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Top 4 Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong With Placements

In the Australian state of Victoria, Geelong is known for its beautiful beaches, rich history, and thriving business community. With the advent of technology and the internet, digital marketing has become an integral part of the business landscape in Geelong. As a result, there is a growing demand for digital marketing courses in the city. If you are among those thinking of it as a career-building opportunity, then look no further, for this article will help you choose from the many best digital marketing courses in Geelong.


How Will This Article Help You in Your Search for Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong?

This article is an honest attempt to address all things related to Digital Marketing and the various options that can help you in making Digital Marketing decisions. So let us see what will be the content of this article.

  • Digital Marketing
  • The different types of Digital Marketing
  • The various sectors that use Digital Marketing
  • What a digital marketer does for a company
  • Some of the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of digital channels, such as social media platforms, email, search engines, and websites, to promote products and services to customers. It involves making use of various online marketing techniques to reach your potential customer.

Digital Marketing helps business organizations to reach out to global consumers, generate or increase leads, and create brand awareness, making it an invaluable component to involve in the marketing strategies of businesses. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become major tools for organizations to engage and involve with their target audiences.

With digital marketing, businesses can target audiences of specific genders, ages, demographic locations, and interests, making it a very effective and cost-effective mode of marketing. Geelong, for example, is a rural, residential, industrial, educational, and commercial area, making it a city where people from different walks of life live.

And this is where digital marketing comes into action. Undoubtedly, it has also become one of the most popular career choices, with many students opting for digital marketing courses in Geelong. The advantage of digital marketing is that the results are available in real time, which allows companies to analyze the impact of their strategies and the positive or negative consequences for their target audiences.

This helps them create their future action plan. Overall, in today’s digital world, digital marketing is an indispensable tool to help your business reach the world. At the same time, it also requires a thorough understanding of consumer behavior and a willingness to keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies.


The Different Types of Digital Marketing


Search Engine Optimization(SEO):

This is one of the major tools used in digital marketing to help business organizations to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and increase the visibility of their website and enhance web traffic. SEOs are used in the following way in Digital Marketing.

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page optimization
  • Content creation
  • Link Building
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-Commerce Optimization


Email Marketing:

Email marketing involves sending promotional emails to target consumers about the latest release of products, offers, deals, and newsletters to subscribers. It also helps in building a meaningful relationship with the customers. The most common email marketing tool used is an email service provider (ESP) like Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, etc. Email marketing is used in the following ways for digital marketing.

  • Email Newsletters
  • Acquisition Emails
  • Retention Emails
  • Promotional Emails



PPC or pay-per-click is a digital marketing tool where the advertiser pays for the ad only if someone clicks on the ad link. The most obvious examples of PPC are on search engines like Google and Bing, where you can purchase different types of ads like shopping ads and text ads. Let us see a few easy-to-use PPC tools that make reporting so much easier.

  • Reporting Ninja.
  • Report Garden.
  • WordStream PPC Advisor.
  • Google Ads Editor.
  • Semrush PPC Toolkit.


Social Media Marketing:

When companies make use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok to promote their upcoming products and deals thereby establishing a connection between the companies and the target customers which is known as social media marketing.

With a strong strategy using the media platforms and creating engaging content, the organizations can boost their online presence, which helps in driving traffic to their website. The types of social media marketing involve:

  • Advertising/sponsorship
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social media management/Community management
  • Paid media


Content Marketing:

Here the brands use the method of storytelling to share information with the audiences. The companies do not just create and share content online but they also make it more attractive and educative to encourage the target audience to visit their brand’s website and engage with them, resulting in more traffic to their website. Looking at the types of Content Marketing we have-

● Blog Posts.
● Infographics.
● Videos.
● eBooks.
● Case studies.
● Checklists.
● Testimonials and Reviews.
● Influencer Marketing.


According to a study presently the Digital Marketing field is booming in countries like Australia and content marketing which belongs to digital marketing appears to be the most in-demand for job opportunities which gives you another reason to consider studying Digital Marketing Courses at Geelong which is student-friendly.


Mobile Marketing:

Any marketing or promotions done through SMS text messages, MMS multimedia messaging, using a mobile device to scan QR codes, downloadable apps, and mobile gaming is called Mobile Marketing. They primarily target mobile and tablet users, which is generally high in numbers. The following strategies are used in Mobile marketing:

  • SMS marketing, through text messages.
  • Social media Marketing through smartphones.
  • Location-based marketing through GPS.
  • Proximity marketing.
  • In-App marketing.


Marketing Analytics:

Marketing analysis lets the organizations know about the impact their promotions and other marketing strategies have had on their target audiences and makes data-driven decisions based on this. Marketing Analysis focuses on the following to make important business decisions.

