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Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar With Placements

Have you ever wondered what technical abilities are required to be able to make a name for yourself in the field of Online Selling of commodities? Well, I am sure you must have always thought it to be an easy task. But my dear friends, this is far from the truth. Online Marketing is not as easy as it appears to be. A general picture that a layman has in his mind is that of selling products and commodities from the comfort of one’s cabin or home without having to display sample after sample of products or without having to answer numerous dodgy questions from customers. So let’s first understand what selling online is all about and then dig into the best digital marketing courses in Qatar.


Ever since the advent of technology especially computers, there has been a rapid transformation in the lives of human beings. Computers have made our lives much easier than what it was a couple of decades ago. Since time immemorial we have used different media to sell/purchase, advertise products or spread information about our brands in the local, national, or international markets.

But today because of laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other e- devices it has become extremely easy to nab the potential customers at any place they are at. In this age and time, we can make use of numerous online channels, such as social media platforms, web pages, and e-mails to follow a number of business goals like advertising goods and services, pumping up sales, and generating a fervor in the market about the brand.

Additionally, online selling also accumulates a repertoire of information so that the business houses get a good understanding of their customers. Therefore to effectively cater to the customers or the client complete training and familiarization of the core skills is needed.  Qatar is not behind in providing excellent training in Digital Marketing Qatar

Qatar seems to be the storehouse of some of the best online-selling courses in the present times. If there are any inhibitions about the employability of the course, then rest assured that it is one of the courses that is selling like hotcakes in the market. With the vast usage and dependability of people of all generations on the internet, job opportunities in the virtual world of marketing are reaching its zenith.

There is countless searching on the internet for goods and commodities of every kind hence the market for online selling; buying or shopping is increasing with every breath that we take. So here are enlisted; some of the best institutes that provide digital marketing courses in Qatar.



IIM SKILLS provides a competitive platform for online courses, thus enabling working professionals and novices like graduates to upscale their skills and pave the way for a better career and a better life. One of the best courses provided by IIM SKILLS is Digital Marketing Master Course, or to be more precise in Doha the capital city of Qatar.


Digital Marketing Course Duration and Fee

The course entails 3 months of rigorous training and 2 months of internship that is paid. The fee comes to 1595.77 Qatari Rayal.



There are numerous best practices that make IIM SKILLS one of the hottest platforms for studying Digital Marketing. One gets to be a part of

  • 60+ hours of online lecture
  • the assignments and teachings are real life
  • 2 months of internship that is paid
  • Certificate along with recommendation letter
  • Rs. 79000 for Training that specializes in all the latest relevant  tools
  • In-training familiarization with tools like LinkedIn, Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, etc.


Extra Features

  • High availability to tools like Yoast, SEO, SEMrush, Moz, Twitter Ads, YouTube Analytics, Uber Suggestions, and Google Analytics
  • 100% hand-holding for preparation of 13+ Certification
  • For a deeper understanding of Digital Marketing, 40+ courses are available
  • Liaison with more than 30 recruiting agencies to council and guide in order to wade through the interviews and placements


Thus if you are aspiring to make it big in the field of Digital Marketing in Qatar, IIM SKILLS is recommended to get yourself fully armored with all the different tools that help you to make a niche in the field and enhance your career growth. Their digital marketing course not only improves your position in the market but aids in having control and better reach amongst the general public.

You can connect with the target audience without splurging money on the resources to make it possible. Furthermore connecting with national or local as well as international customers is established without any hassles. The result is that one is able to generate brand loyalty and increase one’s sales online. It is self-evident that the cost incurred in reaching out to the end consumers is almost negligible in comparison to traditional ways of marketing.


2. IIDE- The Digital School

The foundation stone of IIDE  to provide Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar; was laid in the year 2016 and since then it has nurtured around  2,35,000 techies who have captured high positions in the field of selling /purchasing on online platforms as well as pocketed competitive salaries in the field.

