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9 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Christchurch

The emergence of the internet has significantly altered the globe. This interconnected network has defied time and space. It has now made the world smaller and closer, by making mass communication much more accessible and convenient. About 64% of the total world population which is 5.16 billion people have access to the Internet. It makes sense for marketing to go digital just like the rest of the world, and it makes more sense to add digital marketing to your skill set, in this new era. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for digital marketing courses in Christchurch.


We have been witnessing digital marketing in the form of commercial advertisements, since the age of television. With advancements in electronic media, the scope of DM is expanding like no other industry. Conventional marketing techniques had been supplanted by new technologies with each passing day.

And we have landed in a new era of social media with expanded opportunities, in which the masses consume digital content daily. According to the latest figures, there will be a 6.5% increase in the number of social media users worldwide in 2023, giving us a potential audience of 4.89 billion people.

The fact that it is a one-way growth graph with an expected increase in users every year makes it even more appealing.


What is Digital Marketing (DM)?

In its simplest form, digital marketing refers to the use of digital media to advertise goods and services. Digital marketing’s cutting edge is the use of numerous digital channels including search engines, websites, blogs, emails, and social media platforms like Google, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

It allows companies of all sizes to reach a global audience at a lower cost than traditional marketing methods. It also facilitates real-time data analysis and optimization, making it easier to adjust campaigns and strategies to achieve the desired goals.


Career Opportunities in DM

Digital marketers have a wide range of employment options in various industries. Some of the most sought-after career choices for digital marketers are listed below:


  1. Digital Marketing Manager: 

A digital marketing manager creates and implements strategies to sell clients’ products or services across various digital channels.


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist: 

An SEO specialist is in charge of a website’s presence and rating on search engines by utilizing a variety of tactics and strategies, including link building and keyword research to increase brand visibility.


  1. Social Media Manager:

A social media manager produces engaging content to increase the number of followers and brand presence on social media.


  1. Email Marketing Manager: 

An email marketing manager is in charge of developing marketing campaigns, sending emails to potential clients, gathering insights, and monitoring engagement and conversion.


  1. PPC Specialist: 

A PPC specialist designs and optimizes advertisements to maximize returns on investments using pay-per-click campaigns on digital media such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, AdSense, etc.


There are numerous other opportunities for digital marketers in terms of jobs, freelancing, or running their businesses, especially after finding a prodigious DM course.


Let’s explore the 3 ways you can learn digital marketing and the top free as well as paid institutes offering digital marketing courses in Christchurch, with their module structure and core curriculum. We shall also address the pros and cons of free and paid online arrangements. Finally, we will go through some important features like fees, duration of the course, credentials, prerequisites if any, and most importantly placements.


3 Ways You Can Learn Digital Marketing Courses in Christchurch

  1. Online (Free)
  2. Online (Paid)
  3. Offline (In person)


Online (Free) 

Several prestigious organizations offer perfectly tailored programs for various levels of DM learning, from beginner to intermediate to professional, with theoretical and practical knowledge.


Pros of learning free online digital marketing courses in Christchurch.

  • Accessibility:

Free online learning makes quality education more accessible to individuals who do not have the resources to cover the cost or who live in rural places and are unable to visit institutions in person.


  • Flexibility:

Online free courses have pre-recorded videos that can be accessed at any time from anywhere, therefore limiting all restrictions and allotting total flexibility to learners, especially for those who have commitments such as work or family responsibilities.


  • Low-risk factor:

Since individuals do not have to pay fees, hence there is a low risk of fraudulent websites looking to cheat you for money. Such free courses are only designed to benefit society as a whole.


  • Attendance & Assignments:

You are free to take access anytime at your own pace and complete the course at your convenience, hence no attendance targets or assignments are to be completed and/or submitted to receive the completion certificate. You might just have to clear a simple test in some cases.


Cons of learning free online digital marketing courses in Christchurch.

  • Lack of in-person interaction:

Online pre-recorded videos lack the face to face interaction, hence the learning depends on your understanding.


  • Limited feedback:

Online free courses are mostly unequipped to offer competent feedback on your learning.


  • Limited networking opportunities

The opportunity to find peers and instructors in your field is of utmost importance as your networking decides the destiny of your career. In such courses, you don’t have access to this advantage.


