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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp With Placements

Planning to take up Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp and kick start your journey towards becoming a bona fide Digital Marketing Expert in Krugersdorp? Krugersdorp is a mineral-laden place and its economy largely depends on the mining of gold. It is rich in other minerals such as Manganese, Iron, Asbestos, and Lime. For the modern economy, they have few shopping malls and bird sanctuaries for tourist attractions. While the economy is buzzing it’s the prime time to acquire Digital Marketing Skills.


With the never-ending internet popularity and usage among the youth of Krugersdorp, the scope of online business is likely to tap into the growing market and customer preferences in the coming years. The developing market is going to bring tremendous job opportunities for aspiring Digital Marketers in Krugersdorp.

We hereby provide you with all the essential information on digital marketing courses to be opted in the town, so that you can take a lead with sheer confidence and narrow down your search.


Learning Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp

Showcasing and Selling (along with multiple inter-connected steps) a product or service using online platforms (website, blogs, social media, etc.) and electronic devices (smartphones, laptops, computers, etc.) is called Digital Marketing. It is a form of marketing where advertisements and promotions of the product or service are done online rather than applying the traditional approach of putting up billboards and posters to spread the word. It helps businesses and individuals to reach a wide audience in just a click which in turn gets converted into leads and potential customers.


Growing Significance of Digital Marketing

Prior to Covid when businesses operated without robust Business Continuity Plans and clung to traditional approaches the global economy was blindsided by the impact of the pandemic. During that time digital marketing emerged as the knight in shining armor. While the world was not unfamiliar with digital marketing, it was the pandemic that gave it an 80% push toward practical implementation.

Suddenly, everyone had smartphones and easy internet access. This changed everything for businesses, jobs, and how we market things online. Social media evolved into a potent instrument for engaging with individuals who were casually browsing without a specific purpose, or better say who were just scrolling mindlessly. Business owners and social media influencers made the best move to connect at this time with the social media community.

Today, where Google is our go-to for any search, the digital realm has wrapped itself around every aspect of life – be it entertainment, any XYZ query, shopping, writing, or learning. In such an era, web-based marketing surges ahead of traditional marketing methods, and becomes the driving force.

This transformation creates a demand for experts skilled in using technology to navigate through this digital landscape. To stay competitive in life’s journey, you need to take control and realize that mastering digital marketing skills can lead to a bright future. Whether it’s becoming great at Google Ads, knowing SEO, or using many other tools that bring success, these are the keys to doing well.


Types of Digital Marketing

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  6. Marketing Communications
  7. Online Advertising
  8. Mobile Marketing
  9. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  10. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  11. Viral Marketing
  12. Analytics
  13. Market Analysis
  14. Behavioral Retargeting


Reasons to Enroll in Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp


1.     Easy to build career

No matter which industry you come from or what academic background you have, you can learn Digital Marketing Skills by enrolling in Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp available online and you are good to go.

Whether you are a student, a fresher, a sales or marketing professional, an entrepreneur or a business person, at Home Mom(SAHM) a woman thinking of restarting her career, a working professional looking for career transition, a career in digital marketing is really promising for the upcoming years.


2.     Plethora of job opportunities

If you have a spark of being creative, your innovative content can create magic by enhancing your skills through this course, and as a result, your bank balance will keep adding. You can choose from multiple roles that align best with your skills, interests, and goals. Some of these roles include Digital Marketer, SEO specialist, and Social Media Manager, to name a few.


3.     Make a good amount of money

Digital marketing serves as an excellent source of passive income, requiring almost negligible investment when compared to the returns it yields. Even those who opt for full-time roles in this field command high salaries.


4.     High Demand for Digital Marketers

As the field of Digital Marketing is constantly evolving, those who have the urgency to stay up-to-date with the ongoing trends and latest technologies will for sure create a fortune in this industry. Brands and Small businesses are working constantly to increase their reach, actively seeking smart and skilled individuals to expand their online presence. With the use of AI and automation, they thrive to deliver personalized customer experiences never heard of before. As a result, the demand for web experts is expected to rise dramatically.


5.     Work as per your comfort

You have the option to work remotely or run multiple projects at a single time all in accordance with your potential. Many companies are flexible and are allowing Work from Home.