It opens learning opportunities for both novices and for employed professionals and marketers who have a keen desire to upgrade their skills and make it big in their businesses or workplaces. IIDE has been hailed as the top institute in Digital Marketing not only by World Education Congress but also by Indian Education Congress.


Mode of Learning

The course is available both online and offline. Initializing of the course is done with a series of lectures via video, followed by online sessions that happen on a weekly basis, and thereafter mentoring sessions between the mentor and the mentee rounded up by in-classroom presentations.


Certifications Offered

  1. Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing (ACDM) which would be beneficial for learners, novices, small-scale business owners, and influencers; and it is offline.
  2. Professional Certification in Digital Marketing and Strategy (PCDMS) is dished out to cater to the learning needs of freelancers, professionals; and clients who have an agency to their name. This course is online.


Offline versus Online

There is no major difference between courses taken using the online or the offline mode. The duration is 4 months for offline and 7 months for online. The number of live assignments and projects is 4 for ACDM while it is 7 for PCDMS and there is a different set of requirements for both the courses. While for ACDM there is no requirement of agency and leadership skills, Project Management, no review of case studies, or any simulation from Harvard Business Review would be done. But on the other hand, if one is opting for PCDMS one must fulfill all these criteria as well.

Apart from this certification, placement assistance and corporate and interpersonal skills are imparted to all the candidates who take either of the courses.


The Courses and the topics covered are as under-

  • Advanced and Professional Course- A foundation course that covers an array of topics like

Brand Truth-Fundamentals of Marketing

Journey of a Customer-AIDA Funnel

Skills Required for Presentation

Getting to know Agencies and Departments

  • Advanced and Professional Course- is a course that acclimatizes the student to Search Marketing. The topics covered are

Basics of websites

Search Engine Optimization

Google Ads and E-Commerce

Soft Skills in Corporates

Reporting and Training in Excel

  • Advanced and Professional Course- specializes in Social Marketing and the topics that are taught intensively are

Social Media Organic

Management of Brand Reputation

Paid Social Media


Building Profile  and Resume on LinkedIn

  • Advanced and Professional Course-on Growth and Analytics and covers the given topics

Nurturing and Generation of Lead

Google Analytics


Preparation for Interviews

Rounds of Mock Interviews

  1. Specifically in Professional Courses-
  2. There is training in Planning and Strategy and to strengthen it the given topics are covered:

Media Planning

Optimization of Rate of Conversion

Management of Customer Relationship

Advertising Sense, Blogging, and Affiliate Marketing

Overview and Study of Freelancing Economics

Building of Personal Brand and Portfolio

  • To teach Agency Skills the given topics are covered:

Art of Pitching

Servicing the Client

Planning for Campaigns

Project Management

Case Study using Harvard Multimedia

Skills in Leadership and Resolving Conflicts

Masterclass in Economics of Digital Marketing


Your Takeaways by the End of the Course

As a Digital Marketer, you must have a sound knowledge of digital marketing tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI), as you must be able to successfully formulate strategies related to the market in order to have a hold on the affairs that influence the market. At IIDE you will be proficient in Digital Marketing Tools such as Google Ads, Amazon, Facebook, Ubersuggest, Yoast, MOZ, Google Adsense, MailChimp, Shopify, WordPress, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, etc.


The AI Tools that you would have nailed are IParagraph AI,Synthesia,, Scrip, and Copy. ai, Jasper, etc. to name a few.


Job Assistance

100% assistance is given to help the students grab a place for themselves in some of the top-rated companies. Some of the companies where the trainees from IIDE have found a foothold are Nykka, Purplle, NPDigital, Medicom, Medianet, etc.


Duration and Course Fee

As already mentioned earlier

ACDM is a 4 months course and the fee applicable is 7000 AED.

PCDMS is a 6 months course and the fee amounts to 9100 AED.

To Know More- you may browse the given website link.



