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Top 8 Business Analytics Courses in Kota With Placements

Are you looking for business analytics courses in Kota? Or are you interested in establishing your career as a Business Analyst? No matter you are a fresh graduate (from any stream or field), a working professional (who wants to change occupation,) or a housewife (who wants to bag a job to become self-dependent or restart a career), if you have basic analytical and logical skills or knowledge and a problem-solving attitude, then you are heartily welcome to enroll in business analytics courses in Kota.


What is Business Analytics?

The process of utilizing data gained from mining and visualization, statistical and quantitative analysis, and predictive modeling to enhance the performance of the business and make decisions driven by data analysis is known as Business Analytics.

In other words, it is a practice of analyzing data from various sources, such as finance, customer, sales, and operations, to understand the patterns and trends that help businesses to grow.

The main target of a business analyst is to collect, analyze and interpret data to optimize sections like decision-making, customer services, efficiency, new business opportunities, human resources, etc.


Types of Business Analytics

There are mainly 4 types of Business Analytics: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive. Another new type of analytics that businesses use to optimize decision-making is cognitive analytics.


Descriptive Analytics– It requires the study of historical data to understand the patterns, trends, insights of past decisions, etc. It is the first step of the analysis, which provides information like the number of sales in the last quarter, top-sold products, the average age of buyers, website visitors in the last month, etc.

Data visualization, data mining, and summary statistics are the popular techniques used to perform descriptive analytics.


Diagnostic Analytics– It is one step ahead of descriptive analytics, it analyses the root cause of the problem because of what business is not performing well.

It figures out the reasons for the increase in customer complaints and decrement in sales in the last quarter, factors that led to a successful marketing campaign, people leaving websites without making any purchases, etc. It involves techniques such as regression analysis, correlation analysis, and drill-down analysis.


Predictive Analytics– In this type of analytics, with the help of historical data, business analysts predict the future outcome of the business.

With a better understanding of trends and patterns, it helps to decide several future business factors including the probability of a particular product will buy and sell in the next month or quarter and the demand for a product in a specific area. Advanced statistical and machine-learning techniques like regression analysis, neural networks, and decision trees.


Prescriptive Analytics– This form involves understanding data to determine the optimal course of action in a specific situation. Prescriptive Analytics make improvements in sections such as pricing strategy to maximize the profit, investing money on profitable marketing channels, efficient methods to designate business resources to fulfill customers’ demand, and optimization of supply chain and delivery cost to improve delivery time. Mathematical and computation techniques such as linear, decision analysis, and simulation modeling.


Cognitive Analytics– It is a new form of business analytics to investigate unorganized data such as text, images, and videos to identify patterns, relationships, and anomalies with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

It can be used in several ways for example to find out the key themes and sentiments expressed by customers, the kind of improvements a product needs as per social media reviews, and trending topics in the news, industry, and research. It requires advanced AI and machine learning algorithms such as language procession computer vision and deep learning.


What Kind of Jobs and Salaries Does One Expect After Completing Business Analytics Courses in Kota?

In the digital world, Business Analytics as a career is very interesting. Working as a Business Analyst is the cherry on the cake for someone who is a problem-solver enthusiast. Finding a well-qualified business analytics expert has become very difficult in the industry. Jobs in various designations are available in the market.

  1. Project Manager
  2. Principal Data Analyst
  3. Machine Learning Engineer
  4. Chief Technology Officer
  5. Statistician
  6. Data Analyst
  7. Human Resources
  8. Financial Analyst
  9. Client Services
  10. Business Analyst
  11. Data Scientist
  12. Market Research Analyst
  13. Risk Analyst
  14. Data Architect


According to INDEED (a well-renowned job portal), data INR 2,48,291 per year is the average base salary of a business analyst in Kota, Rajasthan. The top 7 companies, which provide job opportunities with good salaries after the completion of Business Analytics courses in Kota Rajasthan:


Companies NameAverage Yearly Salary Package
Ikya Human Capital Solutions Pvt LtdINR 12,29,622
Zensar TechnologiesINR 11,38,711
HCL TechINR 8,12,727
Amazon.comINR 747,049
Orange BusinessINR 6,84,713
AccentureINR 5,67,732
TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)INR 5,53,924

The package per annum earned by business analysts:

Level (Experience Years)Package per annum in lacs
Entry level (0)3.5-4.5
Early level (1-4)4.5-8.5
Mid-level (5-9)10-16
High-level (10 or more)17-25


Why Business Companies Are Hiring Business Analysts?

Business analysts play a crucial part for business companies of various sizes as they provide data-driven decisions to accelerate the performance of the business.


Understanding the behavior of the customer– With the assessment of consumers’ behavior, preferences, and demands, business analysts deeply understand the need for improvement in the sections like customer engagement, marketing, and product development.