6.     Be your own Boss

You can start your own business with the sense of confidence instilled by Digital Marketing skills. Alongside the mastery of various tools and techniques, you can apply the traits you’ve learned to exponentially increase your business’s reach and growth.


Top Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Krugersdorp


#Rank 1- IIM SKILLS – Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp

IIM SKILLS is an institute with a global reputation. They have been into Ed-tech since 2015 offering various online courses such as digital marketing, content writing, financial modeling, data analytics, etc. Their Digital Marketing Course has recently been very popular. Whether you’re a professional aiming to improve or a student preparing to enter the job market, IIM SKILLS has the right training for you.

The Digital Marketing Course they offer is designed to teach you practical skills in SEO, Web Analytics, Google Ads, Email Marketing, and more. You’ll learn from experts in the industry and earn certifications. Since there’s a growing need for digital marketing professionals this course will open doors to exciting career opportunities. Enroll in this course to stay updated with the latest trends and techniques in digital marketing.


Google Rating- 9.9/10
Trustpilot – 4.4/5


Course Name

  • Digital Marketing Master Course

Course Duration

  • 3 months program + Paid Internship of 2 months


Course Covers

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Web Development at WordPress
  3. Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)
  4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Inbound Marketing
  8. Google Analytics, Social Media Analytics
  9. Media Buying and Planning
  10. Content Writing and Advanced Blogging
  11. Graphic Designing
  12. Quora Marketing
  13. Marketing Automation
  14. Digital Infographics Resume Creation
  15. Online Reputation
  16. Video Marketing
  17. Affiliate Marketing
  18. Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  19. E-commerce Marketing


Tools Included

They will introduce you to many tools that are in line with the latest market trends and technologies to outperform in the web-based industry. You can explore them further while doing your assignments to have practical insights. We have listed a few of them below.

  1. Pabbly
  2. net
  3. Mailchimp
  4. Canva
  5. Email Spam Tester
  6. Schema
  7. Google Analytics
  8. SEMrush
  9. Cloudflare
  10. Renderforest and much more.


Course Fees

  • 9206 ZAR approximately (inclusive of taxes)


Certificates Earned

You will get a Master Certification from IIM Skills and 13 other certificates preparation with Google, Facebook (Meta), and Hubspot. All of them are widely acknowledged and would enhance your resume with an extra touch of excellence.


Why Choose IIM SKILLS for Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp

  • Digital Marketing is something that one can only learn by practicing. IIM SKILLS provides you with the opportunity to work on live projects during the internship period.
  • You will be mentored by industry experts and can reach them anytime for personalized guidance.
  • You will have Lifetime Access to the LMS and can get back to the right place even when you have completed the course.
  • The course is most affordably priced and covers all aspects of Digital Marketing training being provided worldwide.
  • Multiple certifications will add value to your resume and open doors to high-paying opportunities.


Join IIM SKILLS and Redefine your success story.


Other Programs being conducted by IIM SKILLS

MarketingAdvanced SEO Course
Artificial Intelligence Marketing Professional
WritingContent Writing Master Course
Technical Writing Master Course
AnalyticsData Analytics Master Course
FinanceFinancial Modeling Master Course
Investment Banking Master Course
Business Accounting and Taxation Course
GST Practitioner Certification Course
Tally Master Course


For Further Clarifications


#Rank 2- Digital School of Marketing- Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp

Digital School of Marketing is a popular choice when it comes to developing proficiency in Digital Marketing Skills in Krugersdorp. The program run by the institute is recognized by the Government of South Africa. They are also endorsed member of the CPD Certification Service of the UK and their courses are internationally transferable and endorsed within the Marketing, Advertising, and Media industry.

With flexible payment options, they are making digital marketing training fairly accessible. Their courses are well designed to meet the industry demand. For being well equipped with new marketing methods to stay afloat in this digital age Digital School Marketing could be a perfect choice for pursuing the course.


Course Name

They are offering various courses under the bouquet of Digital Marketing. Based on the information available on their website they offer three courses according to the levels or requirements of the trainees.