3. ICON Training Centre

ICON Training Center runs one of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar. Its objective is to provide the best learning and guidance to employed professionals to desire to expand their learning experience through the best digital tools that are available in the field. This not only adds to their knowledge, thereby giving them an edge over their competitors but also adds to their skills.

Thus the ones to want to build their skills in Digital Marketing by gaining knowledge of the tools that suffice the need should go for it. Also, the ones who are into planning, digital strategizing, and implementation and want to carve a career path in the field of Digital Marketing must opt for the course from ICON Training Centre which is one of the best institutes that provides Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar.


Duration and Course Fee

  • It is a 3-month course and the fee comes to a meager 5,300 QAR, this includes the exam fee also.
  • The Courses and the topics covered are as under-
  • Introduction- Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • PPC by using Google Tools
  • Video Advertising and Display Advertising
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Optimization of Website
  • Using Google Analytics to Learn Analytics
  • Strategy in Digital Marketing


Why ICON Training Centre?

The best thing about doing the course from ICON is that one gets online assistance at any time of the day, it is 24×7. Of course, other features that add value to the course are Certification and Highly Qualified Faculty.

To Know More- brows on the below-given website link

[email protected]


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4. Morgan International

The foundation stone of Morgan International was laid in Beirut in the year 1995, since then till date, the institute has churned out 80,000 students well-equipped with the knowledge and tools that are essential in Digital Marketing. It runs certificate courses and diploma courses to cater to the professional needs of clients in the field of finance, marketing, human resources, and logistics.

The institute has earned a name for itself as it has joined hands with esteemed educational institutes and some of the best institutes that provide courses in the relevant fields. Thus Morgan International is an institution of repute that dishes out some of the premium Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar.


Duration and Course Fee

  • It is a 3 months long course and to know about the fee one must get in contact with the institute either by phone or by mail.
  • The Courses and the topics covered are as under-
  • Introduction- Digital Marketing
  • Marketing- Social Media
  • Using Google Maps for Paid Search(PPC)
  • Email Marketing
  • Using Google Analytics for Analytics
  •  Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Video Advertising and Display Advertising
  • Optimizing a Website
  • Digital Marketing Strategy


Why Morgan International?

There is a whole list of features that make Morgan International one of the most lucrative institutes to offer Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar. Along with Certifications, 24×7 assistance, and an experienced faculty; the institute organizes free workshops and provides its alumni lifetime access to the program.


To Know More- Ring the below-given Contact Number or write on the given email id or visit the given address.

Contact No-+97444968333

[email protected]

Address-Qatar Financial Tower 2, Al Wahda St, West Bay Qatar Finance and Business Academy School QFBA, Doha, Qatar


5. ExecuTrain

ExecuTrain is one of the most prestigious and well-known training institutes in that provides top quality Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar. It is a cluster organization that rolls out a number of different courses. All of the very famous reputed courses run by the institute are taught by roping in highly qualified international trainers.

It is a franchise partner with institutes that dish out courses like Business Training and Development, Digital Marketing, Business Consultancy, Management, Leadership, and Information and Communication Technology, in the Middle East. The course in Digital Marketing arms the trainees with the tools to apply the knowledge gained in their organizations.

The real-life or hands-on experience of using skills during the training sessions not only prepares them to tackle actual situations in real life but also seeps into them a newfound confidence that was inherent but lay quiet somewhere deep down within. Some of the skills that one would acquire while undergoing the course are doing online marketing but in-depth, using media aspects to the optimum, successfully managing resources, and choosing the most appropriate software to become an ace in digital marketing.


Duration and Course Fee

The fee amounts to QAR 3000. Its duration is 20 hours face to face and man-to-man teaching and learning theory classroom sessions included.


The Courses and the topics covered are as under-

  • Market Research and Introduction
  • Setting Up a Website
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Marketing- Youtube
  • Marketing- Facebook
  • Marketing-Twitter
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics


Why ExecuTrain?