Optimization of business operations– All the information and data collected by business analysts enable businesses to identify inefficiencies, streamline processes, and reduce costs.


Forecasting future trends– This is one of the reasons, why business analysts are in demand. By evaluating past and present-day’s performance, one can forecast future requirements to increase profits.


Improving decision-making– With the help of accurate, timely, and relevant data, business analysts can help businesses to take better decisions. That decision-making is solely or completely based on data or information, not on intuitions or guesswork.


Mitigation of risk– Business analysts find potential risks and vulnerabilities to help companies to take proactive measures to mitigate risk and avoid negative results.


Important Tools and Technologies to Use or Apply in the Profession of Business Analytics.


Data Analytics tools– Tools like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, SQL (Structured Query Language), Python, R, Tableau, Power BI, Google Analytics, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, and SAS (Statistical Analysis System) help to organize, analyze, store and manipulate data, which perform to extract data from large data sets and creates reports for stakeholders.


Business Intelligence Tools- Microsoft PowerBI, QlikView, SAP BusinessObjects, IBM Cognos, MicroStrategy, Oracle Business Intelligence, Sisense, Looker, and Domo are the software applications created to visualize and analyze data for business companies. These tools provide insights into KPIs (key performance indicators) and trends.


Project Management Tools– These tools are used by project managers and teams to plan, organize and manage projects more efficiently. Trello, Jira, Asana,, Microsoft Project, Basecamp, Smartsheet, etc. are a few examples of project management tools to keep track of projects and tasks, such as deadlines, budgets, and the allocation of resources.


Data Modeling Tools– These tools allow the business analyst to represent complex data structures and relationships visually. Tools like Erwin, PowerDesigner, Toad Data Modeler, IBM InfoSphere Data Architect, and Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler are a few tools, which are used by various business analysts to create a data model to get a better understanding of trends and patterns.


Requirement Management Tools– IBM Rational DOORS, ReQtest, Jama Connect, Caliber, HP ALM, and Targetprocess are some of the requirement management tools used by analysts and project managers to define, track and manage requirements throughout the lifecycle of the respective project. With the use of these tools, companies ensure that the particular project is aligned with the business goals and that all the stakeholders are easily informed about the requirements of the project.


Agile Methodology Tools– Tools, for example, Jira, Trello,, Agile Central, Pivotal Tracker, Microsoft Azure DevOps, etc help teams to plan, manage, and execute agile projects more efficiently. Agile Methodology tools must include features like sprint planning, backlog management, and issue detection.


Collaborative Tools– These kinds of business analytical tools help analysts to collaborate with different stakeholders, which includes project managers, developers, and subject matter experts. Examples of collaborative tools are Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, Asana, Trello, Slack, Zoom, Miro, Jira, Dropbox, and GitHub.


Note: Business Analysts use applications as per their work requirements.


Which Mode of Learning is Better for Business Analytics Courses in Kota?

There are three ways of education, online, offline, and hybrid or blending (a mixture of online and offline). The number of institutions that are providing Business Analytics courses in Kota online is never-ending is comparatively more than traditional or offline courses.

If you want to study with limited resources, go for the traditional manner and if you are someone who wants plenty of resources or materials, then choosing virtual and hybrid modes will be an excellent decision.


Other best courses in Kota:


Best Business Analytics Courses in Kota


1. Samyak IT Solutions Ltd

Course Name:

  1. Basic to advanced MS Excel
  2. Power B+
  3. Macro Excel VBA
  4. Diploma in Web Technology


Course Details: All these are professional certificate or diploma courses in Business Analytics. Candidates can choose in-class or offline modes for learning, while options for distance learning are also available.

It would mainly take 2.5 to 6 months (varying on the course) for the completion of the courses. Undergraduates, graduates, post-graduates, job aspirants, and school and college-going students are welcome to join these courses.


Key Features:

  • Classes from certified expert faculties.
  • International recognized certifications.
  • Provide internship opportunities and 100% placement assistance.
  • Available in more than 25+ locations.


Placements: IT Solutions Services, HDFC BANK, Nagarro, PERSISTENT, Zomato, HAYS, 3i Infotech, Airtel, Reliance, Hyundai


Address: 4-B-1, Commerce College Rd,

Opp. BMB, Chouraha, Sector – 4,

Talwandi, Kota, Rajasthan 324005

Phone: +91 9772271081


2. Vikram Genuine Technology Private Ltd, Kota

Course Name:

  1. Mastering Python
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Laravel
  5. Angular
  6. Oracle


Course Details: The institution provides advanced training programs in Business Analytics courses in Kota. The course is accessible in both online and offline modes. The course duration is a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 6 months, depending on the course taken by the candidate. The students and professionals, who have MCA, BCA, BE, BTech, and MSc (CS and IT) are eligible to join the course.