● Traffic source.
● Pageviews.
● Average session duration.
● Bounce rate.
● Exit rate.
● Conversion rate.


Affiliate Marketing:

In affiliate marketing, companies hire other people to sell or promote their products, and each time they sell a product, they pay the third party involved in the sales. These four affiliate strategies form the core of affiliate marketing.

  • Affiliate communication.
  • Affiliating through your pay structure.
  • Leverage promos.
  • Execute a full-funnel strategy.


Sectors That Make Use of Digital Marketing

In today’s technology-driven world, Digital marketing has gained importance in various sectors of business, with companies all over the world competing with each other to stay relevant in the race. If you take any fields like:

● Health care.
● Entertainment.
● Food.
● Legal/law firms.
● Education.
● Retail Industries.
● Fitness and Nutrition.
● E-commerce.


They all use digital marketing and are even enthusiastic about it. If you look at a country like Australia, healthcare, education, and construction are the major sectors that indirectly focus on digital marketing job opportunities because all sectors rely on digital marketing to reach people everywhere.

And with Geelong offering the perfect campus atmosphere for all students, both local and international choices to do digital marketing courses in Geelong would go a long way to help you secure your dream job.


What Does a Digital Marketer do for a Company?

The primary role of a digital marketer is to look into the creation, implementation, and management of marketing campaigns to promote the brand of the company and drive traffic to the website. He/She is responsible to get the company on the global map through the use of digital marketing. An effective digital marketer:

  • Is capable of adapting to any situation, working with different teams, and dealing with varied clients.
  • Being ready to update and learn the latest tools used for digital marketing.
  • Strong communication skills.


List Of Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong



IIM SKILLS is a leading online education provider with its headquarters based in New Delhi. This ed-tech company has a presence in over 23 cities in Asia that include Dubai and Singapore. IIM SKILLS provides world-class education in the Finance, Marketing, and Data domains at affordable prices through live-online sessions and self-paced learning programs. IIM SKILLS also undertakes various in-demand skill development courses, helping professionals to upskill professionally.


Course Name: Digital Marketing Course

Course Duration:

5 months. (3months + 2months paid internship)

P.S.- Flexible hours + Fixed stipend Rs 6000

Mode of Teaching: Online

Fee Structure: 543.35 Australian Dollars + 18% GST


Course Content:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing.
  • Web Development at WordPress.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Email Marketing.
  • Inbound Marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy.
  • Web Analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM).
  • Content Writing and Advanced Blogging.
  • Media Buying and Planning.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Video Marketing (YouTube).
  • Marketing Automation.
  • Digital Infographics Resume Creation.


Along with all these extensive modules, they conduct some special modules on Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 pm to 9 pm. They will provide multiple options for students to attend special modules.


Tools Covered:

  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • SEM
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Graphic Designing
  • Video Marketing
  • Elementor
  • Ninja Forms
  • Autoptomize
  • Async Javascript
  • Woocomerce
  • Gotmls Malware security
  • Sucuri security
  • Wp all-in-one migration


Hands-On- Assignments.

At IIM SKILLS, the concepts are not just taught, but they make students understand the concepts through hands-on assignments after every session. Assignments like-


  • Web development- Duration 15 hours.

Here, the students will design their own websites during the first week’s assignment.


  • Social Media Marketing- Duration 15 hours.

In this assignment, the students will master social media marketing tools and learn to build social media audience aggregation, brand building, and customer acquisition.


  • Micro Video Marketing- Duration 10 hours.

The students learn and master video marketing by working on video content development, tools management & infographics management for your video marketing platform. They are also encouraged to submit their first video marketing campaign and also creating a YouTube studio.


  • Affiliate Marketing- Duration 10 hours.

 The participant will register with several affiliate networks worldwide and concentrate on making their initial $100 in the program itself. They will also learn about affiliate payment setup, Paypal integration, and documentation required for affiliate marketing.


  • Google AdWords (SEM)– Duration 10 hours.

The students will learn how to design various ad campaigns in Google and also master skills for running paid ads on YouTube, Search, and Display Networks.


  • Email Marketing- Duration 15 hours.

Run live email marketing campaigns using MailChimp, MailGun, and other platforms.


  • SEO-Duration 25 hours.

As SEO is the most crucial part of an internet marketing course, the students will be doing various assignments in the SEO project, which include keyword research, keyword density, speed optimization, and competition analysis. The participants will be working live on their website on-page and off-page SEO.


  • Content Writing- Duration 30 hours.