  • Basic Digital Marketing
  • Intermediate Digital Marketing
  • Advanced Digital Marketing
  • Paid advertising and Web Analytics
  • SEO and Web analytics


Syllabus Covered

Basic Digital Marketing·        Introduction to Digital Marketing

·        Introduction to WordPress

·        SEO and Web Analytics

·        Social Media Marketing

·        Content Marketing and Digital Copy Writing

·        Paid Advertising and Marketing

·        Advertising on Social Media Platforms

·        E-mail Marketing

·        Mobile Digital Marketing

Intermediate Digital Marketing·        Introduction to Digital Marketing

·        Introduction to WordPress

·        Marketing Communication Concepts

·        SEO and Web Analytics

·        Social Media Marketing

·        Content Marketing and Digital Copy Writing

·        Writing Advertising Copy

·        Paid Advertising and Marketing

·        Advertising on Social Media Platforms

·        Email Marketing

·        Mobile Digital Marketing

Advanced Digital Marketing·        Introduction to Digital Marketing

·        Introduction to WordPress

·        Digital Marketing Strategy

·        Content Marketing Strategy

·        Digital Copywriting

·        Defining your Audience

·        Writing Advertising Copy

·        Social Media Marketing

·        Managing a Social Media Community

·        Online Public Relations

·        Marketing Communication Concepts

·        Brand Contact

·        Brand Positioning

·        Supervise a technical project team

·        SEO and Analytics

·        Cookies and Tracking in Analytics

·        Email Marketing

·        Mobile Digital Marketing

Paid advertising and Web Analytics·        Introduction to Paid Advertising

·        Planning a Digital Strategy

·        Paid Social Media Advertising

·        Search Engine Advertising

·        Display Advertising

·        Web Analytics

SEO and Web Analytics·        Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

·        Fundamentals of SEO

·        SEO for the User

·        Labelling the Website

·        Identifying Website Problems

·        SEO Content

·        Link Building Techniques

·        Web Analytics



Basic Digital Marketing 2 months on an average
Intermediate Digital Marketing 3-4 months on an average
Advanced Digital Marketing 6-8 months on an average
Paid advertising and Web Analytics 10 weeks on an average
SEO and Web Analytics 3 months on an average



Basic Digital Marketing R9900   (Online)
R18900 (Virtual Sessions)
Intermediate Digital Marketing R12650 (Online)
R23100 (Virtual Sessions)
Advanced Digital Marketing R18150 (Online)
R28600 (Virtual Sessions)
Paid advertising and Web Analytics R10450 (Online)
SEO and Web Analytics R9900 (Online)


Need more Information


Connect with them at


#Rank 3- HubSpot Academy- Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp

HubSpot is a free online learning platform that provides various certification programs. Certifications from HubSpot Academy are globally recognized. Many people upskill themselves to grow their businesses and careers by adding value to their resumes with these certifications.

Courses are divided into multiple modules for a particular category. For example, under the ‘Sales’ category they have 3 different courses which are further grouped focusing on a specific topic. You can complete a topic in a few hours and get a certificate for the same upon completion. They do offer Digital Marketing Training that provides relevant knowledge of the tools and techniques being used to improve the reach and visibility of the brand or online businesses.


Course Name

  • Digital Marketing Course: Get Certified in Digital Marketing


Course Details

  • 9 lessons
  • 37 videos
  • 11 quizzes
  • 5:25 hours


Lessons Covered

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Building a Content Creation Framework
  • How to Find the SEO Strategy that Fits Your Business
  • Improving Website Performance
  • Creating Quality Blog Content Your Audience Loves to Read and Share
  • How to Create a Successful Video Marketing Strategy
  • Developing a Social Media Strategy
  • Introduction to Paid Search Advertising
  • Creating a High-Performing Email


Course Fee

  • Absolutely Free


To know more

  • Reach at – + 27875506544


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#Rank 4- University of Witwatersrand– Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp

The University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg commonly referred to as WITS offers a short course on Digital Marketing. The institute strives to equip you with the most vital skills of Digital Marketing.
This course will give you a complete understanding of digital marketing strategies and how to apply them to reach your target audience, improve brand awareness, and meet sales goals.


Course Name

  • Digital Marketing (Classroom)


Course Duration

  • 14 Weeks


Course Covers

  • Overview of the digital marketing landscape.
  • Integrated marketing communication.
  • Digital marketing strategy. Different types of websites and website technologies.
  • Managing the user experience, key conversion points, and calls to action. Introduction to mobile marketing. Planning and executing a mobile marketing campaign.
  • Defining social media.
  • Content creation, curation, and marketing.
  • Online community management.
  • Online reputation management.
  • On-site and off-site search engine optimization.
  • Introduction to email marketing.
  • Generating and purchasing email databases.
  • Discuss the various types of paid advertising: Google Ads, affiliate marketing, social media paid advertising, and displayed advertising.
  • Discuss the various types of digital and social media reports: Google Analytics, Google webmaster tools, and social media insight tools.