ExecuTrain provides one with a certificate at the end of the course, but this is what most of the institutes provide their trainees with at the end. The major puller is the one-to-one sessions and the theory classroom sessions that make this institute an ideal choice.

To Know More- Give a ring on the phone number or send mail on the mail id or meet at the address; shared below.

Address-No 1, Nuaija Street, Hilal, Doha, Qatar

Phone No-+974 44550883, +974 50486692

Mail [email protected]


6. Knowledge Hut

Knowledge Hut has made a name in the field of Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar. It has not only upskilled the professionals that are locals but has also helped in enhancing the skills of professionals in the field of marketing, who belong to various other countries. Right from training in different ambits of marketing to developing new skills, Knowledge Hut is the ideal place for upgrading your skills as per the demands of the market or the profession.

It provides a wide range of courses pertaining to digital media and technology, these courses are varied. They include training, learning, and development with an emphasis on top-notch training through creativity, experimenting, and innovation and provide a large scope of hands-on training to its students.


Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar Duration and Fee

To get firsthand information about the course duration and the fee one needs to get in touch with the institute itself.


The Courses and the topics covered are as under-

  • Digital Marketing An Introduction
  • Strategy in Business and Marketing
  • Strategy in Brand Creation
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics An Introduction
  • Excel, Statistics, and Visualization of Data
  • Metrics, Sources, and Using Statistics
  • Segmentation, Targeting, and Tracking
  • Testing and Experimentation
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Presenting and Storytelling
  • Middle–Course Lab
  • Users- Acquiring and Engaging them
  • Fundamentals of UX and the Trends
  • Development of Strategy for Content
  • Activating and Retention
  • Marketing- Email
  • Marketing Search
  • Management of Social Media and Influencing Market
  • Advertising- Facebook
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, and Display Advertisement
  • Final Presentations


Why Knowledge Hut?

The factors that make this institute stand apart from the rest of the institutes as a distinguished institute that facilitates Digital Marketing courses in Qatar; are its highly qualified faculty that have expertise in marketing, gaining practical knowledge from hands-on learning to understand what would work, and what would not, learning the techniques to spread one business to a larger number of consumers, availability of content and material that can be downloaded via access to the course and getting course credits; and last but not the least analyzing and drawing conclusions from real-life examples and case studies.


To Know More- dial or shoot a mail at the following

Phone No-1800-121-9232

Mail [email protected]


FAQs: Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar


1. How much salary does a Digital Marketer get?

There is no yardstick to tell the salary that a Digital Marker must withdraw. It totally depends on the company that one has joined, the expertise that one has in the field, and of course one’s experience. Hence, in other words, the pay package differs from person to person and from company to company. However, in the UK the average salary of a digital marketer is estimated to be around 26,256 pounds per year.


2. What are the prerequisites for enrolling in the course?

The aspirant must be above 16 years of age and must be 12 pass out (10+2) with having scored not less than 50% in class 12.


3. Are Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar difficult?

It is not difficult but like any other course where one will have to give time and put effort to learn the skills that are applicable.  But with the guidance of expert faculty, 24×7 online support, doubt-clearing sessions, and hands-on experience of situations that one is likely to encounter in real life, the course becomes interesting and lively. One is also expected to master digital skills as well.


Conclusion: Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar

Hence it is suggested that one become well-versed and efficiently qualified in all the aspects that would make one adept at Digital Marketing., especially if one joins one of these prestigious institutes that provide Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar. Thus it becomes all the more crucial to get oneself enrolled in an institution of repute to educate and groom oneself in Digital Marketing.

And what other institutes would cater to your professional goal and career objectives in Digital Marketing but the institutes that offer competitive courses in Digital Marketing in Qatar at a comprehensive price without compromising on the content, hands-on experience, and placement support? So go for it, Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar are the ones that will help you to make your dreams come true. So Digital Marketing aspirants, it is Qatar calling!

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