Our writing assignment includes blog writing, long-tail and short-tail keyword research, competition-based keyword research, and niche research. Every Participant will write different types of Pages for Web, Blog, and listicle articles during this Writing Assignment.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Steps Taken at IIM SKILLS to Make You One of the Best in Digital Marketing.

  • Registration- After completing the registration process, you will have access to a three-month online digital marketing course, pre-reading materials, and instructions for purchasing a domain name and web hosting.


  • Select your batch- We offer weekday (Tuesday and Thursday) and weekend (Saturday and Sunday) options for our digital marketing training. Choose a day to focus on perfecting the skills.


Note: You can alter your days if you’d like to switch.


  • Attendance- In order to be eligible to take the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master Examination, participants must attend 70% of the live classes.


Note: Completing your lecture via a recorded session will count toward your attendance.


  • Examination- Participants take the Internet Marketing Course Examinations online and receive soft copies of their certifications.

Google: 8 Exams. Hubspot: 3 Exams. Facebook: 1 Exam. IIM SKILLS: No Exam.


  • Internship- Participants can enroll in paid online internships. A fixed pay of INR 3000/Month will be given for the 2-month internship. Participants may select internships in either content writing or SEO for a two-month period. LOR and an internship certificate will be given.


  • Freelancing- Many people may approach you while you are learning online digital marketing courses and ask you to choose their freelance projects. You can begin working on those freelance assignments as a participant.


  • Placement Support- Every company approaches us with its hiring needs because we are a Top Ranked institute for Online Digital Marketing Courses & Training. We assist our students in setting up interviews with those businesses. IIM Skills do not assure a job guarantee.


  • Happy Graduate- After finishing the online digital marketing course at IIM SKILLS, you are qualified to perform the following tasks:


1) Full-Time Role in Internet Marketing

2) Open an online marketing company.

3) Contract work.

4) Employ internet marketing to expand your company.


If all the above reasons are not enough to choose IIM SKILLS for the Digital Marketing Course, then let me give you the most important and final reason to choose IIM Skills Digital Marketing Master Class.


  • Considered No.1- IIM SKILLS is entirely human-centric in a world of bots. The institute provides you with unmatched care and support throughout your journey. The institute ensures that each participant receives individualized attention due to its small batch size.


  • Senior talent- You have knowledgeable trainers with 12+ years of experience as mentors. The mentors are your friend and guide and are enthusiastic about everything digital.


  • Virtual Delivery- Utilize our virtual course format for a highly engaging and interactive learning experience. Additionally, the use of case studies, assignments, and group brainstorming results in exciting learning.


  • Course and certifications- The scope and depth of every topic related to digital marketing are covered in the course syllabus. The institute goes above and beyond to prepare you for globally significant certifications from HubSpot, Facebook, and Google in addition to the Master Certification from IIM SKILLS.


  • Pay once get lifelong access- Participants receive lifetime access to the constantly updated learning management system, the important repository of all resources in the form of training material, class recordings, and presentations, for an already affordable course fee. There is also a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course after your first session and also a 10% group discount on 3 or more registration.


  • Added Bonus-To assist you in choosing the best career path, IIM SKILLS additionally offers career counseling. It goes above and beyond by assisting you with creating an infographic resume, interview preparation, and job placement. It has successfully placed many of the students in companies like Amazon, IBM, Bata, Infosys, L&T Infotech, and many more organizations. In addition to all of this, the institute offers post-training support.


Certifications Provided at IIM SKILLS.

  • Government Recognized Master Certificate from IIM SKILLS for Online Digital Marketing Course.
  • 8 Certificates from Google.
  • 3 HubSpot Digital Marketing Certifications.



Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]


Recommended Reads:


2. Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong- Monarch Institute.

Monarch Institute is one of the leading professional services training organizations that cater to students all over the world. With the award-winning exhaustive approach to course content and design, and with the exclusive support of experienced trainers who make sure that you are industry-ready by the time you complete the course, the Monarch Institute could be your best bet while choosing Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong.


Course name: Diploma in Digital Marketing.

RTO code: 22530

Mode of teaching: Online.


Recognition: Australian Qualifications Framework, Nationally Recognised Training.

Course Duration: 12 months, self-paced.

Fee Structure: Not specified.


Course overview: Everything from the fundamentals of SEO and paid search to the most recent developments in social media and content marketing will be covered, along with other crucial subjects like email marketing, lead generation, and data analysis. Additionally, the courses are designed to make sure you’re up to date with the most recent trends and best practices because the industry is constantly evolving.


What you can expect to gain:

  • Product evaluation.
  • Creating launch strategy.
  • Improve your marketing strategies.
  • Build a powerful brand experience.