Course Fee

  • R12445


For Additional Inquiries



  • Course Coordinator
    • Sibongile Msimanga

Mail id[email protected]


  • General enquiries

Tel: +27 (0)11 717 1000


  • Admission enquiries

Tel: +27 (0)11 717 1888


#Rank 5- Digital Marketing Academy– Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp

Digital Marketing Academy is the brainchild of Dylan Kohlstädt who founded ShiftONE a digital marketing agency. In the pursuit of delivering her, she felt the need to train entrepreneurs and digital marketing managers and equip them with skills to improve their online presence. And so, DMA came into existence. At DMA their focus is to provide face-to-face customized training as per the needs and requirements of the individual or group.


Course Name

  • Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing


Course Duration

  • 5 days


Course Content

  • Digital Strategy (Morning) and Email Marketing (Afternoon)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design, SEO, WordPress, Google Analytics And Usability Testing
  • Online Advertising, Google Adwords, Testing and Tracking, Report Reading, Briefing


Course Fee

  • Full Course: only R30,000 (ex. VAT)
  • Day Rate: R15,950 per day (ex. VAT)


For Other Details

Contact at


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp


Q-1   What makes you a successful Digital Marketer?

Achieving the success milestone in Digital Marketing takes a lot of dedication, determination, and smart work. The thirst to constantly update and adapt to the rapidly changing technology must be there. Remember, Change is the only constant. And if one cannot match the pace, is going to lag behind. A perfect mix of a strong understanding of market trends, creativity to deliver quality content, the right knowledge of using the tools to reach the target audience, and passion to execute as per strategy decided is required to excel in the field of Digital Marketing.


Q-2 I have been doing Content Marketing, Would taking Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp be beneficial?

Content Marketing is a type of Digital Marketing. In content marketing, In order to reach potential customers, mediums like emails, articles, blog posts, and social media are used, and informative and valuable content is provided. The audience is persuaded to take a specific action based on the information. However, the ultimate goal remains driving sales. Digital Marketing is more direct in seeking customer action in real-time using various digital marketing techniques, including SEO, pay-per-click, Web Analytics, etc. By learning the course on Digital Marketing you will be able to add on multiple skills and boost your portfolio.


Q-3 Will Digital Marketing be replacing the essence of Traditional Marketing?

Digital Marketing is indeed changing the landscape, but it’s not necessarily replacing Traditional Marketing. Instead, it’s complementing it. Traditional methods like TV ads, billboards, and print still have their place, while Digital Marketing harnesses the power of the internet and social media. Both play important roles in reaching different audiences effectively. But for obvious reasons, Digital Marketing will lead Traditional Marketing in being cost-effective and its ability to track the response.


Q-4 How do I balance taking digital marketing courses in Krugersdorp with my current job or studies?

Choose online courses for flexibility and learn at your own pace. You may consider institutes like IIM SKILLS which conduct classes on Sundays. You can take the online demo session for better insight into the course. Stick to a routine for learning by allocating time to practice the skills you will learn. Remember, Consistency is the key to balance both effectively. Otherwise, if it is left pending, it may become a vicious circle resulting in a waste of your time, energy, and money invested.


Q-5 What do companies look for while hiring a Digital Marketing Manager in Krugersdorp?

When hiring a Digital Marketer, companies generally look for skills like online advertising, social media expertise, content creation, data analysis, and the ability to understand customer behavior. They also value soft skills like creativity, flexibility, and strategic thinking. The company may also look for more generalist or specialist marketing roles depending on their budget and requirements.


Conclusion: Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp

We’ve got all the best training institutes covered and presented before you that covers the journey from fundamentals to pro levels of Digital Marketing. You’re going to absorb some really valuable tips, practical know-how, and the kind of benefits that’ll make your career or online business do the happy dance by enrolling in above mentioned Digital Marketing Courses in Krugersdorp. We hope with the help of this article you’ll be able to choose the right digital marketing courses in Krugersdorp and redefine your success story. We will be happy to respond and clarify any doubts in the comments section below.

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