Online (Paid)

A wide range of online training providers offers paid digital marketing courses. Online institutes have a well-designed curriculum for all levels, whether you are a seasoned marketer or just starting. There are self-paced and structured formats available, both with weekly assignments and deadlines, just like traditional classrooms. They can be live or recorded.


Pros of learning paid online digital marketing courses in Christchurch.

  • Convenience:  

Students can attend live classes from the comfort of their own homes, saving time, energy, and money. In addition, if you are unable to attend a live class, recordings with lifetime access are made available. These recordings can also be used to help with class revision.


  • Cost-effective

It is very cost-effective because the institutions do not need to build and maintain amenities. It conserves resources for both students and organizations. Hence charge a reasonable fee compared to offline institutes.


  • Placement support

Paid online courses provide benefits like active engagement and placement support. They also provide paid internships, which are essential for learning and honing your skills.


  • Lifetime access

You generally have lifetime access to class recordings and tools, and because it is a live class, you have interpersonal relationships with your classmates and teachers, which is beneficial to your growth and career prospects.


Cons of learning paid online digital marketing courses in Christchurch.


  • Lack of personalized attention

Teachers provide personalized attention, gauge student understanding, and provide remedial coaching to students which improves their understanding and overall performance. When compared to regular classes, the volume and quality of the feedback are less, which makes it challenging for students to comprehend their progress.


  • Self-motivation

Self-learning through online live classes demands a lot of motivation and self-control. Procrastinating students may find it challenging to keep up with the course and meet deadlines.


  • Hands-on learning

It is difficult to get constant support and hands-on learning experience in online classes as the trial and error method in front of the instructor gives a better learning experience for the students.


Offline (In Person)

Offline learning is essentially the traditional approach to education that involves being physically present in classrooms and universities. Offline learning has the added benefit of being more engaging and memorable than online learning. Studies have shown that when students are physically engaged in the learning process, such as taking notes, drawing diagrams, or conducting experiments, they retain more information.



IIM SKILLS is a leading online platform for various skill-based professional courses. It offers a wide variety of courses from digital marketing to content writing, business analysis, and more. IIM SKILLS promises to deliver the best experiential, hands-on learning with a perfect blend of theory, practical, and optimal training methodologies. They also hold an internship program for training their students post-course completion. They offer a 100% placement with a money-back guarantee.


Course: Digital Marketing Course

Modules: 40

Duration:  3 months, +2 months paid internship.


Professional level

No prerequisites, Guaranteed Placement, and freelance guidance.

Course Fee: 582.60 New Zealand Dollars + GST


The Curriculum of Digital Marketing Courses in Christchurch:

Sr. No. Topics
1 Introduction to digital marketing
2 Web development at WordPress
3 Search Engine Optimisation
4 Search engine marketing (Google ads)
5 Email marketing
6 Inbound Marketing
7 Social media marketing
8 Integrated digital marketing strategy
9 Web Analytics (Google Analytics)
10 Online reputation management (ORM)
11 Content writing and advanced blogging
12 Media buying in planning
13 Affiliate marketing
14 Video marketing (YouTube)
15 Marketing automation
16 Digital infographics resume


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


2. Google Digital Unlocked

It conducts video lectures and quizzes following each lesson to assess context comprehension. Google provides a certificate of completion upon completion of the entire course. Given that it’s from Google, it must be valuable.


Course: Fundamentals of digital marketing

Modules: 26

Hours of learning: 40

Level: Beginner

No prerequisites, Self-placement.


The Curriculum of Digital Marketing Courses in Christchurch:

ModuleNo. of lectures /Duration
Online opportunities2 lectures / 15 min
The initial step to online success4 lectures / 30 min
Build web presence6 lectures / 40 min
 Online business strategy5 lectures / 30min
 Search engine orientation6 lectures / 45 min
 SEO5 lectures / 35 min
 Search work for you3 lectures / 25
 Search ads visibility 4 lectures / 25 min
 Improve your search campaigns 4 lectures / 30min
 Get noticed locally 2 lectures / 20 mill
 Help people nearby find you online 3 lectures / 25 min
 Social media orientation 4 lectures / 30 min
 Social media marketing 4 lectures / 30 min
 Possibilities of mobile 3 lectures/ 20 min
 Mobile Marketing 5 lectures/35 min
 Content marketing orientation 6 lectures 35 min
 Email campaigns5 lectures / 30 min
 Advertise website3 lectures / 25 min
 Display advertising 3 lectures / 25 min
 Make the most of the video 6 lectures / 55 min
 Get started with analytics 3 lectures / 30 min
Find success with analytics3 lectures 30 min
Turn data into insights 5 lectures 30 min
Build your online shop 2 lectures / 25 min
 Sell online 3 lectures / 35 min
 Expand internationally 7 lectures / 70 min