Contact: +61 392306300



3. Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong- Australian Academy Of Digital Marketing

The Australian Academy Of Digital Marketing is a leader in providing home-based online education in the field of Digital Marketing. Whether you are a student wanting to learn the basics, or a professional seeking to upskill or looking to change your profession, The Australian Academy provides a range of courses that you can choose as per your goals. The academy also permits students to meet each other, clear their doubts if any, and also start building a network from the start.


Mode of teaching: Online home based/ classroom based.

Course name and duration: The Academy offers various courses depending on the mode of learning. The home-based learning provides the following courses-

  1. The certificate course is for three months.
  2. The advanced certificate course for six months.
  3. Postgraduate certificate course for 9 months.


The classroom-based learning offers the following courses:

  1. The certificate course is for three months.
  2. The advanced certificate course for six months.
  3. Postgraduate certificate course for 9 months.


Recognition: The CPD Standards Office, International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC), Content Marketing Association (CMA), Adult Learning Australia.

Fee Structure: Not specified. Visit the official website for details.


Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong Syllabus:

  • Evolution of Digital Marketing
  • Inbound & Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Marketing Channels
  • Digital Strategy and Practice
  • Website Design & User Experience (UX)
  • Analytics and Performance Management
  • Social Media Advertising


What you can expect to gain:

  • Detailed and full knowledge of Digital Marketing.
  • Get industry-ready through highly practical and industry-relevant assignments.


Contact: 0386583955

Email: [email protected]


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


4. Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong- Australian College of Business Intelligence (ACBI)

ACBI is a leader in providing vocational courses to students, both domestic and overseas. In partnership with Digital Tech Academy, they provide cutting-edge training responsive to the standards of the industry and motivated by both local and global responsibility.


Course name: Diploma in Digital Marketing

RTO code: #40835

Mode of teaching: 100% Online for domestic students. Blended learning consists of 33% online and 67% interactive e-learning for both domestic and international students are available.

Recognition: Nationally Recognised Training

Course Duration: 52 weeks, full-time.

Fee Structure: Not specified.


Essential requirements for entering the course:

  • A student should be above 18 years of age.
  • Should complete an approved English language test such as IELTS 5.5 (International students only)
  • Basic computer skills.
  • For students to be able to comprehend the information provided in the program, read complex instructions, and write competently and accurately, they should be able to read and write English at a level that would be appropriate for a 12-year student.


Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong Overview:

With introducing students to the science of web analytics, this course also focuses on the creative application of numbers in the digital sphere. The objective is to address the day-to-day challenges faced by marketers in the real world by offering the framework necessary to develop a data-driven digital marketing strategy.

The Diploma of Digital Marketing focuses on providing analysts with the background knowledge and frameworks they need to succeed in the modern digital business environment.


What you get to learn:

  • Promote earned and organic marketing
  • Prepare for and carry out performance marketing
  • Implement omnichannel marketing
  • Put marketing automation to use
  • Tests to improve efficiency
  • Create convincing copy
  • Create plans for your social media engagement
  • Create plans to monetize online activity


Contact: +61294351523

Location: Capitol square building, 451 Pitt Street, Suite 510, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.


FAQs About Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong


1. How opting for Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong will help me?

Taking digital marketing courses in Geelong, Australia can help you improve your career prospects, gain the skills and knowledge required to be successful in a digital marketing role, stay up to date on market trends, and build professional relationships.


2. Which are the best Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong?

As mentioned above, if you are really keen on taking up digital marketing as a career, you will find the digital marketing program at IIM SKILLS to be truly beneficial. You’ll learn a lot from the institute’s live and online training sessions. However, the decision to choose the institute is entirely up to you. Do your research well before choosing the institute because each has advantages and disadvantages.


3. What are the career prospects in the field of Digital Marketing?

In the quickly expanding field of digital marketing, there are numerous career opportunities. The following are some possible career paths you could take in digital marketing:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Marketer
  • Email Marketer
  • Analytics Manager
  • E-commerce Manager


4. How much does a Digital Marketer earn in Geelong, Australia?

As a digital Marketer, one can earn up to USD 61145 per year in Australia. However, it also depends upon the years of experience, skillsets and the company one is working for.



In today’s technology-driven world, digital marketing is one field that is growing at a fast rate. It is said that the Digital Marketing sector in Australia is seeing great potential for job opportunities, with the less availability of local talents in Digital Marketing 30% of Digital Marketing talents are ex-pats making it a solid reason for students to go for one of the Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong. Hope this article succeeds in its attempt to give its readers the best choices among the many Digital Marketing courses in Geelong.

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