Key Features:

  • Trained by expert faculties with 27+ years of experience.
  • Provide multiple batches, backup classes, and placement assistance.
  • In-house project for the candidates during the training period.


Address: 1-CH-17,

Swami Dayanand Saraswati Rd,

near V-Mart, Dadabari,

Kota, Rajasthan 324009


Phone: +91 9414321060 and +91 9829589309


3. Amity University Online

Course Name: MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Business Analytics

Course details: This MBA program specializes in Business Analytics and develops students’ marketing skills by enhancing their knowledge of the latest tools and technologies. Students have the option to do live or recorded classes, along with the choice of semester breaks.

The program has a duration of 2 years, which is divided into 4 semesters. The requirement of 50% aggregate marks in a Bachelor’s degree and a basic understanding of the English language to get admission in the course.


Key Features:

  • Post-graduation degree from Amity University and Ivy League certificate from Harvard Business School Online.
  • Use of Web Proctored Mode to provide flexibility to the students, which enables them to give exams anywhere with a choice of taking semester breaks.
  • UGC recognized online MBA in Business Analytics.
  • Programming Languages and development tools covered: R, Tableau, Hadoop, MySQL, Spark, Excel, Power BI.
  • The curriculum includes Capstone Analytics Project, Real-World Projects and Case Studies, 24/7 access to study material and recorded video lectures, mini projects, and coursework with mini case studies.


Placements: ABC Consultants, Accenture, Adobe, Bharti AXA, Cognizant, Genpact, HR Footprints, Manpower, Teamlease, YesBank

Course fees: INR 2,55,000

Contact: +91 70391670, 18001023434

Address: C-Block, Amity University Campus, Sec-125, Noida


4. Simplilearn in Collaboration With Purdue University and IBM

Course Name: Professional Certificate Program in Business Analysis

Course details: This professional certification in Business Analysis is an online boot camp. The duration of this course is 6 months with the benefits to cover numerous programming tools and technologies. Professionals with 2 years of experience with a minimum of 50% of marks in Bachelor’s degree can do this course.


Key Features:

  • Certification from Simplilearn in collaboration with Purdue University
  • Classes delivered by Purdue faculty.
  • Masterclasses from IBM experts.
  • Eligible to become the part of Purdue University Alumni Association.
  • Exclusive certifications by IBM, Hackathons, AMA, and Data Analytics.
  • Course Includes Capstone from domains such as e-commerce, banking, customer service, and more than 14 projects.
  • Programming languages and Development tools covered: Excel, Tableau, Python, Power BI, R, Agile Scrum Master, JIRA, NumPy, and Mathematical Optimization for Business problems.


Placements: Amazon, Microsoft, American Express, Samsung, Hotstar

Course fees: INR 1,08,000 Lakhs



USA – +1-844-532-7688

India- 1800-212-7688


Address:    USA- Simplilearn Americas,

Inc. 201 Spear Street, Suite 1100,

San Francisco, CA 94105

India- Simplilearn Solutions Pvt Ltd.

#53/1 C, Manoj Arcade, 24th Main, Harlkunte,

2nd Sector, HSR Layout

Bangalore- 560102


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5. Simplilearn in Collaboration with IIT Roorkee

Course Name: Business Analytics for Strategic Decision-Making Program


Course Details: This course demystifies the marketing strategizing skills of the existing analyst. Within a period of 6 months, one learns the master skills to analyze and interpret the data to stay ahead of your competition.

The learning mode is blended. The learning mode is blended. There is no need for any coding background. A bachelor’s degree and experience of more than 6 years are required for participation in the course.


Key Features:

  • Certificate of completion from IIT Roorkee and IBM.
  • Masterclasses by the faculty of IIT Roorkee.
  • Industry expert training lectures conducted by IBM.
  • Curriculum designed by IIT Roorkee.
  • Learning through practical case studies well designed for mid-senior level managers and C-suite executives.
  • Practical training from the hands-on project and a capstone.
  • Interactive doubt-clearing sessions are conducted once a month.
  • Programming Languages and Development tools covered- Microsoft Excel and R.


Placements: Google, JPMorgan Chase, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Microsoft, HSBC, Deloitte, AIRBUS, Adobe

Course fees: INR 1,49,000

Contact: 1800-212-7688

Address: Haridwar Highway, Roorkee, Uttrakhand, Pincode- 247667


6. EXCELR in Association with IBM

Course Name: Business Analyst Certification Course


Course details: The course is based on the utilization of business analytics tools and technologies. It has a period of 6 months or 124+ hours to complete the course. The classes are going to be conducted virtually. With more than 60+ case studies and assignments, one can develop real-time industry experience. The only obligation is to possess a graduation degree from a recognized university or institution.


