interviews
  • In case a student has missed his/her class, the recorded sessions will be available to all through the management team
  • Additional doubt-clearing sessions held
  • Provides 40 Digital Marketing Modules including:


1.       WordPress Website Development8. Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
2.       Search Engine Optimization9. Online Reputation Management
3.       Search Engine Marketing10. Content Writing and Blogging
4.       Email Marketing11. Media Buying
5.       Inbound Marketing12. Affiliate Marketing
6.       Social Media Marketing13. Video Marketing
7.       Website Analytics14. Marketing Automation


  • The duration of the course is for 3 months but the candidates get lifetime access to the updated version of the program
  • Course Fee: INR:34,900 + Taxes


Contact Information

Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Rank 2. Digital Marketing Courses in Centurion

2. Google Digital Marketing Professional Certificate

This Digital Marketing Course is offered by Coursera. It costs 39 dollars per month, basically depending on how long you take to complete the entire course. If you can finish the course within a month, then you will only need to pay 39 dollars. One of the main benefits of taking a course like this is that, there’s no prior experience needed.

It also comes with a seven-day free trial, so make sure to utilize it and check whether this course is the right fit for you and fits your learning style.


What to expect from this course?

  1. Foundations of Digital Marketing and e-Commerce: this makes one familiar with the basic skills that one needs to get to work in an entry-level job.
  2. Attract and engage with customers: this part of the course makes one familiarize with how Search Engine Optimization, and search engine ranking work, how you can utilize funnels to convert, and how to attract a target audience when building out advertising campaigns and marketing.
  3. Course 3 offers the methods through which attention can be grabbed on social media and engaged with them to generate more sales for the business.
  4. Email marketing 101: How to build and maintain email lists, email copy, and automate your email marketing campaigns.
  5. The fifth section teaches one how to get started with ad campaigns within google analytics, google ads, the process of tracking them, and whether or not the ads are effective.
  6. The sixth one is the star of the course because it includes building your store within Shopify, and guiding you on how to manage it, alongside google ads. This part is packed with knowledge on how to manage your e-commerce store.
  7. Course seven is about brand loyalty, customer loyalty for your e-commerce store, and monitoring your storage performance.


Few software learned throughout the course:

Google ads, google analytics, Hootsuite, Constant Contact for email marketing, Canva, Shopify, and a bunch of different social media platforms. These 7 different courses include various assessments, videos, readings, and hands-on labs that the learner can use to master the skills that are vital for Digital Marketing. Thus, become job ready with Coursera.


Rank 3. Digital Marketing Courses in Centurion

3. The Complete Digital Marketing Course (12 courses in 1) by Udemy

The Digital Marketing Course offered by Udemy is currently the best-selling on Udemy. 737,333 students have enrolled themselves in the course. The original price of this course retails for INR 3,499 but they are offering an 87% discount, which means the entire course is available at just INR 499! Sounds amazing right?


The course includes:

1.       Market Research7.       Social Media Marketing
2.       WordPress8.       LinkedIn Marketing
3.       Email Marketing9.       App Marketing
4.       Copywriting10.   Google AdWords
5.       Search Engine Optimization (SEO)11.   Facebook Ads
6.       YouTube Marketing12.   Google Analytics


What you’ll learn with Digital Marketing Courses in Centurion

  • Growing a Business Online from scratch
  • Get paid as an Affiliate Marketer
  • Become a Digital Marketing Expert
  • Work as a Freelance Marketer


You will also get:

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Active Q&A section
  • Udemy certificate upon completion of the course


The course also has a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to judge, whether or not it fits your learning style. So, all you have to do is to get started right away!


Recommended Reads:


Rank 4. Digital Marketing Courses in Centurion

4. SEMrush Academy

The SEMrush Academy is a platform that will provide access to over 30 free mini-courses on all topics related to Digital Marketing taught by various professionals in the industry.


What topics do they cover?

There are 7 different categories including the main components as follows:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content and Email Marketing
  • Pay-per-click Marketing or PPC (they focus mostly on Google ads and not Facebook or YouTube ads)
  • Social Media Marketing (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok)
  • SEMrush tool kit (paid version)
  • Competitive Research (analyze your competition and keywords that are worth ranking first place)
  • Sales (launch your first product on Amazon)


But the focus is more on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEMrush Academy is run by a company called SEMrush. They make almost 200 dollars a year in revenue and they sell keyword tools. Their reputation is top-notch in the industry and the videos are very high quality with immense production value.

Once you finish the course, you will need to take a 30-minute exam. After obtaining a 70% in the examination, you will get a certificate to put on your resume. This course is certainly a good start for those just getting started with Digital Marketing or SEO.