Recommended Reads:


3. Testbook

Testbook offers a variety of valuable courses for individuals looking to upgrade themselves with the latest technologies and opportunities to excel in specific fields. They provide precise and interactive lectures that emphasize practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge. They issue you a certificate once you have completed 85% of the course. They offer both paid and free courses.


Course: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Modules: 15

Time frame: 7 days

Level: Novice

There are no prerequisites. Self-placement


The Curriculum of Digital Marketing Courses in Christchurch:

What is marketing 12 min, video
Evolution of marketing channels 18 min, video
 B2B and B2C marketing 9 min, video
 Marketing business function 17 min, video
 Skills to Become a digital marketing professional 11 min, video
 Skills to Become a digital marketing professional 18 min, video
 Decoding consumer-brand interactions 12 min, video
 Introduction to consumer behavior 16 min, video
 Buyers journey framework 15 min, video
 Buyers’ Personas Framework 16 min, video
 Integrated Marketing campaigns 11 min, video
 Sales marketing funnels14 min, video
 Introduction to digital marketing practice questions10 questions


4. HubSpot Academy

HubSpot offers a free comprehensive program that provides the necessary skills required to attain success in today’s online world. Its main focus is on developing business skills and is 100% free and online. It covers hundreds of topics and gives unlimited access to candidates willing to learn and grow. HubSpot offers globally recognized certification which holds great value.


Course Name: Digital Marketing Course

Modules: 9

Hours of learning: 5.2 Hours

Level: Beginner

No prerequisites, self-placement


The Curriculum of Digital Marketing Courses in Christchurch:

ModuleNo. of Vids/ Duration
 Digital marketing fundamentals 3 vids / 30 min
 Building a content creation framework 3 vids / 36 min
 How to find the SEO strategy to fix your business 3 vids / 17 min
 Improving website performance 4 vids / 29 min
 Creating quality block content your audience loves to read in share 6 vids / 53 min
 How to create a successful video marketing strategy3 vids / 33 min
 Developing a social media strategy 6 vids / 54 min
 Introduction to paid search advertising 4 vids / 18 min
 Creating high-performing email 3 vids / 37 min


5. UpGrad

UpGrad provides online courses in IT, data science, management, and technology to working adults, college students, and corporate employees. After the course is finished and evaluated, students are awarded a certificate of completion. The organization also offers mock interviews as a service to boost self-esteem and guarantee better placement.


Course: Advanced certificate in digital marketing

Number of Modules: 15

Course duration: 30 to 50 weeks

Charges: 3,256 INR/ month



Sr. No. Modules
1 Fundamentals of digital marketing
2 Customer centricity
3 Digital Marketing
4 Designing metrics
5 Blog handling
8Display advertising
9 Social media marketing
10 Email marketing
11 Content marketing
12 Web Analytics
13 Marketing strategy
14 E-commerce
15 Soft skills



Indian Institute of Digital Education is a reputable digital marketing training and certification provider in Asia, assisting students in transforming their careers and becoming future-ready. It promises 1 on 1 mentoring session and 100% placement assistance. On successful completion of the course, you receive a certification from IIDE along with Google certificates.


Course: Advanced certificate in digital marketing

Number of Modules: 3 terms- 18 modules

Duration: 20-21 weeks

Prerequisites: Grade 10 +2 (With a minimum of 50% marks)

Guaranteed Placement for all students

Charges:  98,250 INR


The Curriculum of Digital Marketing Courses in Christchurch:

Sr. No. TermModule
1Term 1:Introduction to digital marketing
2Search Engine Optimisation
3Performance marketing Jargon
4Search engine marketing
5 Camping planning
6 Presentation making
7 E-commerce
8Term 2: Content strategy
9 Copywriting
10 Canva
11 Social media marketing
12 ORM
13 Influencer marketing
14 Resume making
15 Interview skills
16Term 3:  Social media marketing paid
17 Social Analytics
18 Google Analytics


7. University of Canterbury

This course trains students for leveraging digital marketing platforms and decision-making in the modern workplace. The course combines traditional lectures for theoretical learning with online resources for practical application.