Key Features:

  • Certificate from Excelr and IBM.
  • Classes from experienced faculty from IIT, IIM, and ISB.
  • Lifetime access to the eLearning platform.
  • Free access to Guest lectures and webinars.
  • Bootcamps and sessions to prepare for interviews.
  • The dedicated Support Team for 60+ case studies and assignments.
  • 10+ relevant Capstone industry projects.
  • Tools and Technologies- Excel (Basic and advanced), MySQL, Tableau, Power BI, SAS (Self-Paced), R Programming Fundamentals, Python Programming Fundamentals, Agile.


Placements: EY, Blackbucks Insight, The Verticals, Birla soft, Gisbiz, ALGOLEAP, Attributes, TRANSPORT ANALYTICS, skymet


Course fees: INR 49,999

Contact: +91 8035240517 or 1800-212-2121



201 S High Point Road APT 213,

Madison, Wisconsin- 53717 USA


7. IIT Delhi

Course Name: Certificate Programme in Business Analytics and Optimisation


Course details: This program is provided by one of the world’s eminent institutions with the facility of live online classes or sessions. The period of the course is 5 months, which is enough to learn data visualization and optimization tools. Candidates who have a graduation degree or diploma along with work experience in statistics or related fields are desirable for the course.


Key features:

  • Learn from one of the eminent faculties of IIT Delhi.
  • Benefits from industry-oriented projects and case studies.
  • Get a chance to participate in peer-to-peer programs to enhance professional contacts.
  • A completion certificate from IIT Delhi.
  • Solver, MySQL, Tableau, R, and Python are the tools, one learns in the course.


Placements: Amazon, HCL, Microsoft

Course fees: INR 60,000 + GST


Address: Hauz Khas, New Delhi,

Delhi- 110016


Contact: +91 7208889990 (Only for message queries)

Email: For registration- [email protected]

For any feedback- [email protected]


8. Upgrad

Course Name: Business Analytics Certification Program

Course details: This course gains the skills of job applicants in the fast-paced world of business, by leveraging the learning of data and business analytics. The full length of this course is 3 months or 100+ hours accompanied by a completely online model of learning. An applicant is required to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent diploma with an aggregate of 50% to access the course.


Key Features:

  • Completion certificate from UpGrad along with performance report.
  • Opportunity to get live sessions with industry experts.
  • Profile builder powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  • A 24/7 support team is available for students.
  • The curriculum is designed for analytics aspirants.
  • Weekly Doubt solving sessions.
  • Case studies and projects.


Placement: Amazon, Kotak Mahindra, Capgemini, Ola, Infosys, TCS, Myntra

Course fees: INR 20,000

Contact: 1800-210-2020


FAQs: Business Analytics Courses in Kota


Question 1. What is the average per year salary after the completion of Business Analytics courses in Kota?

Answer. A minimum of 3.5 lacs to a maximum of 4.5 lacs is the average per year salary after the completion of Business Analytics courses in Kota.


Question 2. Are Business Analytics courses in Kota, Rajasthan in demand?

Answer. The demand for Business Analytics courses in Kota as well as in India is tremendous. As a developing country, new business ventures or existing ones need to analyze their business ideas beforehand.

Question 3. Which is the latest type of Business Analytics?

Answer. The latest type of Business Analytics is Cognitive Analytics and whereas the traditional 4 types of Business Analytics, are descriptive, diagnostic, prescriptive, and predictive analytics.


Question 4. Which one is the best mode to learn Business Analytics courses in Kota?

Answer. The best mode to learn Business Analytics courses in Kota depends on the person who wants to take it. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of both online and offline modes:


i.            Flexible time.

ii.            Convenience and comfort of a home-like environment.

iii.            Pocket-friendly.

iv.            Accessible digital resources.



i.            Real-time classes and interactions.

ii.            Socialization.

iii.            No technical difficulties.

iv.            More structured method of learning.


i.            Limited interactions with peers and educators.

ii.            Technical issues and difficulties.

iii.            Candidate required to be self-disciplined.

iv.            Limited socialization.


i.            Fixed scheduled sessions.

ii.            Expensive courses.

iii.            Lack of flexibility.

iv.            Limited access to digital resources.


Questions 5. Is business analytics in demand?

Answer. Yes, there is a huge demand for business analytics in the world. Business companies whether small or giant, are hiring business analysts to make better data-driven decisions.


Conclusion: Business Analytics Courses in Kota

There is a huge list of options for the one, who is looking for Business Analytics Courses in Kota, in the mode of online, offline, and hybrid. Not only in Kota, India but in the world, almost every IT, as well as non-IT company, is in the need of business analysts. In the profession of business analytics, one is responsible for every piece of data that one is required to figure out to optimize to make data-driven decisions.

To increase the growth of the business, companies started hiring business analysts at an increasing rate. If one has an attitude of problem-solving then it is a must for one to pursue Business Analytics as a career and get an ocean of job opportunities.

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