The major con of taking this course is that the content provided is quite basic (beginner friendly) and doesn’t go deep enough if you want to make a career out of this or start your own online business. But if you are trying to figure out whether or not Digital Marketing is for you, then taking up this course will answer your dilemma.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Rank 5. Digital Marketing Courses in Centurion

5. Digital Vidya Certified Marketing Master’s Course

Digital Vidya Institute has been training students, freshers, working professionals, and entrepreneurs in Digital Marketing since 2009. If you are unsure about the course, then their free online Masterclass with a certificate of participation is available on their website page. They offer interview support to their students after the completion of the course, as they have committed placement cell:


·       Resume Creation·       Interview Readiness
·       Job Application·       Selection and joining


In case a candidate is unable to crack the interview, he/she will have to work on the lagging skills and inputs with the help of the management team.


Their Digital Marketing Module includes:

  1. Website Designing and Development with WordPress (Duration: 6 hours)
  2. Search Engine Optimization (Duration: 8 hours)

Tools used:, Google Keyword Planner, and Broken Link Checker

  1. Search Engine Marketing (Duration: 15 hours)

Tools used: Google AdWords and Merchant Centre

  1. Social Media Marketing (Duration: 10 hours)

Tools used: Canva and Hootsuite

  1. Email Marketing (Duration: 8 hours)

Tools used: MailChimp, Google Advanced Search, Chrome Extension, and SPF validation Tool

  1. Inbound Marketing (Duration: 10 hours)

Tools used: and

  1. Web Analytics (Duration: 8 hours)

Tools used: Google Analytics and Google Merchandise Store


Digital Vidya has designed 60 hours of Case Studies and Exercises. All the gathering of pieces of information creates informative assignments for learning Digital Marketing. The candidates will be creating a Business Case Solution that will prove to be beneficial for them in the future.


Some of the tools learned during the Digital Marketing Courses in Centurion are as follows:

  • Hosting: Server Space will be provided leading cloud-based Web hosting provider.
  • SEO software to maximize website SEO traffic.
  • Social listing to view and analyze brands on social media.
  • SEM software to manage and improvise the performance of SEM campaigns.
  • Browser Push Notification tool to skyrocket the traffic, and grow engagement and alteration rate.
  • AHREFS to research competition and dominate the niche.


COURSE FEE: Rs 49,000 (+18% GST)


Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing Courses in Centurion:


Who is eligible for the Digital Marketing Courses in Centurion?

The Digital Marketing course is for beginners or professionals, who wish to upskill themselves and hone their knowledge in the Digital Marketing field. Anyone willing to learn the elements of Digital Marketing can learn and upgrade themselves since it is mandatory for a large number of professional roles in the industry such as handling public relations, branding, and HR.

Whether you are an owner willing to launch your business but don’t know where to get started, a website owner struggling to get traffic and sales online, or anyone looking to add a highly paid skill to their CV, Digital Marketing Course is the right step you are taking for your career to bloom.


Digital Marketing versus Offline Marketing

What is the biggest nightmare as a business owner? Investing your money in something that doesn’t have returns or bring profit to your business. Traditional marketing has been done and dusted. It only brings in minimum opportunities when compared with Digital Marketing. Everyone agrees to the fact that Digital Marketing is indeed superior to Offline Marketing.

With the advent of social media, it has now become an essential tool to turn your business huge and make its impact in the world. Companies in today’s world have become smart and more creative. They spend money and time on developing ads to engage more visitors and convert them into loyal customers. Thanks to Search engines that have made it possible for any business to be found very easily online.

Here is the list of reasons why you should make your business digitally available:

  • Social media platforms are taking over.
  • Much easier to get a higher return on the investments you have made.
  • Anyone can set up their business accounts online. For instance, on Google ads, Instagram, or Facebook.
  • Digital Marketing is far cheaper than Offline Marketing.
  • Traditional media is harder to track the results, whereas, through Digital Marketing, one can reach a wider and more varied audience and get your brand image available worldwide.


Is Digital Marketing a good career?

It is important to weigh the demand of the job. If the demand is high, you are going to get paid better. If the demand is low, then the salary is low. The number of jobs available related to Digital Marketing is huge and with the advent of social media, it is here to stay. As long as you are passionate about Marketing, you will love your job.

Another important aspect that one must possess is being flexible. The skills learned as a digital Marketer are valuable in many different roles like Social Media Marketing, Pay-per-click Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, etc. The higher the flexibility in a job, the higher the job satisfaction.


What are the top skills that a Digital Marketer must possess?

  • Copywriting or Content Writing
  • Digital Analytics or Data Analytics
  • SEO or Paid Media
  • Basic designing and editing skills
  • Communicating skills

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