By delving much deeper into the internet and digital media, the course expands upon the current marketing options and draws attention to the impact of modern corporate practices on online, mobile, and social media marketing strategies. 40 Google certificates are allotted with a certificate of completion from the University of Canterbury to candidates who score 45% and above.


Course: Digital Marketing, Semesters I & II

Time frame: 8 months

Professional Standing


The semester I course fee is $1,037.00.

Semester II costs $868.00.

$ 4,075.00 for international fees

Placement Guaranteed


Curriculum & Objectives:

  • Understand and apply the core concepts of digital marketing;
  • Learn how to utilize online marketing platforms, such as Google Ads and Google Analytics.
  • Analyze the effects of digital marketing on business decision-making and outcomes.
  • Role of digital marketing in business practice to reach and engage with a diverse population.
  • Develop critical competence in digital marketing
  • Become employable, innovative, and enterprising
  • Ensure Global awareness concerning digital marketing.



8. The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is a Global Training Company based in the United Kingdom. It offers professional training courses both online and in-person. They offer courses in 1200 locations across 200 countries, adding a human touch that other arrangements may lack.

Small batch sizes ensure more personalized learning, discussion, and experience. One of their main draws is their highly skilled staff, which has 10+ years of real-world experience.


Course: Digital Marketing Expert Package

Duration: 3 months

Professional level

Placement Guaranteed


Goals and Curriculum:

Sr. No.Module
1Fundamentals of digital marketing
2 SEO master class
3 Social Media master class
4 Search engine marketing training
5 Google Analytics master class
6 Email marketing
7 Facebook marketing
8 LinkedIn marketing
9 Affiliate marketing
10 Instagram marketing
11 YouTube marketing
12 Google AdWords


9. University of Waikato

The University of Waikato is a public research university in New Zealand that was founded in 1964. The Master of Digital Business program at Waikato is unique in New Zealand because it emphasizes the use of technology from a management standpoint. It is a triple crown accredited national business school with an international reputation.


Master of Digital Business is the name of the course.

Time frame: 12 months (full-time) 1.5 years (part-time)


The cost of the course is $12,518. (Scholarship available)

Professional level

Placement Guaranteed


Curriculum & Objectives:

Sr. No.Module
1Digital business management
2 Applied research methods and project
3 Digital business
4 Entrepreneurship
5 Strategic innovation
6 Supply chains
7 International business strategy
8 Advanced advertising strategy
9 International Management
10 Field internship




Q.1. What qualifications do I need to take digital marketing courses in Christchurch?

Ans: While a 10 or 10+2 grade is preferable but not always necessary for digital marketing, it does help with understanding and comprehension. Also, it’s preferable to have some basic computer knowledge, creativity, and familiarity with digital media.


Q.2. How can I choose the right one from available digital marketing courses in Christchurch?

Ans: You must take into account factors like the content of the course, duration, preferable and convenient mode of course, suitable pricing, certification, and feedback from previous students while choosing the right digital marketing courses in Christchurch.


Q.3. Are there any free certifications available for digital marketing courses in Christchurch?

Ans: Yes, there are several free certifications accessible for individuals who want to learn DM, to mention a few, Google digital unlocked, textbook, Coursera, and HubSpot inbound marketing, etc.


Q.4. What does SEO mean in digital marketing?

Ans: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing technique used to optimize a website’s content for the top pages of search engine results to boost its visibility and reach the target consumers.



Today’s society is enthralled by everything smart, and remote. Everything from routine gadgets and watches to refrigerators and washers has gone digital. Money is now digital as well. Given that people spend the majority of their time on screens, it is now more relevant than ever to learn the latest trends and strategies to advance your products and services through digital media. It is also crucial to remember that organizations that fail to keep up with this momentum will soon become obsolete.


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